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August 31, 2011

"If you do not believe in your own stock enough


to wish to see the stock kept up then you are not good Americans, you are not patriots; and…I for one shall not mourn your extinction, and in such event I shall welcome the advent of a new race that will take your place, because you will have shown that you are not fit to cumber the ground." -- Theodore Roosevelt, Realizable ideals: (the Earl lectures) - Google Books

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"When people get nothing from a society,

they eventually just riot.
And to my mind, that's kind of what's going on on the Internet. Basically, people can expect free stuff from the Internet but they don't expect wealth from the Internet, which to me makes it a failed technology at this point, although I hope it's revivable. I'm sure it is. I'm positive it is."-- The Local-global Flip, Or, "the Lanier Effect" | Conversation | Edge

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"If we used to be a bell curve society,

we're ending up as a U-shaped society,
turning into what Brazil used to be, or something like that, that's where America is going. You can see the Apple model, and it's not just Apple, but this notion of the elite-controlled thing serving the upper horn of the U, and you can see the Google model, which is like the seedy pawn shop and cash store kind of approach to the Internet where, "Oh, we'll give you coupons, and we'll sell advertising to you, and it's free, free, free, free, free." That attaches itself to the lower horn of the U." -- The Local-global Flip, Or, "the Lanier Effect" | Conversation | Edge

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"Everyone's into Internet things,

and yet we have this huge global economic trouble.
If you had talked to anyone involved in it twenty years ago, everyone would have said that the ability for people to inexpensively have access to a tremendous global computation and networking facility ought to create wealth. This ought to create wellbeing; this ought to create this incredible expansion in just people living decently, and in personal liberty. And indeed, some of that's happened. Yet if you look at the big picture, it obviously isn't happening enough, if it's happening at all." -- The Local-global Flip, Or, "the Lanier Effect" | Conversation | Edge

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Captain Dave at Flight Level 390 telling you all about Automation in Today's Airliners
Modern flight decks are a collection of systems working together to deliver pax safely to their destination thousands of miles away for pennies p/mile. They are not automated as the media wants the layperson to believe. The pilots still run the show, just in a different way that days of yonder. What happens when one of those systems quits working? The back-up system comes on line and is used. There are five (5) levels of flight management in Fi-Fi and you must understand each one of them thoroughly or you, as a pilot, are being irresponsible to your pax.

Read it all. He says he's being "sloppy" but he's actually being blunt and enlightening.

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'Still' Life: The long autumn of Roger Federer


Roger Federer has spent longer as a "still" athlete than any great player I can remember.
You could even argue that it's one of the signs of his greatness. Other top players hit the "still" moment, hang around for a little longer, and then whoosh, they're gone, broken up into memorial clips and Hall of Fame inductions, classic rock bands who've sold their copyrights. Federer, after three straight years of diminished results — 11 to 12 singles titles a year from 2004 to 2006, then eight in 2007, and four to five every year since — is … well, still really amazing. He's still near his best, which means he's still playing some of the best tennis the world has ever seen. -- Brian Phillips -- Grantland

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Brilliant New Method of Seating People on Airplanes

The Steffan Method -- Full PDF HERE

Seating order:


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"A friend who had died three months ago came online in Skype. The notification flashed and faded and the icon which had been orange these last ninety days turned green. It must have been, I surmised, a family member who was clearing out the computer and perhaps going through the accounts to close and settle unfinished business. But how did I know?" -- From Out Whose Bourn

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When First Ladies Were Ladies


From before the Equine era: Wedding dress of Jacqueline Bouvier

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Just sitting around with nothing to do?


Take up Toilet Paper Origami!
"Some designs are elegant in their simplicity and they can be accomplished in minutes. However, some of the lavishly complex designs can take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Some designs are made while the toilet paper is still on the roll while other require that you tear the toilet paper off the roll, fold it, and then place it back onto the roll."

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There are 13.9 million unemployed people in the U.S.

There are more unemployed people in the U.S. than there are people in the state of Illinois, the fifth largest state.
In fact there, there are more unemployed people in the U.S. than there are people in 46 of the 50 states, all but Florida, New York, Texas and California. -- The United States of Unemployment - Real Time Economics - WSJ

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And as Al Gore slinks off into the sunset....

It will be a desperate Rotary Club that pays him to talk about changing economic conditions or doing business in China.
Gore's way of doing business in China is not exactly accessible to anyone who doesn't have a hall pass to the Oval Office anyway. The environment is the only reason anyone has paid attention to him. And that's going away now. Like some evil spirit who shrivels up and blows away when people don't pay attention to him, Gore is turning shriller as an act of desperation. A prolonged cry of why isn't anyone paying attention to the environment, when what he really means is why isn't anyone paying attention to me. -- Sultan Knish a blog by Daniel Greenfield

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August 30, 2011

Oh, put a sock in it!

"The problem is... if we secure the border, then you all won't have any reason to support 'comprehensive immigration reform.'" -President Obama

Word Around the Net: Quote of the Day

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Scraping by on $174,000 a Year

Congress wants a raise: Here's a rundown of the benefits congress enjoys: After 5 years, congressmen get full federal pension and retirement benefits. They get federal health care benefits, which while not free are very lavish. They have up to 18 staff members paid up a maximum of over $150,000 a year. They are able to mail anything for free that is not "laudatory and complimentary" to the member, or mail related to a political campaign. All telephone and communications services, internet, cell phone coverage etc is paid for. All domestic travel is free. Foreign travel for specific work-related trips is free. -- Via Word Around the Net: CONGRE$$

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"The old Puritans did not want anyone, anywhere, to be outside the reach of their command, for fear anyone would have abnormal or unchaste sexual passions. The new Puritans do not want anyone, anywhere, to be outside of the reach of their command for fear anyone would have the normal and chaste sexual passions, or, worse, a healthy dislike of the abnormal, perverse and unhealthy, or to teach their children likewise. Let us call them the Impuritans." -- | John C. Wright's Journal

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No wonder Al Gore is off his meds. After all is said and done, "It's the Sun, Stupid"

Click to enlarge

CERN experiment confirms cosmic ray action

The cautious statement from CLOUD that came a bit late: “Ion-induced nucleation [cosmic ray action] will manifest itself as a steady production of new particles [molecular clusters] that is difficult to isolate in atmospheric observations because of other sources of variability but is nevertheless taking place and could be quite large when averaged globally over the troposphere [the lower atmosphere].”
Retracing those 14 years, what if physics had functioned as it is supposed to do? What if CLOUD, quickly approved and funded, had verified the Svensmark effect with all the authority of CERN, in the early 2000s. What if the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had done a responsible job, acknowledging the role of the Sun and curtailing the prophecies of catastrophic warming?

For a start there would have no surprise about the "travesty"€ that global warming has stopped since the mid-1990s, with the Sun becoming sulky. Vast sums might have been saved on misdirected research and technology, and on climate change fests and wheezes of every kind. The world's poor and their fragile living environment could have had far more useful help than precautions against warming. And there would have been less time for so many eminent folk from science, politics, industry, finance, the media and the arts to be taken in by man-made climate catastrophe.

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August 29, 2011

Snow White. This time... for real


I decided to clothe her in her red cape that she wears sometimes in the movie, rather than the blue dress because I wanted a prominent red theme. from meirou on deviantART's Disney Princess Series

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The social squeaky-wheels

People do things that they want you to notice and comment on all the time. They are the social squeaky-wheels: the people who dress silly, who ride recumbent bikes, who ride Harleys, who have t-shirts with annoying sayings on them. -- Here, For Fun | The Dipso Chronicles

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"Of course bad things happen to basement dwellers, too,

and must be explained. Explained away, as a rule.
Someone did it to me. Evil people. If you get cancer it was some chemical. If you're kid's moody it's because he was immunized. If you're poor, someone stole your money. If you're depressed about being, well, you, it's because evil people won't acknowledge how swell you are and double down on their perfidy by demanding you pay a copay for your Effexor. You didn't smoke for forty years and get cancer; you were targeted by an evil corporation for smoking. The morphing of prosecution witness into a defense witness is the denouement of this process." -- Sippican Cottage: It's A Calvin And Hobbes World

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Word of the Week: "Crimmigrants"

I am uncomfortable with having nearly 200,000 people convicted of U.S. crimes — that we know of — being in the country in the first place. Deporting them does not seem to work. They keep coming back. -- Crimmigrants « Don Surber

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Word of the Week: "Crimmigrants"

I am uncomfortable with having nearly 200,000 people convicted of U.S. crimes — that we know of — being in the country in the first place. Deporting them does not seem to work. They keep coming back. -- Crimmigrants « Don Surber

