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August 7, 2013

Why They Can't Break Out of Porn


93 Adult Film Stars Before and After They've Applied Make-up - Refined Guy Safe for work if not safe for your fantasy life or retinas.

Posted by gerardvanderleun at August 7, 2013 1:23 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

I read somewhere that HD was contributing to the death of the porn industry. Its just too revealing of flaws and makeup.

Posted by: Christopher Taylor at August 7, 2013 1:52 PM

I thought two or three of them looked good without makeup, more wholesome. It just goes to show that if a young man decides to get serious with a girl he pretty much has to get a background check.

Very, very grim, isn't it?

Posted by: Lorne at August 7, 2013 4:56 PM

Sex Workers Exposed ... much better headline

Posted by: edaddy at August 7, 2013 6:40 PM

Didn't bother with the link, but the left picture to me is far more attractive than the right.

But then I have always preferred real women...

Posted by: B Moe at August 7, 2013 7:30 PM

I thought a lot of them looked attractive without the makeup, though all were enhanced by it. Most striking were the ones I found startlingly unattractive without makeup -- usually because of what looked like significant plastic surgery. I gather a lot of plastic surgery is done specifically as a platform for heavy makeup, and is worse-than-unhelpful without it.

Posted by: Umbriel at August 7, 2013 7:43 PM

I guess this proves that a guy better sleep with his future bride so that he can see when he awakens in the morning what he is getting.

But wait, if she sleeps with him before marriage is she worth marring?

Oh, I get it: love is blind. Yes, that's the ticket.

Dan Kurt

Posted by: Dan Kurt at August 7, 2013 8:41 PM

A lot of them seemed to be the same women under different names and makeup.

Posted by: Don Rodrigo at August 8, 2013 10:17 AM

Sad. Both the befores (for them) and the afters (this is what guys find sexy???). I hope they're making money and investing it wisely.

Posted by: bonny kate at August 11, 2013 7:22 AM

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