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June 28, 2010

Trust But Verify

We believe in Google Maps because when we go to the direction indicated,
we find the address there. We believe in Amazon.com because when we order a book from it it usually arrives in the mail after some days. We can do business on EBay because the trading cards we buy eventually show up at our doorstep. Whether it is code that claims to add two numbers or a formula which describes the acceleration of objects falling under gravity we could in principle reproduce it ourselves. Stories whose truth relies upon the acceptance of a privileged point of view will be increasingly harder to sell as time goes by.... Facts which come from a Black Box — whether the dictation of a supernatural being, or a birth certificate only the elect can see, or files of no known provenance dropped off wherever Julian Assange is– must overcome the modern requirement for direct inspection. News from a Black Box will be increasingly regarded as doubtful even if it is true. This doesn’t necessarily mean that news can’t start from a Black Box, but like a preached faith, the news requires eventual revalidation before it gains final acceptance. -- Belmont Club サ No Secret Place

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