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March 31, 2011

"My" Representative Jim McDermott is So Tired

Poor man. He suffers so.

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Look for the Union Label

Just as the Left was organizing, with George Soros' money, a campaign to boycott Koch brothers businesses, we learned today that the AFL CIO will not support the boycott because tens of thousands of Koch industry workers are unionized. Pro Commerce: Hate mess

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Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Mar. 31st 2011

Hippie of the week is a skeptic's best friend, flatulence is a warming topic and activists in California get the band back together to ensure the Golden State has no future. -- The Daily Bayonet

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Ten days into bombing,

war-opponents still struggle to register LibyaBodyCount.org. -- People's Cube News

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That raped puppy whimpering noise is just the sound of Andrew Sullivan's achy-breaky heart

"I’m still absorbing this news and don’t want to vent immediately, because there is still part of me that simply cannot believe that president Obama has already ordered covert action in Libya on one side in a civil war . . .
It’s so surreal, so discordant with what the president has told the American people, so fantastically contrary to everything he campaigned on. . . . I simply cannot believe it." -- Obama Sends CIA Into Libya Ground Operations; Andrew Sullivan Stunned : The Other McCain

If he had on a dress and a toe-tag, he'd look just like Peggy Noonan. In a tutu and a toe-tag, he'd be James Wolcott.

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In conclusion....

Al Jazeera has more complete news than the New York Times and its bias against Israel is much smaller. -- Pro Commerce

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Pretty is as pretty thinks

"Oh,isn't that a nice idea," says a concerned citizen, as she boards her flight to Prague. For that moment, just thinking about "earth hour"€ feels like you're doing something good -- even if the chihuaha you're holding was trucked in from Guam. And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe. -- The Demise of Earth Hour: Even Empty, Symbolic Environmentalism is On the Wane

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On one hand:
"I honestly don’t know how a fight can be won against those whose nature relentlessly demand they rule. But I will fight, in word for now. In deed if need be. Although every instinct I possess tells me that I am hopelessly outnumbered, to go underground, to go live life. I hope to be viewed by those close to me as merely a romantic fool, battling for noble lost causes, although I fear our age has become too coarse for such philosophical nuance. The family right-wing crank? Probably the best I can hope for." -- westsound modern

On the other hand:

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... seems to be the Democrats' new word for "absolutely no national interest." -- AnnCoulter

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March 30, 2011

Obamatrons, How's That "Change" Working Out?


Elect a putz and be a putz:Gasoline up 100% under Obama
Feeling pain at the pump? Gas prices have doubled since Mr. Obama took office. According to the GasBuddy gasoline price tracking web site, the price of a gallon of regular gas was around $1.79 when Mr. Obama took office. Today the national average is $3.58.

The math: A twenty gallon tank once cost $35 and now costs $70. Ready for $140 by 2012? Maybe it's time to start steaming those faded Obama/Biden stickers off the bumper so you don't get keyed in the parking lot.

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Movies aren't dead. They're simply growing in a different direction.

It is easy to look at that unseemly menagerie of cinematic insipidity and despair.
Yet there is an important distinction to be made here: These sorts of articles, however chilling they may be, are rarely claiming that the art form itself is dying, and that we must brace ourselves for the Cinematic Apocalypse. What they are recognizing is the undeniable fact that Hollywood has ceased to provide us with the sorts of transcendental, artistic visions for which we long. -- InsideCatholic.com | The Future of Film | Feature | Articles

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Waiting for it

"We cannot balance the budget on the backs of the Libyan people." --Leキgal Inキsurキrecキtion

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Jews can never be the heroes of the Left

It is very strange and anomalous for Lefties, the people who believe in pacifism, the people who are opposed to capital punishment, who want to ban nuclear weapons... to be the cheer leaders of the hate Israel chorus.
But the reason is in the word pacifism. The Left is pacifist, lovers of Gandhi. The Jews were the former model nation. People without guns, without defense; the Jews survived as pacifists for two thousand years (usually using bribes). If we could only continue to be the model people for the Lefty pacifist worldview, the Left would love us. But the Left hates us because we have abandoned self abnegation. We don't turn the other cheek, we don't love the bombers who attack our open air cafes and defenseless school buses. We Jews can never be the heroes of the Left. We believe in self defense for Jews... and they, the Europeans and Leftists, are stuck in a 2,000 year tradition that denies us self defense. -- Pro Commerce: The greatest lesson

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How to Have a Civil Political Discussion

Now this is how it's done.

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Save the Rainforest? Well, Maybe That's Not Such a Good Idea After All

And the green scams just keep on being busted:
These new “secondary” forests are emerging in Latin America, Asia and other tropical regions at such a fast pace that the trend has set off a serious debate about whether saving primeval rain forest — an iconic environmental cause — may be less urgent than once thought. By one estimate, for every acre of rain forest cut down each year, more than 50 acres of new forest are growing in the tropics on land that was once farmed, logged or ravaged by natural disaster. -- New Jungles Prompt a Debate on Rain Forests - NYTimes.com

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March 29, 2011

"Take a small look at what’s happening on your southern border and tell me why Libya is considered a national concern. "

Nobody seems to notice that our Mexico's entire police force,
judiciary, media and large portions of their federal government have been corrupted, kidnapped, murdered or frightened into silent complicity by the cartels. More people were systemically murdered during the last two months in Mexico by narcos than Moammar is accused of bagging in the last three decades to maintain his rule. We're living on the edge of a failed state where horrific brutality has become the daily norm and we're concerned about a toothless monster ruling ten thousand miles away. -- Color Me Done ォ Jaded Haven

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The Sally Struthers Foreign Policy

Yes, for only 50 missiles a day, you can help a Libyan kid live one more day.

Unless one of the missiles hits him. -- Don Surber

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Breaking! Obama agrees to arm Leftist U.S. Rebels for 2012 kinetic campaign action...


Developing...Capitalist Preservation News Wire

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We're Unmanned Drones

Islam will readily acknowledge our technological superiority:
If you want to operate a no-fly zone over Benghazi or send an unmanned drone into Waziristan, we have the capability and they don't. The difference is that Islam thinks our technological superiority doesn't matter - because we're unmanned drones in a more basic sense: we believe in nothing except the most transitory and dreary self-gratification, an endless adolescence that begins with a push-up bra at eight and continues through free government condoms for 30-year olds. Not only do the surging Muslim populations in European cities have no wish to "assimilate" with such a culture, they do not believe they will have to - for they have bet that such a society cannot survive. --SteynOnline - PUSHING DEVIANCY UP

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The Boy Scouts of Libya


On March 27, in Ajdabiyah -- which was just trying to recover from three weeks of siege and back-and-forth fighting -- I saw a long line of relief workers and citizens outside the door of the city's Boy Scout headquarters. And yesterday (March 28), again in Ajdabiyah, at a gas station with a wait of several hours (the rebel government decided to give away free gasoline in Ajdabiyah), I saw a middle-aged man in Boy Scout uniform helping to manage the lines and traffic. In a country where formal social institutions have been either gutted or monopolized by a dictator for 42 years, the foundations of civil society can come from interesting places. -- revolutionology

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The AP Shows Some Attitude When Fisking the Obama Speech

Screen capture

THE FACTS: Obama did not wait to make that case to Congress,
despite his past statements that presidents should get congressional authorization before taking the country to war, absent a threat to the nation that cannot wait. "The president does not have the power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation," he told The Boston Globe in 2007. News from The Associated Press

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March 28, 2011

Fart vs. Art

"Obama still needs a new speechwriter. All of his paragraphs hold together like a Pollock and what he really needs is some Rothko." --Cobb

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iOwnTheWorld's Vegan Next

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From "Just War" to UNwar

For the principle of humanitarian war to be implemented, the UN and nations of the world
must take upon themselves a moral authority they would consider ghastly and dictatorial from an organized religion. Were the Roman Catholic Church, for instance, to declare war on Islam for its belief in Allah, that would be considered horrendous, but if the UN declared war on Islam for its mistreatment of gays, suddenly that's okay. --Word Around the Net: THE GOOD EMPIRE

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"I see," said the blind man


He knew my car was poorly parked because he produced a brief, sharp click with his tongue. The sound waves he created traveled at a speed of more than 1,000 feet per second, bounced off every object around him, and returned to his ears at the same rate, though vastly decreased in volume.
But not silent. Kish has trained himself to hear these slight echoes and to interpret their meaning. Standing on his front stoop, he could visualize, with an extraordinary degree of precision, the two pine trees on his front lawn, the curb at the edge of his street, and finally, a bit too far from that curb, my rental car. Kish has given a name to what he does -- he calls it "Flash Sonar" but it's more commonly known by its scientific term, echolocation. -- Men's Journal

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Tactical Note

"A government will not be influenced if every one of its citizens shouts disagreement, but it will be influenced if you can make a precise demand, and organize enough people to stop the government from functioning until that demand is met." -- Ran Prieur

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Schlemiel Watch: If Michael Medved's show is the "number one talk show for politics and pop culture...."

... what the hell can possibly be the "number two show on politics and pop culture?"

Or is that just another puerile and meaningless slogan from this endlessly soporific schlemiel? I swear there are some days when listening to this guy I think, "Is this being directed and produced by Mel Brooks?"

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"The Wire" Seen as Dickens Redux


The Quintessentially Victorian Vision of Ogden' "The Wire"
For one thing, The Wire's treatment of the class system is far more nuanced than that of Dickens.  Who could forget "Bubbles" the lovable drifter, Stringer Bell -- the bourgeois merchant with pretentions to aristocracy, or Bodie -- who, despite lack of education or Victorian "good breeding", is seen reading and enjoying the likes of Jane Austen?  Yet these portrayals of the "criminal element" always maintain a certain realism.  We never descend into the divisions of "lovable rogues" and truly evil villains of which Dickens makes such effective use.  Odgen's Bodie, an adult who uses children to perpetrate criminal activity, is not a caricature of an ethnic minority in the mode of Dickens' Fagin the Jew.

Just one part of a fascinating series and discussion on "The Wire" @ The Hooded Utilitarian. Highly recommended as a series and a site.

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Look away, Dixieland

Black And Blue 2: Blacks Flee Blue States in Droves | Via Meadia
The Census reported that waves of blue state blacks fled the stagnant job opportunities, high taxes and rotten social conditions of the mostly blue northern states to seek better lives for themselves in the south.... The three states Blacks left in largest numbers don't just include snake-bit Michigan; the other two are Illinois and New York. Within those states, Chicago and the city of the New York (widely considered among the most successful cities in the country) are the places Blacks are deserting. 17 percent of the Black flight from Big Blue is from the Empire State; after almost a century of trailblazing social policy, New York State has succeeded in creating the most hostile environment for Blacks in the country.