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Thomas: The Greatest Legal Mind of His Generation


If Toobin’s revionist take is correct, (and I defer to his knowledge of the direction of modern constitutional thought) it means that liberal America has spent a generation mocking a Black man as an ignorant fool,
even as constitutional scholars stand in growing amazement at the intellectual audacity, philosophical coherence and historical reflection embedded in his judicial work.... Thomas has been pioneering the techniques and the ideas that could not only lead to the court rejecting all or part of President Obama’s health legislation; the ideas and strategies Thomas has developed could conceivably topple the constitutionality of the post New Deal state. -- New Blue Nightmare: Clarence Thomas and the Amendment of Doom | Via Meadia

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The Morning After the Night Before


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August 28, 2011

Stealth Reparations Continue Unabated

The White House has opted for a dog whistle strategy: making proposals that Blacks will recognize as beneficial and targeted to their special problems without triggering white backlash. For that strategy to work, two things have to happen: Blacks have to see results while swing voters and independents don't notice the President's new concern. -- Obama's Postracial Dilemma | Via Meadia

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Fun with Google Translate and Hungarian Wikipedia


Naomi Campbell in London was born. His mother, Valerie Morris, a Jamaican-born youth who had been a ballet dancer.
His father did not know, because he left after his birth mother. While his mother toured Europe, while Naomi was at home. Age of ten he enrolled Conti Academy and the Italian ballet, and learned to sing. At the age of 17 conquered the world runs special shape and style. It soon became famous and was the first black model to Time Magazine and appeared in Vogue Magazine. Not only a super model but also an exceptional man. Naomi has been discredited many popular man: Mike Tyson , Robert De Niro , Eric Clapton , II. Prince Albert of Monaco , Adam Clayton , Joaquin Cortes , Robbie Williams , to name just a few mention the long list. -- Naomi Campbell - Wikipedia
[HT:Sippican Cottage: In 1976, A Hungarian Guy Goes Swimming While Wearing A Black Mohair Sweater With Some Actressy Girls He Met Before Boob-Jobs Got Affordable

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Ruler of the Winds of Change!


In one of the two remaining epicenters of the universe, President Obama (as indicated on his nameplate, for the benefit of those who hadn’t voted for him), grabbed the reins of power at the FEMA Washington D.C. command postin an attempt to calm the seas and heal the earth. Big Guy immediately demanded that the swirling winds of CHANGE stop acting stupidly. Apparently it worked, as he was able to tame Irene down to a Cat 1 from the previously media-hyped Cat 4. -- Michelle Obama's Mirror: Obama Takes Charge at FEMA: Appoints Megazord Power Ranger Hurricane Czar

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August 27, 2011

43,000 Reasons to Take Mexico Off Your Travel/Retire To List

Since President Felipe Calderon took office in December 2006, declaring war on traffickers, roughly 43,000 people have been killed in drug-related homicides here, according to government figures and newspaper estimates. The pace of killings is escalating. More than half the dead, 22,000, were killed in the past 18 months, a rate of one every 35 minutes. -- Tallying a Day of Death in Mexico's War on Drug Traffickers - WSJ.com


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Headline of the Weekend

Hi, My Name Is Bob. I’m An Alcoholic. It’s Been Three Weeks Since I Had A Drink And Hit A Woman With A Clock And Hid Her Body In The Basement | The Rumford Meteor

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And the winner of the Hurricane Irene sign competition is...

Via copyranter

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"The news must always sound important"

Those hoping to retain authority must avoid contradicting themselves. Once you have said something is so, it must continue to be so, despite evidence to the contrary. You must stick with what you have already reported, for as long as you can, to avoid the naked emperor problem. -- RealClearPolitics - Libyan Good Guys and Bad Guys

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How can you spot leader worship?

The same way that you can an abusive relationship. Excuses.
The more excuses there are, the more wrong there is underneath. The excuses are the rational part of the mind being suppressed by the devoted grey matter that throws out explanations for everything. As excuses begin to contradict principles, a defensive show of angry outbursts follows. And the thinner the excuses are, the greater the anger. The left spent years making excuses for Obama. Now all it has left are the excuses and the anger. The love is gone, now all that's left are the rationalizations for it. And the rationalizations are stronger than the love, because they are a psychological defense mechanism that prevent them from admitting how foolishly they behaved. -- Sultan Knish a blog by Daniel Greenfield

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"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. "

The Technium: Why the Impossible Happens More Often
The majority of the most amazing communication inventions that are possible have not been invented yet. We are also just in the infancy of turning on at a truly global scale. When we are woven together into a global real-time society, the impossibilities will really start to erupt. It is not necessary that we invent some kind of autonomous global consciousness. It is only necessary that we connect everyone to everyone else. Hundreds of miracles that seem impossible today will be possible with this shared human awareness.

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August 26, 2011

The Gift


I know when I give you this (and you're not getting it until you're ready for a trade. I get a baby to hold, and you get a blanket) you're going to say thank you.
Don't bother. I didn't make it for you. It is for whatever wonderful person you've been making, and I hope it travels with them for a long, long time. Long through cuddles, long past naps, well into journeys away from home. It should be big enough to cover a crappy bed at University, sturdy enough to make it to a lousy first apartment, and if you teach this being how to take care of woollies, it might even someday wrap a whole other person that this person makes for you. -- Yarn Harlot: Dear Jen

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Don't look now but your zipper says "YKK"


In fact pretty much all the zippers you own say "YKK"

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"This is the hill to die on"

One of the greatest lines I get told by so-called moderate Republicans
about almost anything you talk about is always, “This isn’t the hill to die on. This isn’t the hill to die on, this isn’t the hill to die on.” You have this conversation with them for two hours and you realize you’re already 15 hills back from where you were. This, America, is the hill to die on. If you cannot defend and save a half millennium of western liberty and progress and prosperity on this hill, there is no other hill to die on anywhere on the planet. -- Mark Steyn

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Tech Headline of the Month

Pundits Breathlessly Wonder If New Apple CEO Can Sell Old Lynyrd Skynyrd Songs For 99 Cents Apiece As Well As His Predecessor From, where else?, The Rumford Meteor

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Re: Repackaging

Now the reactionary, illiberal left has repackaged itself as “progressive,”
when the very nature of leftist assumptions prevents genuine integral progress (soul-body-spirit). Because they are bound to the horizontal and “live by day,” the best they can hope to do is to regenerate themselves via their own products. Horizontality feeds upon horizontality, leading to a state of severe spiritual malnourishment, a kind of ontologically "weightless monkey" who subsists on his own excrement (once he attains tenure or is admitted to the MSM). -- One Cʘsmos: History and How it Gets that Way, Part One

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August 25, 2011

The Truth of Obama As Seen on January 20, 2009


This will end in tears. The Obama hysteria is not merely embarrassing to witness, it is itself contributory to the scale of the disaster that is coming.
What we are experiencing, in the deepening days of a global depression, is the desperate suspension of disbelief by people of intelligence – la trahison des clercs – in a pathetic effort to hypnotise themselves into the delusion that it will be all right on the night. It will not be all right.... It is questionable whether the present political system can survive the coming crisis. Whatever the solution, teenage swooning sentimentality over a celebrity cult has no part in it. The most powerful nation on earth is confronting its worst economic crisis under the leadership of its most extremely liberal politician, who has virtually no experience of federal politics. That is not an opportunity but a catastrophe. -- Gerald Warner on the Barack Obama inauguration: this Emperor has no clothes, it will all end in tears – Telegraph Blogs

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Google Coughs Up Half a Billion

Who says there's no good news? The Steep Cost of Google's Illegal Pharmacy Ads
In one of the largest forfeitures in U.S. history, Google agreed to pay $500 million to settle a dispute with the Justice Department Wednesday for displaying ads for Canadian companies that sell illegal pharmaceuticals in the U.S.

Memo to Google: Don't be evil.

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What did Condi know and when did she know it?


Okay, now this Gadafhi thing is getting really kinky: In the ruins of Gadhafi's lair, rebels find album filled with photos of his 'darling' Condoleezza Rice
Gahdafi welcomed Rice in his home — one that President Ronald Reagan once ordered bombed in retaliation for Libya's attack on a German disco — for the traditional meal that ends the daylight fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Once again, he repeatedly addressed Rice — "Condi" to her friends — as "Leezza," her aides said. During the visit, he presented Rice with a diamond ring, a lute, a locket with an engraved likeness of himself inside and an inscribed edition of "The Green Book," a personal political manifesto that explains his "Third Universal Theory for a new democratic society."

Early reports tell us Hillary Clinton is feeling slighted.

