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January 31, 2013

Silent (European) Spring

Economic crisis spells danger for songbirds as Cypriots turn to illegal trapping: "By mid-morning, the man disentangles about a half-dozen blackcaps, snaps their necks with his teeth and drops them in a bucket."

Posted by gerardvanderleun at January 31, 2013 11:00 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

Ah! The first robin of spring...

Posted by: ed in texas at January 31, 2013 12:30 PM

They'll be eating lichen salads with gravel as croutons.

Posted by: Vermont Woodchuck at January 31, 2013 1:02 PM

And there was a great famine in Samaria ... until a donkey's head was sold for eighty shekels of silver, and the fourth part of a kab of dove's dung for five shekels of silver. (2 Kings 6:25)

In that same chapter it talks about resorting to North Korean barbeque, long pork luau.

Posted by: mushroom at January 31, 2013 1:32 PM

Swift's "A Modest Proposal" comes to mind.

Soylent Green as well.

Posted by: chasmatic at February 1, 2013 7:42 AM

My father went into Okinawa in the second wave as a radio operator. I remember him telling me that the thing that astounded him the most was the fact that there was not a single living thing on the island other than Japanese and American soldiers. No dogs, no birds, no cats, nothing. They had all been eaten.

Posted by: stuart at February 1, 2013 8:49 AM

There was a time here in the USA when the post-Vietnam SE Asia refugees were depopulating songbirds for the very same reason. It was a plentiful protein supply.

Posted by: Lazarus Long at February 2, 2013 6:10 AM

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