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July 24, 2014

You’ve Got Mail, 1973

A great deal of the work of the post office would then be to regulate the use of these personal television channels.
Much of the information now sent by mail could be sent through the air on the personal channel, to be viewed in the home or to be printed out for a more or less permanent record. … Very likely there will be a signal light to indicate that a message is waiting to be viewed. When the personal channel is then activated, each item stored will be displayed in turn. Each can be scanned and erased, scanned and temporarily returned to storage, or scanned and printed out, after which the next item would appear. It will be very much like going through one’s mail today, with its mixture of personal items and advertising, in which some are discarded, some put aside, and some filed. - – Isaac Asimov, “The Individualism to Come,” New York Times, Jan. 7, 1973
[Via You’ve Got Mail – Futility Closet]

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