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October 31, 2011

""This is liberalism’s real strength.

It is no longer susceptible to reductio ad absurdium arguments. Before you can come up with a comical take on their worldview, some college professor has already written an article advancing the idea." -Ann Coulter on the satire horizon [Word Around the Net: Quote of the Day]

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"Staccato signals of constant information:" The Age of Miracles and Wonders

It's especially ironic to see "peaceful protestors" protesting against peaceful traders peacefully exchanging credit default swaps,
or peaceful lenders peacefully issuing peaceful subprime mortgages at peacefully usurious rates, or peaceful lobbyists peacefully buying political influence with peaceful campaign donations, or the peaceful 1% peacefully lighting peaceful Cuban cigars with peaceful $100 bills aboard their peaceful yacht. Adding "peaceful" is missing the point and has nothing to do with whether non-peaceful law enforcers should or shouldn't do something about it. -- tongodeon: Peaceful Protestors

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"I couldn't even do it for black politics - and I was there."

If someone were to offer me 2 million dollars to do a black startup,
would I take the money? The answer is hell no, and the reason can be described in one word, Solyndra. I know how race works in this country, and I understand the presumptions about accepting money for trading in on you position in the race. You now have 2 million reasons to represent, and for me, that would become the biggest payday in my life. Eddie Murphy can afford to do that kind of clown movie, I cannot. I could never face my family saying I got paid for my looks and that's how I'm feeding you. == Obligatory Seriousness on Racial Bias, Silicon Valley & G - Cobb

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October 30, 2011

It’s a modern form of human sacrifice.

The environmentalist mind is filled with visions of gurgling brooks and green fields.
All of which serve to hide the ugly truth is that its efforts often hurt citizens who are trying to protect their livelihood. IT'S a modern form of human sacrifice. Livelihoods are sacrificed to the gods of Nature because someone got the idea that the only way to assuage their guilt was to scapegoat innocent citizens. -- Had Enough Therapy?: Reactionary and Misanthropic

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It wouldn't be Halloween without a good scare.

Earth to Obama, "ARE YOU NUCKING FUTZ!?": Obama Looks Forward to the Return of Speaker Pelosi in 2013 President Obama on Saturday said Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was a great House Speaker and that she will get that job back after the 2012 elections. "I am biased, but I think Nancy was one of the best Speakers of the House this country ever had," Obama said after Pelosi had introduced him at the National Italian American Foundation gala. "€œShe was no doubt the best Italian American Speaker of the House we ever had. And I believe that she will be the best Speaker of the House again in 2013."

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"The whole point is not to be transparent but to make the rubes think that government is transparent

... One might wonder what other lies are in the works, but if the public simply wanted the truth, shouldn't they just ask the President? After all he wouldn't lie to the American people, now would he? -- Belmont Club サ Journey in the Dark

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October 29, 2011

This Day Is History

My wife rises a little later than I do,
and I know she's awake because the ancient water meter under my floor goes tick tick tick. She comes five minutes later with two cups of coffee for us to share in my snug little office, and we wait for the sound of the little one's feet hitting the floor above us. Today she was late, and came with pumpkin muffins, too, warm from the oven. I could do this every day forever and ever. -- Sippican Cottage: Simple Pleasures

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October 28, 2011

Bump Up the Dumbth!

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Clueless as to Central One

Obama Has Declared Record-Breaking 89 Disasters So Far in 2011 - ABC News

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Dear Fiennes, Twit the Fuck Up and Spit Down

Another moment of dumbth among the ororotund:Ralph Fiennes blames Twitter for 'eroding' language

Speaking at the BFI London Film Festival awards in Old Street, London, the actor said that modern language "is being eroded" and blamed "a world of truncated sentences, soundbites and Twitter." [Translation: "I have nothing to say and I am saying it."]

"Our expressiveness and our ease with some words is being diluted so that the sentence with more than one clause is a problem for us, and the word of more than two syllables is a problem for us," he {drooled}.

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An answer. Finally.

"Women want roasted ice."

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October 27, 2011

Aluminum and Carbon Fiber


I ask the co-pilot to throw a match into number one, and then open my side Plexiglas sliding window about an inch. A rushing sound of high pressure air fills the cockpit. The pneumatic starter motor of the left (#1) IAE V-2500 A-5 engine starts turning the N2 section. It is one of the most satisfying sounds to my soul... Hard to explain; it's a pilot thing.

The rushing sound grows in intensity as the starter motor spins the mighty A-5 engine faster and faster... I watch the engine instruments.

Igniters, fuel flow, and temperature rise happen about the same moment with a muffled whoof and then a guttural low-pitched whine quickly rising in intensity... Light off, baby!

I close the side window and lock it... I have received my morning fix of turbine ecstasy. Yeah!

Flight Level 390:

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The citizens of a republic are responsible for the defense thereof, and the establishment of an enclave in their midst of an alien peoples hostile to the republic is a threat to the public safety and security just as much as an insurrection or invasion

"What do we DO if we see the rise of “no go” areas in the US as in some parts of Europe? That is, large parts of cities where “infidels, whether civilians, police, EMTs, or even firemen are afraid to go due to facing attacks from jihadists. To tacitly abandon these areas to de facto foreign and jihadist rule would mark a huge advance in the program of subversion followed by the Muslim Brotherhood."

