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November 25, 2014

Seeking Martyrdom?

Think of enemies dismayed,
Creeping in penance, frightened of a shade;
Think of pilgrims, standing in line
Before the glittering jewelled shrine,
From generation to generation
Bending the knee in supplication.
-- Eliot, Murder In the Cathedral

Oh sure, He’d shoot His mouth off a great deal more than ex-Presidents are supposed to, kinda like Jimmy Carter.
But that is all He would be, another Jimmy Carter. This clip makes me want to re-think that. I’m not so sure we’re done with Him. He thinks He’s doing the right thing here, but doesn’t want future presidents to follow suit. Just like the little kid who’s too young and too undisciplined to play Chess or Monopoly, making up new moves on the spot, coming up with new moves for the pieces, and new conditions whereby the opposition can’t build hotels or collect $200 for passing Go. So why would He step down, just because the rules say so?
House of Eratosthenes

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