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March 31, 2010

Moore's Law via Tom McMahon


4-Block World

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Botox for FLOTUS?


Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog: Flexing our Frozen Muscles
I’m not saying that Lady M was suffering with a bad Botox-reaction for the past few days. Nor am I saying that she suffered any other unintended results related to superficial cosmetic surgery....

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Can China Make a Buck or Two?

It’s also amazing how unprofitable such a country can be.
The Chinese system, like the Japanese system before it, works on bulk, churn, maximum employment and market share. The U.S. system of attempting to maximize return on investment through efficiency and profit stands in contrast. The American result is sufficient economic stability to be able to suffer through recessions and emerge stronger. The Chinese result is social stability that wobbles precipitously when exposed to economic hardship. The Chinese people rebel when work is not available and conditions reach extremes. It must be remembered that of China’s 1.3 billion people, more than 600 million urban citizens live on an average of about $7 a day, while 700 million rural people live on an average of $2 a day, and that is according to Beijing’s own well-scrubbed statistics. -- China: Crunch Time | STRATFOR

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Three fundamental axioms of leftist thought

The triumvarate of contradictions that claims to be based on "scientific" psychology includes the hyping of
(1) self-esteem (increasing your self-worth without having to achieve anything); (2) hope (achieving your goals without any real effort) and (3) victimhood (it's not your fault that you haven't achieved anything or made any effort). -- Dr. Sanity: ENCOURAGING A CULTURE OF NARCISSISM, Or, The Emperors' New Egos

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Tell It To the Marines: Bush and Obama Meet the Troops

HT: Bookworm Room - A tale of two presidents with American troops

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March 30, 2010

The OverLords' Prayer


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"The people are my god."


Tax day here. Worship day there. Coincidence? Korean people celebrate April 15, birthday of President Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), as the Day of the Sun....
President Kim Il Sung, possessed with ardent love of people, administered benevolent politics throughout his life. Regarding “The people are my God” as his lifetime motto, he always mixed with his people. He ensured that free medical care and education were enforced across the country and taxes were abolished once and for all. As the father of the grand family, i.e., Korean society, he took affectionate care of all the members of the family. It is fortuitous that the Korean people addressed him by the “fatherly leader” rather than by his official title in his lifetime. -- Eternal Dim-Sun Out to Lunch – Counting Cats in Zanzibar

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Floating a Loan


May's first stab at a caravan suspended from a dirigible was not entirely elegant. -- Telegraph

There's something here that speaks to me about the national debt and the economy, but I'm not sure what it is.

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Once Elected... Anything Goes

neo-neocon -- Remember Honduras? Obama does, and he hasn't given up trying to destabilize the country

Obama has not given up practicing on Honduras, working on his techniques to destabilize it and support a leftist thug if at all possible. You got to hand it to him: he's consistent.

What appeared at the outset to be a possible aberration has become a pattern. What initially seemed a surprise is a surprise no longer. Obama supported Zelaya not just because he is a fellow-leftist, but in order to stand for the principle that, once a person is elected, he's allowed to do anything he wants.

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March 29, 2010

A Simple Plan


Indiana dairy farmer Tony Goltstein has an unmistakable problem.
Twenty-foot-tall bubbles of methane gas have started bulging out of the pools where he collects manure from his 1,650 cows.... Goltstein has a simple plan: Put his 19-year-old son in a rowboat, armed with a gas mask and a Swiss Army knife, and have him pop the controversial bubbles. Apprehensive state authorities have not okayed the scheme, however, and there is certainly an argument for caution: A manure-pit methane gas explosion in Hayfield, MN, blasted a hog farmer 40 feet into the air last year, leaving him with burns and singed hair. -- Should America fear its giant 'poop bubbles'? - The Week

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"Motherhood" Continues Its Bombing Run in Britain

Thurman's no red-hot momma in Motherhood

Uma Thurman's new film seen by just one person on opening day
Uma Thurman’s latest film is set to be one of the biggest box office flops ever after just one ticket was sold for the movie on its opening day.

