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January 23, 2015

A New Rallying Cry For Men: “Who Bitch This Is?”

During a recent video gaming tournament, one of the competitors, a man known as Shinblade, celebrated a tough win.

A particularly dumpy female in attendance took offense to his victory dance, and attempted to physically push him back down into his chair. He resisted, then realized he was being assaulted by a woman and addressed the crowd with four mighty words that shall echo through history: “WHO BITCH THIS IS?”
-- Chateau Heartiste

Posted by gerardvanderleun at January 23, 2015 11:19 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

A question that might well be asked about the president. Heck, most of the Washington crowd.

Posted by: Rich Fader [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 23, 2015 1:01 PM

Putin points at US and says, "Who bitch this is?"

Posted by: ghostsniper [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 23, 2015 2:51 PM

And Shinblade is a credit to his race. atta boy.

Posted by: chasmatic [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 23, 2015 10:24 PM

chas - I'd always thought "atta boy" was one word, attaboy. Check your Strunk. (I lent mine to Al Sharpton and he hasn't returned it.)

Posted by: BillH [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 24, 2015 8:33 AM

Funk the Strunk! atta boy is a Chasbonic-x!

Posted by: Vermont Woodchuck [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 24, 2015 8:43 AM

Maybe we need a chasbonics style
manual? Chas could quit working on his his bantam chicken dissertation for awhile, and turn one out pretty quick.

Posted by: BillH [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 24, 2015 1:29 PM

Ahem, unaccustomed to public speaking as I am, I would point out the subtle nuances of the word attaboy:
used as one word when referring to the reward one gets for giving a good presentation or otherwise kissing the boss's ass. It is given in lieu of monetary reward;
used as two words when one wants to offer a racial slight. As in "where you goin' boy?

Coming soon will be a discussion on the social impact of the phrase "ain't worth a pincha coon shit". e.g. These workers are no good; why, they ain't worth a pincha coon shit.

Also the universal aphorism "Bob's yer uncle". e.g. Aw, it's easy to make; you just pour the stuff into a bottle, add water and screw down the cap, shake, and Bob's yer uncle, lemonade.

Posted by: chasmatic [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 24, 2015 11:02 PM

Bill: don't be too quick to dismiss the bantam chickens. Uncle Letsgo raised bantam chickens with an eye to the scholarly aspects of the process.
He was unable to get grant money but in spite of adversity he managed to compile and document over ninety-three different chicken sounds.
Used for rudimentary communication within the flocks and to discourage other animals from discerning their intentions the sounds range from squawks to chirps, with clucks providing the necessary transitional sounds. Newly hatched birds began with basic cheeps.
He was working on two way communication, having converted his accordion to a "squawk box" as he jokingly called it, when galline aftosa decimated his flock.
In rebuilding the flock after the devastating plague he rearranged the eggs, placing them in several baskets rather than one central one.
He also revised the counting method to include only those chickens that were actually hatched.

Posted by: chasmatic [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 25, 2015 6:30 AM

Not exactly a new rallying cry for men. "Get thee to a nunnery," Hamlet.

But, we need all we can get.

Posted by: mkfreeberg [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 25, 2015 8:14 AM

Hamlet: A mix of shelled chicken product and deceased pig parts. Scrambled together. Served with toast and home fries or grits.

Didn't know they served them in whorehouses.

Posted by: Vermont Woodchuck [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 26, 2015 4:31 AM

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