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April 11, 2011

Planned Parenthood: Origins


Lo, it is a crock and it reeketh:
Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, addressing the KKK. And this wasn't a surprise Death to Smoochy sort of meeting either. -- Word Around the Net: PICTURE OF THE DAY

You know, if they renamed it "Planned Progressive Birth Control" it would be much more popular these days.

Posted by Vanderleun at April 11, 2011 9:00 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

Sanger's famous quote:

"We must not let it be known that we intend to exterminate the Negro Race."

FWIW: The highest proportional users of abortion are black women.

This is why Progressivism ought to creep people out the way Scientology does.

Posted by: Don Rodrigo at April 11, 2011 9:50 AM

Bet this picture is not hanging proudly in the waiting room at Planned Parenthood.

Posted by: Diogenes Sarcastica at April 11, 2011 11:50 AM

Abortion on demand is the Left's answer to the civil rights movement, as I covered at the end of this post:

The Rev. Dr. Edwin King, a white Methodist clergyman instrumental in the civil rights movement in Mississippi, was a chaplain at Tougaloo College near Jackson, Miss., in the early 1960s. He worked to convince white pastors in the area to issue a statement against racial segregation.

Denied membership in the Mississippi Conference of the UMC by its other white clergy, Rev. King joined the almost-wholly black Central Jurisdiction. In 2002, Rev. King, now a professor of Sociology and Medical Ethics at the University of Mississippi Medical Center — spoke about legalized abortion’s negative impact on black Americans. He said:
Today in Mississippi, two thirds to seventy five percent of the abortions are done for black children in the womb. In America in 1995 we had reached the point that black abortions were about thirty eight percent of all abortions in America, almost three times the black population rate, and Hispanic abortions then had approached twelve percent which was close to the Hispanic level, and the Hispanics being predominantly Roman Catholic. In 1995 the majority of the children whose life was snuffed out in the womb were black or Hispanic. Today it is about sixty percent [of] all abortions in America. Is that freedom for somebody or is something else going on? Fannie Lou Hamer was the first person to talk to me after Roe vs. Wade came down and she said, “Rev. King, this is another racial thing, this is the answer to the civil rights movement, they are going to get rid of black babies.” I know you have a variety of opinions on that [italics added].

Posted by: Donald Sensing at April 11, 2011 12:26 PM

Jonah Goldberg devotes most of a chapter in Liberal Fascism to Sanger, eugenics, and racism. If you really want to upset a liberal that is the topic to get on.

Posted by: Fat Man at April 11, 2011 12:42 PM

When you say, Lo, It is a crock and it reeketh...are you saying this isn't a provable fact? I'm confused.

Posted by: Jewel at April 11, 2011 12:46 PM

Bet this picture is not hanging proudly in the waiting room at Planned Parenthood.

So, who wants to be the band of merry pranksters who break into PP clinics nationwide and put this image up? Best thing to do is put one up in the lobby. It starts out as an innocuous landscape, but the office lighting reveals the Photoshopped image underneath by mid day. A second poster could be hung in a less obvious location, like a bathroom or changing room, and would be unnoticed for days.

And, of course, the PP site(s) can be hacked to display the image as the intro page to Planned Parenthood, with the infamous Sanger extermination quote displayed underneath and appearing in the global headers and footers.

Posted by: Don Rodrigo at April 11, 2011 2:53 PM

It might serve the conservative cause better to educate minorities on exactly which party is actually looking out for their well being (still), and which party continues to enable their continued subjugation, through Planned Parenthood, the welfare state, the education system (and lack of choice thereupon), and a host of other rotten-to-the-core schemes. How many black students even know that MLK was a Republican?

Posted by: Roger Drew Williams at April 11, 2011 3:11 PM

Who knew the kkk was a ladies convention?

Posted by: sTevo at April 12, 2011 2:43 AM

"Bet this picture is not hanging proudly in the waiting room at Planned Parenthood."

No need.

I've been at a PP office several times in my life. (Not for abortions, thank goodness!) I remember clearly the waiting room. It was painted in gray. The chairs - gray. The floor - black. Any natural light there was emphasized the coldness of the room. It was as if I had been waiting for an appointment at the morgue. Even worse, it reminded me of the interior of Star Wars' Death Star.

There is a similarity there. The Death Star could destroy an entire planet. A PP clinic has destroyed entire generations.

Posted by: newton at April 12, 2011 9:32 AM

Just to be certain:

The newspaper page is not a clever hoax? We do live in the Age of Photoshop, after all.

Posted by: Don Rodrigo at April 12, 2011 2:20 PM

"We must not let it be known that we intend to exterminate the Negro Race" may be her most famous comment, but is also not her best use of English. She meant to communicate "thought" instead of known, if her many other letters are any guide. Apparently many of her Negro allies agreed that the most stupid and unattractive unmarried females were creating a genetic and social problem that could only end badly, especially in the planned Utopian state where her planners would have to take ownership of every problem.

Whatever the degree of Sanger's racism, her attitudes were not rooted in the color black, but red. Socialist fascism, was big in that day, not that it really ever went away.

Posted by: james wilson at April 13, 2011 12:42 AM

Looks fake to me. Not that I'm a fan of Sanger, but it looks like a badly 'shopped photo of her lecturing. The Klan of the 20s, which she would have dealt with, never used the stiff-arm salute. FWIW the Klan considered itself a "progressive" organization.

If it's real let's see some provenance. Where and when was the meeting, and where and when was this photo published?

Posted by: Joe Hooker at April 13, 2011 8:33 AM

There is a good likelihood of this being true, since the KKK and by extension, the Democratic Party also had a sympathetic press. I recall being shocked to see a photograph of my grandmother in Klan regalia, in a newspaper photograph from the 20s on display at the Shawnee Mission museum not far from KC. It was a completely normal thing to her.
There are plenty of lynchings that have been made into postcards, all photos of smiling happy white men, women and children posing in front of a black man's body hanging from the trees.
This kind of savagery found a comfy home in both religion and science.
The remnants of bad science are come full circle with 'doctors' like Kermit Gosnell - a black man, carrying out Sanger's vision of eliminating all the inferior races.

Posted by: Jewel at April 13, 2011 10:40 AM

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