HT from Counting Cats in Zanzibar who notes, wisely,
We go to the cinema to be entertained. Not to hear Uma, Jodie and Minnie wittering on about the difficulties of finding affordable child care or some such nonsense. I want car chases, explosions, sexy birds, bad-ass leading men and fights. I want Bruce Willis in a dirty vest and Scarlett Johansson in as little as possible. And probably, Dear reader, so do you.

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“Sooner or later we’ll all of us be on the menu.”


"To Serve Man" -- Mmm, Mmm, Mmm -- Sound Familiar?
Kanamits arrive on earth and immediately make everything better. They promise humans that they will bring the world peace by installing force fields between the nations that will not allow weapons to penetrate (take that, Homeland Security). They have some secret energy source that will power everything we use (they were green before green was cool), and they have secret fertilizer that will make arid soil flourish and there will be plenty of food for all mankind (and they did all this before there was an Earth Day or a Sierra Club). When the king of the Kanamits lets us little people know what he will do for the world he says, "We ask only that you trust us, only that you simply trust us."  Sounds like a great deal. I'm all in! "Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can!"€

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When People Believe in Nothing They'll Believe in Anything


Can't get rid of your memories? Call Death Bear
A man in the second-floor unit of a nearby apartment building in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn was desperate to get rid of something that was too torturous to keep but impossible to discard. The anguished individual had turned to Death Bear, a macabre performance artist who silently walks the city streets in a one-man quest to relieve people of painful remnants of the past: love letters, photos, gifts, dog tags, underwear -- a lot of underwear, it seems -- anything that might reduce an otherwise well-functioning person to a sniffling wreck.

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There's No Blessing to Be Had from Darkness

Why not turn the streetlights off as well?
No, no, it’s not the useful safety-oriented lights to which people object; it’s only the conspicuous boastful wastes of electricity that do nothing but make things look lovely, and carve a big space out of the black that says WE ARE HERE AND WE BUILT THIS. I had a conversation last year with someone who became angry to the point of SHOUTING that illuminated skyscrapers summed up everything that was wrong with America; I tend to think not, and there’s not much one can do to reconcile the positions.

Tonight I strung lights around the newly braced gazebo, ran cords, turned on the garden lighting for the first time since the sad disconnect that follows the first snow. Soft pools of light in the backyard now, with one spotlight interrogating the spot where the water will shoot up when I start the Oak Island Water Feature. The backyard is best at night – it’s a stage, a set, a place of shadows and simple mysteries. It may be an overreaction to curse the darkness, but I’ve no time for those who want to bless it, either. -- James Lileks, Monday, March 29

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March 28, 2010

Downfall: The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

"That bombshell chick is so diseased I wouldn't fuck her with the dick of Stalin!"

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"SWOONBATS" -or - Faintergeist II: Overcome by "The Presence" They're Dropping in the Aisles Again

Return of the Propagandist's Staged Fainting Spells

March 25, 2010: "What this reform does is build on the system of private health insurance that we already have. So does that mean that it’s going to solve every health care problem that we have? No. But it finally tells -- oops, it looks like somebody may have fainted. That happens sometimes in the crowd. Just give him some space. If the medics can make sure to check on them, in the meantime just make sure that they’ve got some air. And if anybody has some water down there, that’d be great. They’ll be all right."
April 27, 2009: "Back in 1908…oh somebody fainted. Do we have an EMT here? Right down here. Just give him a little bit of space.... I think they'll be alright."

Doug Ross has the rest of the pattern HERE.

Brave New Wordmint:


coined by Jewel in the comments. Bumped.

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How to Be a Good Wife

From Had Enough Therapy?

Short form:

Young women want to get married.
Young women want to be brides.
Young women want to be mothers,
But they do not want to be wives.

