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July 3, 2014

I’m all in favor of rejecting the left-right model of describing political thought.

That is nothing more than a tarted up version of the Left’s us-versus-them world view.
It is how you end up with Hitler on the Right, alongside Burke and Reagan. Somehow we are to believe that the polar opposites are Hitler on one end and Marx on the other. The truth is that all of these sects are the sons and daughters of the marriage of Rousseau and Hobbes. The one thing I think he needs to explore more deeply is the Left’s impulse to destroy. He gets into it a little, but can’t seem to bring himself to accept that it is destruction for its own sake. The old 1960′s rallying cry of “burn, baby burn!” is instructive.
The Z Blog › Now We Have “Ethical Conservatism”

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