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November 30, 2010

Coming Home: Best Email of the Year So Far


File under, "The Real Rewards of Blogging." In my mail this morning with the note: "This picture of me huggin the stuffings out of my returning son, was taken by a photographer for the Orange County Register. The look on his face is timeless." Click it or Ticket.

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Making my Christmas list and reloading twice

This could come in handy in "the modern urban crime environment:" M11/9 SMG in 22cal,. Accessorized with a 275 round magazine built by thompsonmachine.net

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November 29, 2010

"Eat the Salad" Every day in every way this man makes himself more and more repulsive

More Bologna from the Phony: How the nanny president sees himself -- and us - NYPOST.com

One staffer was conspicuously overweight. The president, in an incident that Wolffe believes proves how caring the man is, took it upon himself to present the aide with a salad for lunch — “then listened to him protest that he could take care of his own health. ‘I love you, man,’ Obama said. ‘I want you to look after yourself. Eat the salad.’ ”

I love you, man. Eat the salad. That is the Obama presidency in a plastic see-through clamshell. (Hold the ranch dressing!) The president loves us. He knows what’s best for us. We should bow to his superior wisdom.

.....Obama’s self-regard is at its most resplendent when he delivers a remark attributed to Abraham Lincoln: “I am not bound to win, but I’m bound to be true. I’m not bound to succeed, but I’m bound to live up to what light I have.” That the words are actually those of Ronald Reagan is an amusing but trivial detail.

What’s telling is that Obama set up the remark by saying he takes great pleasure in the White House library, and that he stumbled upon the remark in the process of searching out the wisdom of his predecessors. This was not a true statement. In fact Obama later admitted to Wolffe that he had found the quotation while reading one of his own diaries, in which he had mistakenly attributed the Reaganism to Lincoln.

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Warren Buffet: Philanthropic Bullshit Artist

Why did Buffett not become an advocate of higher taxes on those who make over $250,000 when he was in his twenties and thirties and desperately trying to pile up his first five or so million?
Did he really pay astronomical income taxes at those astronomical tax rates in the 1950s and 1960s or seek to avoid them through capital gains lower taxes and write-offs? Why do so many of these zillionaires chase the dollar almost to the exclusion of all else, and then only when wildly successful in a manner that the other 99% were not, suddenly in the twilight years want to make it tougher on others? Is that the price of penance? -- Works and Days サ Reflections On An Ailing Society

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Sarah Palin's Inconvenient Questions

"First and foremost, what steps were taken to stop Wikileaks director Julian Assange from distributing this highly sensitive classified material especially after he had already published material not once but twice in the previous months? Assange is not a “journalist,” any more than the “editor” of al Qaeda’s new English-language magazine Inspire is a “journalist.” He is an anti-American operative with blood on his hands. His past posting of classified documents revealed the identity of more than 100 Afghan sources to the Taliban. Why was he not pursued with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders?

"What if any diplomatic pressure was brought to bear on NATO, EU, and other allies to disrupt Wikileaks’ technical infrastructure? Did we use all the cyber tools at our disposal to permanently dismantle Wikileaks? Were individuals working for Wikileaks on these document leaks investigated? Shouldn’t they at least have had their financial assets frozen just as we do to individuals who provide material support for terrorist organizations?" -- Sarah Palin @ Facebook: Serious Questions about the Obama Administration's Incompetence in the Wikileaks Fiasco

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November 22, 2010

I think it's time for Schwarzenegger to shut up and spend more time with his penis.

Tom Nelson: Schwarzenegger plans to devote his life to The Most Important Issue Of All Time, or maybe he'll just do some acting
Schwarzenegger plans to return to acting. ‘It could be that fighting climate change would be the main thing. It could also be that it would be one of five things that I would do. It could be showbusiness. It could be business in general,’ contactmusic.com quoted him as saying. Along with considering a return to acting, Arnold is currently launching a global war on climate change and admitted while it is difficult to interest people in environmental issues, he has a plan. He said: ‘People get stuck and fall in love with their slogans and with their little agendas. You’ve got to make it hip. You’ve got to make it sexy to be part of this movement. ‘I think that I have the talent of speaking the language in such a way so that the world understands it rather than making it complicated.’

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November 21, 2010

Feel Good Story of the Day: The Rescue and the Zoo That Came After

34 animals! A dogs life | westsound modern
When I was four years old he brought home an hours old fawn orphaned when a doe had a fatal run in with an enormous steel and burled walnut 1953 Humber Super Snipe limousine that my father insisted, despite my mothers desperate objections, was a reliable and reasonable mode of transportation for a new family with two toddlers. Upon getting out of the car to inspect his crumpled fender he found the young buck, barely yet walking, hiding in the roadside brush. Knowing that he wouldn’t survive the night alone at such a young age, he scooped the tiny deer up and placed it onto the back seat of the massive English vehicle. He made the trip back to our rural Washington home wondering just how he was going fit surrogate motherhood of this wild four-legged beast around his tight schedule as a newly minted mechanical engineer at The Boeing Company.

