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December 16, 2013

It’s a Man’s World

Every day along the Delaware River in Philadelphia, one can watch the passage of vast oil tankers and towering cargo ships arriving from all over the world. These stately colossi are loaded, steered, and off-loaded by men. The modern economy, with its vast production and distribution network, is a male epic, in which women have found a productive role—but women were not its author. -- Camille Paglia,Time

Posted by gerardvanderleun at December 16, 2013 5:05 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

James Brown - It's A Man's, Man's, Man's, World

by James Brown and Betty Jean Newsome, 1966

This is a man's world
This is a man's world
But it would be nothing, nothing
Without a women or a girl

You see, man made the car
To take us over the road
Man made the train
To carry the heavy load
Man made the electric light
To take us out of the dark
Man made the boat sail water
Like noah made the ark

This is a man's, man's, man's world
But it would be nothing, nothing
Without a women or a girl

Man thinks about little bitty baby girls and baby boys
Man make them happy
'cause man makes them toys
And after man make everything
Everything he can
You know that man makes money
To buy from other men

This is a man's world
But it would be nothing, nothing
Not one little thing
Without a women or a girl

He's lost in the wilderness
He's lost in bitterness

Posted by: Fat Man at December 16, 2013 6:39 PM

My favorite quote from Paglia is something along the lines of "if it were up to women, we'd still be living in grass huts." Smart gal.

Posted by: ahem at December 17, 2013 7:26 AM

In that paragraph is the answer to America's economic problems. We're trying to stay wealthy by not doing the jobs that produce our wealth - dirty jobs that are done almost exclusively by men. (There are women, a small few, who can and do perform the hard, dirty work.) These industries (agriculture, mining, oil/gas drilling, lumbering, fishing, construction, manufacturing etc.) are the wealth creators that make all else possible. When the government tries to stop those industries through EPA and OSHA regs, as they are, they are killing the Golden Goose.

Posted by: Jimmy J. at December 17, 2013 8:28 AM

Jimmy - If you look at the various quality of life charts, it's obvious the Gold is gone and the Goose is cooked.

Posted by: BillH at December 17, 2013 9:33 AM

BillH, I maintain that the Golden Goose (our mighty natural resources) is still with us. What the statists have done is to slow down the laying of the golden eggs. They think the golden eggs are the source of inequality and social injustice. Thus their actions.

As two examples of what I'm saying, I offer Russia and Africa. Both have enormous Golden Geese, but because of corrupt governance and weak private property laws, they have never really learned how to get the Golden Geese to lay their eggs. Thus they languish in a quality of life far below their potential. We're headed that way.

Posted by: Jimmy J. at December 17, 2013 12:09 PM

If Paglia were right wing no one would have paid attention to her excellent observation. She exhibits this type of clear thinking quite a bit, but that unfortunately has never been enough to change what she is, a "progressive".

Posted by: james wilson at December 17, 2013 12:40 PM

Maybe obsessively matching the potpourri with the guest bath towels won't change the world?

As Dennis Prager says "men are macro and women are micro in their focus."

Posted by: Scott M at December 17, 2013 1:04 PM

If Paglia were right wing no one would have paid attention to her excellent observation.

But that's just the point, isn't it? Paglia is, loudly, a left-wing feminist lesbian who publishes in Salon, and therefore is pissing off all the right people when she delivers herself of common-sense observations like this stuff - and she's been doing it since at least the '80s.

It's pretty easy for a self-righteous dyke to write off somebody like Ann Coulter (or Dennis Prager,) for instance, but disavowing a Camille
Paglia causes severe digestion dilemma. As far as I'm concerned, long may she wave.

Posted by: Rob De Witt at December 17, 2013 1:40 PM

Maybe we've just gone full circle. When everyone has a nose ring, the person without one becomes the rebel. Paglia just took out her nose ring, that's all.

Posted by: edaddy at December 18, 2013 4:35 AM

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