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May 3, 2015

Lee Miller in Hitler'€™s bathtub

How they set it up. She cannot be shown nude (this is LIFE, not Man Ray); a figurine on the table does the trick.
In front of the bath, her combat boots, -€œthe dust of Dachau still on them-€ according to Scherman. And at the back on the left, the portrait. It is a voodoo gesture, the sort her Surrealist friends would approve of, an all-American blend of sass, violence and sex. Nuts to you, Führer! I am naked in your bath with my Jewish lover, we are taking your picture's picture, we are stealing your life-force. The date is April 30th, 1945. In a bunker under Berlin, Hitler places a gun to his head. 70 years ago today: | The Economist

Posted by gerardvanderleun at May 3, 2015 9:29 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

A beautiful woman and a cute picture, but...

Do a little research on Lee Miller and her life. Born and raised in chaos, her father took nude photographs of her both as a child and while she was the mistress of the insane Man Ray. She was purportedly raped by a stranger when she was 7 years old (or was it the old man,) leaving her with a case of gonorrhea at a time when the treatment for VD was severe and no doubt emotionally scarring.

Her experience as a combat photographer (and no doubt as Lee Miller) left her a depressive drunk who died at 70 a broken creature. Not as cute as that photo, huh?

Posted by: Rob De Witt [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 3, 2015 3:46 PM

Thank you. Not "cute" at all. But look at the bright side, she started off her life with a lot of problems, but rather than being a total victim, she did something creative with her life.

Posted by: Punditarian [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 4, 2015 10:47 AM

Hmm, the image of a diamond in a goat's ass comes to mind.

Posted by: chasmatic [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 4, 2015 9:38 PM

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