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March 27, 2011


People are expressing a personal disapproval of me.
And from this I can only conclude that some of you refuse to forgive me for the unfortunate incidents of October 23, 1997. First let me say that these incidents were hugely magnified by the press. For example, the camels involved expired through natural causes and were at no time exposed to dangerous radiation. --Van Evan Fuller

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"You are one election away from becoming a hopeless serf, as are your children and their children."

The Origins of Postmodernitis Whatever "post modernism" is, it is a subset of a massive attack on post-1776 western civilization.
The American Revolution shattered the eternal construct of civilization that had been in place, unbroken, since mankind emerged from the ice ages, discovered agriculture, and settled into cities. That instigated the need for government, and government quickly and forever forced society into two dominant classes: the governing elite, and the rest, whose mission in life was to serve the governing elite. Since 1776, the goal of many in western civilization has been to restore the old order. Today, the bacteria that seek to force that will on humanity goes by the name "progressivism"€, but that name is simply the latest in a long series: royalism, oligarchism, marxism, communism, socialism, facism, liberalism, statism, and now progressivism. The names change but the disease does not. They want everything for themselves, and they want you to serve them, forever, with no chance to ever overturn their mastery again.

A lot of people can't understand why they would destroy the wealth of the world to do that, since well over 90% (probably closer to 99%) of the wealth (read: lifestyle improvements) has been developed since 1776. The answer is simple: when you control EVERYTHING, and 99% of humanity has NOTHING, your wealth is actually far greater than it is when the wealth is spread, as it is today. In other words, Commissars don't care whether the wealth of the world crashes, because the Commissars' wealth and power is going up, big-time.

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The Music of the Spheres


Our home solar system set to music. Entrancing. Select a speed of turning that suits you.

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Elizabeth Taylor Was Late to Her Own Funeral

She died as she lived:
The service was scheduled to begin at 2 PM but at Miss Taylor’s request started late. Miss Taylor had left instructions that it was to begin at least 15 minutes later than publicly scheduled, with the announcement, ‘She even wanted to be late for her own funeral,’ -- MY Mag

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Earth Hour's Profound Wankery

It perversely reminded me of a sort of counterclock-world version
of firing-up the Christmas lights ceremonies. It is thoroughly demented. I mean raving mad and the symbolism is beautifully barking. For over a hundred years now what is the language of cartoonists to suggest a bright idea or cunning plan? It’s an incandescent light bulb going on over someone’s head. The reversal of this, if you think about it, is staggering. -- Something for the weekend – Counting Cats in Zanzibar

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March 26, 2011

Earth Hour: You Annual 'Global Assholes Unite Hour' is Here Again

Earth Hour celebrates ignorance, poverty and backwardness.
By repudiating the greatest engine of liberation it becomes an hour devoted to anti-humanism. It encourages the sanctimonious gesture of turning off trivial appliances for a trivial amount of time, in deference to some ill-defined abstraction called “the Earth,” all the while hypocritically retaining the real benefits of continuous, reliable electricity. People who see virtue in doing without electricity should shut off their fridge, stove, microwave, computer, water heater, lights, TV and all other appliances for a month, not an hour. And pop down to the cardiac unit at the hospital and shut the power off there too. -- Earth Hour: a dissent | Watts Up With That?

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"Making the world safe for Islamism."

As Niall Ferguson points out, when the allied intervention was announced, it was proclaimed from the minarets of Benghazi.
And the cry throughout the city was not "God bless America," but rather, "Allahu Akhbar!" Our media insist on spotlighting a small unrepresentative minority of Westernized, middleclass people with cellphones and Facebook accounts, when the primary, organized opposition to the Arab world's autocrats are Islamist imams. -- David Warren

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"The old strongholds of leftist power are crumbling."

Add to all this the "Roe Effect"
in which leftists are murdering their offspring and selfish hedonism prompts them to not have children to interfere with their fun/careers/self fulfillment or what have you, and you have a significant loss to the power and future of the left in America. -- Word Around the Net: LERNER'S REVOLUTION

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"The old strongholds of leftist power are crumbling."

Add to all this the "Roe Effect"
in which leftists are murdering their offspring and selfish hedonism prompts them to not have children to interfere with their fun/careers/self fulfillment or what have you, and you have a significant loss to the power and future of the left in America. -- Word Around the Net: LERNER'S REVOLUTION

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March 25, 2011

One Man vs A Tidal Wave


Hideaki Akaiwa, in Miyagi prefecture, decided not to wait for rescue workers. With a scuba suit on, he waded through flooded streets to rescue his wife, and later his mother.
Akaiwa said he was at work a few miles away when the tsunami hit, and he rushed back to find his neighborhood inundated with up to 10 feet of water. Not willing to wait until the government or any international organization did, or did not, arrive to rescue his wife of two decades — whom he had met while they were surfing in a local bay — Akaiwa got hold of some scuba gear. He then hit the water, wended his way through the debris and underwater hazards and managed to reach his house, from which he dragged his wife to safety.

"The water felt very cold, dark and scary," he recalled. "I had to swim about 200 yards to her, which was quite difficult with all the floating wreckage."

With his mother still unaccounted for several days later, Akaiwa stewed with frustration as he watched the water recede by only a foot or two. He repeatedly searched for her at City Hall and nearby evacuation centers. Finally, on Tuesday, he waded through neck-deep water, searching the neighborhood where she'd last been seen. He found her, he said, on the second floor of a flooded house where she'd been waiting for help for four days.

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'On what principle is it that when we see nothing but improvement behind us, we are to expect nothing but deterioration before us?"

Life expectancy is increasing by five hours a day. IQ keeps going up by three points a decade.
Agriculture gets ever more productive, leaving more land to remain wild. Even economic inequality is decreasing, with poor countries getting rich faster than rich countries are getting richer. On the subject of climate change, Ridley has a similar set of detailed charts showing that sea level has been rising slowly for a long time, but it is not accelerating. The same with the retreat of glaciers. Overall global warming is proceeding slower than was predicted. Humanity has been decarbonizing its energy supply steadily for 150 years as we progressed from wood to coal to oil to natural gas. A few years ago it was thought that only 25 years of natural gas was left, but with the invention of hydrofracking shale gas, the supply is suddenly 250 years worth, and it is a hugely cleaner source than coal. -- Pro Commerce: Matt Ridley on commerce

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Hint: It's not just because of a "decline in youth population"

San Francisco becoming a child-free zone as youth population declines Comment at the article:
"Let's see...here's a city that is one of the world's largest promoter of lifestyles essentially tied to infertility, and they're mystified that there's a continual decline in fertility? They're somehow magically surprised that a city with no desire to promote a moral standard is experiencing an exodus of families, when families are the institution most essentially tied to developing a moral compass of the future members of society?

As others have said, "The stupid. It burns!"

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Global Hit Potential: Re-Release This Today and You've Got an Instant Number One with a Bullet

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Peggy Noonan still can't understand why the schmuck she supported just won't take lessons from her

CryptoCon woman thrice scored Peggy Noonan is more and more talking from the crazy place in The Speech Obama Hasn't Given
Which gets me to Mr. Obama's speech, the one he hasn't given. I cannot for the life of me see how an American president can launch a serious military action without a full and formal national address in which he explains to the American people why he is doing what he is doing, why it is right, and why it is very much in the national interest.

In the background we see Ms. Noonan, ex-speechwriter, waving her hand in the air and tootling, "Me! Pick me!"

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Dueling Bumperstrips

The Clue Batting Cage notes,
On my way in to work this morning, I again saw one of the myriad of "War Is Not the Answer" bumperstickers looking me self-righteously in the face.

His response?

Graphic suitable for printing as bumperstrip available at The Clue Batting Cage

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AD Comment of the Month So Far Award

"There are just wars, just-another-liberal war, and Obama's just-because war." -- Jewel

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March 24, 2011

Into the Libyan Whorehouse

A Qaddafi left armed and dangerous when the dust settles is an unacceptable outcome.
Civilian planes will likely start failing out the sky, as did the one over Lockerbie; assassination attempts will multiply, like the attempted Libyan-backed murder of the Saudi king in 2003; al-Qaeda and affiliates might be aided and abetted to do Lord-knows-what to the Italians, the French, the British and, of course, to us. With nothing to lose, and way beyond the threshold of worrying about sanctions and such, Qaddafi could well become more dangerous than ever. If I were Silvio Berlusconi, in particular, I’d pick my future whorehouses with extreme care. -- Down the Rabbit Hole | The Middle East

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Obamacrats Settle on Theme For 2012

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Average American Woman Caught in the Act of Just Being Herself

She had it her way at Burger King: Video shows bikini brawl in PCB Burger King

Meet Kimesa Smith.
The bikini-clad Alabama woman was arrested Saturday night on a misdemeanor battery charge after she had a violent meltdown at a beachfront Burger King in Panama City Beach, Florida. Smith’s antics were videotaped by a fellow diner who uploaded his video to the Internet (and, while filming the melee, exclaimed “This is the best spring break ever.”) -- BK Brawler Busted For Fast Food Outburst | The Smoking Gun

These weekly food/brawl tapes are rapidly becoming a vast sub-genre on YouTube.

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Do Not Trust the Meat Mathematics Institute

Clearly these three solutions are mathematically inconsistent.
How can the $2 BK Stacker be as optimal a solution as the $1 stacker, when two $1 stackers yield one additional slice of bacon? Similarly, how can the $3 stacker be as optimal a solution as the $1 stacker, when three $1 stackers yield three additional slices of bacon? -- ォ Math Goes Pop!

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The Beck Doctrine

Pulverize any nation that foments, supports, trains, equips, or finances terrorists and points them our way, with or without international "supports" and useless coalitions of the unwilling. Then have the last American soldier leaving the smoking debris field put up a big sign amidst the rubble: Don't make us come back here again. -- Cold Fury » Another awakening Posted by Vanderleun at 8:13 AM | Your Say (3)

March 23, 2011

The normal American voter, today, is a communist.

She is not a revolutionary communist. She is a status-quo communist. She thinks of America as a commune: a big Brook Farm,
with Washington as mother and/or father, caring, sharing, providing, educating, punishing and guiding. She has stretched the mental modules which in a traditional human society would apply to her extended family, to cover the entire continent and probably the planet as well. Maybe she wants gays to be able to marry and maybe she doesn't. Maybe she thinks taxes are too low, or too high. But that's about the limit of her political imagination. -- Unqualified Reservations: President Obama, with a little perspective-- from November, 2008

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The real news revealed in this clip isn't about Obama's birth certificate

It is the overwhelming knowledge that Whoopi Goldberg's next public appearance is going to be high in the skies above Los Angeles as the Goodyear Blimp advertising Rent-A-Tent. That mama's got so much back it's gone to her front.

