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December 31, 2013

This Just In: AmericanDigest Gets A Bright and Shining Award


From Doug Ross @ Journal: #Fab50: Announcing the 2013 Fabulous 50 Blog Award Winners in which I share The Salvador Dali Award for Most Creative Blogging: with the distinguished Curmudgeonly & Skeptical and Sondrakistan!

Posted by gerardvanderleun at December 31, 2013 4:36 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

Wonderful news. Good to see.

I'll leave it to others to comment on how well-deserved it is. It's obvious.

Posted by: Morgan K Freeberg at December 31, 2013 8:26 PM

Mazel Tov

Posted by: Fat Man at December 31, 2013 9:33 PM

Two statist blogs?

Posted by: Todd at January 1, 2014 4:52 AM

There will be no living with the King from now on! Congrats to all the winners.

Posted by: Geo at January 1, 2014 6:44 AM

Congrats - well deserved! Just don't get cocky.

Posted by: Jimmy J. at January 1, 2014 9:12 AM

You have to be spectacular as Charles Johnson to have an award named after your own self-destruction. Now THAT'S talent.

Posted by: Jewel at January 1, 2014 11:59 PM

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