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December 13, 2014

No one is too old any more to have a technological problem.

An old gentleman pushing a big shopping cart at the supermarket had a senior moment when it came time to enter his pin into the card reading device.

“I’ve forgotten my password,” he said. ”Why don’t you serve this gentleman,” he said pointing to me and stepping aside, “while I recollect it.” He went off a few steps and started at the ceiling. As I was leaving, I glimpsed him returning with a wide smile to the cashier. Evidently he had remembered what it was. By such threads does ordinary life hang in the balance. All the banks admonish their customers never to keep their PINs in their wallets for security reasons. But in peaceful Australia the main threat is forgetting your PIN just when you need the money.
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There's only two things in life,
but I forget what they are.
It's either hanging by a moonbeam's coattails
or wishing on a star.
John Hiatt

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