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November 15, 2012

[Bumped] Petraeus: "This is what Democrats do to the gullible, and the prideful."

One can't help but ponder the pillow talk about the title

It's a tough thing for a person to become a general, a god among his men, only to realize he's actually some senator's aide's bitch. Some shrug it off and don't play the game.

They retire with 1 or 2 stars. Guys like Petraeus think they're smarter than the average bear. They won gaming theory in war college! They run 10 miles a day, and write essential policy papers for Foreign Affairs. What they truly are is dupes. Rubes. Out of their depth because they don't even understand the game they're playing. Don't know who the mark is? You're probably the mark. And so Petraeus was seduced by a Democratic political operative. Hubris. Now his mighty reputation is soiled beyond repair, his marriage is likely sundered, his prospects on the lecture circuit zilch. This is what Democrats do to the gullible, and the prideful. Don't ever get in bed with these scorpions. They are vile creatures, with no conscience and no soul. -- Velociworld: All Teed Up

Posted by gerardvanderleun at November 15, 2012 9:50 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

Guys who play around outside of their marriages are not rare, and they don’t start doing it all of a sudden at the age of 60. If they do it at 60 they did at 50, and 40, and so on. The explanation is just as lame as it could possibly be.

Posted by: Fat Man at November 9, 2012 8:10 PM

Bill Clinton didn't!

Posted by: Michael J. Bilek at November 9, 2012 8:42 PM

Keep Patraeus and Romney in mind if you start thinking you won't be hunted down and sacrificed unless you ask for a fight. You are pre-marked and their standard tactics will destroy whomever is the target. You can't be good enough, fair enough, smart enough, apolitical enough to be safe. Politics will find you and if you aren't skilled in it enough to protect yourself you will be destroyed.

Keep this in mind as you fantasize about "rendering unto Caesar" and being left alone. You fight hard enough to win or you will be punished when it's your turn. You will be punished whether you deserve it or not and we don't have time for everyone to learn this lesson personally. Learn from others' experience.

I have to go back to banging my head against a wall now.

Posted by: Scott M at November 9, 2012 10:49 PM

Nobody seems to draw lessons from history. When Hitler's takeover of Germany is mentioned, the common reaction is:"Eek, Nazis, Jews ..." and that's where the thinking stops. We catch our heads on the icons of horror and do not see the dynamics which brought it about. Stalin did it too, (more millions than Hitler IIRC), was a bit more raw-jaw about it but results the same. We see Winter and vodka and Siberia and wolves and we fail to see how it got to that.

Whether it's through seduction or coercion, on the boxcar is on the boxcar.

"Suddenly, it is too late" is the last rational thought many of us will have.

Posted by: chasmatic at November 10, 2012 6:51 AM

"Well at least he wasn't using his joystick to slaughter innocent children, for once."

I'm going to go ahead and assume you were kidding, otherwise you've proved you're an idiot.

Posted by: mare at November 10, 2012 10:35 AM

The General thought he was Nietzsche's superman--beyond regular morality. There actually does seem to be a rule-structured moral universe which takes its revenge on those who don't obey its rules. The ancient Greeks were right--there is retribution for those who have Hubris.

Posted by: Gloria at November 10, 2012 11:00 AM

Tits are the downfall of better men than Petraeus; Paris, Menelaus, Caesar & Anthony (same tits), Attila and a thousand more than I can recall at this moment!

Posted by: Shooter1001 at November 10, 2012 11:30 AM

Scott M. Suddenly, it's too late. Polanski's Jewish family in The Pianist in their Warsaw apartment as the feldgrau beast approaches.

Posted by: Mike at November 10, 2012 1:22 PM

Dear chasmatic and otheres ... The greatest undereported fact is that there are well over 100 million class III (i.e. automatic) weapons in the hands of private individuals in this country. Private individuals own more automtic weapons than the U.S. military. This doesn't even include the dreaded "assault" rifle. Nor does it include millions upon millions of shotguns in private hands.

Trust me on this one ... This government is NOT going to come after the guns of private citizens because 1) they'll have a fight on their hands that they've no stomach for, and 2) they know they'll never get them all.