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Next Step? Paedophiliaphobia

All that is needed is to characterize opposition to paedophilia as a violation of a civil right, or a sign of mental illness. All that is needed is to coin a catchy word: I suggest paedophiliapobia.
It was argued... that the subjective passions of men, their fashions and sentiments, were a firmer ground on which to base moral and legal principle. Any evil fashion and sentiment said was good, was good.

This unargued assertion, not by coincidence, was accompanied by a very broad, very long-lasting and very successful attempt by the self-anointed in art, politics, intelligentsia and academia to alter the fashions and sentiments of men, and eventually to alter the law.

Is there any reason to believe that the touchstone of consent will be any more obdurate to alteration than the touchstone of nature? If reality can be ignored, why cannot consent be ignored? --Paedophiliaphobia | John C. Wright's Journal

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Quote of the Decade

"The loss of transcendence evokes the flight to utopia. I am convinced that the destruction of transcendence is the actual amputation of human beings from which all other sicknesses flow. Robbed of their real greatness they can only find escape in illusory hopes." -- -Benedict XVI

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August 24, 2011

Daphne: "I keep rooting for Ghadafi."

What's fusty and stylish and hiding in Buckingham Palace?

I keep wondering
who Ghadafi pissed off to get himself overthrown in his mild old age because there is no way I believe this rah-rah freedom fighter billion dollar military bullshit excursion into Libya when my government is still supporting and turning a blind eye to the atrocities Syria and Bahrain are committing against their citizens who are peaceably marching for freedom and civil rights. -- Backing The Dark Horse ォ Jaded Haven

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The $10 Million FLOTUS UPDATED W/ New Info and Attitude

"Now this is a government job!"

Michelle Obama accused of spending $10m in public money on vacations | Mail Online

In fairness, the nose jobs are probably on her dime.

UPDATE: MOTUS sets us straight with Michelle Obama's Mirror: How can you put a price on an Obama vacation?
Lady M has not spent $10 million of your tax contributions on vacations so far this year. As I explained to The Gateway Pundit's readers, in order to accuse Lady M of spending $10 million of taxpayer investments this year, you would have to round up from the $9.78 million in actual expenses (not including our in-progress Vineyard vacay) PLUS, you'd have to ignore the fact that none of the money is coming directly from tax revenues. There is a separate account set up as "Lady M's travel stash" that was included in the recent debt ceiling increase, and was borrowed from the Chinese. So, if the Chinese aren't upset about this, I don't know why anybody else should be.

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A Headline for the Ages

Bull semen forces closure of interstate ramp

I guess I'd better steer clear.

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When I saw the headline " Jury Rules Against Penis Amputation Patient" I said to myself, "Self, there are a lot of pussies on that jury." And sure enough...

"The six-man, six-woman jury deliberated briefly before coming back with the verdict..." -- Times

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“When someone as rich and influential as Warren Buffett speaks, most people listen”

"I guess I'm not "most." You see, I don't listen to someone
based on whether they are "rich and influential"€, but rather whether their ideas seem logical and well presented. In the case of Warren Buffett, his wealth and media exposure, as in the case of a George Soros or Al Gore, mean absolutely nothing to me. I would rather listen to hundreds in Selma and Fowler who own tractor repair shops, oil driveways, and sell pesticides but who daily make far more sense than does Buffett and the "rich and influential"whose lives do not match their advocacy. -- Works and Days » The Middle East Mess

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That's why the Tea Party is the real earthquake in Washington DC.

A political movement dedicated to the political disarmament of government power. It's an attack on the centralization consensus, the cornerstone of progressive politics that says bigger is better and more central oversight is what gets the job done. -- Daniel Greenfield

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It's Official: MSNBC to Supply Drool Cups to Diminishing Audience

It’s Official: Rev. Al Sharpton Named Permanent 6PM Host On MSNBC

Finally, a white man on MSNBC! A man who will always be known by his earth shattering statement:
"Tonight is the measure of whether the country begins, in the state of Wisconsin, a national drive to push back or whether we have more to go to build a movement of resistance. But resist we much… We must and we will much... about...that...be committed."

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August 23, 2011

Softest, Sweetest Stiletto Thrust of the Week

The Anchoress. Spiritual.... but lethal too! Postcard from the Staycation | The Anchoress
Circumstances being what they are, we have decided to stick close to home this year. We hope you don’t mind if we tag along, vacationing vicariously with you through media. After all, reading that you’ve driven four under par is like a victory for all us little people and I personally pine to see the latest fashions in casual wear and fine jewelry modeled by your wives and daughters. That Eva Peron was right, it really is just as satisfying for us to watch your families of four accessing private and government jets—even two at a time—to travel to your summer homes or Martha’s Vineyard or Bermuda, as it would be for us to fly to Disney or the Gulf Coasts, and no luggage hassles or feel-copping TSA pat-downs for any of us! I call that sweet!

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This Just In: Reactions to Disaster Getting Faster

Via Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

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Of Course It Was.Of Course It Does.


Martin Luther King memorial made in China - Telegraph
There has been controversy over the choice of Lei Yixin, a 57-year-old master sculptor from Changsha in Hunan province, to carry out the work. Critics have openly asked why a black, or at least an American, artist was not chosen and even remarked that Dr King appears slightly Asian in Mr Lei's rendering.

You were expecting, maybe, a Daniel Chester French? Silly rabbit, we no longer have time for the good, the beautiful, or even whether or not something is true.

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August 22, 2011

"Oh STFU!" Statements of the Day

Professional Paul Robeson stand-in Morgan Freeman to POTUS: 'Get pissed off'

Professional "I'm writing as bad as I can" Times columnist Tom Friedman: "It's way too soon to tell if the media overhyped Obama in 2008"

Professional small penis E.J. Dionne Jr. says Obama: Go big, long and global

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"Oil is that commodity which America is supposedly always going to war for but which mysteriously winds up in the possession of someone else." -- Belmont Club サ The Day of the Jackal

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"America has 99 problems, but the Middle East ain’t one.

While reading yet another headline about, oh, I don’t know,
a wayward dromedary whose scrotum was implanted with a cell-phone-triggered incendiary device designed to blow up a VW minibus filled with sorghum-harvesting kibbutz workers, it hit me like a suicide bomb: I don’t care. -- Who Cares About the Middle East? - Taki's Magazine

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Question of the Day

Dr. Helen: Gun Owners: Are You Compensating for Something?

I told her what I'm compensating for. You should too.

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Springtime for Paedophiles

Lord Justice "Bring Me a Boy" Hughes

The Brits and their perverted judges "do it for the children!" Rules on paedophiles seeing their children relaxed: Human rights 'more important'
In a controversial move, the Court of Appeal said judges should no longer impose total bans on sex offenders accessing the internet. Paedophiles have also won the right to have unsupervised access to their children as it would breach their human rights to keep them apart, judges said. They ruled the ‘right to a family life’ must be taken into account before Sexual Offences Prevention Orders are issued. The decision by three appeal judges, led by Lord Justice Hughes, will seriously weaken the ability of the courts to place restrictions on offenders.

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The Hanging Will Continue Until Morale Improves

"Obama will seek renomination and he will get it. No one is going to primary him because every Democrat in the country would see it as racist. Even so, many Democrats are venting..... It's going to get worse for the president before it gets better - and it's not going to get better." -- Sense of Events: The one-term meme returns

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August 21, 2011

BREAKING! Obama and Ghadafi abdicate, flee to safety

LOS ANGELES, August 22, 2011—Despite vowing to stay and fight, they decided to flee rather than face the unhappy crowds upset with their job performances. Moammar Ghadafi and Barack Obama escaped to Algeria and Martha's Vineyard, respectively. == | Washington Times Communities

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Obamas Share Sacrifice at Pricey Vineyard Restaurant


FILE UNDER: "EAT THE RICH" |If the Obamas go with the cheese and the chicken we’re at $53 before dessert, tax, tip and booze.
Now, looks like it’s bring-your-own-drinks with a corkage fee of $10. So if we assume $10 for a drink, $10 for dessert – you know they’re both having dessert – a 6.25 percent Massachusetts restaurant tax, and a 20 percent tip, we’re at $93 each, or $186 for the couple. The average weekly Social Security check for a retired worker is about $274. -- White House Dossier

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Serious Testosterone Shortage Strikes Asia

I know what you're thinking. "Should I click it?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is an Asian music video, emblematic of the most powerful mind-distorting cultural force in the world, and might, just might, blow your little head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

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Ann Barnhardt on Feminists

We have the “third-gendered” quasi-females themselves, who are the core and driving force of the movement.
We have women who have been indoctrinated and manipulated by the third-gendered types, and we have the men who have allowed themselves to be castrated by the third-gendered “wymyn” and the normal women and other gelded men who have fallen under their influence. In terms of numbers, which of these three groups is the largest? Without question, it is the men. The vast, vast majority of men in this culture have been psychologically gelded.... They have been taught that masculinity itself is a sin. They have been taught this by the feminists, led by angry, bitter, jealous, physically grotesque (by their own choice) lesbians who have anointed themselves the pinnacle of humanity. -- Barnhardt.biz - Commodity Brokerage

.... And then she really gets going.