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The Intellectual Insanity of "Green Investments"

The Carbon Standard - Cobb
You have this gaggle of people who are convinced that retirees deserve pensions. That's very clearly a peasant incentive, considering especially CALPERS which are nothing much more than a bunch of middle class civil servants - ex-government employees much less well deserving of pensions than say soldiers... Anyway, they tie their investments to the newly invented ethics of 'green' in hopes that some legislators somewhere will come up with a regulatory scheme to monetize carbon out of human existence. In other words, based on something entirely scientifically unprovable, but legislatively within the realm of political possibilities, they invent an economy literally out of thin air and desire to bankroll the future based upon that.

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iPad Daily: "A tabloid sensibility with a broadsheet intelligence"


iPad 'newspaper' created by Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch
Rupert Murdoch, head of the media giant News Corp, and Steve Jobs, the chief executive of Apple, are preparing to unveil a new digital "newspaper" called the Daily at the end of this month, according to reports in the US media.

The collaboration, which has been secretly under development in New York for several months, promises to be the world's first "newspaper" designed exclusively for new tablet-style computers such as Apple's iPad, with a launch planned for early next year.

Intended to combine "a tabloid sensibility with a broadsheet intelligence", the publication represents Murdoch's determination to push the newspaper business beyond the realm of print. According to reports, there will be no "print edition" or "web edition"; the central innovation, developed with assistance from Apple engineers, will be to dispatch the publication automatically to an iPad or any of the growing number of similar devices.

With no printing or distribution costs, the US-focused Daily will cost 99 cents (62p) a week.

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Young Boy strip searched by TSA

Waiting for the spark: I can't help but think that at some point mob action is going to break out and all those plastic tubs are going to be hurled at the TSA agents.

YouTube - Young Boy strip searched by TSA
"Before the video started the boy went through a metal detector and didn't set it off but was selected for a pat down. The boy was shy so the TSA couldn't complete the full pat on the young boy. The father tried several times to just hold the boys arms out for the TSA agent but i guess it didn't end up being enough for the guy. I was about 30 ft away so i couldn't hear their conversation if there was any. The enraged father pulled his son shirt off and gave it to the TSA agent to search, thats when this video begins."

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November 20, 2010


...it is going to have to find a way to dispose of 40 million excess young men, so a war with India makes sense even, or especially, because they'd get slaughtered." -- BrothersJudd Blog

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Oh, the poor baby who just has to work for the TSA


One TSA worker described his work day:
"Molester, pervert, disgusting, an embarrassment, creep. These are all words I have heard today at work describing me, said in my presence as I patted passengers down. These comments are painful and demoralizing, one day is bad enough, but I have to come back tomorrow, the next day and the day after that to keep hearing these comments. If something doesn't change in the next two weeks I don't know how much longer I can withstand this taunting. I go home and I cry. I am serving my country, I should not have to go home and cry after a day of honorably serving my country.

Advice Goddess sets this slob straight:
Sorry, but you're still sexually assaulting me even if the government says it's your job. And it is disgusting and creepy, and worst of all, it's not making us safer, just better-trained at obeying the government.

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"The Smartest Man in the Tomb"

The problem with all this investment in Obama's smartness as more than just a personal characteristic is that for any of minions to say to him, "No, Mr. President, you don't understand" or "Let me try to explain that more simply" is not just a personal and political insult, but is also a racial insult. -- Steve Sailer's iSteve Blog: "American Narcissus: The Vanity of Barack Obama"

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The Terrible, Awful Truth About Supplemental Security Income

Of course it's a scam. It always has been a scam. The Last Psychiatrist gives you the details.
"That's not how it works for me!" ...you might say, which brings us to the whole point: it's not for you. It is for the entire class of people we label as poor, about whom comic Greg Geraldo joked: "it's easy to forget there's so much poverty in the United States, because the poor people look just like black people." Include inner city whites and hispanics, and this is how the government fights the War On Poverty.

In the inner cities, the system is completely automated. Poor person rolls in to the clinic, fills out the paperwork (doc signs a stack of them at the end of the day), he sees a therapist therapist, a doctor, /- medications, and gets his benefits. There's no accountability, at all. I have never once been asked by the government whether the person deserved the money, the basis for my diagnosis-- they don't audit the charts, all that exists is my sig on a two page form. The system just is.

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November 19, 2010

Bird. Brain. Baez. Somehow It All Makes Sense.


Folk Singer Joan Baez Injured After Fall From Treehouse | The Gateway Pundit 69 year-old folk singer Joan Baez was injured after she fell freom her backyard treehouse this week. The far left singer said she likes to “sleep with the birds.”
“I sleep in a tree all summer long,” Baez told an English blogger in 2008. “I climb up on a ladder, with ropes and things. The birds are right there in the morning. Sometimes they’re flying so close to my head I can feel the wind.”