What the government does NOT want is desensitizing citizens to actual (as opposed to sanitized TV) violence. Most people are afraid of violence. However, once you get past that fear, the government is not really very intimidating. (Btw, this is where the inner city black youth has an advantage.)

What do you think might happen if there was a truly PEACEFUL march of a million conservative Christian men and women on Washington ... and every single one of those million were carrying a simple shotgun? Would the left would be intimidated? You bet they would.

The conservative right is WAY more willing to die for what we believe than the liberal leftists. Are they willing to die for free birth control? Yeah, right.

Posted by: edaddy at November 10, 2012 2:59 PM

edaddy, since you addressed me I shall respond to you. I am a Christian American heterosexual pro-gun conservative and I don't need to trot out any more credentials than that.

The older I get the more I pay attention to the evidence and the less to the arguments.

I doubt your estimate of Class III weapons in private hands.

The peaceful march of a million ... carrying shotguns? Really? Intimidated? Really? Look at the numbers of the elections, I don't see all those wonderful righties getting out and getting the vote. The Tea Party has become a joke. "You know you're a member of the Tea Party if ..."

We shall see in the coming months how many stand up at bat and how many will stay on the bench, "I'll sit this one out, coach". I've stood up in the past and I am still standing. Didn't see you anywheres around.

Posted by: chasmatic at November 10, 2012 8:43 PM

There will NEVER be peace with a group that is busy demonizing you. We conservatives keep making that mistake.

Here is a sample of one liberals' reasoning why he voted for Obama 2012:


" I full recognize that I am in the vocal minority on this comment list. That is most likely because (deleted) is one of the rare few who keep his friends in spite of their political differences, and I am one of the rare few on the liberal side who occasionally rise when challenged.

(deleted), what happened this week was not a Peter Pan moment, as you seem to suggest. It was a rejection by a majority of voters in this country. It was a rejection of racism. It was a rejection of elitism. And it was a rejection of the ' you're on your own' approach to governing. My favorite: it was a rejection of the notion that money can buy a political system. It was a rejection of policies that allow powerful companies to run roughshod over the powerless and lead our economy into the depths of oblivion.

This election was an embrace of "We're all in this together" approach to governing. It was an embrace of acceptance, tolerance, equality, fairness and compassion. It was a recognition that the role of government is an important one not only for our American Society, but for Peaceful Global Leadership.

It may also have been an acknowledgment that some people will be expected to pay more than before for America's leadership role in the world and to get our economy out of the depths that 'trickle-down' economics got us into. But if you honestly feel that this election means that the government is going to take your every last dollar, I'd suggest you're being seriously over-dramatic (which I think you already know). Your (and my) taxes are likely to rise come January - but if you really think they will rise to the point that inspires you to abandon your citizenship as an American, you are seriously misguided by your passions.

The fundamental values of what it means to be an American are no different under an Obama or a Romney (or Bush) Presidency - and the opportunities this country offers have always been and I firmly believe, will continue to be exceptional in comparison to any other country around the world. Go ahead and go to the Isle of Man - or whereever you decide to go - and you will be surrounded by people from elsewhere who were similarly driven by greed to relocate from their home country to preseve their fortune. You will not find innovators, inventors, creators, entrepreneurs, or exceptional leaders who are native to your chosen land - because that is not what those lands are about. Those lands are only about feeding "


For me, that was jaw dropping. My Favorite part that just shouted Turnspeak at its worst:

"It was a rejection of racism. It was a rejection of elitism. And it was a rejection of the ' you're on your own' approach to governing. My favorite: it was a rejection of the notion that money can buy a political system. It was a rejection of policies that allow powerful companies to run roughshod over the powerless and lead our economy into the depths of oblivion."

This here is a footsoldier of the coming revolution. Against us Kulaks and Bourgoise. We will someday be victims of a kind of Kristalnacht and probably much worse.

This is what the media is filling the heads of those who listen wholly. They hate us. They really hate us: but only the image that the media portrays.

There will be no peace.

Posted by: cond0011 at November 11, 2012 9:27 AM

May people have wondered how the Geramn people could be seduced by the Nazi party and allow such horrible atrocities that happen to the non Aryan.

