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August 10, 2012

I love the smell of a napalmed New York Times in the morning.


Combine a massively disruptive technology (the Internet), a weakened company (The New York Times Co.), and a brutal recession, and what you get is a kind of slow-motion fire-sale.
First went the real estate. Then went the NYT’s stake in the Boston Red Sox and NESN (a regional sports cable network). Then went 16 regional newspapers for $143 million. Next (probably) goes About.com, which the NYT purchased for $410 million years ago and is now desperate to sell for $270 million. -- Via Meadia

Posted by gerardvanderleun at August 10, 2012 6:49 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

I suspect some Leftist billionaire will step up at the critical moment to save the NYT.

Posted by: Lorne at August 10, 2012 9:17 PM

Is it too early for a contest to create the perfect election-night cocktail to be consumed on-air by various media geniuses?

I'll submit the "Tingle-tini". Your lips won't be able to form a snear after this one!

Use Juniper Green Organic Gin, substitute bitters for the dry vermouth, garnish with a sprig of stinging nettles, and finish with a Salt Lake-salted rim.

Posted by: sherlock at August 11, 2012 7:33 AM

Crap, "snear" should be "sneer".

Posted by: sherlock at August 11, 2012 7:35 AM

When they auction off the last of the shrunken heads from the NY Times cubicles, I may put in a bid to have a little something to stick onto the pike.

Posted by: indy jones at August 11, 2012 3:10 PM

Lorne - That's fine, if they are spending resources to prop up the NYT those resources can't be used to cause damage elsewhere.

Posted by: Mikey NTH at August 12, 2012 5:49 AM

Crap, "snear" should be "sneer".
WELL! What about those of us who snear? We have rights too.

Posted by: Peccable at August 12, 2012 6:14 AM

"What about those of us who snear? We have rights too."

Invent an election night cocktail better than mine and we'll talk about it.

Posted by: sherlock at August 12, 2012 6:41 AM

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