Assuming the police do nothing, and assuming all peaceful means have been tried and have failed, the answer would be to assemble all young men are arms bearing age, that is, the militia, and have them march into the area and restore law and order, and if encountering armed resistance, to expel or kill the scofflaws.

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Button Up Your Overcoat


Are you part of the 1%? Then these limited edition, 24k Gold 1% buttons are for you! At 100 bucks a pop, these 24k Gold buttons let the other 99% know who’s boss. 10 buttons are only $1,000.00! -- 99% or 1% ?

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Of course you did not need yet another reason to hate and despise the code pinko's geezer boomerdom, but here it is anyway. When I'm king I'm sending in the tumbrils.... hourly

The Occupy Wall Street volunteer kitchen staff launched a “counter” revolution yesterday -- because they’re angry about working 18-hour days to provide food for “professional homeless” people and ex-cons masquerading as protesters.
For three days beginning tomorrow, the cooks will serve only brown rice and other spartan grub instead of the usual menu of organic chicken and vegetables, spaghetti bolognese, and roasted beet and sheep’s-milk-cheese salad. --Occupy Wall Street kitchen slowdown targets squatters - NYPOST.com

Hey, why feed people who have not been VETTED!?

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October 26, 2011

Heart Lung


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The Unifier!

Country United As Never Before! Political Magic as not seen since the days of the late Siegfried and Roy! Get Your Markers Down. Operators are standing buh-bye!


Putz = 49.5%

Schmuck = 50.5%

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What family doesn't have it's problems?


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"Which got me to thinking: ye gods, why are liberals so bad at this stuff?"

I mean, every intelligent person knows that conservatives are all dumbasses, unintelligent, uncreative, etc. (“bitter clingers” and “easily led,” as I believe our Glorious Leader put it). And yet…. liberals control Hollywood, the music industry, the non-Fox television media, every newspaper, more than half the blogsphere, and the entire educational system from kindergarten through tenure. With all that experience, and the mother of all home-court advantages, they can’t come up with one single ad campaign to sway the sheeple? --A Brief Random Thought | academiczoology

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And now the nudes!


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October 13, 2011

" Speaking up for the 100 percenters"


More at Sense of Events:

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Rich Assholes Out Themselves on the Internet

What a pathetic collection of petualant idiot children.We are the 1 percent
Mommy Issues
Daddy Issues

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Now, now, Mr. Mayor, let's not be hasty.

Bloomberg tells Occupy Wall Street protesters to clear Zuccotti Park by Friday
One safety issue, according to Clark, is that if the "underground lighting" has been "cracked, water could infiltrate the electrical system, putting occupants of the Park at risk of an electrical hazard."

Trust but verify.

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From "Equal Opportunity" to "Extra-constitutional Opportunities:" Jesse Jackson Jr. and the Closet Fascists Emerge

“I hope the president continues to exercise extraordinary constitutional means, based on the history of Congresses that have been in rebellion in the past,” Jackson said.

“He’s looking administratively for ways to advance the causes of the American people, because this Congress is completely dysfunctional.”... “We’ve got to go further. I support what [Obama] does. Clearly, Republicans are not going to be for it but if the administration can handle administratively what can be done, we should pursue it. And if there are extra-constitutional opportunities that allow the president administratively to put the people to work, he should pursue every single one of them,” Jackson suggested. --Jesse Jackson Jr. | Congress in Rebellion | Unemployment | The Daily Caller

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October 12, 2011

AOL|HUFFPO Circles Drain. Begs YAHOO to Get Down In Its Hole

BUH-BYE! AOL CEO pitches investors on Yahoo deal: sources | Reuters

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Coincidence? I. Don't. Think. So.

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" Biden Warns: If This Jobs Bill Doesn't Pass Your Chances of Getting Raped or Murdered Will Rise"

So notes the insightful Michelle Malkin . Of course the opposite is also true: If the jobs bill does pass your chances of being raped and murdered by Joe Biden increase.

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Remember, Kids. Socialism is the Opposite of Greed

"Because socialism is never, ever about being selfish or opportunist or exploitative. Or greedy." Via David Thompson:

If their "revolution" succeeds, this kid, having served his purpose, will be among the first to become a dangling lamp post decoration. After all, "History is not mocked."

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In Washington State Times Are Desperate in the Public Sector


In the public sector, not so much.

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Those OWS Demonstrations Are Bring All Sorts of Factions to the Front Lines of Bitching and Moaning


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October 11, 2011

9 Crazier Eyebrows Than Andy Rooney’s Face Fur

Immense violation of the "What Is Seen Cannot Be Unseen" rule: You do not want to click this link. Please, for the love of G-D believe me!

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Q: "What's the best way to escape the police in a high-speed car chase?" A: "There isn't one."