Well... we are getting an education of it now.

Watch & Listen.

The hate and the use of half-truths will not stop. Ever.

..and to think that we are safe with our 'guns'? watch them slowly, ever so slowly whittle that away too. Not in one year. Not in 10 years. But a gradual erosion over decades.

We will not recognize our country in 50 years (Anyone remember attitudes and beliefs we had in 1990? How about 1970? I rest my case).

Posted by: cond0011 at November 11, 2012 9:43 AM

Chasmatic - First, the number of class 3 weapons is a fact, not an estimate.

Second, I am not in disagreement as to the condition of this country. I'm just not ready to throw in the towel and say it's hopeless. Far from it, in my opinion. History happens. Sometimes you win big and sometimes you lose big and a loss in one aspect may be a huge win in another aspect. One example, public education is in shambles but homeschooling is so utterly healthy and strong it is a revolution (big win) and no one seems to notice. It's influence will be felt for generations.

Because we accept change at the ballot box, it comes down to the numbers, liberals vs. conservatives, etc.. Really, it is the number of productive Americans who are supporting the moochers and how long are we willing to put up with it. Once the printing press stops and it is clear where real money originates, the productive Americans will put a stop to it. It will not be about voting. And, if we have to use physical violence to wean the moochers, the left will capitulate because we are willing to die for what we believe and they are not willing to die for they believe.

The founding fathers didn't ask permission to meet in Philadelphia in 1776.

Conservatives have the advantage and always will because, in the spirit of Reagan, socialism/communism/progressivism is inherently evil and will eventually fall. We need to stand strong on our values and do what we can, like Reagan, to hasten the demise of the evil socialist experiment.

Posted by: edaddy at November 11, 2012 10:29 AM


Your latest post falls better on my ears. I agree with much of it; we probably have a lot in common. That is a good thing. I tend to get curt and clever with some of my replies. No offense meant, we should all keep the coastline in sight. Most important, folks like us should stick together even if I like Chevvies and you like Fords, so forth. Oh, and the Packers, I like them.

Homeschooling double-plus good. We have a Baptist preacher son, they are home schooling all twelve of their kiddos, and associating with others that do the same. They are outside the influence of the *mindwashing*strikethrough education system and, gasp, the children are learning things. The three Rs of course, but history and economics and what I used to call political science. With books that haven't been cleansed yet I might add.

As a side note, I have owned and operated full auto weapons and I think they are over-rated. Jes' sayin'. Oops, I don't mean to hijack this thread.

Posted by: chasmatic at November 11, 2012 11:02 AM

I'm with Scott M. But I think Petraeus is still a credible witness. I'm hoping he will be free now to speak out. I hate it for his wife but I hate more for the wives and mothers and daughters who are waiting for the truth about Benghazi.

Posted by: RedCarolina at November 11, 2012 11:07 AM

Exactly so. While I pity Petraeus for the failure of thinking with his little head,

what I hold him accountable is for the truth on Benghazi. He needs to set the record straight, or leave behind not only his honor, but closure for the parents of those who gave their all.

Posted by: fred at November 11, 2012 12:19 PM

Remember Obama's comment, vote for revenge?

As the left is so fond of pointing out, that was a "dog whistle" and the intended ears heard it loud and clear.

For the cond0011 FB friend, he has no idea what he just voted for......you talk about your chicken who just voted for colonel sanders.

Posted by: Boots at November 11, 2012 2:01 PM

Gerard, your commenters are becoming more unhinged by the day.

Posted by: Daphne at November 11, 2012 4:45 PM

The 2nd Amendment people are the best. But it still has not occured to them that they are bringing pitchforks to a gunfight, pitting courage against a superstate sharpened by the experience of foreign occupation. Electronic, video, drone, and tactical. The Obama left once obsessed in fear over gun ownership and returning veterans. Not recently. They see the light now. But they don't see the darkness, because they own it. That is where they will trip, as we did.

Hello Daphne.

Posted by: james wilson at November 11, 2012 5:36 PM

I would like to know if Petraeus' wife decided that she had enough se for the rest of her life and joined the spa set.

