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September 3, 2013

Barack Obama doesn’t have just a streak of the feminine in him; he seems to be a woman, and a feminist one at that, with a streak of man in him.

Self-reliance. Obama is a poster child for affirmative action. Rather than relying on his own wit or intelligence, he gamed the system, getting into schools and getting jobs – including the one he has now – that he is clearly unqualified for. He may be the only president who has never run a business or been in the military or had a private sector job.

Honor. There is no greater test of honor than how a person reacts in the heat of battle when his fellow countrymen are in danger. In the Benghazi debacle, President Obama has been AWOL since the night of the attack, when no one knows where he was. To say nothing of the lies that have followed from the administration to provide political cover. Barack Obama: the first female president | The Daily Caller

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