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North Korea Borrows Electric Light for Earth Hour

Anxious to show Earth Hour solidarity with other nations, an embarrassed North Korea was forced to borrow a table lamp from South Korea in order to have electricity to turn off. "The whole country is darker than the eyes of an ox," said Dak-ho Kim, a South Korean soldier. "They have nothing, except a large nuclear bomb." North Korean officials refused to answer queries, but sources inside the government indicated that participating in Earth Hour was a signal to the U.S. that the North was interested in talks as a precondition to more serious talks that could lead to a nice conference somewhere. Earth Hour is in its fourth year, organized by the World Wildlife Fund as a gesture to increase environmental awareness. (The WWF is also noted for creating pretend climate change data and having it placed into IPPC reports.) At the end of Earth Hour, Kim reported North Korea refused to return the lamp, instead eating it with grass and pond water. -- Interesting News Items

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Alan Dershowitz: Tool, Fool, or Drool?

Haaretz: Do you believe that Obama is a friend of Israel and is truly committed to his promise not to allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons?

Dershowitz: I believe Barack Obama is committed to Israel's security. He is also committed to the two-state solution and the peace process.

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Belisarius = Big B. O.

Victor Hanson has a concept for an HBO mini-series. Check out the pitch for "Last of the Romans":
Why not the saga of the Byzantine general Belisarius? His 30 year career (529-559) saw the Last of the Romans (a native Latin speaker from Thrace) fighting to save the beleaguered eastern empire in Mesopotamia against the Persians, only to return home to rescue his emperor Justinian from the Nika riots in the Hippodrome. Then he left for North Africa and in months destroyed the century-long Vandal Empire whose ravages so underline the last thoughts of Augustine. After that he sailed for Sicily, and for a time reclaimed for the idea of Roman Italy from the Po to southern Sicily -- only to go eastward again to meet the Persians, and then back again to a now collapsing Italy, and then, of course, back to Constantinople to internal exile, trials, and humiliation, only in forced retirement to save the city from a raid of Huns that earned him another rebuke -- all during a time that saw deteriorating Byzantine power, chaos in the defunct Western Empire, a raging bubonic plague that killed 300,000 in Constantinople, the dome of Santa Sophia collapsed and for a time in ruins, and an emperor Justinian and his often lethal wife Theodora who alternately rewarded, recalled, punished, ruined, incarcerated, and reprieved the old general, whose conniving older wife Antonia, a court intimate of Theodora, at times tried to protect her spouse, at times seemed as much against as for him.

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March 27, 2010

Time's Up

"Time's Up" Flag - Dull 'Hawk

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Short version:

"The variant of socialism where the government doesn't nationalize the means of production but controls it through law and regulation is called fascism." -- Classical Values

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Jews Don't Bow

“As Jews around the world prepare to celebrate Pessah – the festival of freedom – President Obama’s condescending and insulting behavior reminds us of how we were treated by Pharaoh in Egypt. President Obama must understand that we are a sovereign nation in our own land and won’t bow to foreign rulers.” -- Likud MK Danny Danon Jerusalem Post

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March 26, 2010

Insider Trading

Madoff Was Beaten in Prison
Mr. Madoff spends free time in the prison library on the weekends and often watches movies, including "Lethal Weapon," according to the former inmate. He said he chatted with the admitted Ponzi schemer on Saturdays in the library and asked for financial advice: "He gave me ideas on my index funds." Mr. Madoff advised him to diversify, saying he should invest in funds that track the S&P 500 index of stocks "where my money would be on all the stocks instead of putting my eggs into one basket," the former inmate said.

