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September 11, 2013

Obama is turning his blunder into another power grab.

He doesn’t know whether he will order the steak or the lobster. How about the waiter brings him both?

He wants the blank check and surely Congress would not be so churlish as to deny him that. You’ve got to give it to him. Obama never lets a crisis go to waste. Its someone elses’s fault if he can’t defend his Red Line, which he only drew to send a Message.... In the end nothing has changed. He’s placing the onus on Congress without acknowledging its authority for a military act that isn’t war, in pursuit of a goal he doesn’t explain, over a duration that is not short but not long, which will be no more than pinprick but less, one assumes, than a shaving cut, to install no knows who and which in the end Obama may decide not undertake at all. Buy this used car and you will deserve it. Belmont Club サ The Speech

Video montage of the debacle

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