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Our Basic Mal­func­tion

I think it a touch cow­ardly to always blame"Leviathan" or the polit­i­cal party one despises.
  I say we're a bub­ble or two off-plumb.  If you're going to really look at how that hap­pened, you have to include drug addic­tion, porn, greed in our elite, amoral­ity, mate­ri­al­ism and so on.  I don't have one label that fits all of that, do you?  I'm fre­quently told I must blame pro­gres­sivism, but I'm not always sure why that should be so.  == Notes From the Bunker | Bruce Hanify

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"If only liberals...

... were as angry and mean to the people who want to destroy America as they are beleaguered taxpayers." -- Don Surber

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Judge to Google's Scanner-in-Chief Larry Page: Shove those millions of "free" books

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: A message to you, Larry
The [settlement agreement] would grant Google control over the digital commercialization of millions of books, including orphan books and other unclaimed works. And it would do so even though Google engaged in wholesale, blatant copying, without first obtaining copyright permissions. While its competitors went through the "painstaking" and "costly" process of obtaining permissions before scanning copyrighted books, "Google by comparison took a shortcut by copying anything and everything regardless of copyright status." As one objector put it: "Google pursued its copyright project in calculated disregard of authors' rights. Its business plan was: 'So, sue me.'"

Well, now thousands can... and will.

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The Pithmaster Speaks

THE HILL: President Obama Struggles To Define Mission In Libya.

Here's some guidance for free: "If you strike at a king, you must kill him."-- Glenn Reynolds

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Well, that didn't take long: "Germans pull forces out of NATO as Libyan coalition falls apart"

Here's looking at you, Fritz.

Yesterday a war of words erupted between the U.S. and Britain
after the U.K. government claimed Muammar Gaddafi is a legitimate target for assassination. U.K. government officials said killing the Libyan leader would be legal if it prevented civilian deaths as laid out in a U.N. resolution. But U.S. defence secretary Robert Gates hit back at the suggestion, saying it would be 'unwise' to target the Libyan leader adding cryptically that the bombing campaign should stick to the 'U.N. mandate'. -- Libya war: | Mail Online

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March 22, 2011

Illegal immigration: Take down the bird-feeder

I bought a bird feeder. I hung it on my back porch and filled it with seed. What a beauty of a bird feeder it was, I reflected as I filled it lovingly with seed. First came the chickadees and then within a week we had hundreds of birds taking advantage of the continuous flow of free and easily accessible food.

But then the birds started building nests in the boards of the patio, above the table, and next to the barbecue.

Then came the poop.... [Read the rest @ -- - Maggie's Farm

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No Bull About "Globull Warming"

Developing nations will exploit atomic power, because there is really no other choice.
Coal can, assuming we use the coal itself for synfuel and the thorium in it as a fertile material, provide another 100-200 years or economic sustenance in the United States at compounded annual growth rates of approximately 2-3%. It is likely we can get 50 or so years out of the same process in developing nations but their growth rates are closer to 10%, and as such it is not assured by any means they will succeed. At the same time we must exploit that which we have in other fossil fuels and energy sources. If we refuse to burn the carbon-bearing materials, other nations will. The only way we can prevent this is by using nuclear energy in the form of weapons to kill them, which I believe we all consider unacceptable.

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Hear, O Israel

If Israel continues to try and satisfy its antagonists' ground rules, Israel will soon find it’s lost a zero-sum game. For Israel to survive, there’s only one way out. She must understand she dwells alone among the nations, and must stop trying to live up to double standards which are only meant to destroy her. -- Dan Friedman -- NYC via email.

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Don Colacho's Last Aphorism

"Writing is the only way to distance oneself from the century in which it was one’s lot to be born."Don Colacho’s Aphorisms: #2,988

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Don Colacho'€™s Aphorisms: The End

In which Stephen announces he's done:
I have accomplished what I set out to do, which was to post a translation, albeit a fairly rough and literal translation, of Nicolás Gómez Dávila, Escolios a un Texto Implícito: Selección (Bogotá: Villegas Editores, 2001). Perhaps I should say that I “almost” reached my goal, as I have actually omitted a handful of aphorisms (around twenty) that were too difficult for me to translate. Gómez Dávila wrote many more aphorisms than are included in this anthology or can be found on this website, but time limitations and my own shortcomings as a translator have forced me to stop here.

Don Colacho’s Aphorisms is a fine piece of work by Stephen who is cognizant of the fact that “in the Anglosphere to go untranslated is to go unread.”

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The NYet Times Pricing = Dumbth

The New York Times paywall is like the French tax system: expensive, utterly complicated, disconnected from the reality and designed to be bypassed....
The New York Times’ pricing structure, the fact that it is also designed to protect the paper’s physical circulation, the paywall’s porosity all complicate projections. One thing is sure: $35 a month ($420/year) to view the online paper on three devices is ridiculous, not matter how elitist the target group is fantasized to be. -- NYTimes’ “Fair” Prices | Monday Note

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March 21, 2011

NYT: "Dozens of fighters retreated to a checkpoint around 12 miles north of Ajdabiya..."

"Dozens of fighters retreated"?
"Dozens" is not a good word in war when discussing your ally. For example, during WWII, there were downsides to having the Soviet Union as America's ally, but at least the word "dozens" didn't come up much. At this point, the rebel army sounds like they'd have trouble with the forces of The Humongous and Wez in Road Warrior. -- Steve Sailer': America's New Strategic Allies, Part 2

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Why bother?

You know, ever since we stopped short of Baghdad in 1991, the political attitude toward military operations is "winning is not an option." -- Daily scoreboard « Don Surber

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Crime Wave Strikes Rumford, Maine!

On 03/10 – 3:42 PM, Ptl. Hodgson investigated the Theft of A photograph from a Waldo Street business. Value of loss: $2. -- The Rumford Meteor

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Radical element of the Muslin Sisterhood drags Obama into Libyan disaster


Criminal headline Capitalist Preservation

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If you're basing radiation safety procedures on an internet PNG image and things go wrong, you have no one to blame but yourself. -- Radiation Dose Chart

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Big Daddy

Debt is now the father of us all.
In some sense, every cruise missile fired, every Social Security check cashed, ever NPR show aired is done so in part with borrowed money. In response, the president saw the impending doom of insolvency, appointed a bipartisan commission to draft a solution, and then ignored his own appointees’ recommendations. So far the excuse is largely that George Bush ran up debt as well, although last month Obama’s red-ink exceeded the entire 2007 budget deficit under Bush — 30 days of Obama trumping 365 of Bush. -- Works and Days » America Through the Looking Glass

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It always ends in "The Walk of Shame"

"Obama has now fired more cruise missiles than all other Nobel Peace prize winners combined."

Saying 'we'll enforce a No-Fly-Zone but I promise no ground troops' is like a teenage girl saying she'll go to a frat party but just to dance, she won't drink, have sex, etc. It's a nice intent in theory perhaps, but the one thing has a funny way of leading to the other. -- Sonic Charmer @ Rhymes

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March 20, 2011

"Collective bargaining for more money to be collected by force"

"E pur si muove!": Why are Government Workers So "Entitled"? They sincerely believe that they have rights that people in the private sector do not have. Why?
I mean this seriously as a question. I am struggling to understand. In my moral universe, the income of the government worker is more, not less, ethically dubious than that of a private worker. If you are flipping burgers in the private sector, every penny of your income comes from people who like your burgers enough to pay for them. They are glad to do so. In government work, every penny is extracted by force from somebody like the burger-flipper, someone who produces goods and services sold in the marketplace. How can anybody think this is a right, let alone collective bargaining for more money to be collected by force?

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See me, hear me, touch me, FEEL me...


As Obama told a gathering of high-rolling Democratic donors in Washington last week:
"As time passes, you start taking it for granted that a guy named Barack Hussein Obama is president of the United States. But we should never take it for granted. I hope that all of you still feel that sense of excitement and that sense of possibility." -- Mark Steyn

Illo by Maksim,Obama: Golf, Basketball, And Leisure

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Number 486,372.... with a Bullet

I Wish I Could Dance Like Jan Vermeer

I got a camera obscura and a frosted glass.
I got chiarascuro out the ass.

HT: GrandmasterInstapundit

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"We’re all in this together. Sorry."

I know there are some extreme libertarians that think Libya is none of our business
--€” that we, and the international community, should stay out and let the locals blow each other to smithereens until the next dictator takes the throne or the old one keeps it and locks his enemies in torture chambers. Attractive and consoling as that idea may be, the world is nowhere near that simple. We live on a tiny globe that is shrinking by the moment for a myriad of reasons from instant communications to limited energy to a global economy. The bloodshed in Benghazi affects the refineries of Texas just as the tsunami at Fukushima rocks the boatyards of Crescent City. And those are only a couple of the most obvious instances this week. -- Roger L. Simon » Jets over Libya as H. Clinton Assumes Presidency

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March 19, 2011

'Alternative' Energy: "As to rooftop solar being the solution:"


-- Bill McKibben: Where do these numpties come from?

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Andrew Breitbart's Lifestyle

I live a comfortable upper middle class existence.
The difference between me and many in Hollywood is that they have insatiable appetites, and I go into Costco along with the hoi polloi and I say, "This is enough. The American middle class experience is more than enough for me." Whereas they wake up and they see the glass is half-empty and that they're living in hell on earth, because it's not up to their Gomorrah-esque liking. They sit there with their fresh squeezed orange juice and their 50-inch LCD screen and they take their daughter to a tennis lesson in their Escalade, and they somehow think they're living in a bad country. They constantly see the country as half-empty. -- Please Let Andrew Breitbart Finish: Celebrities: GQ

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Maintenant, nous sommes les singes qui se rendent et manger des cheeseburger

This morning there are reports of French fighter jets flying missions over Libya. They say that only Nixon could have gone to China. Perhaps it is true that only Obama could make the Europeans defend liberty. -- Cobb

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Bill and Hillary Clinton. On your marks. Get set. Go!


Their bags are packed. They're ready to go. They're heading for the exit door. They're leaving on a ... --Another Black Conservative via Capitalist Preservation

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March 18, 2011

Degrading Orbit: After vous, Alfonse

It'€™s NOT AT ALL clear to me that what's happening anywhere in the Middle East
has any kind of potential to disgorge anything democratic, rational, or un-Islamic. For the past 150 years while the rest of the world has been scrambling to rationalize politics, society, and economics, the Arab and Persian nations have been firmly in the grip of autocracy and Islamic whatever. Where enlightened efforts were made in Turkey, Iran, and even Afghanistan to break free of the mullahs, those nations have been or are being dragged back to the archetypical Islamic sand farm. One way or another, a Muslim state that purports to "modernized"€ can be likened to a satellite in a degrading orbit around the earth -- huge, huge effort to get up there in the first place but inevitable failure down range. In-ev-i-ta-ble. --   Washington Rebel

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The Palin Doctrine

Governor Palin stated three weeks ago what should have been America’s response to the political and humanitarian crisis now unfolding there.
The former GOP vice presidential candidate was being interviewed on February 23rd on national television by Sean Hannity on a range of issues. On the Libya crisis, she proposed a no-fly-zone to protect the armed and un-armed opposition to the Qaddafi regime. --Palin Doctrine Emerges as Arab League Echoes Her Demarche on Libya - March 16, 2011 - The New York Sun

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"Society until yesterday had notables;

today it only has celebrities. --D.C.

