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September 26, 2013

"We all knew what “viable” meant in Bill’s lexicon."

It meant somebody who saw the world as we did. Somebody who would bring credit to our cause.
Somebody who, win or lose, would conservatize the Republican party and the country. It meant somebody like Barry Goldwater. (And so it came to pass. For the next 40 years, the GOP nominated and elected men from the West and the South. Nixon won twice, Reagan twice, the Bushes thrice. Only in recent cycles has the GOP reverted to its habit of nominating “moderates” favored by the establishment. Dole, McCain, Romney — all of them were admired by the fashionable media until they won the GOP nomination, at which point they were abandoned in favor of the liberal nominated by the Democrats.) Buckley Rule — According to Bill, not Karl | National Review Online

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