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Dissing BB

So in his meeting with that little peon leader of the Jewish state, Big Guy just gets up and announces that he's going to have dinner with Lady M and the Wee Wons, leaving BB sitting there to think about his bad behavior.
Three things come to mind: first, Big Guy must really, really like the pot roast Cristeta was serving up on Tuesday. Second, I know for a fact he didn't have dinner with Lady M, because we were enjoying Marcus' 20 course tasting dinner at Aquavit on Tuesday. Third, this is the same behavioral modification training Big Guy tried to use on little Bo. I don't want to be negative here, but  frankly it didn't work very well with little Bo, if you know what I mean. And it doesn't look like it worked any better with BB. He and his friends left, leaving a note for Big Guy behind saying: "I'll give up half of Jerusalem when you give Texas back to the Mexicans."-- Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog: bb: what a yahoo

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The Future of Education


i'm sian, i'm 19, i'm from brighton.
hello i've got desperate desires and unadmirable plans, my tongue will taste of gin and malicious intent. i really quite like jesse lacey, tea, patterned tights and boys with nose rings. i'm a huge clutz and a massive drama queen and i always get sick in the road when i'm drunk, but don't worry i do it between cars so nobody can see me. i'm also fond of charity shops, junk food, leggings, pink lipstick, dimples, cheekbones, new shoes, roast dinners and clavicles. i am training to be a primary school teacher and all i ever think about is food and clothes. -- Sian

Excuse me, but can I hear those arguments against homeschooling once more?

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March 25, 2010

The Real Party Line

"Some people screw up or are unlucky. We're here to ensure they end up the same as you who don’t screw up or are luckier. We can'€™t say they are in any way culpable, so we blame either the system or you who are better off. The best way to level the playing field is to  tax all we can, take our percentage, and redistribute the rest. Lots get hired to administer to even more. The rules don't apply to ourselves, who are wealthy but not the targeted culpable. We know privately all this is not sustainable, but assume the better off will find a way to save themselves and thus us, before we bankrupt ourselves -- after we are gone. And we don't care really whether this is always legal, or fair, or workable, because we know it is moral and we are far more moral people than you."€ -- Victor Hanson -- Works and Days » As Predictable As the Sun Rising

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Faster Please: Dead at 27 but his art will live on for at least 3 weeks....

"Discontent also permeated the work, and friends said his series of ejaculate-spattered newspaper clippings reporting police brutality illustrated the artist’s deep distaste for the world around him." -- The Life and Death of Dash Snow

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March 24, 2010

Haitian “Gratitude"


Just one more reason they live in a shit country. Expensive shades, expensive coat, and doesn't look like he's missed any meals lately. Think he'll give back any of the money or relief supplies he's ripped off?
A resident tries to burn a US flag during a protest near the destroyed national palace as former presidents George W Bush and Bill Clinton visit Port-au-Prince, Haiti. -- KA-CHING!

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Going Viral

Click to enlarge, appreciate, copy and pass on. From Dale @Out of Order the Blog: What Change Looks Like

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Man inserts zucchini into anus in suicide attempt

When asked by the medical assistants, the man said he wished to die and that it was an ancient way to take one’s own life.

The man is recuperating at the hospital after doctors removed the zucchini that was left in his rectum. -- Asia One News

[Whew, that was a close one.]

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Eisenhower Saw It Coming


The knock-kneed jerks of the left love to chant about Eisenhower's warning of the big, bad military industrial complex. Seldom do they move along to the very next subject in the speech, the clear and present danger of professional self-anointed "intellectuals," the true vermin parasites of society:
"Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.
"The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present

  • "and is gravely to be regarded.

"Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientifictechnological elite." -- Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961

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Obama ♥ Iran: Not So Strange Bedfellows

Obama's Alliance With Iran by Spengler

Getting Iran involved IS the administration's "exit strategy." Obama wants an ALLIANCE with Iran. And that's why he picked a fight with Netanyahu over the non-issue of apartment construction in a part of North Jerusalem that every draft peace plan agrees will remain Israeli. If Israel hits Iran's nuclear capacity, the deal is off.

