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March 10, 2013

“Generations are rolling over in poverty, and they’re dying,”

"€œThey'€™re shooting each other. They're stabbing each other. They'€™re killing each other.

You won'€™t say a word. The politicians won'€™t say a word. The so-called leaders won'€™t say a f***ing word. And when I say a f***ing word, I'€™m called a racist so you can silence me. Good have it your way --€” nobody say a f***ing word and then we'€™ll watch all the black and brown people just go off into poverty and we'€™ll hear all the stories about the 14-year-olds on the streets of Chicago being shot by other 14-year-olds. Is that your plan? You f***ing coward p***ies." Adam Carolla » "You Guys All Have Blood On Your Hands"€™
[AUDIO HERE] Adam Carolla rips the Huffington Post, media

Posted by gerardvanderleun at March 10, 2013 8:40 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

Are you kidding? That's the Progressive plan, rid the place of the fellaheen thus conserving on the social costs of welfare.

Think not? Any of this could be stopped with little effort.

Posted by: Vermont Woodchuck at March 10, 2013 2:40 PM

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