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“No-fly zone” is now the Western intelligentsia euphemism for “declaration of war”.


When does the oh so "antiwar" Left start breaking out the giant Obama puppet-heads and flooding the streets in protest of our warmonger President’s craven, preconceived rush to war, a war that he is clearly hell-bent on doing anyway regardless of what the Middle Eastern leader in question does, and a war that is evidently (drumroll) for oil? -- Libya: Just Waiting For The Giant Puppets « Rhymes With Cars & Girls

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"We are the friends of liberty everywhere. We are the guardians only of our own."

We are better at being the United States of America than we are at interfering with others,
and we have lost a lot of our ability to be ourselves by making concessions with the Left in order to get their support or lack of opposition for interventionism. The best way for America to save the world is to get rich, stay that way, and show how that is done. We can send help sometimes and privately we can send a lot. But we are not good at the empire business. Competent empire is a viable but in my judgment incorrect strategy. Incompetent empire is disastrous. Building American independence can be done and is the best policy. Or so I have been saying for forty years. Invest in America, not in Egyptians or Libyans. -- Jerry Pournelle, Current View

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March 17, 2011



"This is why public employee unions should be illegal -- they foster a sense of entitlement that leads to criminality.
So, Paul Krugman, where's your civility talk now? Will you write a column suggesting that unions are over-entitled? That the left feels too free with its efforts at intimidation? That maybe there's something sick, or evil, at the heart of the Wisconsin Democratic party? Or will you just stick your fingers in your ears and move on? I know how I'm betting." -- Instapundit

Excerpt from the threat and blackmail @ Scrib. See the whole soon since Scrib is likely to take it down for sheer criminality:
Entry by one "Jim Shankman" aka Op:countertroll Vs Althouse and Meade Move the Fuck out of Our City Get out, and stay out. Far out. Meade - You ain't no man for this city. We're out on thestreets every day, all day. The 77 square is not for y'all. You say we're from out of state? Bullshit. You're from fucking out of state. We'll show you just how fuckingMadison we are. Althouse, we will ruin your goddamn career, your comfort, yourpocketbook, your sense of safety and wellbeing, and your life. Because you have taken the bread from our table – a 5,000 dollar donation(each) in your own names and made public to the Industrial Workers of the Worldgeneral fund, the Bradley Manning Defense Fund, the Recall Alberta Darlingeffort....

I don't know exactly what steps Althouse and Meade have taken, but something like this directed at me would be met, on my property, by my primary negotiator, Mr. Mossberg.

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Intelligence: China The Relentless And Victorious

American counter-intelligence efforts are catching, and convicting, a growing number of Chinese spies in the United States. This may be more because of increased spying effort by China, than because of better FBI and CIA methods....
China energetically uses the "thousand grains of sand" approach to espionage. This involves China trying to get all Chinese going overseas, and those of Chinese ancestry living outside the motherland, to spy for China, if only a tiny bit. This approach to espionage is nothing new. Other nations have used similar systems for centuries. What is unusual is the scale of the Chinese effort. Backing it all up is a Chinese intelligence bureaucracy back home that is huge, with nearly 100,000 people working just to keep track of the many Chinese overseas, and what they could, or should, be to trying to grab for the motherland. -- Strategy Page

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Comment of the Month: In Response to Jennifer Anniston Asking $42 Million for Her House

This item @ Luxury Homes Blog ....
Rumor has it that Jennifer Aniston just listed her Beverly Hills house for sale for $42 million dollars. Jennifer Aniston bought it for $ 13 million back in 2006 and had it totally renovated by designer Stephen Shadley, who worked before with Diane Keaton and Woody Allen. The house, which was designed by architect Harold W. Levitt in 1970, was under renovation at the time and was, Shadley recalls, "In rough shape. We essentially tore the house apart and rebuilt it." Her beautiful house was famously featured in the March 2010 issue of  Architectural Digest and she seemed extremely happy with the results: "I'd heard about this place, and when I saw it, I loved it. I knew it was my metier."€ she told the magazine.

...drew this response:

How long this remark shall remain "in moderation" is unknown.

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"If you were to draw a venn-diagram of bad things that occurred in the last decade and things that have been blamed on global warming it would simply be a circle." -UFKA Smithwick Word Around the Net: Quote of the Day

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"The spirit and the essence of Islam"

“What happened in Itamar, to call them animals is not productive…
Here, I’ll talk like the leftists talk: ‘Palestinians that were created in God’s image came and massacred babies.’ My point is, if you think that this was an isolated incident, if you think that these were lone wolves that acted, or even if you think that this is a product of the incitement by the P.A., all of those are not answers, all of those are inaccurate and insufficient. No, no, no, that’s not the point. The point is: this is exactly what is the spirit and the essence of Islam. And we know that very, very well.” -- Jewish Odysseus: IS CHAIM RICHMAN THE ONLY RABBI ON EARTH TO GET IT?!

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Don’t eat the brown mushrooms man!


I burst through the doors carrying Boomer who was now chattering like a drunken chimpanzee.
Unfortunately, when the young veterinary’s assistant asked me in a most serious tone why my dog was warbling, that’s the word she used, warbling, my artificially induced gravitas dissolved and while tossing the responsible fungus onto the counter I blurted out in between gasping guffaws , “He’s havin’ a bad trip man! Don’t eat the brown mushrooms man!!!”. Strangely, the staff didn’t appreciate my humor. Stiffs. -- Bow…..wow man… | westsound modern

Update: Elsewhere, the crimes continue:

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March 16, 2011

Who is the most Zelig-like person in history?

Marc Chagall

Is there a single figure who can be verified as being present at the most number of key historic events, cultural, social and political?
Imagine a dilettante who starts off in New York in February 1913, takes in the Armory Show, stops off at the newly opened Woolworth Building, then crossed the North Atlantic on the Olympic, landing in Southampton before travelling to Paris (perhaps meeting Ezra Pound on the way?), where they attend the riotous first performance of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring on Thursday, May 29. Back in the UK the following month, they attend the Epsom Derby and witness the fatal trampling of Emily Davison. And so on and so on, through events that have only, with hindsight, attained a huge significance. It would be an interesting exercise in dovetailing key events of the 20th century with the people they involved (or perhaps the people who reported them), ploughing through the ‘events of the year’ pages in Wikipedia (1913, 1914, 1915, etc.). Googling ‘real life Zelig’ throws up a few suggestions, plus the obvious fictional counterpart, Forrest Gump, and even the suggestion that Marc Chagall ticks most of the boxes. We’d speculate that a newspaper correspondent from the early twentieth century is probably our man (and it most likely is a man). -- things magazine

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Reynolds'€™ Law

"€œSubsidizing the markers of status doesn't produce the character traits that result in that status; it undermines them." -- « The View from Alexandria

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Dear news media:

Remember back in '50s and early '60s, when we set off something like 900 atomic bombs in Nevada?
And how we just let the fallout blow wherever and it landed all over the eastern US? And how it wiped out life as we know it and all that was left from Colorado to the Atlantic were six-legged rats battling two-headed cockroaches in the glowing ruins? -- View From The Porch :

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What about our hearts and minds?

Last time Americans led a coalition to topple a mass-murdering dictatorship in the Middle East, the Arab League and the Arabic press hysterically denounced us as imperialist crusaders fighting a war for oil and Israel. Egged on by al-Jazeera, they cheerleaded the "resistance" that killed thousands of our soldiers with roadside bombs in the years that followed. -- Michael Totten

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Truth in Packaging


I may have to reconsider my sentiments in Kute Korner Krack Dealers Back

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Twittering Freedom Away

And here is the American's sin:
from his own cupidity, from his ennui and folly and innate, instead of using the power of America in the best interest of Egyptians, or even in the best interest of Americans with an Egyptian passport, what does he do? To entertain himself, to get his TV jollies, shouting hosannahs and clapping himself on the back, he assists his Egyptian friends in committing horrible and spectacular political suicide. Is the American moral? Is he realistic? He is both criminal and insane. His nightly news is quite dramatic; his gas goes up by a dollar a gallon; his friends are devoured by wolves. Hell, it's America, we're bored and rich.

Thus brains on the road. And thus, Libya - which is to Egypt as Egypt is to New Jersey, at least culturally. Thus America, twittering away, says to Libya: "Come on! Have a revolution! It's fun! Don't miss out! Besides, we're all done with Egypt and we're getting bored bored BORED!" -Unqualified Reservations: Libya, the nadir achieved

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Unsung Achievements of Obama

David Brooks Rationalizes His Mistake
Someone at the Times should have had the temerity to tell Brooks that comparing Barack Obama to Dwight Eisenhower makes you look like a complete fool.

Well, not a complete fool. After all, he's close to recognizing another potential first for this president. He's the first president to achieve the status of an ex-president while still in office.

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Tomorrow. Save the Date.


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"People who know all the answers are the worst offenders of all."

At the highest political level of our complex world "they"€ means people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
These were the final "fixers"€ of the system when something went wrong. Of late they seemed to be capable of very little. Why? Because their power to fix depended on the systems they were supposed to control. Their "smarts"€ were judged by their ability to manipulate  the system through which they rose.  Once the system itself began fraying at the edges their true quality became evident. They were not very smart and not very adaptable.-- Belmont Club » What Could Go Wrong?

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March 15, 2011

Dear Veloci, What you don't understand is that deep down, he's not only shallow, he IS an idiot.

Velociworld: I Call "No Go"
I am increasingly disposed to the notion that Obama will not run again in 2012. He'll pull an LBJ. Why? Well, why should he? The world is in turmoil, he has no answers, nor does he seek any. He fancied this a backslapping job. Surrounded by sycophants, and the world's most incredible perquisites. It is that, but it is so much more. More than he reckoned upon. Obama can regretfully choose not to run, and his immediate benefits (not only as of January 2013, but considerably before) will kick in. He will pretend to run this month, and exit gracefully just prior to the New Hampshire primaries. Win-fucking-win. A new book, millions upon millions on the speaking tour. Actually, he'd be an idiot to run again.

