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April 23, 2012

"Is the left losing power, or gaining power?"

Consider the issues VFR has focused on in the last three months.
The birth control mandate. The apotheosis of Sandra Fluke. The conviction of Dahrun Ravi. The national lynch mob against George Zimmerman. The dismissal of John Derbyshire from National Review. These events are not the marks of a left that is desperate, but of a left that is asserting itself with more power than ever, while the “conservatives” don’t stand for much of anything. --<i>Forbes</i> contributor: people who dispute manmade global warming must be punished

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Your Say

"Conservatives" do stand for something. That Liberty brings blessings. Our Liberty is secured by governments. And out of control spending in the name of "doing good" will result in a government collapse, and the loss of our God-given Rights to tyranny.

But when the Tea Partiers started voicing it, look at the angry reaction from the not-Partiers. Gentle people peacefully protesting out-of-control spending on one side, and vicious name-calling by the people living off the taypayer's dime.

It cannot be said right now, or perhaps no one has found the right message and spokesman. But the right/conservs/liberties/ stand for this: Federal Government spending must be cut, now and drastically. All the **** that isn't in the Constitution, has to be shut down. We can no longer afford all these nice-to-haves. Millions of lives will be affected. People who live comfortable middle-class lives on a Government paycheck are about to become poor. When that happens, they will riot.

Look at Detroit. The smart ones who could, got out early. The lingerers will not leave until every dollar has been sucked out of that soon-to-be lifeless corpse. Only then, will the final exodus begin. It has happened time and again throughout history, but never in our lifetimes: the abandonment of a large metropolis.

It's bubble mentality: you're pulling in dough, you won't stop until the crash. Tomorrow may be hell, but who cares?

What do you do if the Federal Government is doing the same as Detroit? Where do you go? How do you convince people to give up their Government check and face an uncertain future, versus a check today, and a certain complete national collapse sometime in the near future? All you can promise now is heartache. All those people getting Government checks now, they do not believe that Liberty will bring blessings. You take that check away, they'll have nothing, and so nothing to lose.

It must be said, but it's hell to say it: if you're living off the taxpayers, or not adding real value to the nation, you're a surplus person. The central question of our day: what is to be done when a nation has millions upon millions of surplus people? Tread carefully please, because it's an unstable situation.

Posted by: John A. Fleming at April 23, 2012 3:01 PM

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