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Let's Review: Your GM Car Warranty

GM says bankruptcy excuses it from Impala repairs | Reuters
General Motors Co (GM.N) is seeking to dismiss a lawsuit over a suspension problem on more than 400,000 Chevrolet Impalas from the 2007 and 2008 model years, saying it should not be responsible for repairs because the flaw predated its bankruptcy.

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The Moonbat Conservation Corps

Many of them could be used on the farms of the Midwest
-- a gang using short-handled hoes should be easily able to meet the EPA dust restrictions -- and many more could be employed on treadmills, running electric generators to substitute for them nasty ol' coal-fired power plants. A minority could be given rags and squeegees, which they could use to wipe the efficiency-robbing grime and/or snow deposits from solar panels, and an even smaller group might be technically inclined enough to be given climber’s straps and put to work repairing broken windmills, of which we already have an elegant sufficiency and will get more. -- « Ric's Rulez

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"Shovel Ready Students"

Let's combine a new CCC program with a student loan forgiveness deal: twice minimum wage, but every dime above minimum gets deducted automatically and goes to pay off your student loan principal. I'm sure that we've got some potholes that need patching, and getting to watch a twenty-four year old semiotics major visibly realize that it's all come to this will justify the cost right there. -- Moe Lane

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Inequality Grows As Poor, Ignorant Atheists Swamp US

The increasing disconnect between many poor and poorly educated Americans
and the values and ideas that make for success in this society is in part a consequence of efforts by well meaning liberals to keep religion out of schools. By what we teach and what we don't teach, what we talk about and where the silences are, we convey clear messages to young children. We have been broadcasting a clear message to two generations of young people that religion doesn't matter. The greatest victims of this fraud and deceit are, as usual, the most vulnerable and needy among us. -- Via Meadia

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The Imperial Presidency

Obama's motorcade to the bookstore on Martha's Vineyard

Let us take these whiny excuses at face value and accept for the sake of argument that Obama’s Recovery Summer would now be going gangbusters
had not the Libyan rebels seized Benghazi and sent the economy into a tailspin. Did no one in the smartest administration in history think this might be the time for the president to share in some of the “bad luck” and forgo an ostentatious vacation in the exclusive playground of the rich? When you’re the presiding genius of the Brokest Nation in History, enjoying the lifestyle of the super-rich while allegedly in “public service” sends a strikingly Latin American message. Underlining the point, the president then decided to pass among his suffering people by touring small town Minnesota in an armored Canadian bus accompanied by a 40-car motorcade. In some of these one-stoplight burgs, the president’s escort had more vehicles than the municipality he was graciously blessing with his presence. -- - Mark Steyn - National Review Online

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August 20, 2011

"We come in peace!"

It's really remarkable, in fact, how often the aliens in science fiction just happen to be preoccupied with the exact same political issues that obsessed intellectuals of the era when the fiction was written. And yet it's still somehow breathtaking. They don't even notice that they're not noticing all their embedded assumptions. For example, the scientists do not even consider the possibility that the recent decline in church attendance among the citizens of the world's most powerful nations could be a signal to advanced, god-fearing aliens that we are a decadent and irreligious species who should be wiped out. --Scientists: Aliens May Punish Our Species for Climate Change - Megan McArdle

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FM Served Up by the Decade: Check it out. Trust me on this. CHECK. IT. OUT.

port.fm - listen peacefully

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Headline of the Week

Several Brunswick Churches And A Homeless Shelter Solemnly Promise To Stop Atom-Bombing Hiroshima | The Rumford Meteor

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Amnesty by Fiat: Stealth Reparations and Optional Obeying of the Law Continue

Obama to deport illegals by 'priority'
Bowing to pressure from immigrant rights activists, the Obama administration said Thursday that it will halt deportation proceedings on a case-by-case basis against illegal immigrants who meet certain criteria, such as attending school, having family in the military or having primary responsible for other family members’ care.

The move marks a major step for President Obama, who for months has said he does not have broad categorical authority to halt deportations and said he must follow the laws as Congress has written them. But in letters to Congress on Thursday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said she does have discretion to focus on “priorities” and that her department and the Justice Department will review all ongoing cases to see who meets the new criteria.

Translation: We might as well get what we can now while the getting's good.

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August 19, 2011

Dumb Question of the Year So Far

Does Marijuana Make You Stupid?

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Plan? We don't got to show you no stinkin' plan!

On MSNBC's Morning Joe today, economist Jeffrey Sachs, a self-professed supporter of Barack Obama in 2008, said the president has no plan to save the economy and that "there's never been a plan." -- The Weekly Standard

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Purely mean and gratuitous posting with no socially redeeming value


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"Economic bimboism is rampant in Washington."

The Center for American Progress held a forum earlier this summer arguing that raising the minimum wage would create more jobs. For this to be true, you have to believe that the more it costs a business to hire a worker, the more workers companies will want to hire. -- Stephen Moore: Why Americans Hate Economics - WSJ.com

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"We can debate whether the present moment is favorable to democracy:"

... but it is fiercely anti-authoritarian.  The public has awakened, and found authority to be no guide to the way forward. 
To reasonable questions about the blizzard of bits within which all of us must now function, authority -- government officials, scientists, academics, journalists, artists and poets, billionaire financiers -- return transparently hackneyed, defensive, unknowledgeable answers.  Those who represent authority seem rather to impersonate it.  Basic facts and principles are objects of loud, indecisive disputes.  They don’t know. The public has awakened, and is in open revolt.  -- On the moral imperative of knowing what to know « vulgar morality

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"A couple of years ago they were just another snake cult"

The Lord of the Rings was the perfect fantasy for WWII-era Europe,
the story of an external evil defeated by a courageous alliance. The Conan stories address a more insidious threat, the decay of civilization from within. Science fiction and the western took opposite tacks to create frontier adventures for a world with no more frontiers; Howard created a sort of nightmare inversion of both, a world in which the ragged edge of civilization is always rolling backward. "Barbarism is the natural state of mankind," he wrote in the Conan story "Beyond the Black River." "Civilization is unnatural. … And barbarism must always ultimately triumph." -- Brian Phillips on Conan the Barbarian - Grantland

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August 18, 2011

This Isn’t Meddling — It’s Murder


Euphemisms are the refuge of moral cowardice, and no euphemism is so cowardly or so deadly as “reduction” — a word that sounds like math, but really means murder.
Jenny was not “having half an abortion,” for she was aborting a baby who was just as alive as his or her twin. The “reduction” of multiple pregnancies is now part of the practice of obstetrics, though largely kept from public view. -- AlbertMohler.com –

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Defining Deviancy Normal

The American Psychological Association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder in 1975.
Now, as many sane observers warned at the time, it appears to be looking to do the same for pedophilia.... Advocates of normalizing homosexuality and homogamy argued that their reasoning would not be used to attempt to normalize pedophilia and polygamy. It is worth noting that subsequent events have proven them to be totally incorrect. -- Vox Popoli: In defense of the differently attracted

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August 17, 2011

Celebrity Question of the Day: Is it a good thing or a bad thing that Jon Stewart's head fits neatly inside the gulf of Alaska?

HT: Vidani

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“To provide for the general welfare by establishing a system of Federal old-age benefits, and by enabling the several States to make more adequate provision for aged persons, blind persons, dependent and crippled children, ...

... maternal and child welfare, public health, and the administration of their unemployment compensation laws…

Seventy-six years ago on August 14, 1935, the Social Security Act was created.

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Penn Jillette on the Power of "I Don't Know."

I don't know, so I'm an atheist libertarian
What makes me libertarian is what makes me an atheist -- I don't know. If I don't know, I don't believe. I don't know exactly how we got here, and I don't think anyone else does, either. We have some of the pieces of the puzzle and we'll get more, but I'm not going to use faith to fill in the gaps. I'm not going to believe things that TV hosts state without proof. I'll wait for real evidence and then I'll believe. And I don't think anyone really knows how to help everyone. I don't even know what's best for me. Take my uncertainty about what's best for me and multiply that by every combination of the over 300 million people in the United States and I have no idea what the government should do.