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The Last Masturbastion of Liberalism

We have reached the point where in our current political system the only things the left is remotely "liberal"€™ about have to do with sex, i.e. situations involving peoples' genitals coming into contact.
Oh yes, I'll agree, the left is very liberal on matters involving peoples'€™ genitals coming into contact. They are true-blue principled believers in that sort of liberty. They care very deeply about genital liberty, I'll grant. That'€™s very, very important to them and prominent in their lives and thinking. (Where they and others can put their genitalia.) -- Vocabularistic Note « Rhymes With Cars & Girls

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March 23, 2010

Yes to "The Party of No"

The Republicans sucker to the Democrat pandering all the time, worrying that they shall somehow lose out on the K Street Gravy Train or maybe look like a bunch of Snidely Whiplashes. When the Media and their Treasured Progressive Saints accuse the Republicans of being “the party of No” and the Republicans wince and mumble about the things they brought to the table only to be ignored (how pathetic) by the big strapping Democrats, they should have replied :
“Damned Straight Skippy, We ARE the Party of No, its a lovely word really, speaks to restraint and moderation and distillation and conservation and knowing ones limits…something the Americans once appreciated when they had a grip on reality instead of gripping their privates in stunned , inchoate fear.” -- D.W. Sabin commenting @ America’s Potemkin Village | Front Porch Republic

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Getting Ready for Lie # 3 Stupak Lays in Mouthwash, Waterpick, Gum, Altoids...


Lie #1: "I gave at the office." ('Stupak you need to vote to kill babies so that my presidency may live.')

Lie #2: "The check is in the mail. ("A White House official told Fox, Obama will not sign the Executive Order Tuesday and has set no specific date to do so. Stupak predicted Obama would sign the order later this week. The White House said only that Obama would sign the order "soon.")

Coming "Soon" -- Lie #3: "I promise I won't ...."

Then we'll see if there really isn't anything Obama can do that Stupak won't swallow.

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Bill of Attainder

One of the dissatisfactions that American colonists had with the mother country was the "bill of attainder" process then in common use, wherein the state could declare a subject to be in violation of the law and seize his property without the benefit of a trial. Bills of attainder are expressly prohibited under Article I, Section 9 of the US Constitution. Obamacare is now the law of the land, and it authorizes the state to seize property -- in the form of financial penalties -- from citizens who decline to purchase private health insurance. -- Neptunus Lex

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Netanyahu Speaks

The greatest threat to any living organism or nation is not to recognize danger in time.
Seventy-five years ago, the leading powers in the world put their heads in the sand. Untold millions died in the war that followed. Ultimately, two of history's greatest leaders helped turn the tide. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill helped save the world. But they were too late to save six million of my own people. The future of the Jewish state can never depend on the goodwill of even the greatest of men. Israel must always reserve the right to defend itself.

Today, an unprecedented threat to humanity looms large. A radical Iranian regime armed with nuclear weapons could bring an end to the era of nuclear peace the world has enjoyed for the last 65 years. Such a regime could provide nuclear weapons to terrorists and might even be tempted to use them itself. Our world would never be the same. Iran's brazen bid to develop nuclear weapons is first and foremost a threat to Israel, but it is also a grave threat to the region and to the world. Israel expects the international community to act swiftly and decisively to thwart this danger. But we will always reserve the right to defend ourselves. -- Commentary Bibi Responds

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Seeking a silver lining? Now, perhaps, comes Thermidor.

That was the name of the month in the French Revolutionary calendar in which Robespierre fell. To historians, Thermidor denotes any era of waning political ardor. Congressional Democrats will not soon be herded into other self-wounding votes -- e.g., for a cap-and-trade carbon-rationing scheme as baroque as the health legislation. During the Democrats' health-care monomania, the nation benefited from the benign neglect of the rest of their agenda. Now the nation may benefit from the exhaustion of their appetite for more political risk. -- George F. Will - A battle won, but a victory?

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Why The Mandate Will Never Happen...

Obamacare incentivizes non-coverage by imposing employer fines for non-coverage that are far less than the cost of offering health insurance, there's an excellent chance (in this economy of roughly 17%-18% actual unemployment) that companies will be dropping health benefits rather than adding them. Employers can afford to; they have highly skilled workers waiting in line to beg for a job with or without health insurance.