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Feed Your Family on $10 Billion a Day

Seems like these days I hear a lot of whiney whiners whining
about "out of control government spending" and "insane deficits" and such, trying to make hay out of a bunch of pointy-head boring finance hooey. Sure, $3.7 trillion of spending sounds like a big number. "Oh, boo-hoo, how are we going to get $3.7 trillion dollars? We're broke, boo-hoo-hoo," whine the whiners. What these skinflint crybabies fail to realize is that $3.7 trillion is for an entire year - which translates into only a measly $10 billion per day! -- iowahawk

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Mr. Multiple [Love] Handles


You perhaps may have noticed that the former Mr. Barry Soetoro already has lots of different names and titles,
so why not make it official and add the one toward which he has striven all his charmed, magical life? You'd think that Barry, Barry Obama, Barry Soetoro, the Punahou Kid, Barack Obama Jr., Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Hussein Obama II, State Senator Barack Obama, Senator Barack Hussein Obama, President Barack Hussein Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Hussein Obama, and the First Black President would be enough for anybody, but the one thing we men of the Left love about Mr. Multiple Handles is his unceasing, restless, relentless quest for his next résumé topper. -- Obama: The Man Who Would Be King - David Kahane - National Review Online

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I confess I do not quite fathom the constant American news blitzes about all sorts of China Syndrome scenarios.
Radiation pollution is a serious worry, but right now no one has died from exposure and perhaps 10,000 have perished from the tsunami and earthquake. It seems to me the greater worry right now is not yet a meltdown, but the vast dangers resulting from disruptions in food, water, power, and sewage. Odder still, it was almost crass to watch American TV heads lead in with shrill, hyped-up mini-dramas about possible radiation clouds descending here on the West Coast, even as their backdrop screens showed biblical disasters of earthquake, flood and human wreckage. Whether we are exposed to a chest-X-ray dose of radiation seems insignificant in comparison to the horrific conditions that millions of Japanese are now enduring. -- Works and Days サ The Fragility of Complex Societies

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March 14, 2011

Nothin', but nothin', happens in the world unless somebody sells it


Sippican Cottage: Marketing, Advertising, and Sales 101
Salesmen are the butchers. Close the deal. They are paid to get stuff on their aprons, the stuff the supposedly vicious admen and rapacious businessmen can't seem to stomach. Good salesmen make the customer feel as though the salesmen is simply helping the customer get what they want. It may even be true. But generally salesmen would push your face into the paper and mash a pen in your hand and move your arm over the contract by jerking your elbow around, if they could. They don't come on the lot, 'lessen they wants to buy...

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"Fuck you, Shep. Fuck you and fuck your purple prose."

Shepard Smith, Live From Tokyo
“. . . blackouts across this nation . . . epic earthquake . . . monster tsunami . . . nightmare scene from Hell . . . . a quickly growing humanitarian crisis . . . an economy teetering on the brink of collapse . . .”

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No, not all 200 million of you at once, please

Raise your hand if you think the media is full of hyperbolic shit with their Chicken Little headlines and factually deficient articles on Japan's nuclear facilities. -- I Hate Changing The Clocks ォ Jaded Haven

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It's Hammer Time in Japan

VIDEO: Now There's A Volcano Erupting In Japan

The volcano, located in the south western island of Kyushu, is close to 1,000 miles away from the epicenter of Friday's earthquake, which has not yet been confirmed as the cause of the eruption.

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President Nadless

Everything about Hilary Clinton's prediction of his inability to handle the phone call at 3am
has proved dead right. His inaction when the Norks shelled the South Koreans, his limp wristed policy against Iraq, his Chihuaua barking at Israel, his trying of terrorists in open court, his incessant bowing and scraping to foreign dictators, his nebulous policy in the Horn against piracy, his sniffing the air for the right decision about Egypt and his shilly shallying around the brewing civil war (if not genocide) in Libya all add up to a very short man in a very large office.-- Abdication - Cobb

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Trudging Through the InfoSludge

Marshall McLuhan famously uttered the words, "the medium is the message."
In the end you cannot say anything via Twitter, except Twitter. Though you may not intend it, every half-assembled comment contributes to the general reduction into absurdity. If brilliant aphorisms are ever uttered, they are drowned the next moment in the tsunami of electronic sludge. -- David Warren

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PutzBeast is Hiring!

Internal Memo: Tina Brown @ Newsweak
Hiring. Staff. People. Sometimes I sit up at night wondering, Who is the most brilliant hire I've made so far? Michelle Cottle? I love her Southern drawl! Whenever she drops into my office, it's like we have William Faulkner or Huey Long on staff. Andrew Sullivan? BeastDish! DishBeast! Dieasht! Peter Boyer? Since I hired him, I've received so many odd "Thank You" notes from New Yorker subscribers begging me to hire Malcolm Gladwell as well. I should do it. Malcolm is the one writer in English language who perfectly embodies my theories of multiple points of entry in his prose—you never have to look past the subhead to know what he'll say. Soon I'll have him.

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March 13, 2011

"Politics as usual is over"

Reality is about to smash the dreams of the world's collectivists like the hammer of an angry god.
They won't even have the right categories to think about a world in which government is not defined and legitimized by its ability to hand out goodies and entitlements like so much addictive candy. -- Armed and Dangerous

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"It will be an 'accomplishment-based' campaign" -- ReElectO Reveals First Official 2012 Campaign Poster



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March 12, 2011

"Barack Obama: All the delusions of grandeur of Charlie Sheen, without the drug-or-natural-brain-chemistry-induced manic goodness."


"€œIn his weekly address President Obama promises to 'keep up the fight'€™ to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act."
Libya is ablaze. Japan is devastated. Inflation is rampant. In response, our president joined NOW. Maybe he can burn his bra -- or at least his panties -- Daily scoreboard « Don Surber

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Cutting Spree!

Our local newspaper ran a story recently with the headline Republicans go on spending-cut spree.
"In a rare, freewheeling marathon of spending cuts, GOP leaders in the House threw open the doors to the federal budget, and lawmakers careened from debates on fighter jet engines to wild horses as they tried to bore through an expanding mound of amendments that had grown to 600 so far." Freewheeling, throwing open doors, careening, boring through mounds -- call me crazy, but I get the distinct feeling the reporter doesn't approve of cutting the federal budget. The language makes the GOP lawmakers sound like a bunch of drunks at a  frat party. (Bias? What bias? We don't see any bias.)  Because as we all know, that's what out-of-control people do:  reduce their debts. Once they come to their senses, they go back to spending money they don't have. -- Tom Naughton

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Crack the Code at the New York Times: If a perps' political affiliation is not mentioned, he's a democrat. If perps' race isn't mentioned, they're black

If an 11-year-old is improperly supervised by neglectful parents,
we're now declaring a free gang rape zone inside of her? In case you're wondering why the New York Times is attempting such a nuanced position on the relative culpability of a rape victim vis a vis her brutalizers, it's due to a fact you can probably guess from the Times' non-mention of it: the gang rapists are all black. -- Ace: New York Times Report on Gang-Rape of 11 Year Old Girl By 18 Young Men Poses Important Question: What Did The Raped 11-Year-Old Do To "Draw" These Men Into Such An Assault?

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Bring. It. On. “we don’t start fights, we end them.”

Leftoids murmur about fightin'. Shannon Love asks, What are Those Incompetent Wimps Going to Do Anyway?
Ever since the '60s, leftists have proven themselves utterly craven. They mock those who they know will not hurt them, like American Christians, but cower obsequiously before those that will such as Muslim extremists. They don’t have the strength of character to win a fight. They need to crawl back in their little holes and whine about how no one appreciates how infallible they are. They can feel all morally superior and the rest of us won't have to hurt them for being stupid.

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Mockery Opportunities Abound: “John Boehner’s America is a land in which cowboys would be forced into back-alley poetry recitations.”

In western railroad halts where the Last Chance Saloon shuttered in 1893,
dusty one-horse towns are now glittering one-grant towns, where elderly hoochie-koochie dancers are being retrained to lead rewarding lives as inspectors from the Agency of Cowboy-Poetry Festival Handicapped-Access Compliance. Used to be a man could ride the range for days on end under lonesome skies with nuthin’ on the horizon ’cept a withered mesquite and a clump of sagebrush, but now all you see are clouds of dust and all you hear’s the mighty roar of thundering hooves as every gnarled ol’ wrangler in the territory races for the last hitching post outside creative-writing class. -- Cowboy Subsidies - Mark Steyn - National Review Online

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Project O-Mockery: "Make Obama look like Charlie Sheen. Sick, foolish, weak, and laughed at."

Obama does not have a magical pull on White women based on results. On wealth delivered and guaranteed. But rather on social approval and social dominance.
While the media can and will push Obama the Living God who is Super-Sexy idea, with the enthusiastic support of women like Sarah Silverman, the power of laughter and mocking is strong. A "laughing campaign" of personally laughing at Obama as weak and pathetic, un-sexy, in front of White women (his power base among Whites) would if widespread, be terribly damaging to his re-election prospects. -- Whiskey's Place: Obama's Advantage: White Women

Our Slogan, via Rich in comments: "Barack Obama: All the delusions of grandeur of Charlie Sheen, without the drug-or-natural-brain-chemistry-induced manic goodness."

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Brian DePalma's Creative License (To Kill)

Redacted was one of those "Bush is evil, the Iraq rebuilding effort is full of death and corruption" movies
that came out in the middle of the last decade. It made about eight dollars worldwide, but it has had its impact: Islamic terrorist Arid Uka who killed two Americans in Germany watched part of it and was motivated to murder. The section he saw was the rape and killing of an Iraqi family which was deliberately filmed to appear like real footage captured by an amateur cameraman. DePalma based the event on an actual rape and murder in Iraq, in which the servicemen responsible were caught, tried, convicted, and sentenced to life without parole in a military prison. In Redacted, the government tries to cover it up and protect the soldiers. -- Word Around the Net: WORD AROUND THE NET

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March 11, 2011

Climate Change Fanatics Blame Japan Earthquakes, Tsunamis on Global Warming

"You know, because earthquakes are such a recent phenomenon." -- Weasel Zippers

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Ellison's Islamic beliefs: Which branch of Islam is it that comports with the Democratic Party's articles of faith on abortion, gay rights, female equality, and all the rest?

Ellison abandoned his affiliation with the Nation of Islam some time after he unsuccessfully sought
the Democratic endorsement for a state legislative seat as a self-identified member of the Nation of Islam running under the name Keith Ellison-Muhammad in 1998. Given the nonfeasance of the Star Tribune and the rest of the local media, we still don't know when Ellison gave up the Nation of Islam. In 2002, as a Muslim, Ellison won the Democratic endorsement for the legislative seat minus the -Muhammad. -- Power Line - Understanding Keith Ellison

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NPR is essentially about 30 people

The corporation that is often times too eclectic for its own sanity has essentially become reactionary.
NPR is the Not-Fox for people who like to hate Fox. It is as predictable as a Frontline documentary, always stirring that same old cauldron. Always making everything personal and always taking the predictable angle of the big picture while pretending to understand it all. It is only that kind of organization that would make a point to fraternize with the Muslim Brotherhood. -- National Silly Head Radio - Cobb

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Quote of the Year (So Far): Minted by the Moonbats @ Democratic Underground but...

