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October 7, 2011

This Weekend's Question for All the Progressive Bozos You Still Know

Greg Gutfeld: "What If Steve Jobs' Birth Mother Had Chosen an Option Other Than Adoption?"

Ask. Wait. Repeat.

Posted by Vanderleun at October 7, 2011 5:16 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

Lotsa truth in that, Greg. Thanks for pointing it out.

Posted by: Jimmy J. at October 7, 2011 8:07 PM

That was the finest pro-life argument I've ever heard. Bravo, Greg.

Posted by: Jewel at October 7, 2011 8:18 PM

I'm with Jewel, times a bunch.

I'm also happy that I had the opportunity to pass Gutfeld's insight on in a Rosary class this evening.

Posted by: Rob De Witt at October 7, 2011 10:03 PM

The Anchoress and Deacon Greg pointed that out earlier.

Posted by: newton at October 8, 2011 1:19 PM

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