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August 8, 2012

To the left, success has become the Mark of Cain.

Where success once used to be proof of good character, the balance has shifted and it is now proof of bad character.
The left blames all disparities on injustice. If A has less than B, then B has somehow discriminated against A. All that’s left is for the sociologists and critical race theorists to plug in the variables, write their papers and explain the mechanism for the injustice and how it can be remedied through centralized redistribution. -- Israel’s ‘You Built It’ Culture | FrontPage Magazine

The reason the left feels this way about success is that their own success
has been largely based on stealing and other forms of injustice. Consider the Obamas.... Obama’s own success is based on lies, special favors, and no real achievement. So it makes sense that he thinks that the same is true of everyone else. -- How the left portrays good as bad; and why blacks are the most devoted leftists

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