...noted at NewsBusters.org, and slapped on a t-shirt by me:


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March 10, 2011

"Some Would Indeed"

File under: 'Are You Nucking Futs?':
Executing a no-fly zone would not require covering the whole country. Most of the Libyan action would be along the coast, where the major cities now held by rebels are. Even so, the opening mission of imposing a no-fly zone would almost certainly include missile attacks on air defense sites of a sovereign nation, which some would indeed regard as an act of war. -- Discord Grows in Washington Over a Potential Role in the Libya Conflict - NYTimes.com

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The left claims that the guilty party in a conflict is not the one who covets another’s goods but the one who defends his own. -- Don Colacho

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The "New Civility" and "Anti-bully" Party Moves On to Death Threats

Justice Department investigating death threats against Sens. Fitzgerald, Kapanke Here’s an excerpt of the email provided by Welhouse:
“This is how it's going to happen: I as well as many others know where you and your family live, it's a matter of public records. We have all planned to assault (sic) you by arriving at your house and putting a nice little bullet in your head. However, this isn't enough. We also have decided that this may not be enough to send the message. So we have built several bombs that we have placed in various locations around the areas in which we know that you frequent…"

"This threat is made more credible, according to Fitzgerald's spokesman, by the fact that Democratic Party activists have "actually gone so far as to go up to [Fitzgerald's] house and bang on the windows at 6 a.m. demanding that he come out." --Power Line - Death Threats In Wisconsin

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Sandmonkey Has Left the Building

Roger L. Simon » Of Sandmonkey, Peter King, Mao and my Islamophobia: a second letter to Salim
I have been trying to reach Sandmonkey because I was disappointed to learn he too has now appeared to have joined the rabid pack seeking a rapid renegotiation of the Egyptian peace treaty with Israel. I thought my friend Mahmoud would have had the maturity and sophistication to realize that the Jews are the least of Egypt's problems. In fact, it is obviously the reverse -- the more Egyptians fixate on Israel, the less they fix themselves.

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The Sore-Loser Party


Let's call this what it is: a campaign to nullify the 2010 election, by a sore-loser party that doesn't like the results.
The Democrats are trying to cast themselves as the heroes -- noble prisoners of conscience engaged in an act of civil disobedience by denying Walker a quorum so the vote can be held. But, like the sheriff played by Cleavon Little in "Blazing Saddles," the gun at their heads is being held in their own hands. -- Left wars on democracy in Wisconsin

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Does it come in XXXXXXXXXXLRG ?


Via iOwnTheWorld

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An Imploding Teat Is Too Soon Dry

Don Colacho wields a number of sharp objects, for example, Every society eventually bursts when envy expands too far. Yes, that would be the giant sucking sound you hear in the distance -- the one third of Americans who are suckling on a government teat which is in the process of imploding. -- One Cʘsmos: Sinister Ministers and Reptilian Kleptocrats

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HuffAOL: Hey, you gotta cut somewhere

AOL announces 900 layoffs in wake of Huffington Post deal

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- AOL CEO Tim Armstrong said Thursday the company is cutting 200 jobs in the U.S. and 700 in India following its $315 million purchase of the Huffington Post.... Armstrong implied the content acquisitions are a positive for the "bunch of big shareholders who hold onto the stock." He said AOL stock had a "pretty small float," and he noted that he invested $10 million of his own cash in company stock a few weeks ago. Nonetheless, AOL's stock fell about 1% Thursday morning. Shares are currently trading near their lowest level since AOL was spun-off from CNNMoney parent company Time Warner (TWX, Fortune 500) in November 2009.

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March 9, 2011

Pompous Presumptive Pecksniff Johnson Pretends to Know Something About David Broder

Pseud and Smarm Watch: A short item at Little Green Footballs it titled, creatively, "RIP, David Broder." In a snippet made mercifully short by paraphrase rather than his usual extensive cut and paste, the Snuffleupagus of the blogosphere, Charles Johnson, attempts to meld mediocrity and media criticism: "Post columnist David Broder died today at the age of 81. He’ll be missed, as one of the most careful and knowledgeable Washington correspondents in our history — qualities that are on the decline in modern journalism." Alas, even in an item this short Johnson cannot resist just rephrasing his betters: Walter F. Mondale said Mr. Broder was the "preeminent political journalist and columnist in the country. He was the best. He was solid and careful. His sources and his understanding were so deep." Especially risible is Johnson's observation that 'careful' and 'knowledgeable' are qualities in decline in modern journalism. He's right of course, but he misses the ironic fact that he's among the cesspool worst in this regard.

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"It all goes back to the false promise of the serpent: Ye shall be as gods. "


Gagdad @ OneCosmos is working his way through Dante's Inferno. It's not a pretty picture: One Cʘsmos: Left Wing Grave Robbers and Other Snakes on a Plane
Through endless and systematic lying at the highest levels. People must be taught in such a way that the conclusions of the left become at least plausible. One such way is to teach people that their desires are rights, that their defects are society's fault, that the state is good at "solving" the human condition, that the accumulated wisdom of the past is obsolete, that what is newest is the best, and that someone else's wealth redounds to your poverty.

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New Verb: "O'Keefed" -- As in NPR and Aspen Institute

Ex-NPR shill denied opportunity to continue shilling for Aspen Institute: No Job For Ron Schiller At Aspen Institute After NPR Video Scandal
“Ron Schiller has informed us that, in light of the controversy surrounding his recent statements, he does not feel that it’s in the best interests of the Aspen Institute for him to come work here,” Aspen Institute spokesman Jim Spiegelman said in an email to TheDC.

Yesterday's Walter Isaacson Custom HummJob on Schiller has been tossed down the memory hole at Aspen, but it's cached version can, so far, be seen HERE.

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"Educated:" You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

“Educated” is a word that is being used, more and more, to describe a personal quality that would be more fairly and accurately called “predictable.” Listen carefully to how it is used; that’s what they mean. You can be as stupid and uneducated as you want, but if you say all the right things and have all the right opinions you’re “educated.” -- House of Eratosthenes

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Linda Gibbons: Canada's longest serving political prisoner


Linda Gibbons will soon surpass, cumulatively, the time spent in prison by Karla Homolka -- who knowingly led three girls, including her own sister, to rapes, tortures, and murders in which she participated.
Homolka, as everyone probably knows, plea-bargained her way to a modest sentence and was released more than five years ago. According to one press report (in La Presse) she was back in Ontario and studying law. Other reports placed her in the Caribbean with a new husband and child.

Linda Gibbons, by contrast, has no prospect of release. She is a grandmother, age 62. Her crime was praying, publicly, inside the 60-foot "bubble" around a Morgentaler abortion clinic in Toronto. She also, on occasion, held up a placard reading, "Why, Mom, when I have so much love to give?" She first did this in defiance of a temporary court injunction obtained by the Ontario attorney general back in 1994 and has returned to doing it, and been re-arrested, each time she has been released. -- David Warren

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Harry Reid: Save the Thousands of Cowboy Poetry Fans!

"The National Endowment of the Humanities is the reason we have in northern Nevada every January a cowboy poetry festival. Had that program not been around, the tens of thousands of people who come there every year would not exist.”"

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March 8, 2011

Union Busting in Boston!

Eight percent pay cuts! Unpaid furloughs! Zero employer contributions to retirement plans!
And with all that, more layoffs on the way. Quick, someone tell Scott Walker! He needs to learn a lesson from people who really know how to crush a union: the New York Times and the Boston Globe. -- Power Line

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Our Masters' Voice

Most Americans can't imagine that they are ruled by overweight, pasty, transgendered union thugs with bad hairstyles. But they are.

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"What is best in life?"

A young mother says: "My 6-month-old has an answer for that:
To crush your parents' sleep schedules, to see them flee before your diapers, and to drink the lactations of their women." -- Quotulatiousness

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Apostles Among Us


"The peddlers of cultural objects would not be annoying if they did not sell them with the rhetoric of an apostle." -- Don Colacho

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Mom Needed


“Mom needed something crazy to balance her otherwise pale and minimalist home. Using the kids as decorations seemed like the best choice.” -- Unhappy Hipsters

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"Let's Make a Steal!"

AOL closes Huffington Post deal; its stock hits all-time low

Shares of AOL fell about 4%, or 79 cents, to $19.26 -- its lowest closing price so far. That was down about one-third from the one-year high it reached in April, Business Insider noted. The decline in stock price may show a lack of investor confidence in Chief Executive Tim Armstrong's attempt to turn AOL around. Much of that plan is pinned on the combined vision of Armstong and Arianna Huffington, who is becoming president and editor in chief of a new Huffington Post Media Group inside AOL.

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March 7, 2011

3 Media Narratives About The Middle East You Should Defend Against


1 Youth In Revolt: The sad truth is revolutions start with the disenfranchised, get attributed to the idealism of "students" and "the youth," and are ultimately resolved by thugs or corporations. Sideways Glasses Guy is in for a jarring quarter-life lesson in economic history, and I'm guessing he's not going to pass.

2. The Mad Dictator That Has To Go: Oh, he may be a nutjob, but once he's out-- what, exactly? He's not a lone nutjob. There was an entire government in place there and while they don't all have voluptuous nurses you can be damn sure they want voluptuous nurses, and if they can't get that they'll settle for all your money and your obedience.

3. The Power Of Social Media: In my short time on earth, I've lived through: papyrus, morse code, radio, yelling, mobile phones, and I have only just recovered from TV. All of these "disruptive technologies" share two commonalities. First, they empowered the people to communicate, congregate, and share ideas. Second, and more importantly, all of them were eventually co-opted by the government and business to manipulate those people, who didn't mind one bit as long as the ads were under 30 seconds.-- The Last Psychiatrist

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This Just In: Podunk U Discovers That As Long As Bill Clinton Has a Face Michelle Obama Will Always Have a Place to Sit

From Quinnipiac University: Michelle Obama is the hottest person in politics today, followed by Bill Clinton. Maybe they should get a room. --Daily scoreboard ォ Don Surber

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Hottest Intern Job Since Monica's


Description: Do you have #TigerBlood? Are you all about #Winning? Can you #PlanBetter than anyone else? If so, we want you on #TeamSheen as our social media #TigerBloodIntern!
This unique internship opportunity will allow a hard-working, self-motivated, creative, resourceful and social media savvy individual to work closely with Charlie Sheen in leveraging his social network. The internship will focus on executing a social media strategy that will build on the success Charlie Sheen has attained in setting the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to reach one million followers on Twitter. The #TigerBloodIntern is expected to be proactive, monitor the day-to-day activities on the major social media platforms, prepare for exciting online projects and increase Charlie’s base of followers. You will learn how to promote and develop the social media network of Hollywood’s most trending celebrity.-- Charlie Sheen Internship

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New York Times Reporter's Perfect Career Move


At this point he could be a real asset to the editorial team:
From the time he was young boy, Mark Hawthorne understood the power of words. His father was a reporter for the Associated Press and his mother was a school teacher. So when Hawthorne landed his dream job and became a reporter for The New York Times, everything seemed to fall into place. Except that it all fell apart. These days, Hawthorne uses the power of words in a different way. Mostly, it's to say, "fuck you" or "I hate you." For the past 25 years, Hawthorne has lived on the streets of Berkeley, where he's developed a following and is known by the moniker "Hate Man," -- Hate Man

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What's the difference?

