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September 2, 2011

A Tsunami of Really Bad Ideas Adds Up to "Zero"


Zero Jobs last month -- €”a net change of zero job growth? It was just announced that last month's unemployment is still above 9%
-- €”despite the nearly five trillion dollars in Keynesian pump priming, the near zero interest rates, the expanded unemployment and food stamp support, and the government take overs and subsidies of businesses. There is a scary sort of deer in the headlights look about Obama and Biden that is quite disturbing, as if they are thinking, "This was not supposed to happened to us. Geithner, Goolsbee, Orszag, Romer, Summers assured us that all this borrowing would turn things around -- €”but they are all gone or leaving, so now we are alone? What to do? Hmmm. More them/us class warfare rhetoric? Embrace more of the California/Illinois/New York blue-state model? More European Union emulation? A national high-speed rail jobs program? Bring back Van Jones and "millions of green jobs"€? Borrow another $5 trillion? Maybe negative interest rates? 75 million on food stamps? Four years of unemployment insurance? A new Department of Jobs? Call in Jimmy Carter for advice about 1979? $100 billion more in green subsidies to progressive caring companies? Take over Ford? Another speech from Buffett? Unleash the Black Caucus?" -- Works and Days » Zero Jobs 101—the Psychology of Alienating Employers

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