Just one point of many. Do you have the Concentration?
How often do you drive in this manner? Unless you're running because you're on parole, this is likely your first dance. Sure, you've driven fast before - for a while. Then, for whatever reason, you got uncomfortable and backed off. Maybe your car made a sound you got concerned about, maybe you caught a glint you thought might be a trooper's windshield, maybe you thought you heard the faintest pulses of a siren. Whatever it was, it weakened your resolve and you slowed down. You have no such luxury here. And while this is fresh for you, this is, to many of the people pursuing you, another day another dollar. They've trained for this in training scenarios and have been involved in pursuits in the field. They run code multiple times a week. Even if one of your pursuers was a rookie who got eaten up by the stress, there will be a dozen vets to take his place. -- - Quora

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The caption explains the problem


Is it so wrong of me to think "Rachel" = "Ray?"

ViaSense of Events:

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Repeat after me: Freedom is…

You: Freedom is…
Me: …when you don’t do…
You: …when you don’t do…
Me: …what somebody tells you to do…
You: …what somebody tells you to do…
Me: …just because they claim false authority over you.
You: …just because they claim false authority over you.

--2 2 = 4 : #OccupyWallStreet (Meme's Gonna Meme)

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"We are the 99%."

It is an important piece of propaganda. It sounds like the enemy is Wall Street, but observe that the slogan doesn't point to an enemy,
it defines the group. The slogan is a twist on an old fascist standby: select a minority enemy, and create an impression of opposing unanimity. Once done, the leaders of the group have the powerbase to do what they want, making it impossible for anyone in the rest of the 98% to disavow this madness. When it all goes down you will be too terrified, or too busy, to dissent. -- The Last Psychiatrist: You Are The 98%

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Headline of the Day

Racist Republicans Flocking to Cain | Via Meadia

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The Athenian Oath

I will never bring reproach upon my hallowed arms nor will I desert the comrade at whose side I stand, but I will defend our altars and our hearths, single-handed or supported by many.

My native land I will not leave a diminished heritage but greater and better than when I received it. I will obey whoever is in authority and submit to the established laws and all others, which the people shall harmoniously enact.

If anyone tries to overthrow the Constitution or disobeys it, I will not permit him, but will come to its defense single-handed or with the support of all. -The Athenian Oath (Classical Journal, Vol. 13, No. 7, April 1918)

[Word Around the Net: Quote of the Day]

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Made by Dan @ CriticalMass: The Littler 99% where there are MORE!

Image: SISU via Tuesday morning links - Maggie's Farm

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October 10, 2011

"Planets are the abusive parents of evolution."

Their very surfaces promote warfare,
concentrate resources into dense defensible patches that can be fought over. Gravity forces you to squander energy on vascular systems and skeletal support, stand endless watch against an endless sadistic campaign to squash you flat. Take one wrong step, off a perch too high, and all your pricey architecture shatters in an instant. And even if you beat those odds, cobble together some lumbering armored chassis to withstand the slow crawl onto land— how long before the world draws in some asteroid or comet to crash down from the heavens and reset your clock to zero? Is it any wonder we grew up believing life was a struggle, that zero-sum was God's own law and the future belonged to those who crushed the competition? -- Rifters.com: Peter Watts' Backlist [HT:Ilka]

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This Just In From Supreme Propagandista Comrade Maksim

Click for full in-your-face impact
OWS's One Demand: Your Property!

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"At the least, we can say that [the OWS kids] are putting their college educations to good use."

The pride of America’s educational system did not acquire the skills needed to do the jobs that are available.
They did not learn a work ethic that would have served to propel them into the workforce. And they did not learn that markets have a say in determining their value. Not at all. Today’s younger generation learned how to complain. They learned how to take offense and how to be aggrieved. -- Had Enough Therapy?: The Revolution Comes to Wall Street

A's all around!

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"MAKE A DIFFERNENCE": Wondering Where That Stimulus Money Went?

FIGHT TO HOLD WALLSTREET ACCOUNTABLE NOW! MAKE A DIFFERNENCE GET PAID! Compensation: $350-$650 A Week Depending On Responsibility & Length Of Time On Staff.
The Working Families Party (WFP) ...Raising New York's Minimum Wage, Enacting Living Wage Laws, Creating Thousands of Jobs In the Green Economy, Passing Healthcare Reforms on the Local Level, Fighting for Affordable Housing, Keeping Tuition Costs Low, A Progressive Tax Code, Reliable/Cost Effective Public Transit System, Public Financing Of Elections and Corporate Accountability . In addition, we have an unapologetic stance on supporting and pushing good candidates to enact progressive legislation.

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Roger Williams Has Passed Away

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"Walking across it was cooler"


"There is a famous image of me standing on a ledge around 1700 feet up on the Northwest Face of Half Dome,"
explained Alex seen here reenacting that photograph. "My back is to the cliff wall and below is a sheer drop. It is part of the route to the top and has to be traversed by all climbers of Half Dome, with or without rope. Some climbers wade down and edge themselves across with their arms along the ledge. Some climbers sit on their backsides and edge themselves across that way. I felt though, that walking across it was cooler. It is around a foot wide at the start, but narrows to six inches by the end. By the end, the cliff wall bows out and pushes your back forwards so that you are literally peering over the sheer drop" -- Alex Honnold tackles cliff faces around the globe - Telegraph

Actually, what's really cool is "reenacting" it.

