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June 20, 2010

First wisecrack about the prototype being and ex-Wife or girlfriend loses.


Rape-aXe: South African doctor invents female condoms with 'teeth' to fight rape

Ehlers is distributing the female condoms in the various South African cities where the World Cup soccer games are taking place. The woman inserts the latex condom like a tampon. Jagged rows of teeth-like hooks line its inside and attach on a man's penis during penetration, Ehlers said.(via - CNN.com)

Seems to me the mechanics might actually encourage a man to, shall we say, stick around. Not really the outcome one would be looking for.

Posted by Vanderleun at June 20, 2010 5:37 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

Just needs some poison spines, something jelly fishy perhaps.

Posted by: chuck at June 20, 2010 6:13 PM

For men seeking attachment, or for women who want to stay connected?
Either way, it's Freud's worse nightmare.

Posted by: Patvann at June 20, 2010 7:16 PM

On the bright side, dogs deal with this sort of attachment all the time and they seem to do alright.

Posted by: Anonymous at June 20, 2010 7:39 PM

It's tragic that necessity IS the mother effer of all inventions. this invention wouldn't be necessary if women could have guns and then shoot them.

Posted by: Jewel at June 20, 2010 10:19 PM

Looking at the website, you can see that the maneating condoms are made to slip out of the woman easily, leaving the perpetrator to carry away the mark of Cain. And considering what the inside of those things could do to a man, potential rapists may actually prefer women protecting themselves with guns, depending of course on how good a shot she is.

Range time, ladies, remember your monthly range time.

Posted by: raincityjazz at June 20, 2010 11:16 PM

Posted by: Jewel at June 21, 2010 2:42 AM

Hillary Clinton is suing for copyright infringement.

Posted by: Gagdad Bob at June 21, 2010 8:02 AM

I looked into the patent, Gagdad...Hillary might have a problem claiming exclusionary rights.

You see, even though hers includes a shredding feature, there is one point of contention that may in the end, null her claim.

To wit: The patent must be "non-obvious". ;-)


Posted by: Patvann at June 21, 2010 8:17 AM

Well played, sir.

Posted by: Gagdad Bob at June 21, 2010 8:22 AM

Fiendishly clever!

Posted by: Voton at June 21, 2010 8:51 AM

Just another sign of a failed society. If S. Africa would deal with rapists and its rampant violent crime in general in a forthright manner, these condoms wouldn't have been invented.

Another example of state, societal, and moral failure is the Swedish "anti-rape belt" that some Swedish girls are wearing because no one in position of authority wants to deal effectively with the surge in rapes caused by the inundation of N. African and other Muslim immigrants.

Posted by: Don Rodrigo at June 21, 2010 11:02 AM

I just have to wonder: given that these things are designed to slip out easily, how hard would it be for the bad guy to simply remove it first? Strikes me as providing a very false sense of security.

Posted by: Julie at June 21, 2010 11:38 AM

@Gagdad (*beats self-ego-id down with a hammer*)

Thank you, kind sir. That mean a lot.

Posted by: Patvann at June 21, 2010 3:43 PM

Ah yes, "Vagina dentata".

Somehow, it seems to me that if a man is willing to rape, he'd be willing to kill, too. Having one's penis impaled while expecting something else might just spark a killing frenzy in those impulsive enough to rape.

Jeez. I'm no aerospace engineer and I figured that out.
Give those girls some small arms and the boys'll keep their trousers zipped until given an invitation.

Posted by: teresa at June 21, 2010 5:30 PM

It'll work, as long as it comes in a boxed set (no pun intended) with a S & Wesson .38.

Posted by: Cheezburgrrr at June 21, 2010 6:27 PM

@ Teresa:
What if, atop of what you posit, (my 17 y/o daughter is quite adept at firearms) we re-acquaint our boys with concepts like Honor and Truth. What if we teach them the value of an unarmed and unafraid woman. The Honor in seeing a woman as something to hold in high regard, not as an quest, or a outlet for rage.

We, as that society, have forgotten our roles, and too readily accept those among us who pretend to see no difference between the societies that strive for the Judeo-Christian-liberal vision of a healthy tribe, and those who don't.

Posted by: Patvann at June 21, 2010 10:06 PM


The old golden days, when we respected our parents, were courteous and polite, and paid homage to the eternal verities. The golden age which is always some 50 years past, and has been since time immemorial.

Periclean Athens forbade women to walk the streets alone because of the threat of rape. Rape has always been with us, and will always be with us. We have always had men who see it as their right to dominate woman through copulation, and we always shall

We need to acknowledge this, and prepare people for it. Provide women with the means to defend themselves, and with the means to gain payback on the bastard who raped them. We've made progress in the last case, though we could go further.

Rape is never justified, no matter what the victim did. We can get that message out and in the heads of young men around the world we would do a lot to curtail the incidence of rape. But, we would never entirely eliminate it. For there will always be arrogant men ready to force themselves on others sexually.

By all means teach your daughter how to use firearms. More importantly, teach her the tough-mindedness she'll need to kill another human being, for a gun is useless if you're not willing to use it. But don't hark back to an era that never existed, for such is a waste of time and effort and diverts from the real goal of shaping society to one that sees rape and similar crimes as the perversions they are.

We'll never see a golden age, but in time we can see a world where what was once considered unavoidable becomes something that not only can be fought, but is fought, and without the quibbling we see today.

Posted by: Alan Kellogg at June 22, 2010 2:08 AM

Sheesh, by the time that thing does its work, you've already been RAPED! How about a conceal-carry Glock? And a canister of mace on the keychain?

Posted by: Susie at June 24, 2010 8:50 PM

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