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August 16, 2011

Make that "No business as usual" and you've just about got it

RightNetwork.com, which features video and other content,
has not been updated since late June, and the network's Twitter feed and Facebookpages have been stagnant since May 31. RightNetwork President Kevin McFeeley claims it is "business as usual," an answer he gave several times when asked specifically about a lack of new programming and web items, as well as about the status of the network's future funding. -- Is It Really "Business As Usual" At RightNetwork? | Media Matters for America

Oh, I could write a book but will probably, some day, just settle for a long rant complete with collected emails.

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Yet Another State Fair Attending Candidate Who Needs to Be Put On a Toddler Leash



Hurts HURTS! Make it STOP!

It would seem to be the case that the person or persons unknown who are picking up a paycheck for advising Republican candidates about daily life on the Planet Earth in 2011 have neglected to inform them that there are now cameras everywhere taking pictures all the time.

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August 15, 2011

Summer's for Kids. The Rest of Us Just Serve Their Storytelling Needs.

I told him, "You need to tell a story? You need the five Ws."
And so he supplied himself as the Who and his things as the What and summertime as the When and his house as the Where. He drew out his little storyboard with an unsteady pencil while I sipped my coffee with one eye open. "You need a Why, son." "To make people smile." -- Sippican Cottage: Mission Accomplished

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An Anatomy of Law Enforcement Impotence


The modern law enforcement apparatus is an impressive thing.
It's no longer about men with clubs standing on street corners and cracking heads. Law enforcement is a scientific endeavor encompassing everything from high end forensic sciences to sociology and psychology. It's a field of ideas now, and it suffers from the same malfeasance of ideas that every other aspect of Western culture does. -- Sultan Knish a blog by Daniel Greenfield

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Comment of the Day to Comment of the Week

"I like Mrs. Palin, but she failed the first test when she could not complete her term as Governor of Alaska."
The day you're falsely accused of ridiculous and frivolous matters by ten different people (some covering themselves under fictitious characters) and then the accusations multiply by five or ten;...

... then, bring you to the point of dragging your co-workers and friends into the same pit, and you find yourself unable to defend yourself with attorney fees that are ten times greater than your ability to pay and little to no personal fortune of your own (especially if you're not born into a great political dynasty like the Kennedys), not to mention that the laws of your state do not give you any kind of support to fight those charges;...

... and then, you notice that precious time that you could use for more important matters is wasted in fighting pests (cockroaches!) like these, and then you are so trapped in their (falsely weaved) web that you have no other choice than to cut your loses and fight guerrilla-style like a mercenary, to recover your unjustly lost honor...

... Then, and ONLY then, you can come back and talk to me - or any of us - about how Sarah Palin should not run for the Presidency. -- Newton comments @ Comment of the Week: Newton Wants Palin to Pull the Trigger @ AMERICAN DIGEST

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August 14, 2011

Unknown causal variants

One of the curious paradoxes of our time is that those who preen the most about their faith in the Darwinian evolution by natural selection as a cultural status marker also tend to be the most ardent to categorically deny the existence of any significant hereditary variation between individuals. -- The Fourth Checkraise

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Oh well, it could have been worse. It could have been Michelle Obama.


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Hey, Psychopaths Have Hobbies Too!

HT: Copyranter

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August 13, 2011

Future Newsweek Covers


Herman Cain. He's really black isn't he?
Daily Beast and Newsweek editor Tina Brown goes for lunch with her friends and discusses with them whether Cain is too black to be president. Their consensus: Americans have no manners, New York used to be more interesting in the eighties and they're too drunk to drive home.

Many more at the link whereSultan Knish saves Tina Brown a fortune in art fees.

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When the Photoshops Show Up the Worst Is Over


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Lessons of the Mini-Skirt

To be successful in the political realm
you need half of the population plus one person to agree with you. To be successful in a market you need enough people to cover your costs plus one. One leaves room for diversity and disagreement and differences, while the other forces homogeneity and centralization. -- South Bend Seven:

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Next Newsweak Cover Image Coming Right UP!


Memo to M. Bachmann: Control the urge to go off diet around tubular products. HT: SondraK who calmly notes, Of ALLLL the foods… a gigantus corndong…… seriously?

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The Goat Rodeo Sign Will Be Illuminated Shortly

Above Montana, only bright swathes of stars in a dark sky, visibility unlimited. The seat belt sign is OFF. I told the flight attendants, one senior sky momma and two brand new, one week from the flight attendant academy, newbies to expect a goat rodeo over Nebraska and thereafter for a few hundred miles. -- Flight Level 390: Turbulence Glasses

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Sense of Events: Pirates Are a Better Bargain Than Congress

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The serendipity of the unexpected


The best thing about old books, I think, is their longevity and the traces of the history that they carry with them. Inscriptions, marginalia, doodles, vandalism, erasures, cutting out images and leaves -- none of those are captured if your focus is solely on the text, and all of them have something to tell us about how a book was used. -- Sarah Werner サ books, early modern culture, libraries, readers

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August 12, 2011

Women's Style Wins: 10 Things men would like to keep seeing

"2. Pony Tails - Pull it back? Despite all that money and time spent on your hair? Trust us. It's something."-- 9 more at Dappered

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God's Blog

UPDATE: Pretty pleased with what I’ve come up with in just six days. Going to take tomorrow off. Feel free to check out what I’ve done so far. Suggestions and criticism (constructive, please!) more than welcome. God out. -- Paul Simms: “God’s Blog” : The New Yorker

Comments follow

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What would a progressive's ideal city resemble?

Railyards and pin-wheel poetry presses, certainly.
Dockers and detectives rubbing shoulders in greasy-spoon cafes. Mystics, cranks and quiet pilgrims wandering together down towpaths. Urban planning would be handled by Andrei Tarkovsky, Allen Ginsberg would potter around handing out bennies and yodelling protest songs, the odd authenticating psychopath would occasionally commit discreet murders and, once a century, through would stride Alfred Watkins and Eric Gill, each man clutching his penis before him like a ley-liner’s staff as they dowse lines of heat and force.’ == I heard it from the valleys | things magazine

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Destinations: Glass Beach


Glass Beach is a beach in MacK­er­richer State Park near Fort Bragg, Cal­i­for­nia that is abun­dant in sea glass cre­ated from years of dump­ing garbage into an area of coast­line near the north­ern part of the town. -- Design You Trust

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Question: What's the safest store to have in a riot zone?

Answer: A bookstore!

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Your Tax Millions Pumped Into Yet Another EcoScam

Ambitious project to systematically monitor the environment on a continental scale is finally ready to break ground.US launches eco-network : Nature News
Conceived more than a decade ago, NEON has already spent just over US$80 million planning the network and developing instruments, and has a staff of about 140, including some 60 scientists and engineers. But the project, which is run by an independent body — NEON, Inc. — didn't clear its final hurdle until 28 July, when the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded it $434 million over the next decade, with $12.5 million to be spent in the current fiscal year.

The potential for billions to be flushed down the drain as a result of this "project" is virtually limitless. "Well begun is half done."

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"So Adriana Ferreyr, What Was it That First Attracted You to the Billionaire George Soros?"


The lawsuit, filed in state Supreme Court in Manhattan,
also alleged that after an argument about the apartments in August 2010, Mr. Soros slapped the woman, Adriana Ferreyr, across the face while the two were in bed, attempted to strike her with a lamp and tried to choke her….(…)….One of the apartments at issue in the lawsuit was valued at about $2 million and the other was valued at about $4 million, the complaint said. -- Tim Worstall - Forbes

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The only reason Barney Frank doesn't have his head up his ass is that there's no room left in there


FAIR, as usual, stacks the deck. This time against NPR: FAIR Blog: Barney Frank Questions the Questions at NPR
INSKEEP: Congressman, if I can, we've just got a few seconds. You have mentioned defense spending. You've mentioned tax increases. Those are two areas of disagreement. The biggest part of the federal budget is entitlements...

FRANK: No, wrong. I'm sorry. The Defense budget is bigger than Medicare, and Social Security is, in fact, self-financing, still is.

It's not Medicare and Social Security that are the word games here. Frank and others of his ilk like to leave out Medicaid when discussing Medicare. Medicaid and Medicare combined for 2010 cost $ 793 billion. Defense for 2010 costs $689 billion. Clearly smaller. But Frank never met a fact he didn't try to fuck up.