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The Bald Eagle Frowns on These Shenanigans


Photorealistic Illustrations Inspired by ‘Angry Birds by Mohamed Raoff

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October 9, 2011

All Purpose Protest Song

George Washington was
the richest man of his age
But he lost all his teeth
at a very young age
Because they didn't have Scope
and they all crapped in trays
we're not wealthy?

now there's fountains on streets
from which clean water pours
Four dollar generics
at all big box stores
a sultan and student
both have iPhone 4s
it's not fair

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That Was the Weekend That Was


Items here you may have missed while you were out having a life:

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Well, no matter what else you might think, there's no doubt he's "historic:"Obama Has Now Increased Debt More than All Presidents from George Washington Through George H.W. Bush Combined

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"Your eyes do not deceive you. Taco Bell: 1, Everyone else: 0"


Reddit where a sharp commenter notes: "This is the invention that single-handedly made Taco Bell the only restaurant in Demolition Man."

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Good Question

If Obama fundraiser and largest Solyndra stakeholder George Kaiser recently had a net worth of 12 billion dollars, why did taxpayers ever have to put one cent on the line for Solyndra?

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Be (Un)Preparead

When President Wilson, the first "progressive" president the US suffered under,
took office he was shocked to hear that the war department was planning out various scenarios so they would be ready in case those things took place. Wilson immediately banned all such planning. That's how I imagine a "Department of Peace" would work. --Word Around the Net: WORD AROUND THE NET

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There's a hole in their heads wider than the ozone hole

Remember the hole in the ozone layer in Antarctica?
The one that closes and opens regularly like clockwork on a seasonal basis. Scientists believe it has reduced in size to a more normal fluctuation, and they tried to tie that to a CFL ban. However, another hole in the ozone layer has since opened up. Over the Arctic. Climate hysterics instantly jumped on that as proof of global warming but scientists there are blaming it on... excessively cold temperatures. Its almost as if the planet's atmosphere is more complex than we understand, or something. -- Word Around the Net: WORD AROUND THE NET

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This Just In: "Ron Paul: US could target journalists for killing"

"Sadly, the excitement lasts only as long as the headline." -- Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

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Ditch the Coke Nail: Advice for the '99 Percent' Movement


I am 20 years old and upwards of $275,000 in medical bills from this last year due to a condition I was born with. I can't get insurance because of a "pre-existing condition." I will die before America wakes up. I am the 99%.

Dear Walking Dead,

We can see by your peeling, flaking manicure that you've been pinching pennies to get those overwhelming medical bills paid. And cutting your own bangs too! That's a great start, but you could save hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year by limiting yourself to just one coat of red latex paint on your lips each day. Ka-ching!

Also, that choker you're wearing may be a tad too tight. Surely if you had adequate blood flow to your brain, you'd remember a little something called ObamaCare. You remember, the Affordable Care Act that your tear-stained, self-mutilating emo hipster buddies think doesn't go far enough toward destroying American health care and increasing medical costs for millions? Well, it now provides subsidized coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions in all 50 states. -- Ditch the Coke Nail: Advice for the '99 Percent' Movement - HUMAN EVENTS

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October 8, 2011

Johnson Sez...

Observing some beggars in the street as we walked along, I said to him I supposed there was no civilized country in the world, where the misery of want in the lowest classes of the people was prevented.

'I believe, Sir, there is not; but it is better that some should be unhappy, than that none should be happy, which would be the case in a general state of equality.' -- The Life of Samuel Johnson

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With Fast and Furious We're Way Beyond "Iran-Contra"

Iran-Contra didn’t rack of that kind of body count.
Watergate didn’t rack up that kind of body count. Sarah Palin’s daughter’s boyfriend’s mother, or whatever stupid story they were chasing around Wasilla for months, that didn’t rack up a body count. There were hundreds of dead Mexicans from a gun running program run by the United States.” -- Mark Steyn | Fast and Furious | Media | The Daily Caller

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Comment of the Week

"Sarah is 1000 times the man Barack Obama could ever be. " -- RedCarolina in Side-Lines: As For The Losers Dumping On Sarah Palin

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Who was Steve Jobs?

Well, he was a guy who founded a corporation and spent his life as a corporate executive manufacturing corporate products. So he wouldn’t have endeared himself to the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd, even though, underneath the patchouli and lentils, most of them are abundantly accessorized with iPhones and iPads and iPods loaded with iTunes, if only for when the drum circle goes for a bathroom break. -- American Autumn - Mark Steyn - National Review Online

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More Bad News for Gay Marriage

With Budget Cuts, It Will Take Over a Year to Divorce in San Francisco - The Atlantic

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Rush Limbaugh on Castrati Watch in March: Often Prescient, Seldom Wrong.

Rush Limbaugh: President Obama, Male Advisers, and Male Liberals Are the 'New Castrati'

Rush Limbaugh was not at all surprised by the fact that "leading male advisers were opposed." Referencing the column on yesterday's show, Limbaugh noted, "We're talking about male liberals! Of course they were opposed. It's the new castrati. Of course the males were opposed—they're sissies! And here's the No. 1, the leader of the club, and he happens to sit in the Oval Orifice."