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November 17, 2010

The Lightworker wants to touch your junk

Most Americans... believe in their caring, fatherly government.
It no doubt strikes them as curious that, after eight years of Bush von Cheney, they voted for hope and change, and got... their balls stroked? Which could be one of these strange Potomac coincidences. But as the Lightworker's administration began to hit its stride, they also found themselves with indefinite military detention and a return to the war on encryption.
The last rings a bell. When was the last time Washington tried to ban encryption? Oh, that's right - the Clinton administration. Isn't that peculiar? If any American was asked which is the party of national security, and which the party of civil liberties, he would have no trouble identifying the Republican and Democratic parties respectively. So why is it that, concerned about his civil liberties, he elects Democrats - and gets his underwear invaded? -- Unqualified Reservations:

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If We Only Had a Brain

Ann Coulter toNapolitano: The ball's in my court now
It's pointless to treat all Americans as if they're potential terrorists while trying to find and confiscate anything that could be used as a weapon. We can't search all passengers for explosives because Muslims stick explosives up their anuses. (Talk about jobs Americans just won't do.)

You have to search for the terrorists.

Fortunately, that's the one advantage we have in this war. In a lucky stroke, all the terrorists are swarthy, foreign-born, Muslim males. (Think: "Guys Madonna would date.")

This would give us a major leg up – if only the country weren't insane.

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November 15, 2010

Third Feel Good Story of the Day

I'm not no drunk. Drunks don't make it to work on Monday. I never misses.
The young dudes they come and go, but we old fellers stick to it. They think they know everything, but we was young guys, too. They've not been old yet. And when we was young, we were younger than them -- I know it's true even if it doesn't sound like it makes no sense. They never been to Okinawa. They think a headache is a cancer. For the rest, Sippican Cottage: The Regular

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Second Feel Good Story of the Day: Palin Rules TLC

Leftie-Heads-Explode… Sarah Palin’s TLC Debut Breaks All Records | The Gateway Pundit

They may have to order a few more of those grief counselors… Sarah Palin’s Alaska documentary broke all records last night on TLC.

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Feel Good Story of the Day: Flattening Westboro Funeral Ghouls

Evidently Tulsa World did not feel compelled to give these people the courtesy of a license plate obfuscation. Welcome to the Age of Consequences.

Makes me proud to be an American and sad that tar and feathers and riding out of town on a rail has been discontinued. For now.Westboro protesters face jeers and slashed tires | Tulsa World

McALESTER - Members of a Kansas church that protests at military funerals may have found themselves in the wrong town Saturday.

Shortly after finishing their protest at the funeral of Army Sgt. Jason James McCluskey of McAlester, a half-dozen protesters from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., headed to their minivan, only to discover that its front and rear passenger-side tires had been slashed.

To make matters worse, as their minivan slowly hobbled away on two flat tires, with a McAlester police car following behind, the protesters were unable to find anyone in town who would repair their vehicle, according to police.

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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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November 14, 2010

Teach Your Children Well

It is the moral order we must first reclaim, if we are to stand as the grand Ponzi scheme of the welfare state comes tumbling down.
This begins with re-instilling the classical virtues in our children; with preparing them to assume personal responsibility. For in a system which no longer offers to infantilize the citizen from "cradle to grave," they must be prepared to take adult responsibilities. They will need the moral stamina to cope, directly and personally, with the fallout from the long "progressive" project of turning the moral order upside down; to overcome "fair is foul and foul is fair." -- David Warren

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Private Sector "Professional" Putz Paul Krugman Comes Out for Death Panels

You first, Paul, you chinless drooler.

If I have to listen to these people much longer, I'm going to be ready to vote Vlad the Impaler into office.

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She stuck in her thumb and pulled out a plum and said what a good girl am I!


Excuse me, but if this pusillanimous pecksniff suddenly imploded into a putrid pile of pap and was forevermore both unemployable and shunned by all Americans, would anybody mourn the loss of such a cloned drone in the halls of government? What a revolting bureaucrat. She stands out even among the vast forests of pustules, chancres, and other creatures of the night that make up the Obama appointment swamp. Indeed, she is the very model of a modern mass Obamatron.

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New York Before We Could Cool It

About those brain-dead cries to cut back on air-conditioning:
Kohn paints a horrifying picture of a pre-air-conditioned metropolis in literal and figurative meltdown. The poor suffocated in their packed homes. The city’s workforce, toiling in the sun, succumbed to heat exhaustion. Infants and the elderly were felled in their rockers and rocking chairs. Ambulances and coroners’ wagons jammed the city’s arteries. Horses dropped like flies, their stinking carcasses left to rot in the streets, while rabid dogs, driven mad by the heat, ran wild. -- New York Crucible by Ryan L. Cole, City Journal 22 October 2010

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80 Years Ago All Was "steady … revival for the remainder of the year."

Excerpts from the Harvard Economic Society’s Weekly Letter, 1929-1930:
Nov. 16, 1929: “[A] severe depression like that of 1920-21 is outside the range of probability.”

Jan. 18, 1930: “With the underlying conditions sound, we believe that the recession in general business will be checked shortly and that improvement will set in during the spring months.”

May 17, 1930: “General prices are now at bottom and will shortly improve.”