Chart via La Wik is here:

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August 11, 2011

Your Kindle in Your Browser

Amazon quietly moves your kindle library onto the web:
New Kindle Cloud Reader - read Kindle books in your web browser instantly. -- Amazon.com: Free Kindle Reading Apps

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Illinois to Poor: Don't Drop Dead


Illinois Can't Afford its Poor Dead
The state of Illinois has reached a new level of broke. Come Monday, it won't have enough cash to bury its indigent dead. Illinois officials sent a letter to more than 600 funeral directors around the state to let them know there's no money for funerals for individuals on public assistance.

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MarketWatch sez: Renting, Blowing Up Foreclosures Not A Bad Idea

In this bizarro world, people unable to afford a free house because they have no job
will purchase an expensive house right next door if you'll simply destroy the empty free house. Further, in this outre galaxy, the government-supervised rental of housing will brighten up neighborhoods, and renters will take better care of properties than owners. Okey dokey, then. See you down at Spacely's when you need some sprockets, space real estate cadets. -- Sippican Cottage: Housing Delenda Est

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"Comrades! Resist We Much!"

Al Sharpton, the new jewel in the MSNBC crown, continues his unbroken string of stunning moments from real men of TV genius.
In the video, the Rev. Sharpton attempts to utter the prophetic words: “Tonight is the measure of whether the country begins, in the state of Wisconsin, a national drive to push back, or whether we have more to go to build a movement of resistance. But resist, we much. We must, and we will much, about that, be committed.” -- Big Journalism

Commenter mmack predicts the next gaffe:

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Dear Lord, I am praying to you... no, I am begging you, please.... please.... let this come to pass!

One Brent Budowsky @ the Hill (who is having trouble typing with that thing of Al Gore's lodged in his throat) writes:
"Let me be the first to propose a national movement to draft Al Gore for president in 2016, carry the banner of the New Frontier heritage of the Democratic Party, and mobilize to elect true Democrats to the House and Senate in 2012." -- Al Gore for president - TheHill.com

Dear Lord, Hear our prayers!

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C'mon Japan, Get with the Program!


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"It's not him; it's you."

It turns out we are the ones who failed Him.
We weren't prepared for a mega-dosage of awesomeness. We were too dimwitted to grasp the decency of central planning. And the insistence of troublemakers to engage in debate and vote, in fact, is the most serious threat to this nation's future. -- RealClearPolitics - Sorry, Guys, There Are No More Kings

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On second thought, maybe the O doesn't really want to "bring the troops home."

I grumble a lot about why, in these straitened times,
our government doesn’t repatriate the tens of thousands of US soldiers garrisoning Germany, Japan, Korea, etc. When I thus grumbled out loud in the presence of a very cynical friend the other day, my friend remarked: “Perhaps the administration doesn’t want all those armed, trained personnel on US soil.” -- Can We Still Afford the Slavery Tax? - Taki's Magazine

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August 10, 2011

"Congratulations, Britain! You've barbarized your citizenry, without regard to race, gender or physical handicap! "

A few well-placed rifle rounds, and the rioting would end in an instant.
A more sustained attack on the rampaging mob might save England from itself, finally removing shaved-head, drunken parasites from the benefits rolls that Britain can't find the will to abolish on moral or utilitarian grounds. We can be sure there's no danger of killing off the next Winston Churchill or Edmund Burke in these crowds. But like Louis XVI, British authorities are paralyzed by their indifference to their own civilization. A half-century of berating themselves for the crime of being British has left them morally defenseless. -- Ann Coulter - August 10, 2011 - THE SUN NEVER SETS ON THE BRITISH WELFARE SYSTEM

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No administrator for administration left behind!

"Associate Administrator for Administration" at the Department of Transportation,
which pays $119,554 to $179,700. It seems that this person will do administrative work to maintain the layer of bureaucracy that "coordinates" the DOTs research programs. The new hire will also give "advice and assistance in directing, coordinating, controlling" etc. this little fiefdom. You don't have to be Peter Drucker to realize that this position does not have to exist. -- Obama: "Not much further we can cut" The Daily Caller

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We Had To Destroy The Village In Order To Save It

I doubt that "fair market value" [for the houses] in this case with be the actual market value, which is, of course, not zero.
Hold on there, you veritable Warren Buffett you; it's not more than zero, it's less than zero. The bank would have to pay you to take it. A lot. Detroit tried paying people to take a house. They've given up and brought in the dozers, too. There is only one building in any of these benighted cities that needs demolition, and that's city hall. But they're angling to have that be the only building left. -- Sippican Cottage: We Had To Destroy The Village In Order To Save It

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"The Myth of the Anti-War Left"

Realizing that the so-called "anti-war left" is not so much "anti-war" as it is "pro-enemy" instantly solves every paradox of their behaviour." -- The Fourth Checkraise: Everyone's "hugging"

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The way the kafkatrap operates in religious and political argument.
Real crimes -- actual transgressions against flesh-and-blood individuals -- are generally not specified. The aim of the kafkatrap is to produce a kind of free-floating guilt in the subject, a conviction of sinfulness that can be manipulated by the operator to make the subject say and do things that are convenient to the operator's personal, political, or religious goals. Ideally, the subject will then internalize these demands, and then become complicit in the kafkatrapping of others. -- Armed and Dangerous » Blog Archive » Kafkatrapping

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The way the kafkatrap operates in religious and political argument.
Real crimes -- actual transgressions against flesh-and-blood individuals -- are generally not specified. The aim of the kafkatrap is to produce a kind of free-floating guilt in the subject, a conviction of sinfulness that can be manipulated by the operator to make the subject say and do things that are convenient to the operator's personal, political, or religious goals. Ideally, the subject will then internalize these demands, and then become complicit in the kafkatrapping of others. -- Armed and Dangerous » Blog Archive » Kafkatrapping

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Have Bats AND Balls

In Southall, west London,
hundreds of Sikh men stood guard outside their temple and mounted street patrols, armed with baseball bats. If anyone wants to come down here and start looting tonight, let them try - we'll be ready for them,” said one. -- London riots: Neighbours mount anti-gang patrols amid fears of far-right agitation - Telegraph

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August 9, 2011

Sluts, Whores, Perverts and Other Slutwalking Progressives: A Zombie Masterpiece

Believe it or not, some of the more "attractive" sluts.

Zombie went to the San Francisco Slut Walk So You Didn't Have To:
The First Thing You Need to Know: SlutWalk is a protest against something that doesn't exist. We're all supposed to be ANGRY! that society blames the victim for being raped. But hang on just a minute. Seriously, does that even happen any more? Not really. It hasn't happened for a long time. In Western culture, we blame the rapist. -- Deconstructing SlutWalk: San Francisco, August 6, 2011

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England Swings (By Its Neck) Like a Pendulum Do

England is finished. Over. Done. Dead.
There is no one in the Conservative, Liberal, Labor, or any other party save the BNP willing to use force to preserve what is left of traditional England. No one. [No, not even the UKIP.] And the BNP has no real support in Parliament to form a government. There is no one with any will. To save what is left of England would require shooting hundreds if not thousands of rioters, quite dead, at this point. Locking the rest up, in ugly penal colonies in the South Atlantic while they freeze to death (with ample documentation) and targeted payoffs to certain agitators with the promise of a trip to the Antarctic if deals are not kept (and making examples of deal-breakers). As Machiavelli wrote, it is far easier to rectify things when the situation has not reached a crisis. Early diagnosis of social ills offer remedies that are far less drastic. But no one in England has the courage or will to act, which at this point means killing lots of rioters and nothing else. -- England Falls>

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"It Won't Be a Taxi Driver Summer" Whiskey examines the implications of the continuing phenomena of black flash mobs

A "Long Hot Summer" won't result in vigilantes,
but a ruthless restructuring to regain economic competitiveness and exclusion of non-Whites and non-Asians from most public expenditures and public life. Gone: Affirmative Action (too expensive). Gone: policies investing in urban centers (hostile territory to the White Yuppie/Middle class). Gone: investing in education and in particular physical public schools. Gone: faith in the elite to even tie their own shoelaces, much less order the nation from the food people eat to light bulbs in their homes. Gone: legitimacy or even interest in the media, which has acted to suppress information about the Black Flash Mobs. -- Whiskey's Place: It Won't Be a Taxi Driver Summer

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This would end in guns. If the Brits had any guns.


"Humiliation: A young man is forced to strip to his underpants in the street,
having apparently already handed his t-shirt and trainers to a looter. There were unconfirmed reports last night of victims being made to strip in Deptford, south London, and in Birmingham." UK riots 2011: London and Birmingham people forced to strip naked in the street | Mail Online

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"The Design Margin"

The Design Margin is a description of how much a system can be bent before it will break.
A society in which there is a great deal of respect or authority and lots of money to square circles has a big Design Margin. A society in dire straits in which contempt for the authority is not only tolerated but encouraged by the cultural elite is a society with a small Design Margin. -- Belmont Club -- Youth

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Frankly Flatulent: Barney Frank Leans Left and Emits Gaseous Comment

Another wave of self-criticism on the downbeat of "we have to get some Jobs." Studio declared a super-fund site. Hazmat team dispatched.

