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June 29, 2015

Let the diminishing number of unaborted children of the Left go fight the Left's wars of choice like Syria.

I am retired US Army officer. I wrote this about three years ago: Let the Left secure the Leftist State it has wrought So my advice to young men and women:
Stop joining the US military. Do not talk to recruiters or let them seduce you with sales pitches of job training or education benefits. These now have the main purpose of more deeply tying your personal prosperity, hence your liberty, to government control and largess. Let the diminishing number of unaborted children of the Left go fight the Left's wars of choice like Syria. The Left wants them, let the Left fight them. Let the Left sacrifice its own to protect the State it has wanted for decades and finally got. It is not the country the Founders made. It is not a country that believers in Constitutional liberty can defend with integrity. Comment on The Top 40: I won’t fight for a government

Posted by gerardvanderleun at June 29, 2015 7:53 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

Any time a Democrat becomes president its time to get out of the military, or just never sign up. But at this point, I would suggest nobody ever sign up to the US Military again. What the country used to stand for, it doesn't any more what the military was for, it just isn't any more.

Posted by: Christopher Taylor [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 30, 2015 6:26 AM

The military is going to be turned into an occupation force eventually. The Chief Justice will announce a new emanation or two.

Posted by: james wilson [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 30, 2015 8:52 AM

Don't agree. Urge young conservatives to join the military so as to be a "fifth column" against the military establishment. Whatever the worldview of the "new" military brass and their civilian handlers, a whole lot of the rank & file don't like it. The idea is that, when push comes to shove, any offensive by the federal military against Americans will stall fairly quickly, and mutinies and desertions will ensue. But only IF people who believe in the Idea of America make up a substantial part of that military.

Posted by: DonRodrigo [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 30, 2015 9:35 AM

I think this comment is wrong. For instance, if you believe what James believes, DonRodrigo obviously has the only answer that makes sense.

Even if you don't believe what James believes, conceding the Praetorian Class to one's opponents doesn't seem like a smart move. Even if you had a full-on guerrilla movement with a foreign source of supply and training, you wouldn't do that.

What changes in a no-trust environment like the modern USA or Iraq is the imperative young people are sent in with. It shifts from "Serving and and protecting your country is an end in itself" to "Your overriding priority is to protect us."

They'll begin service and find that it's more about the guys around them, but changing that baseline motivation has real battlefield consequences, alongside its societal consequences.

Posted by: Joe Katzman [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 30, 2015 11:53 AM

True is: "better to be in the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in."
I believe it was LBJ said that.

Posted by: chasmatic [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 1, 2015 6:05 AM

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