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December 19, 2014

Stooges. Seriously.

The Tragic And Twisted Tale Of The Three Stooges The internal mechanism of The Three Stooges is deceptively simple.
It’s based on the premise that all of them are stupid, but some are more stupid than others. Moe, with his gravelly voice, permanent scowl and menacing helmet of bowl-cut hair, was the leader, invariably the under-boss entreated with overseeing whatever hopelessly doomed endeavour the Stooges found themselves pursuing (and whatever it was, you can bet it involved heavy objects and the potential for maximum mayhem; plumbing, not surprisingly, was a favourite Stooge profession).
Curly, his hulking frame bursting out of a too-small suit, was the irredeemably incompetent man-child, the knucklehead’s knucklehead and recipient of most of Moe’s abuse — a litany of punches, slaps and smacks, bonks on the head and, quintessential Moe, the twin-pronged poke in the eye. (Moe actually had his brother Shemp to thank for his signature move. Once, during a card game, Shemp became so convinced that Larry was cheating him he leapt up and poked him in both eyes. Moe made a note of it and duly incorporated it into the act.)
Larry, too often underestimated, was the all-important bridge between Moe’s authoritarian bully and Curly’s babyfaced clown. An easygoing simpleton, Larry was the essential, non-threatening intermediary, and he brought a special genius to the role. “As in Waiting For Godot,” writes Ted Levitt in his essay Larry: The Existential Stooge, “if Curly and Estragon are body, Vladimir and Moe are the intellect, then they are waiting for Larry in order to be complete, to have a sense of their own existence.” Of course, he also got hit in the head with a wrench now and then, too.

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Your Say

Film scholars at the renowned Stooge Institute have announced the momentous discovery in an Argentine warehouse of an additional 15 minutes of pie footage, long thought missing forever. Meanwhile, as usual, SCTV has something to offer on this subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82zSZf-UG98

Posted by: Dr. Mabuse [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 19, 2014 11:40 AM

Long thought to be amusing and comedic, recent discoveries by the Schwarzvald Kuchen institute reveal the Stooges, as they are called, to be messengers of the Illuminati.
Embedded in their many films are instructions and passwords, signs and symbols. The all-seeing eye, right? Get it, the eye? Maps and instructions to locate and activate important telescopic instruments and high frequency radio beacons necessary to summon the Galactic Overlords have for decades gone unnoticed, buried in the custard pies and pratfalls.
When the day finally arrives look for the Stooges to be vindicated. For now make do with the secret hand signs. "Nyuk nyuk nyuk" is a form of recognition. Best I sign off now before my transmitter is found. My uncle Letsgo Lozko gave it to me in strict confidence.

Posted by: chasmatic [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 21, 2014 7:16 AM

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