Trophy wives are not about for no reason.

Posted by: Peccable at November 12, 2012 5:52 AM

I would like to know if Petraeus' wife decided that she had enough sex for the rest of her life and joined the spa set.

Trophy wives are not about for no reason.

Posted by: Peccable at November 12, 2012 5:52 AM

"Gerard, your commenters are becoming more unhinged by the day." Posted by Daphne

Oh, Daphne, I am shocked and saddened you'ld say that.

Here... let me get you up to speed in case you haven't been paying attention:


1. 1.7 Trillion in Federal debt per year and no sign of abatement. Record breaking by far.
2. 16 Trillion in overall debt
3. More debt accrued in the last 4 years than at anytime in USA history. COMBINED, Daphne, combined
4. Record breaking food stamps given out now.
5. More Unemployment in 4 years than in the any terms of the last presidents since FDR
6. Instead of a plan to get us out of our economic debt, we get Universal health care - something we cannot afford.

Obama has no recovery plan - no real plan at all.

Yet he won the election. ~62 million people voted for him.

Madness? Unhinged?

As stated above, I quoted 1 liberals reasoning why he voted for Obama: Racism, Elitism, sticking it to the 'man'. btw, he is not alone, I know of others having hissy fits over the 'Racist' Republicans and yet are proud of there ancetral 'Blood'. Yep.

Tell me, Daphne: How do you 'talk' to these People? How do you reason with all 62 million who voted for Obama?

Now, I remember when there were people 'unhinged' during the 2008 election. Though I did not call them "unhinged", I remembered who they are and respected their views with silence and a 'Wait and see' attitude. I must say, 4 years later, I'm joing their ranks.

Perhaps, you have yet to reach your 'Threshold'. I'd like to think that is the case and that your words calling us 'unhinged' a bit hasty.

Unhinged? Nah, that would be those who voted for Obama in 2012: Beyond a shadow of doubt.

I think a better word is "Unsettled".

So, Daphne, what say you, now? How do you reason with these... Obama voters?

Posted by: Cond0011 at November 12, 2012 6:33 AM

Daphne, you being hinged, how's that working out for ya? We have a government following Alinsky's rules and doing a pretty good job of disembowelling any opposition.

The real issue with the general is not sex. That was a honey trap operation to invalidate him. Smoke and mirrors, and watch their hands.

Fidarsi è bene, non fidarsi è meglio.
To trust is good, not to trust is better.

Posted by: chasmatic at November 12, 2012 8:17 AM

"That was a honey trap operation to invalidate him."

Chas, exactly that.

Posted by: Flyover Pilgrim at November 13, 2012 8:26 AM

Sleep with dogs wake up with fleas. If the director of CIA can be schooled he needs to be schooled.

Posted by: james wilson at November 13, 2012 8:34 AM

Interesting stuff all around.

As to the Superstate, there are a couple of fairly recent templates for collapse -- Argentina and the Soviet Union. I think we are economically more like Argentina but superstate-wise, obviously, more like the USSR.

When the state can no longer pay its enforcers, will they do it for nothing, or for the "promise" of future booty? (my apologies, if that conjured up a picture of Michelle Obama) Anyway, Nazi Germany arose out of the failed Weimar Republic which had been saddled with draconian war debt created by the Treaty of Versailles.

The Nazis rebuilt the war machine and the German economy. Where a man gets his cone pone, as Twain observed, determines the direction of his loyalty. The Nazis were at least effective. I don't think that the left in this country, at this point in time, with government already being 40% or so of the economy, is capable of being effective. FDR had a manufacturing base that he could use and room to maneuver under the debt-load, and it still took a world war to bail him out.

I'm not as worried about what happens as we go into the arithmetically-inevitable economic collapse as I am about what might rise from the ashes.

Posted by: mushroom at November 13, 2012 8:49 AM

A relative linked your blog on Facebook and that is how I discovered it. Very interesting stuff.

Posted by: Rory Oland at January 12, 2013 6:11 AM

A relative linked your blog on Facebook and that is how I found it. Very interesting stuff.

Posted by: Tony Denherder at April 3, 2013 10:35 AM

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