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August 28, 2012

The liberal West has its illusions about the enemy.

Sultan Knish: Countdowns in Tehran and Jerusalem Israel has little room for those illusions.

It will act when Washington is too busy fighting itself to focus on restraining it. It will act because it is alone as few other countries on earth are. It will act because it cannot afford to be Poland, Czechoslovakia or Tibet-- sacrificed in the great game of nations. It will act because it has no real choice but to act. It will act because for it this is not a set of talking points, a diplomatic program or a regional agenda, it is life or death. It will act, because for all its flaws, its survival is on the line.

Posted by gerardvanderleun at August 28, 2012 12:15 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

Act! Fine and dandy but if you Act! before Obama is out of office you're on your own. Think JFK's Bay of Pigs only a million time bigger.

Posted by: I-RIGHT-I at August 28, 2012 1:21 PM

I- I think Netanyahu knows that, considering how many times he's been around the block.

Posted by: BillH at August 28, 2012 2:22 PM

He knows but he's under pressure to ACT!!! I'm pretty sure an American strike in Iran or Syria is B-Ho's October Surprise. If the god's of war decide Israel strikes first it's a home run for the cockroach.

Posted by: I-RIGHT-I at August 28, 2012 3:38 PM

What is this, the twentieth time Israel has said it is going to attack Iran? Yawn.

I guess there isn't a Hebrew version of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

Posted by: Lorne at August 28, 2012 4:06 PM

If the US acts, it will likely be to protect Saudi Arabia -- they are, in the long run, both more vulnerable and more valuable to the US than Israel. The US debacle in Iraq was triggered by the invasion of Kuwait, threatening Saudi Arabia, not Israel.

But Obama may calculate that a bombing run just before the election is in his interests. Romney can't really criticize it, and all the blowback would happen after the election, when Obama is safely re-elected.

Israel can (almost) take care of itself, and probably will do so this year (no guarantees, though).

Obama's response to the recent publicity storm from Bibi has been to send another aircraft carrier to the area near Iran. Presumably to clarify the minds of the Ayatollahs, possibly to mollify the Israelis and the Saudis, but possibly to deter the Israelis. Hard to be sure.

The Stennis joins the Enterprise off the coast of Iran, read here.

Posted by: Fred at August 29, 2012 1:03 PM

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