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November 21, 2010

Feel Good Story of the Day: The Rescue and the Zoo That Came After

34 animals! A dogs life | westsound modern
When I was four years old he brought home an hours old fawn orphaned when a doe had a fatal run in with an enormous steel and burled walnut 1953 Humber Super Snipe limousine that my father insisted, despite my mothers desperate objections, was a reliable and reasonable mode of transportation for a new family with two toddlers. Upon getting out of the car to inspect his crumpled fender he found the young buck, barely yet walking, hiding in the roadside brush. Knowing that he wouldn’t survive the night alone at such a young age, he scooped the tiny deer up and placed it onto the back seat of the massive English vehicle. He made the trip back to our rural Washington home wondering just how he was going fit surrogate motherhood of this wild four-legged beast around his tight schedule as a newly minted mechanical engineer at The Boeing Company.

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