Aug. 30, 1930: “Since our monetary and credit structure is not only sound but unusually strong … there is every prospect that the recovery which we have been expecting will not be long delayed.”

Sept. 20, 1930: “[R]ecovery will soon be evident.”

Nov. 15, 1930: “[T]he outlook is for the end of the decline in business during the early part of 1931, and steady … revival for the remainder of the year.”

In 1931, strapped by the depression, the Letter ceased publication. -- Turning the Corner | Futility Closet

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November 12, 2010

I'm pretty certain this entrepreneur does not vote Democrat

Can't find your backscratcher? Can't find it? It's right THERE! YOU CAN'T LOSE IT!


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"Oh and the way some of you dress when you come to the airport, well you might as well be naked."

Shut Up And Get In The Scanner - TSA | Mom vs. the World
I have screened you, your carry on luggage, your checked luggage and even cargo you may have sent someplace. I have seen tons and trust me a naked image of you is not a problem.
When I worked in the checkpoint and screened passengers and their carry-on luggage, not only could I see what you had in your carry-on bag, I could see you. I could connect the image on the screen with the passenger. If that didn't humiliate you then this tiny little naked image shouldn't either. The TSA officer who is looking at the image will never see you and you won't see them. But that vibrator in your carry-on luggage that looks like it would satisfy an elephant, yeah I see that and I see you standing right in front of me. But sure be offended by the naked x-ray image a person in another room is seeing, don't worry about the vibrator at all or the other weird and crazy crap in your bag.

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Time to Cut the Good-Time Kids' Allowance

Americans have come to expect Michelle to wear $500 sneakers and carry $2,000 purses
while dining on lobster and caviar prepared by her personal chef and traveling to five-star hotels on the Spanish coast. They are used to her wastefulness -- and her hypocrisy, considering the lavishness that occurs while the Obamas ask Americans to make sacrifices for the good of the nation, vacation on oil-stained beaches off the Gulf of Mexico, and have patience while the president socializes the economy against the will of the people.
It is time for Congress to intervene and put the kibosh on the spending of a president who has no idea, or who does not care, that his behavior is highly inappropriate. He parties continuously at the White House, entertaining his Hollywood supporters with music, dance, fine food, and wine. One would have expected that the 2010 midterms would have provided a much-needed reality check and led to the end of the glitz and glamor. Apparently not, and it is therefore time for the parents to cut off the apron strings, tear up the credit cards, and budget the children who seemingly were never taught the value of a hard-earned dollar. -- American Thinker: The House Should Curb Obama's Extravagant Lifestyle

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Obama $50B Roads Stimulus Saves Jobs, Planet

(2010-09-06) — Buoyed by the success of his other stimulus programs in turning around the once-moribund U.S. economy, President Barack Obama announced today a $50 billion plan to fix up 150,000 miles of highway in order to save jobs and the environment.

The man destined to go down in history as the first ‘green’ president said today he would increase taxes on oil companies to pay for the road construction.

“This stimulus initiative,” the president said, “will put hundreds of collective-bargaining units back on the public payroll, while taking thousands of cars off of the road, due to construction road closings and the higher price of fuel. The end result: more jobs, less global warming. It’s a win-win.”

Due to the anticipated public reception of the Obama roads stimulus, the White House will reportedly announce next week a plan to increase taxes on airline tickets to fund a massive project to ‘re-fluff the clouds’, employing tens of thousands of unionized fluffers. -- Scrappleface

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Thing I Know #183. When an education has given you the ability to dismiss ideas more quickly, it’s not really an education.

The Palin bashers enter the argument with this preconceived notion that, as I said, if Palin can be wrong then she must be.
A disagreement starts and then both sides are expected to play along with this fairy tale fantasy that the Palin bashers first soaked up all the relevant information, and then came to a dispassionate, reasoned conclusion about what is happening…and then, oh dear, discovered Sarah Palin is in error. Why do we play this game? Seriously, why even bother. We just got done with that Party Like It’s 1773 thing where the Palin haters made absolute fools out of themselves, by flying on the seat of their pants and letting their passions take them for a ride. Next time they make the same noises, they want us to pretend it didn’t happen and we somehow accommodate them.
So now we are to pretend food costs have not been going up. -- House of Eratosthenes

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November 11, 2010

The Trifecta

Believe in God, trust in Christ, look with suspicion. -- Don Colacho

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What will the new entity be called? For now, Newsweek will be called Newsweek and The Daily Beast will be called The Daily Beast, with some intermingling of the names to come later. -- Observer Exclusive: Newsweek and Daily Beast to Merge | The New York Observer

Maybe it can be thought of as "What NewsBeast, it's hour come round at last / Slouches towards Pandemonium to lose money?"

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Tru Dat

MAUREEN DOWD and Tina Fey both play Liz Lemon, the lonely woman pretending to be a liberal because it's socially acceptable in her circles. But at night Ms Fey gets to go home to a husband and kid. -- BrothersJudd Blog

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The Armed Hamlet Theory of Democratic Socialist Cities

Berlin or San Francisco, No Difference

Daniel Henninger: The 1099 Democrats
As to the future, look at a map done by the National Conference of State Legislatures showing state-level party control now. The southeastern states, one of the most economically vibrant regions of the country, is wholly red. North Carolina has its first Republican senate since 1870. What's still blue on this map suggests the Democratic Party is collapsing into mostly urban, public sector redoubts—Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago.