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Ye Olde American Casterati


Above all, it is a sexless voice.
Not, I hasten to add, a "gay" voice. Not that at all. It is neither that gentle nor that musical. Nor is it that old shabby lisping stereotype best consigned to the dustbin of popular culture. No, this is a new old voice of a generation of ostensible men and women who have been educated and acculturated out of, or say rather, to the far side of any gender at all. It is, as I have indicated above, the voice of the neutered. And in this I mean that of the transitive verb: To castrate or spay. -- The Voice of the Neuter is Heard Throughout the Land @ AMERICAN DIGEST

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Ye Nouveau American Castrati


Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: Why do today's soppy men act like toddlers?
If you are forced to use public transport, you see them all the time. Soppy young blokes in skinny jeans, hair artfully arranged to mimic a guinea pig in a hurricane, being mollycoddled by a domineering, post-Spice Girls vixen who, if figures released last week are correct, also earns more than him.

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Ye Nouveau American Castrati Redux

What does it say about a so-called “man,”
when he possesses certainty & conviction only when he discusses the deconstruction of some unknown stranger’s right to earn and own property? And on all other subjects he reverts, with all the reliability of gravity, right back to the dreaded emasculated tone of the American Castrati? What do we know about someone who is certain about the world in which he lives, only when he seeks to destroy things, along with people who built those things and might build other things? -- House of Eratosthenes

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Olbermann Seen at "Occupy Wall Street." Current TV Staffers Warned to Stay Home.

Keith's obviously preparing the "Twinkie Defense" for his coming shooting spree at Current TV.

Via Occupy Wall Street: Shocking photos show protester defecating on POLICE CAR

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October 7, 2011

This Weekend's Question for All the Progressive Bozos You Still Know

Greg Gutfeld: "What If Steve Jobs' Birth Mother Had Chosen an Option Other Than Adoption?"

Ask. Wait. Repeat.

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As For The Losers Dumping On Sarah Palin

It amazes me to see how many silly people there are on the Right
who fail to appreciate Palin's significance in bringing in new people, faces and energy to our efforts these last few years - as well as the value of her being able to continue to do that. Yes, some perhaps too infatuated with a personality, than an ideal, may slip away. But in the end, what she has added and will continue to add will always far outweigh any real or perceived loss. She remains an asset and only fools and asses squander, or seek to undermine political assets, especially in political times such as these. -Dan Riehl

Dan types for me.

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Rand Simberg Amost Ten Years Ago on November 16th, 2001

I came to realize that the true revolutionaries were not people marching to the barricades, or theorizing about social philosophies
in Ann Arbor or Berkely or Paris cafes, or even the small subset of such people who actually somehow came to political power. The true revolutionaries were the technologists–those who solved societal needs not by attempting to forcibly rearrange society, but rather by giving individuals new tools that allowed them to reorder their own lives. -- Transterrestrial Musings - Technodialectic

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Really? No kidding? You don't say. Who knew?

Stupid Study of the Decade Released: Texting while driving more dangerous than thought: study | Reuters

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Who invented the high five?


It was a wild, triumphant moment and a good omen as the Dodgers headed to the playoffs.
Burke, waiting on deck, thrust his hand enthusiastically over his head to greet his friend at the plate. Baker, not knowing what to do, smacked it. "His hand was up in the air, and he was arching way back," says Baker, now 62 and managing the Reds. "So I reached up and hit his hand. It seemed like the thing to do." - ESPN

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I don’t know how many of you have ever had a Chunky.
It’s a solid brick of chocolate. A funny polygonal brick. Apparently, it was originally intended to be a pyramid, but the packaging was so problematic that the inventor just lopped the top of the pyramid right off. There’s raisins and nuts in there, but they’re almost a rounding error. You do not break pieces off a Chunky. You either take giant bites out of it, putting your teeth at risk, or you shove the entire thing in your mouth, a contest between melting and choking. --Chunky in Fury | Jason Santa Maria

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Woody Allen to Remake "Aliens"

Allen Eyes Michelle Obama For Movie Role "If I was in a room with Michelle Obama and I thought she was right for a part, I wouldn't hesitate to ask her."

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US Needs To Generate 261,200 Jobs Per Month To Return To Pre-Depression Employment By End Of Obama Second Term


"How realistic is it that the US economy can create 16.2 million jobs in the next 62 months? We leave that answer up to the US electorate." --ZeroHedge

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October 6, 2011

It's Been A Hard Day's Protesting

Flickr -

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The work begins.
It begins on this road, and on that road, and that other road over there…throughout the continental United States we have all this Obamastruction going on. And pay attention here you snotty preening condescending Obama fans who want to educate me about how roads need to be maintained: This is all happening at the same time. -- House of Eratosthenes

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"I'd like to thank re-employ all the little people"

Lawmaker Files Bill to Repeal State Ban on Dwarf Tossing in Florida Bars
"To me it's an archaic kind of Big Brother law that says, 'We don't like that activity,'" Workman told the Florida Current. "Well, there is nothing immoral or illegal about that activity. All we really did by passing that law was take away some employment from some little people."