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August 8, 2011

"What is the lesson?"

"Islam, peaceful Islam, is about destruction of all Kafir civilization.
Only if the Kafirs realize the goal of Islam is annihilation of their culture, can the destruction be stopped. Islam is at war with Kafirs, and Kafirs are trying to “nice” their way out of destruction. Islam is at war, we are at nice. Mohammed has a dream that is coming true while we sleep." -- Political Islam // Articles // The Annihilation of Civilizations
[HT: Washington Rebel ]

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Via William Jacobson

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Yes, kids, Roseanne Barr, career has-been, is still nucking futs.

Sad Roseanne and Her Nutcracker

She's trying to sell a book Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm and a new reality TV show,
"Roseanne's Nuts" on Lifetime. The show chronicles "Barr's decision to manage a fully functional 40-acre macadamia and livestock farm in Hawaii after a long, self-imposed sabbatical from series television." There will be 16 episodes of this [bullshit.] .... Roseanne: "If people were to get their protein from nuts rather than beef, you see, there'd be no global warming, and there would also be enough grain to feed all the hungry people." -- Roseanne's Nuts about Global Warming : TreeHugger

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DIVE! DIVE! AHooooga! O: "No matter what some agency may say, we've always been and always will be a triple-A country."

"Typical Marxist endgame propaganda.
Namely that REALITY IS NOT REALITY. PERCEPTION IS REALITY. FEELING and SENTIMENT ARE REALITY. No matter what objective reality may show you, the only reality is what the state TELLS you it is. If we FEEL that we are still AAA, then we are still AAA and reality does not matter. THAT is when the DOW started to really tank." -- Ann Barnhardt

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Sing It Loud I'm a Denier and I'm Proud

[Video via The invaluable Tom Nelson Climate News Tracking Page]

In the midst of the burning ring of fire that is Barackalypse Now,
What's not to love about Matt Drudge?

there's no denying that today the world is on fire. It's just not getting any warmer. I think we can take the end of the world in 100 years off the "Important Problems To Solve Now Today At Any Cost" burner now. Okay?

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"The idea that a capitalist economy can support a socialist welfare state is collapsing before our eyes..."

The Tea Party faction within the Republican party was demanding
that, before any further steps were taken, there must be a debate about where all this was going. They had seen the future toward which they were being pushed, and it didn’t work. They were convinced that the entitlement culture and benefits programmes which the Democrats were determined to preserve and extend with tax rises could only lead to the diminution of that robust economic freedom that had created the American historical miracle.... A general correction of the imbalance between wealth production and wealth redistribution is now a matter of basic necessity, not ideological preference. -- If we are to survive the looming catastrophe, we need to face the truth - Telegraph

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Tina Brown Reaches Barrel Bottom. Feeds on the Slime.


Michelle Malkin on The Conservative Crazy Eyes Cliche & Other Stupid MSM Photo Tricks

Yes, I'm talking about you, Oxford University-educated Newsweek/Daily Beast editor Tina Brown. You've resorted to recycling bottom-of-the-barrel moonbat photo cliches about conservative female public figures and their enraged "crazy eyes?" Really? Who's in charge of Newsweek cover graphics now -- a Media Matters Soros Monkey? A random Daily Kos commenter? Keith Olbermann's intern's intern?

Michelle has far too high an opinion of Tina Brown. Those who have worked more closely with this career beard for her husband will tell you that "To know her is to loathe her." But, alas, it is to no purpose since "You can't insult a whore."

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August 7, 2011

Whistling Past the Graveyard

For some time now, residents of some US cities
have noted occasional incidents of seemingly random, racially motivated violence in which young Black males are involved. The hot weather and bad economy seem to be combining to generate a small but possibly significant uptick this year. The national media are doing their best to avoid looking too closely at this disturbing phenomenon, and perhaps for good reason. -- American Tinderbox | Via Meadia

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Unemployment Rate for Those with College Degrees


"Anybody else just savor the irony of the college youth who came out in droves for Obama?" -- Captain Capitalism:

HT: Fourth Checkraise

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The @-symbol, part 2 of 2


Before its ascent to accidental stardom,
the @ went almost unremarked for centuries. Widely used to mean "at the rate of" -- for example, "€˜3 apples @ $1 each" -- the symbol lived out a useful but mundane existence in the world of commerce, rarely warranting a second glance from paleographers or philologists. Even now, when it has been propelled firmly into the limelight by the email's meteoric rise, credible accounts of the symbol's visual appearance and meaning remain surprisingly thin on the ground. -- Shady Characters

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Thought of the Day: Joe Biden as Acting President


Think of it as a kind of Constitutional coup d'état:

Acting President of the United States: Amendment 25. Section 4.
Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

This is the "We regret to inform you that the president is currently in the crazy place and not coming out" gambit. An extended golf vacation ensues as does the election limited rule of ..... sigh..... "President Biden."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I know. But, comparatively speaking, how bad could he be? Couldn't do worse. Think of the amusement value as late-night comedians were released from their mind-forged manacles.

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Dec. 2010: "U.S. Revises Its Rules for Afghan Night Raids" August, 2011: 22 Seals Die

Dear President Putz, Policies have consequences:
The changes in guidelines for nighttime raids, made in consultation with the White House, are intended to expand protections for civilians and increase coordination with higher-level Afghan government officials—without putting new obstacles in the way of the Special Operations units that carry out the raids, according to officials who have reviewed the new order..... A senior military official in Afghanistan said the changes were mostly administrative and would have no impact on operations. -- - WSJ.com

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August 6, 2011

QOTD: "Daddy, what did you and mommy do after Sept 11?"

"Son, your mom and I worked every minute battling the evil people that emit excess carbon." -- Scott M @ Bush on 9/11: The Real Story @ AMERICAN DIGEST

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100 Ways Barack Obama Is Just Like George W. Bush


If you honestly didn't like Bush, you can't possibly justify liking Obama, not unless you ignore the facts: -- The Humble Libertarian: Bush 2.0

HT: Hawaiian libertarian: Quiplinks

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"I’ll say what everyone else is thinking but is too scared to say.
The Obama regime is almost certainly directly complicit in these deaths. The time, location and most especially, the PASSENGERS in the Chinook were passed to the Taliban. Additionally, you can’t take out a Chinook with small arms fire or even standard RPGs such as the Taliban use. The Taliban needed serious weaponry to take this helo down, and that serious weaponry needed to be in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time, ready to fire. Why would the Obama regime kill Americans? I think the question is, why WOULDN’T the Obama regime kill Americans?" -- Barnhardt.biz - Commodity Brokerage

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The Swiss Army Knife of Wilderness Mishap Headlines

Environment Claims Environmentalist from The Rumford Meteor ("The Biggest Little Newspage in the World")

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Coming Soon!


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Question of the Decade (So Far)

"In what surprising and delightful ways will society transform after the welfare cheques one day simply no longer come and the state can no longer afford to act as a benevolent Sugar Daddy whose bankrolling allows his favourite people to keep thumbing their noses at the Gods of Copybook Headings?" -- The Fourth Checkraise: Let the autodefenestration commence

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Only His Credit


Gives new meaning to the expression: "One Hit Wonder."

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Pride is just so... well... gay.

"The celebration of heterosexual pride is inappropriate
because it belittles the just cause of the LGBT community. Unlike homosexuals, heterosexuals are not discriminated against simply for being heterosexuals." -- The Brazilian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Association . News from The Associated Press [HT: Sondrak]
I think they'd be on firmer ground if they just stuck to the quality of the parades.

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Why did Californians get an $80 billion high-speed rail boondoggle shoved up their backsides? They asked for it. [Bumped]

Ah, California voters. Always ready to assume the position:
Less than a month after his testimony, voters approved Proposition 1A, authorizing Sacramento to sell a few billion dollars in bonds for a project most experts, now including the state’s nonpartisan Legislative Analyst Office and the University of California, say will cost tens of billions of dollars more than the official $43 billion estimate. -- High-Speed Train Wreck by Cynthia Ward - City Journal

My new program for watching California flush itself down the drain of history? Cooler. Six pack. Lawn chair.

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Not About the Flea


“To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. No great and enduring volume can ever be written on the flea, though many there be that have tried it.” -- Herman Melville

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Been There. Done That. Have the T-Shirt.