Good. Once we've got them surrounded we can move in an give them the Berlin treatment at the end of WWII. Right down to the smoldering corpse of their perverse ideologies outside the bunkers.

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America to "American" Media: Please quit pissing yourselves

InAbout the mystery missile launch (America the fearful, chapter XX) , Fabius Maximus notes:

There is a major threat to America, one that our military cannot defend against: our cowardice. We have become America the fearful, which clouds our thinking and emboldens our enemies. Today’s mystery missile madness provides yet another in a long line of examples. But there are easy means at hand to regain our courage....
Fortunately a remedy lies within our grasp, using the simple tools of collective action. Today people expressing their fears, even cowardice, do so with enthusiasm. Social disapproval -- shaming them -- could change this. Cowardice is a fact of life, but nothing to be proud of. We can treat them like we do the incontinent.

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Let It Bleed: More on the Now Infinitely Screwed Bunghole Called San Francisco

SF Weekly notes that "The city is awash in red ink, thanks to billion-dollar benefit giveaways and our politicians' lack of will. [Nonsense, the politicians of San Francisco are doing exactly what they want to do. They benefit too.]
"Infinite" is not a word you expect to find in a report on municipal spending. It's more of a science fiction–type term — Tremble, Earthling, before the infinite might of Galaxor! But there it was, in a recent report on San Francisco's finances: Spending on the city's employee retirement system in the past decade had grown at an "infinite" rate.
Naturally, that's an exaggeration. If you do the math, the city's retirement costs for employees in the past 10 years actually grew only 66,733 percent. Still, you might call that a Galaxor-sized number.
In fiscal year 1999-2000, the city spent about $300,000 on its retirement system. In fiscal year 2009-10, it was $200.5 million. Benefits alone — not salaries, just benefits — for current and retired employees this year are budgeted at $993 million. Spending on retirees' health care and pensions is conservatively projected to triple within five years. -- Let It Bleed @ SF Weekly

Oh, excellent! Bring it on! Make the torches! Sharpen the pitchforks! Soak the rope!

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Spambot wants to help California in her hour of need

This spam comment just in attached to the above:
Hi, I’m Michael, a 37 year old dog trainer, with specialist experience in rectifying hostile behaviour in macho dogs who are becoming a danger. I work with local government agencies in my home town of Luton to help circulate consciousness of dog attacks and how to prevent them. My work has taken me to schools, hospitals and prison houses, and I am passionate about helping people live a peaceful happy lifetime with their dogs.
Ah, my poor native state. Still, there's nothing like a bottom to help a state to bottom.

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November 10, 2010

Please allow me to quote my favorite source, me.

Full Naked Scanner or Orifice Searches by Hand from the TSA? Just one more step on the way to The Hook. Flying; The Prophecy from 2005 @ AMERICAN DIGEST

FLYING: Everybody's favorite. On my first flight to Europe, everyone dressed for success. Now everyone dresses for Gold's Gym. And I'm sure the next step in TOTAL SECURITY will be to require everyone who is not of Arab descent to arrive with a note from their doctor attesting that they had a high colonic an hour before the airport to make the body cavity searches a bit more pleasant for the staff. Then there's the added coach thrill of a blood clot developing in the legs that stops your heart at 50,000 feet. Plus... no peanuts! After all, think of the allergic children! Add to that the new innovation, no pillows! I don't see why the airlines don't simply install hooks and, working in concert with government's laughable security cops, require everyone to hang from said hooks naked. It will come to that. You know it will.

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What's for Breakfast? Barcepundit!


"WHILE AMERICA WAS SLEEPING, I fixed a 'news breakfast' for you -- ready each weekday morning at 6am Eastern to satisfy your media craving. These must-reads will help you kick start the day" -- veteran writer and bi-lingual blogger Jose M. Guardia.

The permalink to this feature Barcepundit (English edition). Bookmark it, Toolbar it, or pop it in your feed. I have.

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November 9, 2010

The Nature of the Beast


Consider: the peaceniks of the '60s blew up buildings and killed wantonly out of principle.