He's right. Let the market decide!

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Secret panel can put Americans on kill list'


American militants like Anwar al-Awlaki are placed on a kill or capture list by a secretive panel of senior government officials,
which then informs the president of its decisions, according to officials. There is no public record of the operations or decisions of the panel, which is a subset of the White House's National Security Council, several current and former officials said. Neither is there any law establishing its existence or setting out the rules by which it is supposed to operate. -- | Reuters

Belmont Club: The Star Chamber (Latin: Camera stellata) was an English court of law that sat at the royal Palace of Westminster until 1641...
the court was set up to ensure the fair enforcement of laws against prominent people, those so powerful that ordinary courts could never convict them of their crimes. Court sessions were held in secret, with no indictments, no right of appeal, no juries, and no witnesses. Evidence was presented in writing. Over time it evolved into a political weapon, a symbol of the misuse and abuse of power by the English monarchy and courts.

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October 5, 2011

They Grow Up and Suck Blood So Fast

8 Twilight-Themed Nurseries

A Majestic Vampire's Coffin
The dramatic angular ceiling covered in romantic purple fabric resembles the inside of a vampire's coffin. Continuing with the purple theme, this elegant nursery mixes shiny and dull materials, representing the contrast between Edward Cullen's sparkling flesh and Bella's human skin. Could this be a play on Renesmee being half human/half vampire?

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Make Up a Need and Fill It

Had Enough Therapy?: America Leads the World in Mental Illness
We should acknowledge that for quite some time now ours has become a therapy culture. In a strange way we are providing people with a continuing and ongoing experience of therapy in their everyday lives. If that doesn't make you crazy, nothing will.

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Seeing double Obamas... Because you weren't freaked out enough already


"The guy on the right is Ilham Anas, an Indonesian man of Kenyan/American descent who's parlayed his resemblance to you-know-who into a career. The guy on the left is... the guy on the left." -- neo-neocon

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October 4, 2011

The Religion of Peace and Advanced Notions of Civilization

Sudanese man beheaded for “witchcraft” in Saudi Arabia
Abdul Hamid bin Hussein Mostafa al-Fakki was sentenced to death in the western city of Medina after being found guilty of what the court said was “producing a spell designed to lead to the reconciliation of his client’s divorced parents.”
[HT: The Fourth Checkraise]

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Just What Do Those Wall Street Hipsters Want? Every Stupid Thing You Can Think Of.... And, Of Course, More

Let me summarize this list:
raise the minimum wage to 20 dollars even when people aren't working, destroy all energy production except for the kind that can't hope to sustain our civilization, eliminate the ability of businesses to know credit risk, give people more free stuff, and spend two trillion more dollars we don't have. -- Word Around the Net: DEMANDING IDIOCY

No Hell hot enough, deep enough, or soon enough for these people.

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They Grow Up So Fast

Michelle Obama's Africa Vacation Cost More Than $432,142
The passenger manifests confirm the presence of Obama's daughter's, Malia and Sasha on the trip. The two girls are listed as "Senior Staff."

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Israel to Assad: "Go ahead. Make my day."

Now this is my idea of international diplomacy: 'Israel warns Assad: Attack us, we'll hit you personally' -- JPost .

Issued today in response to: Assad threatens to attack Tel Aviv in case of NATO strike - Ynetnews [HT: Dan Friedman]

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Starsucs Wants You to Slip Them Five Bucks "For Jobs"

You get one more moronic writstband
Sense of Events: Starbucks gets it backward
This is completely backwards. If Starbucks wants to "stimulate the economy," it can start by lowering its darn prices. Leaving money in customers' pockets will enable them to spend the savings in other businesses rather than have a donation sucked into a bureaucratic mixing machine where each handling step causes loss of impact.

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The one unquestionable benefit of a second Obama term:

Namely, killing terrorists will remain officially cool for another four years.
In fact, at this point, I bet O’s kicking himself for having signed that order banning enhanced interrogation so soon into his presidency. He probably assumed that the left actually meant what it said when it screeched at Bush for five years about detainee rights; little did he know that most of them are content to let the president go around firing missiles at people, including American citizens, as long as there's a (D) after his name. --Hot Air

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Obsessions: The Brave Little Toaster


Dedicated to the Classic Sunbeam Radiant Control Toaster
This site is dedicated to telling the story of the Sunbeam Radiant Control toaster line. It is maintained by a dedicated collector. Not of antiques, but of toasters. And not of any toaster, but Sunbeam toasters. Not all Sunbeam toasters, but Sunbeam Radiant Control toasters.

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Oceania has never been at war with the Eurasian Union --or has it?

Russia's Putin says wants to build "Eurasian Union"
Putin said the new union would build on an existing Customs Union with Belarus and Kazakhstan which from next year will remove all barriers to trade, capital and labor movement between the three countries. "We are not going to stop there and are setting an ambitious goal -- to achieve an even higher integration level in the Eurasian Union."

