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August 26, 2011

The Gift


I know when I give you this (and you're not getting it until you're ready for a trade. I get a baby to hold, and you get a blanket) you're going to say thank you.
Don't bother. I didn't make it for you. It is for whatever wonderful person you've been making, and I hope it travels with them for a long, long time. Long through cuddles, long past naps, well into journeys away from home. It should be big enough to cover a crappy bed at University, sturdy enough to make it to a lousy first apartment, and if you teach this being how to take care of woollies, it might even someday wrap a whole other person that this person makes for you. -- Yarn Harlot: Dear Jen

Posted by Vanderleun at August 26, 2011 9:40 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

You make Mother Effingby cry, Gerard. My husband's grandmother made us a beautiful Afghan. It took many months and many skeins of yarn of many colors, but every knot and loop was perfect. And then, ARRRGGGHH. The irksome middle child...HER, you know who I mean...she recently confessed that she'd taken it to a riotous bacchanalia of teen sex and illicit drinking, and accidentally BURNED it to death in the bonfire. I spent forever wondering where I misplaced it.
...at least the girl feels better now. Her conscience was bothering her.

Posted by: Jewel at August 27, 2011 2:07 AM

I had no idea that you read Yarn Harlot. That's sweet!

Posted by: Mrs Whatsit at August 27, 2011 4:45 PM

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