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December 7, 2011

Dear members of the moderate left,

America is suffering from rampant, run-away corporatism and crony capitalism.
We are increasingly a plutocracy in which government serves the interests of elite financiers and CEOs at the expense of everyone else. You know this and you complain loudly about it. But the problem is your fault. You caused this state of affairs. Stop it. -- Bleeding Heart Libertarians

Strong letter follows.

Posted by gerardvanderleun at December 7, 2011 10:51 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

The cold hard truth will eventually be faced by almost all in this country, but not before countless millions are harmed, there are no nice liberals.

Was Typhoid Mary nice? She may have been until people started dying. She couldn't possibly be nice after she was ordered to stop spreading her disease and she persisted. Being a generation of Typhoid Mary's is the best-case, most generous interpretation for your nice friend at work, relative, PTO member. All of the 20th Century stands as a stark warning of the dangers of Utopian plans, totalitarian government, rule by elites. Each of those experiments either killed millions, bankrupted nations, or split whole countries. You can no more innocently and naively call for ever-growing government control of our lives than you can innocently and naively use the N-word. If you don't know it's wrong it is only because you don't want to know it is wrong. Remember, this is the best-case for remaining a liberal.

The evidence supports the claim Liberals are determined to break Western Civilization and impose an early 19th Century nightmare on the country while they enjoy the perks of being on the inside of the machine.

Until you realize the continuation or survival of free mean and women is not important enough for your nice Liberal to examine their poisonous prescription, and they have closed their eyes to the horrors of the 20th Century, you will not be able to effectively fight Liberals.

Liberalism, like Islam, is a religious death cult. It's immune from reason and evidence. They are actively opposed to reason and evidence. Our enemies want us dead or enslaved, for our own good.

Posted by: Scott M at December 8, 2011 2:34 AM


Posted by: monkeyfan at December 8, 2011 12:50 PM

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