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September 30, 2014

The Refuge


After all, down there in the dust and absolute darkness nearly at the mine's lowest point, the so-called Refuge —
a tiny locker room thousands of feet below the Earth's surface where the miners congregated to await either rescue or death—is, it seems, still intact, a room now sealed off from the surface but peppered with hand-written notes and objects the men deliberately left behind.

There is something weirdly nightmarish about this room —
the very fact that it's still down there. Indeed, it's not hard to imagine the metal doors of those old lockers swinging shut now and again, or suddenly popping open, their hinges rusted, trembling as distant caves implode in the mountain all around them, or even the sound of small rocks bouncing down the Ramp from higher levels, like the awful footsteps of someone lost and alone, as if the miners are all still down there.
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