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April 5, 2011

Wife listening to Husband talk to himself as he watches 25 minutes of The Bachelor


James: Wait, no wonder this show takes so fucking long. He has a stash of roses. This show should take a week, tops.

James: She's not getting one. She's not getting one. That one is crazy as shit.

James: Why does that 'last rose' dude have to come out? Where is he the whole time? Behind a curtain with his pants around his ankles?


James: If you didn't get a rose, get out.

James: Look at how she's walking. She's zany. You don't know anything about zany girls.

James: Look at how many girls he has left, is this going to be on until July?

James: Awesome they're all breaking down.

James: Wait the Kardashian's have another show now? That's how I know the Mayan Calendar is real. End of fucking days. I bet there's a carving, a glyph of Kim and her fucking sister on the Mayan calendar. But not the giant one, because they would have thought she was a monster.

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