HT and headline via Ed Driscoll サ Wars Such as Have Never Happened on Earth

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A “foreclosed house” is not a house.

I'll tell you something else.
All those people who thought they were going to walk away from those houses and give them back to the banks? The banks are going to figure out the difference between the mortgage and what the house is sold for, which will be huge, sell those debts to lawyers --who'll make the mafia or a first wife look reasonable -- and they'll use the court system as their own private strong-arm collectors, and hound those people to kingdom come. -- Sippican Cottage: Captain Tammany H. Plutocrat Real Estate And Bill Collection, Inc.

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Somewhere in this fair land a rap group just got a new name

Media loves using the N-word The New York Times, the Associated Press, the Washington Post and Whoopi Goldberg cannot seem to get enough of the word. Obviously, saying or writing the word gives them some sort of perverse thrill. The stench from the pious hypocrites is stunning. In the past year, the Washington Post has used the N-word spelled out in 9 different stories. The New York Times has used it in 36 stories, columns and editorials over the last 12 months.

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October 3, 2011

"Weakness is one of the greatest forms of power imaginable in the modern West."

The weak are not responsible for their actions. They can rob, kill and rape, and still be excused for it . They can blow up buildings, behead prisoners and get sympathetic nods. Because they had no choice.
Weakness is helplessness, it implies irresponsibility because the weak are not capable of making their own choices. Their choices have been made for them by the "Man", the "Patriarchy", the "Privileged" and the "Military-Industrial Complex"-- all different names for the defined power structure and the people who are responsible for it. -- blog by Daniel Greenfield

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The Global Disease


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Move Along. Nothing to See Here. Just Keep Shopping.

Days after Michelle Obama'sTarget visit, First Lady favourite designer Jason Wu announces collaboration with retail giant

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EXCLUSIVE: Presidential Candidate Photographed With Rock That Used N-Word


Via @iowahawkblog:

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The End of the Future

Today’s aged hippies no longer understand that there is a difference between the election of a black president and the creation of cheap solar energy;
in their minds, the movement towards greater civil rights parallels general progress everywhere. Because of these ideological conflations and commitments, the 1960s Progressive Left cannot ask whether things actually might be getting worse. I wonder whether the endless fake cultural wars around identity politics are the main reason we have been able to ignore the tech slowdown for so long. -- Peter Thiel - National Review Online

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On the MSM's Ability to Crawl Under Mythical Rocks Named "Niggerhead"

Formerly "N-Word Bill Canyon"

A commenter at neoneocon observes:
We all ain't seen nothing yet. The MSM is going to pull out every possible trick and artifice and propaganda talking points, which will be pounded over and over again until it is perceived by a significant percentage of the populace as the truth --€” in order to try to get this failed President re-elected. "€œDidja hear that Palin said "€œshe can see Russia from her porch, as her answer to how qualified she is in foreign affairs!!"€ -- "€Yeah, I did "€“ I mean, WTF, Dude? Is she, like, a moron or something?"€ "€œWhat do you think of that Perry guy?"€ "€œHmm, not sure -- wasn't there something a few month ago about him and the N-word they had on some rock on a ranch of his is or something -- I heard that he is kind of a racist."€ "€œOh wow"€. -- neo-neocon » Blog Archive » The MSM's battle plan

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Proscriptions: "Questions still remain."

The first question is, how do you get on that list?
It surely isn't automatic. Just because the press reports that you have publicly declared yourself an enemy of the United States doesn’t necessarily make it true. Newspapers have been known to get such things wrong. But assuming that we have good intelligence reports, how do you get on the list? Is this a power that lies with the President alone, or must he have the acquiescence of someone else? Who? We are well beyond the law or the constitution here. We have to presume that this is a war power and resides in the President and that he can delegate that power. -- Proscriptions « Chaos Manor – Jerry Pournelle

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"In Hollywood, they deplore censorship. Yet they embrace tyrants such as Hugo Chavez who use their power to censor opposition voices. "

They think socialism is a novelty -- a nicety whose time has come.
Yet how odd to imagine their lot under a Chavez or a Castro or a Stalin. Just picture the collapse of Hollywood's playground -- the redistribution of their wealth, the despotic squelching of their free speech, the strangling of their rights and riches. -- Living amid Hollywood hypocrisy | The Examiner

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" A vicious narcissism rules the age. "

People will fight with fists over the primacy of Katy Perry over Lady Gaga.
People want to write their condiment preferences into the Constitution. They believe that their love for things, however acquired, places the imprimatur of importance and goodness and intelligence on the objects of their affections. You can get shot for wearing the wrong laundry at a football stadium. People have OPINIONS now, not the lower-case kind. -- Sippican Cottage: OPINIONS

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" A vicious narcissism rules the age. "

People will fight with fists over the primacy of Katy Perry over Lady Gaga.
People want to write their condiment preferences into the Constitution. They believe that their love for things, however acquired, places the imprimatur of importance and goodness and intelligence on the objects of their affections. You can get shot for wearing the wrong laundry at a football stadium. People have OPINIONS now, not the lower-case kind. -- Sippican Cottage: OPINIONS