The social sciences abound in problems that are unintelligible by their very nature to both the American professor and the Marxist intellectual. -- Don Colacho’s Aphorisms: #2,908

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March 6, 2011

Palin Calls "Mud Flaps" Griffin Out

Palin vs. Griffin Cage Match: Now this is something I would deep-fry my Visa Card to see. Even if it only took, as it would, ten seconds. [HT: iOwn]

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Syphilitic Camel for President or Obama. Honestly, How Bad Could the Camel Be?


GEORGE WILL IS not so hot on Huckabee, Gingrich. I would vote for a syphilitic camel over Barack Obama in 2012, so therefore I would even vote for Huckabee or Gingrich. But I might try to talk the camel into running one more time. -- Glenn Reynolds

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Great Racks Redux: I can't believe I left out Charlotte Rampling. Issuing a Correction to ...

.... Great Racks Thursday

I trust my loyal readers will forgive this oversight.
PS: Do not click on image unless you need to see this larger.

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Say What? You first you jive-ass mo-fo

"We need a government that lives within its means...." -- Barack Obama, March 5th Weekly Address

Lips Moving?


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Lest We Forget: Lara Logan -- The Summing Up in a Comment

In Warrior @ AMERICAN DIGEST RedCarolina remarks:

She was wrong on Mubarak leaving, she was wrong on the army's allegiance, she was wrong about the Muslim Brotherhood. She forgot she was in reality. These people love the way they look and sound on camera. Period. She won't forget although the story of her attack has been suppressed. The "firm" (or is it a cult?) for which she works does not deal in reality. They are so impressed with themselves they can't imagine reality. They don't value her safety. She was wrong in her reports and the only reason it matters is because she was so badly attacked. What was the point of her investigation if she was wrong. Naive. Delusional. Hell bent on blaming America. It's so engrained in their existence that she'll probably be on the ground in Libya next week. I will never understand these reporters, like the ones who accidentally crossed into Iran while hiking..??..in Iraq. Al Gore's reporter who was held in N.Korea.. Even Daniel Pearl. Don't we have secret agents doing the investigative stuff? Their motive is to make America look bad. Why can't they now rely on google to bring down dictators and Wikileaks to undermine America's missions? Listening to her, she is an addict. The drug is the need to damage America and it's allies and especially Israel. She is a useful idiot for the cause. They all are. -- Posted by: RedCarolina at March 5, 2011

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We're from your government and we're here to scan you

Coming soon to....oh, everywhere: Homeland Security looked into covert body scans - USATODAY.com
The Homeland Security Department paid contractors millions of dollars to develop and study surveillance systems that could covertly track pedestrians and check under people's clothing with airport-style body scanners as they enter train stations, bus depots or major events, newly released documents show.

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“Stop Booing When All I Want is Applause”

The left needs constant reassurance about following their agenda. I suppose they should need it;
the rest of us have a track record of becoming disenchanted and revolted with it whenever we’re better informed about it. But still the relentless campaign continues, like a juggernaut. At Thanksgiving, in the office, on Facebook, it’s always reminder-time. Bush stupid, Obama awesome, Palin a dimwit, Iraq a mistake. Say a single word in rebuttal, and you’re the problem. Well you know what? That’s the kind of double-standard that is effective only if the victim consents to it. -- House of Eratosthenes

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March 5, 2011

It's true: The 'Wit' of Barack Obama Would Be Among the Thinnest Books

"One of the great contributions that America has made to civilization," he deadpans, "is the one-liner."
The one-liner, he says, was "invented, or at any rate brought to the forefront, by Benjamin Franklin." Mark Twain's were the "greatest of all." And then there was Ronald Reagan. "Mr. Reagan had thousands of one-liners." Here a grin spreads across Mr. Johnson's face: "That's what made him a great president.... "You don't get that from Obama. He talks in paragraphs." -- The Weekend Interview with Paul Johnson: Why America Will Stay on Top - WSJ.com

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Myron Guevara


But the Photo and the Motorcycle Diaries, both fantasies, will survive for far longer than reality because on some level it is better to have a glamorous name like "€œChe Guevara" than it is to have one like "€œAlan Gross"€. Really. If "€œChe"€ had been called Myron and had bad teeth, would he even be remembered today? -- Belmont Club » The Motorcycle Drones On

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The Ultimate Luxury: Eiderdown Passed Through a Civit Cat and Stamped with an Apple Logo


The eider ducks don't look like much, but a duvet cover made from their down sells for as much as a new car.
Their tiny bits of fluff, which have amazing thermal properties, have to be painstakingly gathered by hand from cliffside duck nests by fully unionized Scandinavian workers who are required by statute to receive 25 vacation days a year, massive amounts of parental leave, and a living wage in a country that considers $30 to be the right price for a pizza. So the cost of an eiderdown anything is astronomical. Before synthetic fills were invented, the eider was the Cadillac of sleeping bags, especially for Polar exploration, because of the combination of light weight and unparalleled insulating power. Now it's the material of choice for rich people in all climates. If you can afford the luxury of a cozy eiderdown bedspread, you can likely also afford the cost of air conditioning your house to the low temperature required to sleep under it. Someday someone will figure out how to put this stuff through a civet cat and throw an Apple logo onto it, and then we will have the ultimate luxury. -- Mission: Burfjord

P.S. Civet Cat-Pooh Coffee deemed Halal

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Actually George, there are six. As you will see.

George F. Will - Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich and the spotlight-chasing candidates of 2012
Let us not mince words. There are at most five plausible Republican presidents on the horizon - Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, former Utah governor and departing ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, former Massachusetts governor Romney and former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty.

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The Passive Voice

The strange shrunken spectator who serves as president of the United States,
offering what he called "a few words about the tragic event that took place." announced that he was "saddened,"€ and expressed his "gratitude for the service of those who were lost" and would "spare no effort"€ to "€œwork with the German authorities" but it was a "€œstark reminder" of the "€œextraordinary sacrifices that our men and women in uniform are making . . . "

The passivity of these remarks is very telling. Men and women "€œin uniform" (which it'€™s not clear these airmen were even wearing) understand they may be called upon to make "€œextraordinary sacrifices"€ in battle. They do not expect to be "€œlost"€ on the shuttle bus at the hands of a civilian employee at a passenger air terminal in an allied nation. But then I don'€™t suppose their comrades expected to be "€œlost"€ at the hands of an army major at Fort Hood, to cite the last "€œtragic event"€ that "€œtook place" -- which seems to be the president'€™s preferred euphemism for a guy opening fire while screaming "Allahu akbar!" But relax, this fellow in Frankfurt was most likely a "€œlone wolf" (as Sen. Chuck Schumer described the Times Square bomber) or an "€œisolated extremist" (as the president described the Christmas Day Pantybomber). There are so many of these "€œlone wolves"€ and "€œisolated extremists" you may occasionally wonder whether they'€™ve all gotten together and joined Local 473 of the Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolves and Isolated Extremists, but don't worry about it: As any Homeland Security official can tell you, "Allahu akbar"€ is Arabic for "€œNothing to see here." -- Arid Uka’s Gratitude - Mark Steyn - National Review Online"€

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Magical Thinking

The technocrats' assumption is that if something is a good idea, then it must be constitutional.
There is no separation in their minds between a good thing for government to be doing and what is allowed by the Constitution. If it's the former, it must magically be the latter. If something is deemed unconstitutional despite being (in their eyes) a good idea, then there must be some mistake! Let's keep arguing how good of an idea it is. At some point it will have to become constitutional then. Won't it? -- What Would Happen If A Lefty Actually Considered The Constitution? « Rhymes With Cars & Girls

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Yet another mile marker on our road of decline


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"Not that there's [almost] anything wrong with that..."

It has been a long time since America has embraced the hairy chested man,
and I think that's because of the feminine ideal has not wanted such manly implications, and American men have signed onto the feminist agenda for male looks. But I think it is also because gay men have had a larger impact on standards of male beauty. -- The Truth About Hairy Chested Men - Cobb

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We're from your government and we're here to kill you

Today we intentionally poison drugs like Oxycodone with Tylenol so as to render them "less likely" to be abused.
The intent is simply to kill should you take more than the recommended dose; Tylenol, you see, is a liver toxin and will destroy your liver if taken to excess. Thus, if you decide to become a junkie on these drugs, you risk direct death - at the hand of, and by the legal operation of, government. -- We Must Change The Conversation - MarketTicker Forums

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March 4, 2011

Clinton: We're Going With the Winning Side.


The U.S. State Department issued its strongest message to date
about the developing situation in the Middle East by making absolutely clear their intentions "to stand by whichever side winds up winning".  President Obama joined Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the press conference where she made clear, "We are vigilantly standing on the sidelines and offering the strongest possible monitoring of events from a distance." --Diogenes' Middle Finger:
Illustration from Capitalist Preservation: Feet of clay

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Meanwhile in Africa, random acts of genocide still popular among ruling classes

File under: Many shoes leading in, fewer leading out.

After forces loyal to Ivory Coast's strongman Laurent Gbagbo sprayed a rally of female demonstrators with gunfire on March 3,
residents of Abobo gathered the sandals left behind by fleeing protesters. Sirah Drane, who helped organize the march, said she was holding a megaphone and preparing to address the large crowd that had gathered at a traffic circle in Abobo. "That's when we saw the tanks," she said. "There were thousands of women. And we said to ourselves, 'They won't shoot at women.' ... I heard a boom. They started spraying us. ... I tried to run and fell down. The others trampled me. Opening fire on unarmed women? It's inconceivable." -- Ivory Coast: Fears of a civil war intensify - The Big Picture

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Yet more proof, if more proof were needed, of my infallible observation: "Republicans. They thirst for death."


Gingrich 2012 Website Uses Kennedy Stock Photo
The nascent 2012 campaign of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has already been hit by its first embarrassment: It used of a stock photo for its website that first appeared on the website of the late Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, a liberal icon of the Democratic Party. The photo, of a multicultural crowd of smiling faces staring at the sky and waving flags, was meant to leave the impression that a huge and diverse group of Americans were lining up to support Mr. Gingrich and his wife, Callista, whose faces were superimposed over the crowd.

Would some kind soul please take Newt and his Stepford wife down into some S&M dungeon and leave them there to play until 2013? Thank you.

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Say goodnight, Gracie.


Q: "What do you think of the national debt?" A: "We ought to be proud of it-it's the biggest in the world." - Gracie Allen 1940 -- Capitalist Preservation: Winner

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Rejoice! It's Hollywood’s favourite offshore cause day! Again!

