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December 14, 2012

Mock Them Continuously

Hit ‘em where they live. Liberals are desperate to think of themselves as independent-minded deep thinking nonconformists.

That’s why their first reaction to any unexpected stimulus is to run to their blogs and JournoLists, to see what all the other independent-minded deep thinking nonconformists have to say about it (see, for instance, this fascinating article from Mother Jones straight up instructing liberals how to think). Mock them: "Oh, it'€™s because I'€™m a racist, is it?  Was it The Nation or Daily Kos who said that?"  "€œAh, so that'€™s the newest directive from Democratic Underground, eh?"€  "€œYes, yes, I know -- I get email updates from Organizing for America, too."  "€œWow, I wonder how many F4 keys the New York Times has worn out with that macro."  &c. -- Check-Box Thinking | Rotten Chestnuts

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