"So, when Congress gets back in September I want to move quickly on things that will help the economy create jobs right now. Extending the payroll tax credit to put a thousand dollars in the pocket of the average American worker. Extending unemployment insurance to help people get back on their feet. " -- RealClearPolitics

Running. On. Fumes.

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August 5, 2011

Carlyle’s meditations on the looming bankruptcy of the French monarchy as that country’s revolution approached:


"Great is Bankruptcy:
the great bottomless gulf into which all Falsehoods, public and private, do sink, disappearing; whither, from the first origin of them, they were all doomed.  For Nature is true and not a lie.  No lie you can speak or act but it will come, after longer or shorter circulation, like a Bill drawn on Nature'€™s Reality, and be presented there for payment, --€” with the answer, No effects.  Pity only that it often had so long a circulation: that the original forger were so seldom he who bore the final smart of it!  Lies, and the burden of evil they bring, are passed on; shifted from back to back, and from rank to rank; and so land ultimately on the dumb lowest rank, who with spade and mattock, with sore heart and empty wallet, daily come in contact with reality, and can pass the cheat no further.... Honor to Bankruptcy; ever righteous on the great scale, though in detail it is so cruel! Under all Falsehoods it works, unweariedly mining. No Falsehood, did it rise heaven-high and cover the world, but Bankruptcy, one day, will sweep it down, and make us free of it." -- Via Via Meadia

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The message -- and it is not only for the lords of the feast -- is that we aren't great enough for our times. 
The challenges are immense and exhilarating; too many of us are shabby and small.  We tread the endless circles of our own habits and ideas while around us the world is changed beyond recognition.  We accept shabby lies and conventional fictions for solid truths; we build our homes upon the sand, and demand government subsidized insurance in case the floods come. -- The Invisible Hand Is Writing On Our Wall | Via Meadia

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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." -Mohandas Gandhi

First the left ignored the Tea party figuring it was meaningless. Then they called the movement by crass, homosexual references, called it a bunch of old white people, and mocked it as being amateurish for not having specially printed signs by International A.N.S.W.E.R.. Then they went into full attack mode, calling it racist, faking racist events, and even physically assaulting Tea Party members. Now, they've really gone berserk. Here are a few quotes:....Word Around the Net: TEA HATRED

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August 4, 2011

"You say you want a revolution / Well, you know "

Revolutions start not with the impoverished, but with threatened cuts of subsidies to the middle class. Its appetites increase faster than the state can satisfy them, as most judge their well-being not in having at last more than the poor but in always having less than the affluent. -- Works and Days サ The Inexplicables

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August 3, 2011

Professional Heiress Katerina Vanden Heuvel Purses Her Lips and Whips Out Her Begging Bowl

"Is this a donkey I see before me, handle turned towards my hand? Come. Let me clutch thee."

An extract from her blegging screed that reached my email this afternoon from that poor, impoverished prostitute of the vanden Heuvel clan:
At The Nation and TheNation.com we are countering this effort to repeal the 20th century — through principled and intelligent journalism, analysis, investigative reporting and driving alternative ideas and strategies into our politics. I invite you today to become part of our community by making a small donation to support our work.

I'd be happy to donate real folding money to a Katerina Vanden Heuval retraining program. Something that, say, got her a job more equal to her real talents. I'm thinking some sort of advanced animal husbandry that has her working closely with donkeys. After all, it's very close to working with Democrats.

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Neo Sends Out the Memos

"Weiner? Who's Weiner?"

Memo to politicians: not a good idea to send naked photos of self to an online acquaintance.

Memo to people in general: not a good idea to take naked photos of self in the mirror while holding camera, standing in front of unmade bed. -- neo-neocon Politicians bare all

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Auden's Always Apt

From the narrow window of my fourth floor room

I smoke into the night, and watch reflections

Stretch in the harbour. In the houses

The little pianos are closed, and a clock strikes,

And all sway forward on the dangerous flood

Of history, that never sleeps or dies,

And held one moment, burns the hand.

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August 2, 2011

Ann Barnhardt is Not Amused [Bumped]


Ann Barnhardt on "We The Stupid:" "I stand here in abject stupefaction. The so-called "right" or "Tea Party" in this republic is being so thoroughly rolled and defeated
that I am struggling to come up with an adequate violent submission metaphor that does not involve prison rape . . . and they honesty think that they're "winning." Really? You call this winning?.... Obama is the enemy. Obama is a Marxist-Communist usurper and puppet front for a cabal of Marxist-Communists who are actively trying to destroy the United States of America. Everything they have done, are doing, and will do has the single goal of collapsing and destroying the U.S. economy, military, constitutional government and culture. What part of "Marxist Revolution" do you not understand? The Obama regime is not a failure. The Obama regime is not incompetent. The Obama regime has achieved more in two and a half years than anyone could have possibly foreseen. It has debased the currency by 50% of the GDP and guaranteed that our economy will collapse.

This is just the start and the finish. There's more in between. [TR item Kerbumped because of discussion.]

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As I write the world's only delusional superflower, perennially in love with itself, navel-gazing as narcissistically as ever, ignorant, self-indulgent, gurbling like an insane relative in the attic and fondling electro-trinkets from Japan, is broke. Yes, we see a beautiful dive from the high board, two somersaults and a half-twist, into the Third World. And so richly deserved. -- Fred On Everything

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Elsewhere in Linkland


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Obama and Biden: First Horse with Two Asses

Giffords returns to Congress, Biden calls opponents "terrorists"
Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords returned to Congress to dramatically cast her first vote since being shot. Congresswoman Giffords cast her vote for a bipartisan measure that Democratic Vice President Joe Biden had equated to being the result of terrorism. The exact words from Joe Biden said of Tea Party Members on the debt ceiling issue: "They have acted like terrorists."

From Glenn Reynolds: “What a sad, pathetic, hateful little man we have as VP.”

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"Terrorism has now adopted the guise of the innocent looking family down the street,"

... who behind their white picket fences and seemingly mild-mannered exterior are secretly plotting
to destroy truth, justice and the New Deal. And while one may or may not agree with the substance of those accusations, the vitriol is apparently real. The one thing worse than getting between the Nazgul and his prey is getting between a politician and public money. Yep, when you get used to a way of life it's hard to stop. Even those who didn't have much going for them to start with wind up with even less. But even so, anything to get the next fix. -- Belmont Club サ The Eve of Destruction

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Yes. Yes! YES!

Someone Finally Made A Browser Extension That Helps You Find The Tab Making Noise
"You know what really grinds my gears? Having 15 browser tabs open and one playing music and not knowing which one is playing music and having to scroll through all the tabs in order to find the one that’s playing music in order to kill it because it’s making you crazy and by the time you’ve killed it you’ve lost track of what you were working on in the first place so you have to thumb through all the tabs again just to get back to your work and by that time you can’t work BECAUSE YOU HAVE ALREADY THROWN YOUR LAPTOP OUT OF A SIX STORY WINDOW."

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August 1, 2011

Memo to Michelle Obama's Mirror: Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?


Source of contagion:Michelle Obama's Mirror: Happy Meals and Happy Days

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STAND BACK: Only trained professionals may rotate the owl

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"Never in world history have more retarded people called other people retarded in more retarded ways."

When will you all realize that it’s the other side that’s partisan?
It’s the other side who are hypocrites. The other side is only posturing to court votes. The other side is pure evil. The other side is acting like Nazis. The other side is un-American. The other side wants to destroy the country. The other side is greedy and selfish. The other side is fanning fear. The other side isn’t a political philosophy, it’s a mental disease. The other side can’t face reality. The other side has always engaged in racial pandering. The other side are nothing more than domestic terrorists. The other side are a bunch of entitled crybabies. The other side cherry-picks facts to suit their agenda. The other side only represents a minority of Americans. The sheeple who vote for the other side don’t realize they’re voting against their own interests. -- The Retarded State of Public Debate - Taki's Magazine

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"Eco-moonbats have pretty much cornered the market on morbid weirdness...."


One way to redeem yourself before Gaia for the eco-sin of having existed is to feed your body to mushrooms:
Jae Rhim Lee is training mushrooms to decompose human tissue. This doesn't involve cruelly prodding unruly shrooms with electric goads or whipping them into submission, but rather introducing common fungi to the artist's own skin, hair, nail clippings and other body tissue so that they start to digest it. A prototype body suit has been created that's embroidered with spore-infused netting. This would be used in conjunction with a special spore slurry embalming cocktail to break down the body's organic matter and clean out the accumulated toxins, producing a nutrient-rich compost. -- Moonbattery サ Moonbat Tech: Body-Eating Mushroom Suit

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