Right-to-life fanatics murder abortion doctors and abortion doctors murder babies. UN peace-keeping troops abuse and kill their charges. And on and on. Now consider which part of our population is growing faster. The ever-so-sensitive high-IQ professional dreamers of brotherhood and nonviolence aren't even replacing themselves while the barely sentient parenchyma multiply like mold with fangs. They can't use tools much less make them and can't organize themselves much less anything else. They're unintelligible, illiterate and their notions about tomorrow are their long-range planning—in fact, volunteers have to tend thim like indoor plants or they couldn't participate in society at any level, and that includes feeding themselves.
But they are violent, unpredictable and homicidal. And openly so. Therefore it is they who prevail in the long run, not their over-aware and over-educated keepers. You'd think scientists would notice these things. Well, they do notice in little ways, like how some parts of public transit aren't theirs to use. The underclass isn't the underclass because, say, the educational system is defective—although it is defective and fundamentally so. Education fails because it's built around our fantasy that everything will be nice, and everybody will be nice if we just tap our heels three times and insist it's so. It isn't so. No amount of education can improve the incurious and improvident, which is to say: the stunningly stupid and violently impulsive. They know it and we know it. The difference is they admit it and tell us so in every way they can. -- ol remus and the woodpile report

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Recommended Interpretations

Lowered expectations: One of the most disappointing exhibits at Shanghai's Expo 2010, which ended October 31st, was the US pavilion -- a dismal combination of ineptitude and self-loathing political correctness.

Republican Nations: Removing Ohio, Florida and Nevada from the analysis, because they are too unpredictable, it looks like Republicans can pretty much count on an additional 7 electoral votes

Starvation Rations: New England Journal of Medicine Inadvertently Hands House GOP the Game Plan for Starving ObamaCare

Loss Multiplication: "The federal government is much like a water pump in a fish tank. Every year the water circulating pump processes about one quarter of the water tank and leaks about 40% of what it processes (the government has a multiplier of 0.6). Forty percent of one quarter of the water is 10% of the water in the tank...totally lost. The government actually takes 10% of economic activity out of the economy every year." -- Pro Commerce: QE2 and the mess

Butt-Bitten sensations: Democrats have played the race card for years as they portrayed Republicans as racist. It is biting Democrats in the butt.

Californication: Allysia Finley: California Is the Lindsay Lohan of States and Sacramento Shouldn't Expect a Bailout - WSJ.com

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November 8, 2010

Face It. This Bozo Just Doesn't Like People


Why Obamaites think they'll get a cookie from this guy is beyond me:

President Barack Obama has performed his act of contrition. Now comes the hard part, according to Democrats around the country: reckoning with the simple fact that he'€™s isolated himself from virtually every group that matters in American politics.

Congressional Democrats consider him distant and blame him for their historic defeat on Tuesday. Democratic state party leaders scoff at what they see as an inattentive and hapless political operation. Democratic lobbyists feel maligned by his holier-than-thou take on their profession. His own Cabinet -- with only a few exceptions -- has been marginalized. -- Obama isolated ahead of 2012 - POLITICO.com Print View
Hey, he doesn't have to like anybody. As he has famously said, "I won!"

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Encounters with Remarkably Stupid Progressives

Just passing along the moments here, boss: The Clue Batting Cage: Liberal Wisdom

Maybe this will be a new post theme. I was talking ... to that certain progressive family member ... about "wasting water".... we were actually talking about washing dishes.

And she said, "Water won't last forever you know."

I paused, and then said, "No, actually, it pretty much will."

Hydrology. Learn it.

Yeah, clean water supplies are a concern, and an important one. But that's a pollution issue, not a dishwashing issue.

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November 7, 2010



November 7, 1860

One of the hardest fought and bitterly-contested elections in American history took place yesterday and, as expected, Abraham Lincoln was elected the next President of the United States of America.

Although all votes have yet to be tallied, the Lincoln/Hamlin ticket has received enough electoral votes in the Northern States to secure victory. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Oregon and California have all gone Republican. John Bell has captured Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee for the Constitutional Unionists, while the Southern Democrat John C. Breckinridge has carried North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Texas and Arkansas. Missouri, Louisiana, Delaware, and Maryland are still undetermined.

With 152 electoral votes (out of 303) needed for victory, Lincoln appears to have secured 180. In the popular vote, however, Lincoln’s performance looks less impressive. Though not all returns have been tabulated he appears to have secured no more than 40% of the popular vote. -- The Long Recall: An Aggregator of the Civil War @ The American Interest

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The Rampage


Singh picked up his submachine gun and charged up alone toward the AZN position. The rest of his section (10 or so men) provided covering fire.

He miraculously made it all the way up the path while bellowing "Raja Ramchandra Ki Jai" without being killed -- despite having grenade blasts tear off most of his clothes and being the only (mostly naked, mustachioed, screaming) target on a one-man-wide path.

At the top of the rocky escarpment, he jumped into a machine-gun nest and bayoneted all the occupants. We are assuming the mustache acted as a sort of battering ram.

When Singh realized that all the men who had been covering him now lay dead or dying, he reached a plane of anger as yet unrecognized by our pitiful Western emotions.

He was more filled with murder than ever, but tragically, he had just run out of bullets. And that gave him pause ... for all of a few seconds, before he started hurling grenades and charging into enemy trenches again.

He bayoneted two more occupants before a grenade explosion tore off half his face, which he found mildly inconvenient at best: Not only did it not stop him, it actually seemed to egg him on.

Now bleeding from multiple shrapnel wounds and half blind with his own blood, he charged the second machine-gun nest and threw a grenade into it, just as a bullet struck him in the head and killed him. As he fell, the grenade exploded, taking out the nest and winning the battle.