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" For perfectibilitarians, perfect ends tomorrow justify very imperfect means today. "

The whole is not a pharaonic cosmos; a blind obsession with pyramids, assembling, slaves.
Our pyramid has not apex; is not a pyramid. We are not slaves that will never see the summit, because there is no summit. Life may be less imperfect in a hundred years' time than it it today; but it will be even less imperfect a hundred years after that. Perfectibility is meaningless because whatever we enter the infinite processes we can look forward with a wind of nostalgia for the future, and imagine a better age. It is also evil, because a terminus of perfection breeds a cancer of the now. For perfectibilitarians, perfect ends tomorrow justify very imperfect means today. -- John Fowles, Philosophy, The Aristos

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"Progress is neither automatic nor mechanistic; it is rare. "

We need high-paying jobs to avoid thinking about how to compete with China and India for low-paying jobs.
We need rapid growth to meet the wishful expectations of our retirement plans and our runaway welfare states. We need science and technology to dig us out of our deep economic and financial hole, even though most of us cannot separate science from superstition or technology from magic. In our hearts and minds, we know that desperate optimism will not save us. Progress is neither automatic nor mechanistic; it is rare. -- Peter Thiel The End of the Future

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October 2, 2011

The Days of Rage are an Obama election rally


Desperation is the only tactic here. Obama has lost on every issue and so the same fake "grass roots" plants who dialed up the social media during his last campaign, are sending the zombies into the streets to pretend to be leading a revolution. But if these are popular protests, then why do they look so much like an Abercrombie and Fitch take on the Battle of Algiers? -- Daniel Greenfield

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"To your urban-elite Leftist, "rich" =

"any White person with a job not related to entertainment, food/beverage service, or bicycles". -- Skorpion

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Off with Their Heads

Roseanne Barr: The Early Years

Speaking of beheadings... take a jaunt to Mount Nemrut -- Home to Gods Beheaded
Yet 25 miles from the small town of Kâhta the visitor discovers the remnants of once fabulous wealth.  High on the summit of Mount Nemrut is a huge but little visited necropolis, home to the beheaded gods of the past.

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Roseanne Barr needs to have her head examined (on a stake with a power drill)

"And if they are unable to live on that amount of that amount then they should, you know, go to the reeducation camps and if that doesn't help, then being beheaded," Barr said with a straight face. -- Roseanne Barr: Behead Bankers, Rich Who Won't Give Up Wealth | RealClearPolitics

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So This Is How Democracy Dies

Democrat or Republican, inside government or outside,
these rulers are in the process of turning most important decisions over to "depoliticized commissions, "and they simply don't want any pesky citizens or constitutional barriers in their way. This class of people has a simple goal -- to turn America's "government of laws, not men," on its head. They want to govern by edicts issued by commissions. -- Chicago Boyz » Blog Archive »

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They hate you. They really, really hate you.

"This generation of elite, which have shown themselves to be remarkably less competent and far more corrupt than their Cold War or WWII predecessors,
are wistful for a velvet-gloved authoritarianism to help insulate themselves from democratic or legal accountability or even from hearing contrary opinions and criticism. It is amazing how our very best universities - Harvard, Yale and Princeton - produced so many alumni, in so short a period of time,who are disdainful of democracy and hold their fellow citizens in contempt." -- zenpundit.

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Your guess is as good as mine


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October 1, 2011

Mead's Sensible View of the Awlaki Hit

It does not take much special knowledge to understand that Mr. Awlaki had placed himself well beyond the protections of criminal law.
Had he been captured, and dragged as it were unwillingly back under the umbrella of American law, it might have been different, and he could have been tried for treason or other crimes. But Mr. Obama was under no obligation to risk the lives of American soldiers to save Mr. Awlaki from himself and restore to him the protection of the laws he despised, nor was he under any obligation to forbear and allow Mr. Awlaki to continue his activities until such time as Interpol or some other recognized law enforcement agency could serve him a warrant and take him into custody. -- Obama: Warrior Or Assassin? | Via Meadia

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It is not clear how one gets on the American Proscription List

The obvious question for discussion is whether this activity is permissible or desirable under Constitutional Government
as part of the discretionary war powers of the President, and if so, do they apply within the United States as well as in foreign nations? It is not a simple question. What acts must a citizen perform to earn a place on the proscription list? One of those killed was "Samir Khan, who edited an online magazine that spread the word on ways to carry out attacks inside the United States", but is that the totality of his acts that made him an enemy of the people? (I say enemy of the people, but I don’t know what designation is given to people who may be killed on sight without trial.) What agents of the Republic are authorized to carry out the act of proscription? -- Proscription and Reasons of State « Chaos Manor – Jerry Pournelle

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"This is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft.


Obama has a point. This is a great, great country that got so soft that 53 percent of electors voted for a ludicrously unqualified chief executive who would be regarded as a joke candidate in any serious nation. One should not begrudge a man who seizes his opportunity. But one should certainly hold in contempt those who allow him to seize it on the basis of such flaccid generalities as “hope” and “change”: That’s more than “a little” soft. -- ‘Soft’ Nation - Mark Steyn - National Review Online

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