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December 15, 2013

"Don't Be Evil"

Yeah, right.

Posted by gerardvanderleun at December 15, 2013 4:57 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

You should have joined all the leftists for boycott google day.

Posted by: Potsie at December 15, 2013 5:52 PM

For more on the leftist google boycott see this:


Posted by: Potsie at December 15, 2013 6:00 PM

Can you say Bing?

Posted by: tripletap at December 16, 2013 5:33 AM

tripletap... Why, because Bill Gates has admitted he wishes Obama had more power and control or because he has admitted to putting back doors in the operating system?

Posted by: Potsie at December 16, 2013 6:15 AM

I've said it before, but it's worth saying agein. You're reading the motto wrong: the emphasis is on 'be'. "Don't BE evil" is short for "Don't just sit around BEing eveil. Get out there and DO evil."

Posted by: Dr Weevil at December 16, 2013 7:54 PM

Our military is NOT evil.

Posted by: Sarah Rolph at December 18, 2013 4:17 AM

The downside, naturally, is that my tweets aren't available publicly, don't appear in Google results, and won't be a
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According with a May 26 report from the International
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They have links to funny (and totally not true) stories offering me a
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Posted by: www.theconcert.se at January 22, 2014 10:46 AM

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