It's Tibetan Uprising Day next Thursday. Yeah, good luck with that. Readers of America Alone will be familiar with my contempt for the sheer narcissistic uselessness of the Pansy Left's "Free Tibet" campaign. But, in honor of the occasion, here's the biggest movie on the subject from recent years, the 1997 Brad Pitt all-accent extravaganza, Seven Years In Tibet. -- SteynOnline [Read it and weep -- with dry, derisive laughter.]

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"A strange moral inversion, considering that Hussein's evil was an order of magnitude beyond Gaddafi's."

Charles Krauthammer - From Baghdad to Benghazi
Voices around the world, from Europe to America to Libya, are calling for U.S. intervention to help bring down Moammar Gaddafi. Yet for bringing down Saddam Hussein, the United States has been denounced variously for aggression, deception, arrogance and imperialism.... Now that revolutions are sweeping the Middle East and everyone is a convert to George W. Bush's freedom agenda, it's not just Iraq that has slid into the memory hole. Also forgotten is the once proudly proclaimed "realism" of Years One and Two of President Obama's foreign policy - the "smart power" antidote to Bush's alleged misty-eyed idealism.

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Explaining the Speaker to Grandchildren

"My grandson called last night and asked, "Grampy, why do you hate John Boner and want him thrown into a volcano?" Sigh. Telling him that it's "because Speaker Boner is just another status-quo bullshit artist Republican candyass who needs throwing headfirst down an abandoned outhouse hole (not a volcano)" wouldn't make sense to him, so I lied, "It's because he wants to kill your mommy." Same thing, so not really a lie." -- Rodger the Real King of France

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March 3, 2011

And on the 21st Great Rack, He Rested

Whew! I need to put myself in traction after those previous 20 Great Racks.


Vex not his ghost: O, let him pass! he hates him much / That would upon the rack of this tough world / Stretch him out longer. -- King Lear

Now if I can just get a few links to "The Thinking Right Collection of Great Racks" I could top out the search for "Great Racks" on Google. Link is HERE.

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Great Racks: Sophia Loren -- Lest we forget....


A reader reminds me. And yes, we are now doing requests.

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Great Racks: Your chance to vote on the best... you dog.


Quiz Rule 34 states, If it exists there's an internet poll to decide the best. The 52 Best Natural Breasts of All-Time

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Great Racks: The Oldest Great Rack Known to Man. Still in fashion after +/- 24,000 years


This statue, shown here approximately life size, is the Venus of Willendorf, "also known as the Woman of Willendorf, is an 11cm (4.3 in) high statuette of a female figure estimated to have been made between 22,000 and 21,000 BCE." Wikipedia

Now you might think this is but the expression of a primitive tribe that focused only on the most arresting and important secondary sex characteristics of the female. And you might be right. You might also think that women have "come a long way, baby," towards putting that kind of blatant appeal to the most direct desires of men. And you would most assuredly be wrong.


Reproduced not at all life sized

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Great Racks: If Phil Collins had had one of these and a wig he'd still be filling stadiums

Wait for it.

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Great Racks: Never unmask a lady in a metal bra

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Great Racks: If a bra is so sheer it looks drawn on, it probably is


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Great Racks: Two reasons why the 1950s look still works in the 21st century


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Great Racks: Het Sex Fantasy Numero Uno of the 1970s


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[Not So] Great Racks: In which Gaga imitates Madonna with dire results


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Great Racks: A Series in which we respond to peccable's comment, "This needs a pool rack for the cue ball!"


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Great Racks: A Series -- The Gold Standard


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Great Racks: A Series in which we now present something for our sight-impaired readers


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Great Racks: A Series in which we now present the largest rack in captivity


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Great (Republican) Racks: A Series


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Great Racks: A NonPartisan Series

"That which is seen cannot be unseen."

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Great Racks: A Series in which there is something for everyone


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Great Racks: A Series in which the greatest rack currently on the planet Earth cannot be seen


This bodacious rack, if we were able to see it, would extend the life of all men by at least 10 years. Sorry, fellows.

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Great Racks: A Series Involving, at times, Jayne Mansfield, Her Dogs, Her Daughter, and Sophia Loren


Jayne Mansfield studied drama and physics at UCLA and SMU.

She spoke five languages and played both classical piano and violin. A photo of Mansfield with her dogs "Momsicle" and "Popsicle" is displayed on the desk of Law and Order TV series character Detective Olivia Benson who is played by Mansfield's real life daughter, Mariska Hargitay.-- Dr.X


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Great Racks: A Series in Which Big Racks Are Opening All Across America!


The Lakewood Rack will span 33,400 square feet.
That's slightly smaller than the Rack that opened in 2008 at the Laguna Hills Mall. That Rack spans 35,000 square feet. The Costa Mesa Rack spans 50,000 square feet and the Brea Rack spans 45,000 square feet. -- The Orange County Register

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Great Racks: A Series, "Quit wining and rack on!"


The Wine Rack, which functions both as a beverage transporter and an adjustable bra enhancer....
First off, it's only $30 and comes in a non-offensive basic black sports bra design. Secondly, this handy apparatus holds up to 750 ml of liquid—hello, that's an entire bottle of wine! -- BYOB and Up Your Bra Size

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March 2, 2011

Preacher pretending to be black accuses president Obama of killing Saddam Hussain and family

Louis Farrakhan, a Swedish Jew who has been passing for African-American for decades, is also a master of recent history:
“President Obama," Farrakhan said, "if you allow the Zionists to push you, to mount a military offensive against Gaddafi and you go in and kill him and his sons as you did with Saddam Hussein and his sons. -- Farrakhan: Jews are pushing the US into war

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In order to help extend the lives of my valued readers of the testosterone persuasion I hereby decree tomorrow to be "All Great Racks All Day Day" in this here sidebar. So tune in and extend your life!

Breast Is Best
According to Dr. Karen Weatherby, a gerontologist and author of the study, gawking at women’s breasts is a healthy practice, almost at par with an intense exercise regime, that prolongs the lifespan of a man by five years. She added, “Just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well-endowed female, is roughly equivalent to a 30-minute aerobics work-out.”

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Greenies! Money where mouth is... puhlease!

Capitalist Preservation asks Where are all the lefty Greenie Weenies?
GM sells just 281 Chevy Volts in February, Nissan only moves 67 Leafs Peruse Chevrolet's February sales release, and you'll notice one number that's blatantly missing: the number of Chevy Volts sold. The number – a very modest 281 – is available in the company's detailed data (PDF), but it certainly isn't something that GM wants to highlight, apparently. Keeping the number quiet is a bit understandable, since it's lower than the 321 that Chevy sold in January.

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Ah, but the stink sticks still

File under, "Polishing, Turd"
Progressivism is on a lot of peoples' minds these days (including mine), chiefly because liberals have embraced the name as a way to escape the bad odor that has attached to liberalism since the 1960s. -- Power Line

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Sheen's ex got order because of threats

According to a sworn declaration filed in the case, Mueller said Sheen told her in a phone call Sunday night, "I will cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom!"

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Ruthlessness Works

Gadhafi is ruthless. The difference between him and the fallen Hosni Mubarak is night and day.
At no time, through the 30 years of his presidency of Egypt, was Mubarak capable of murdering a million of his countrymen to retain power. At no time during his 42 years of power in Libya, has Gadhafi not been capable of doing so. Individuals do have a role in history. Yet here we come up against a hard fact of life, beyond individuals; one which we must try to understand when looking forward -- not only in Libya, but perhaps throughout the realm of Islam. Ruthlessness works. And in almost every revolution in history, the most ruthless faction eventually triumphed. -- David Warren

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Low Flow Acts of Congress

Shitty City: Scat Lovers Ecstatic in Frisco!Low Flow Toilets Equals No-Flow Sewers In San Francisco
Indeed, it was learned that it would even be possible, by purely mechanical means, of removing acts of Congress from toilets and shoving them into the sewage system using almost no water whatsoever! What a boon for the environment! Alas, this dream merely proved that activists could only see as far as the bottom of their bowls. The Doctrine of Unintended Consequences struck with force when it was discovered that the water which relocated the acts of Congress from toilets was also necessary to shift the Congressional output through the sewer system! Who knew! Instead of a laminar movement of muck found with the old toilets, low-flow toilets caused stagnation. The acts of Congress left the homes of the benevolent, but when they plopped dry into the sewer, there they sat, festering and bubbling and turning into a giant petri dish. And they stank.

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Whatever Happens, Buddy, We're in this Apocalypse Together

"I'm not saying this Armageddon's been all fun and games.
You know that. We've had our arguments. You wasted the last of our rubbing alcohol trying to clean out your gunshot wound, and I used you as a human shield against those infected schoolchildren. I'm not even going to mention how we disagreed about whether or not to give some of our food to your starving cousin when he showed at the door, because I think that fight is still a bit raw for both of us. -- The Bygone Bureau

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Schwarzenegger: We're going to need new lies.

“Let’s face it, if we haven’t convinced the skeptics by now, we aren’t going to,” Schwarzenegger will say Tuesday. “So, unless the North Pole breaks off this spring and floats up onto the north shore of Long Island, let’s move past the old arguments.” -- The Governator goes green

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March 1, 2011

Earth to Greens: "Hey, schmucks, WAKE UP!"

"We are going to have to get over our suspicion of technology, especially nuclear power.
There is no credible path to reducing global carbon emissions without an enormous expansion of nuclear power. It is the only low carbon technology we have today with the demonstrated capability to generate large quantities of centrally generated electrtic power. It is the low carbon of technology of choice for much of the rest of the world. Even uber-green nations, like Germany and Sweden, have reversed plans to phase out nuclear power as they have begun to reconcile their energy needs with their climate commitments. -- The Breakthrough Institute: The Long Death of Environmentalism

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"Butt Food:" MichelleO's Secret Late Night Snack


"Cupcake fondue! This is so adorable, and really takes the idea of cupcakes to a whole different level. COME TO MAMA my precious!" -- Only Cupcakes

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The Tomato Seeds of Wrath: “A climate-change activist prepares for the worst”

Tidwell tells us that he has long cared for the environment, that he did his part.
But caring wasn't enough, it was an emotion disproportionate to his soul-searing commitment. One can imagine Tidwell asking himself, "What other emotional states besides caring are available to me, such that I can show my dedication to the environment? Satisfaction? Clearly not. Worry? Too tepid. Concern? Insufficient. How about paranoia?" "That's it!" he must have shouted to himself. For what other emotion best explains his buying "a new set of deadbolt locks on all my doors," a (presumably gas powered) generator, and a (yes) "starter kit to raise tomatoes and lettuce behind barred basement windows."

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"The results of modern 'liberation' ...

... make us remember with nostalgia the abolished 'bourgeois hypocrisies.' " -- Don Colacho

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