He died as he lived: a hero.

-- (via The 5 Most Epic One Man Rampages In the History Of War | Cracked.com )

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The Emerging American


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Eye C What U Think


One Good Eye - Carved Wooden Painted Phrenology Head

A rare carved Phrenologist's head, used as a table top model illustrating the properties associated with various parts of the head. Carved and painted with inked descriptions along the scalp. Sensitive rendering of the face and inlaid glass eyes add to its presence. c. 1870 10" h.

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White Chicks on Dope or "The Palin Perplex'

Whiskey's Place: The Election Results: Go Hunk, Avoid Women

White women don't like, for the overwhelming most part, Conservative women.

Meg Whitman was called a whore, because it worked. Christine O'Donnell, and Sarah Palin, were called sluts, because it worked. [Both are toxic to women, and O'Donnell's ill-advised ad saying she did not go to Yale was a disaster. White women are probably the most status-conscious group on the planet, and view Ivy League credentials as magic, as of course do highly feminized elite men like Tom Friedman. There are relatively few Tom Friedmans, thankfully, but most White women set everything on status, and they are many where Friedman type men votes are few. Like Nelson's captains and "honor" having the right status is all, between social ruin and prosperity.]

Anyone who ever saw an episode of "Gilmore Girls" would know what a huge mistake that was, by O'Donnell. The popular WB-CW series featured a "hip single mother" and hip young daughter, both obsessed with the latter getting into Harvard or Yale. A modern day princess story (the mother and daughter were estranged heiresses to a fortune, pursued by often drunk, but always rich and hunky guys, video of one below). When O'Donnell said she didn't go to Yale, she got a lot of White male voter approval (not all of course) but sunk herself with White women. She might as well have said she didn't like romance novels at Twilight convention.

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November 6, 2010

Enemy of the State


"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin." – Samuel Adams | Out of Order the Blog: Enemy of the State

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Meet the New Clowns. Same as the Old Clowns.


A gang of schmucks, us? Perish the thought! President Obama keeps his core staff intact!

With Republicans now in control of the U.S. House, the White House quickly announced a few symbolic gestures intended to show they had absorbed the lessons of the midterm election. Obama invited both Democratic and Republican legislative leaders to a meeting followed by dinner in the White House on Nov. 18. It will be the first in a series of bipartisan overtures in the months to come, White House aides said.

But the lack of White House personnel moves — combined with the likely return of Nancy Pelosi as leader of the House Democrats and Harry Reid as majority leader of the Senate — leaves a different impression.

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A word from our sponsor


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And the "Oh shut your gaping drool tool, you corrupted twit of the week" Award goes to..... Rachael Maddow, who's got to be thinking, "Hey, now I'm the top bull in this slaughteryard" right about now

"Keith is a liberal, so am I. There are other people on this network whose political views are shared openly with our viewers. We are not a political operation. FOX is. We are a news operation. The rules around here are part how you know. Keith Olbermann attracted the ire of the right-wing and raged against what he saw as the errors and sins of the previous administration. Keith was also the one who brought to light FOX News' water-carrying role for the Bush administration," Rachel Maddow said in defense of her MSNBC colleague on her show Friday night. --RealClearPolitics - Video - MSNBC's Maddow Defends Olbermann: "We Should Have Keith Back"

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Best. Decade. Ever.

For all its problems, the first 10 years of the 21st century were in fact humanity's finest, a time when more people lived better, longer, more peaceful, and more prosperous lives than ever before.

Consider that in 1990, roughly half the global population lived on less than $1 a day; by 2007, the proportion had shrunk to 28 percent -- and it will be lower still by the close of 2010. That's because, though the financial crisis briefly stalled progress on income growth, it was just a hiccup in the decade's relentless GDP climb. Indeed, average worldwide incomes are at their highest levels ever, at roughly $10,600 a year -- and have risen by as much as a quarter since 2000. Some 1.3 billion people now live on more than $10 a day, suggesting the continued expansion of the global middle class. Even better news is that growth has been faster in poor places like sub-Saharan Africa than across the world as a whole. -- Opening Gambit: - By Charles Kenny | Foreign Policy

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Saving the Junkie

"Drugs got him here, and drugs will be his salvation. He wasn't breathing when the fire department EMTs arrived. Narcan helped his respirations, but nothing else. They're not sure what he took.

"They've barely stopped bagging when we walk in. Not down too long, they say. History of drug abuse and suicide attempts. So we start the workup.

"I start a line in his ankle, the only site I can find. My partner hooks him up to the monitor. He's breathing forty times a minute, but his oxygen saturations hover around 85%. He won't wake up and his lungs sound like a tire chain in a tumble dryer. Even with suctioning, an NPA, and more bagging, he doesn't really improve. His jaw is locked tight, and all I can do is run the Yankauer over his teeth.

"The nearest hospital is 35 miles away, on windy, rain-slick country roads." -- Drug-Induced Hallucinations: Drugs

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November 5, 2010

Signs Mean Squat: "The quality of the enemy is determined by his skill in combat."

