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December 27, 2012

Advanced Vocabulary Training 7

heliograph: a device with shutters and mirrors used for sending Morse code via sunbeams
auscultation: listening to internal organs for medical purposes (e.g. with a stethoscope)
erethism: physiologically or psychologically, abnormally sensitive or irritable
appanage: something one is entitled to by rank or position, real or figurative
arras: a tapestry or hanging, or a gift given by the husband at marriage
trepidant: characterized by trepidation (an uncommon adjective)
indurate: to make enduring, unfeeling, or hard, or to accustom
strathspey: a type of slow Scottish dance
corant: a quick but stately dance
pleach: to interweave or braid
-- Coldewey's Curiosities

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strathspey: a type of slow Scottish dance A strathspey is danced to a strathspey tune that is played in 4/4 cut common time, or with "scotch snap", at 110 to about 150 beats per minute; so it's not really a 'slow' dance. It's not frenetic, it just not at all slow....

Posted by: Gray at December 28, 2012 10:32 AM

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