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April 29, 2011

Papa Was a Rolling Stone... "and when he left, all he left us was alone..."

"Barack Obama's father forced out of US in 1960s"

Harvard “couldn’t seem to figure out how many wives he had.” Maybe President Obama’s next memoir should be titled: Sins From My Father. ... The crowd that clucked its tongues over Bristol Palin's pregnancy "unmarried and having unprotected sex!"might want to do some math on Obama's birth. Mom was 18 and 2 months pregnant when she married Dad -- and Dad already had a wife.

Posted by Vanderleun at April 29, 2011 6:18 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

I don't believe they ever got married.
Barry is a bastard.

Posted by: sablegsd at April 29, 2011 3:26 PM

Ma! Ma! Where's my pa!

You're goin' to the White House. Ha, ha, ha!

[with apologies to Grover Cleveland]

Posted by: Harvey at April 30, 2011 11:33 PM

Thank God I don't live in your country. You have no IDEA just how vile this stuff appears to the ENTIRE rest of the world. You call this civilized political discourse? You disgrace the office of President, and you disgrace your own Great White Race. You deserve the pity due to any mid-'60's Klansman seeing his world crumble around him. Excuse me now while I go back to my basement.

Posted by: Richard at May 2, 2011 5:24 PM

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