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November 10, 2014



“The sceptics about the other world were dupes about this world. They accepted everything that was fashionable as if it were final.” Chesterton

“In the 1960’s we chose the wrong future, and we are still living with that.” Peter Hitchens

“Democracy has terror for its means and totalitarianism for its end,” Gómez Dávila - - Don Colacho

Posted by gerardvanderleun at November 10, 2014 10:53 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

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An old error is always more popular than a new truth. German Proverb

"The water flows, the rocks remain."
— Old Romanian Proverb

My uncle Letsgo Lozko contended that "dem Europeans, dey know lotsa stuff. Deir countries mebbe tousand year old."
He knew a lot more things than raising bantam chickens.

Posted by: chasmatic [TypeKey Profile Page] at November 10, 2014 11:26 PM

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