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May 30, 2013

Everything is a stinging nettle.

We drive down the street, and the signs nettle us; buy this, do that. 

We enter a public place, and the music which is not music nettles us.  We look at the spines of books, and their large letters in unnatural colors nettle us.  Libraries are prickle-beds of visual noise.  Textbooks for children are so much noise; then the restlessness of the classroom; the political sloganeering; the inevitable exam; the “enlightened” urging of the parents; the sting, the lash of prestige, of seeking admittance to the "best"€ school, the "best"€ team, the "best" club; the noise of a clanking death-in-life. Life Under Compulsion: Noise - Front Porch Republic

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