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November 9, 2010

Recommended Interpretations

Lowered expectations: One of the most disappointing exhibits at Shanghai's Expo 2010, which ended October 31st, was the US pavilion -- a dismal combination of ineptitude and self-loathing political correctness.

Republican Nations: Removing Ohio, Florida and Nevada from the analysis, because they are too unpredictable, it looks like Republicans can pretty much count on an additional 7 electoral votes

Starvation Rations: New England Journal of Medicine Inadvertently Hands House GOP the Game Plan for Starving ObamaCare

Loss Multiplication: "The federal government is much like a water pump in a fish tank. Every year the water circulating pump processes about one quarter of the water tank and leaks about 40% of what it processes (the government has a multiplier of 0.6). Forty percent of one quarter of the water is 10% of the water in the tank...totally lost. The government actually takes 10% of economic activity out of the economy every year." -- Pro Commerce: QE2 and the mess

Butt-Bitten sensations: Democrats have played the race card for years as they portrayed Republicans as racist. It is biting Democrats in the butt.

Californication: Allysia Finley: California Is the Lindsay Lohan of States and Sacramento Shouldn't Expect a Bailout - WSJ.com

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