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March 4, 2015

“More research is needed,” say all the people who make money from such pointless research.

It should also be noted, for the benefit of credulous materialists, that the time and money invested in gathering and analyzing inconsequential health statistics subtracts from serious medical research into suspected causes of disease — including the hard and focused epidemiology that can usefully assist.
Resources for such work are always finite, yet almost everything I see flagged in the media is an example of resources bled away. A deeper note needs to be sounded, however, against the consistent tendency of all this “pop,” or more precisely, “crap science.” The target will ever be some innocent human pleasure; genuinely sinful ones with direct and potentially grave health consequences (sexual promiscuity, for instance, or sodomy), are shied away from, for fear of the politically correct. Cutting down : Essays in Idleness

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In a recent survey reprinted in the Blue Island Poultry Gazette an international panel of experts agreed that more time and deeper research is needed to establish parameters for scholarly exploration of facts and fiction concerning investigative methods.
A committee has been formed to draft outlines for the research and will convene at the Joliet Holiday Inn this weekend, or sooner.
The hearings will be open to the public and advanced ticket sales can be made through Louie L. Lozko on the Wing & Beak website.
Gopher it.

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