Fists of Fury - Cobb

So if you are to be part of a political agenda that is based on principled racism, or 'homophobic' (which is such an idiotic term - for a dozen reasons I won't go into), then you have to be disciplined and organized.

What is laughable is that somebody carrying a sign with an offensive word is going to take bread off my table. This is how the Left has made duds of their moral ammunition, invoking a history of racist masterminds just a the sight of a flag.

It is not surprising, however that the sort of fancy imbecile who would vote for the sort of man who promises peace through speeches, while defunding the actual armed forces of a nation, would be atwitter about some redneck's placard. As if cardboard and a sharpie were weapons.

Mere contempt does not make an enemy formidable. The quality of the enemy is determined by his skill in combat.

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A viewership of two mourns

Olbermann Suspended from MSNBC Indefinitely - Big Journalism

MSNBC has suspended prime-time host Keith Olbermann indefinitely without pay for making political contributions. Politico reported Friday that Olbermann contributed to the campaigns of three Democratic candidates this fall, including one on the same day he appeared on Olbermann’s “Countdown” program.

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Science That Sucks: There are two kinds of bad science: the flagrantly and curiously wrong, and the ridiculously obvious.

William M. Briggs, Statistician posts on the stupidity of "Certain Oral Activities Linked To Intercourse Onset, New Research Suggests"

"Having Oral Sex Increases Likelihood of Intercourse Among Teens, Study Finds" is the headline at Science Daily, a site whose existence depends upon reprinting press releases provided by universities. Universities, I say; entities who think it wise to employ staff to tout the triumphs of their tenured. The University of California, San Francisco, provided this press release.

It describes the work -- to stretch a word -- Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, PhD, professor of pediatrics at UCSF, and Anna Song, also PhD, but residing at UC Merced. According to Song, "Our study demonstrates that through its relationship with intercourse, oral sex contributes to the total risk associated with sexual activity among teens, including sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy." Risk?

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November 3, 2010

This obviously means he'll be speaking more than ever.

Obama Drops Plan to Limit Global Warming Gases - ABC News


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Cobb's Right. California Has Not Yet Bottomed. But It's Coming

I'm one of the perverse who hopes that the fiscal collapse will be catastrophically swift and surprising.

Like the blackouts last time. Like when Orange Country went broke. That's what it takes out here - constitutional crisis of mind blowing proportions. We've got Brown; we've got Boxer. Nothing changes except the intelligibility of gubernatorial sound bites. -- You're A Mean One, Mr. Gridlock - Cobb

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I'm Convinced This Is True

"The most convinced reactionary is the repentant revolutionary, that is to say: the man who has known the reality of the problems and has discovered the falseness of the solutions." -- Don Colacho’s Aphorisms: #2,163

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November 2, 2010

Spot the Subtext: I hate it when this happens


Curmudgeonly & Skeptical presents Boned Muse o' Democrat

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Obama to Giants: FU

Crickets:Wrong number? Obama doesn't call champion Giants - San Jose Mercury News

SAN JOSE -- Amid beer and champagne flowing in the clubhouse of the San Francisco Giants late Monday, one thing was missing.

The president. Not the president of the ball club. The President of the United States.

Giants players and personnel thought they'd hear from President Barack Obama by telephone after San Francisco beat the Texas Rangers 3-1 in Game 5 to capture its first World Series title since 1954.

But Giants spokeswoman Staci Slaughter tells KNTV they have yet to take that call.

Slaughter says team personnel gave the White House the private line into manager Bruce Bochy's office, as well as other numbers for Obama to get in touch -- but so far, nothing.

The Giants, though, are used to waiting.

It's been 56 years since their last series title.

Hates baseball? Check. Hates Giants? Check. Hates San Francisco? Check. Hates America? Check and double check.

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Rescued from a Brothel? Hillary Can Relate

"Hummm, even old blond bring plenty riel for boom-boom"

Mrs Clinton listened as one young woman, Vann Sina, recounted her story of being abducted at 13 and forced to have sex with 20 to 30 men a day for more than two years before being rescued from a brothel. "You motivate me," she said. -- Hillary Clinton stays away from mid-term elections

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India on Only $200 Million a Day

Obama Goes into Full Roman Emperor Mode. Is building a larger and grander White House Next?

US to spend $200 mn a day on Obama's Mumbai visit

Mumbai: The US would be spending a whopping $200 million (Rs. 900 crore approx) per day on President Barack Obama's visit to the city.

"The huge amount of around $200 million would be spent on security, stay and other aspects of the Presidential visit," a top official of the Maharashtra Government privy to the arrangements for the high-profile visit said.

About 3,000 people including Secret Service agents, US government officials and journalists would accompany the President.

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November 1, 2010

How low can he go? He's still worth part of a house.

Remember this clueless woman in the 2008 campaign convinced Obama was gonna give her free gas, a free house and everthin'? Well, that dream seems to have come partially true for one woman in an odd way: Struggling woman has to sell Obama letter to help pay for house - NYPOST.com "D'oh the humanity!"

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