Now ask yourself this question: If you were a Congressional Democrat, do you really think Mom and Dad and Little Billy and Katelyn are going to thank you for the job you've done once they realize you have decided they aren't going have vacations and college funds and retirement savings because you have decided their freedom to choose how they spend their money isn't important enough for you to honor?

Ignore the above at your own risk, Democrats. I've been dealing with people and their money on a professional basis for over 25 years. The fastest way to enrage the average American is to try to force them to reduce their standard of living. People will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to continue to live in the manner to which they are accustomed. That's just the way it is. And that is the fatal flaw in The Plan... When it comes down to it, the political will to force the electorate to be poorer will not be there. 

-- Dennis the Peasant

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March 22, 2010

Here's What That Old Dead Communist Joe Hill Knew About Defeat


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Stop the Whining About "It Can't Be Repealed"

This sort of talk needs to stop.
Remember, there is no precedent for this bill and how it was passed against the will of the people, and we should not imagine that any precedent about not repealing entitlements would hold, either. As I've said several times, we are in uncharted waters. Let's try not to lose either our compass or our celestial navigation. -- neo-neocon

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Road Trip!

“Tonight Only, The Weasel”:
Settling into a booth in the back, we ordered a couple of rounds as the MC made a weary introduction and onto the stage strolled a Navajo Indian with one of the largest Afro's I have ever personally witnessed. It was spectacular, and when combined with his boot cut Wranglers and pearl buttoned drug store cowboy shirt, he looked like the bastard love child of Freddie Fender and Bootsy Collins. He was a solo act but sharing the stage with him was a small black box, a remote synthesizer of some sort whom he introduced as "The Boys". After a bit of banter with those seated up front, he flipped a switch on the box and "The Boys" began performing lead, rhythm, and percussion while "The Weasel", strolling from table to table and occasionally to the bar for a shot of courage, performed the vocals. -- Get your feet wet: « westsound modern

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March 21, 2010

Nancy Cruntosi: Keeping the C-World Alive in the 21st Century

BOEHNER YELLS, "SHAME ON YOU" at his colleagues on the floor of the House.
Conversely, the dumbest woman on the planet, Pelosi, says "unalienable rights"€ on the floor of the senate. What a crunt. -- iOwnTheWorld.com

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Simple Explanations


-- 4-Block World

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Stupak Caves

Bruce Webster brings us this immortal clip and notes, "Foolish, foolish man. He will forever be known (and not kindly) as the reason Obamacare passed the House."

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Handy How-Tos for the Coming Tribulations

Courtesy of your friends at the demented Curmudgeonly & Skeptical. Take notes. There will be a test.

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When the deal goes down....

"Rules... We Make 'Em Up As We Go Along"

9 seconds. Replay several times for the full flava.

Hummm.... might just have to make up some "new rules" as we go along to handle fools and tools like this one.

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"There is no question that even Democrats know what they're doing is wrong....

.... Too bad that won't stop most of them from doing it anyway." -- Moonbattery: Dems Explain Why ObamaCare Must Be Stopped


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"And everybody praised the Duke
Who this great fight did win."
"But what good came of it at last?"
Quoth little Peterkin.
"Why, that I cannot tell," said he,
"But 'twas a famous victory."

-- The Battle of Blenheim, by Robert Southey

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"Get out of your comfort zone....

... Get out of your old habits.
Billions and billions of burgers have been sold at McDonalds, and everyone knows what's on the menu. But I bet that you order the same thing every time. Order a vanilla shake from McDonalds next time. I bet you never have. Watch a TV show you never watch. Buy a shirt you would never wear and see what happens. You are more flexible than you think. Listen to me, I sound like Morpheus. But it's true. You have to be able to think on your feet, because you already know the same stuff that's coming to you where you are. But the most important thing to do in this category is to travel. If you have a car, get a map point your finger at a place and drive there. Get out of your car and walk. Be there for a while." -- Bogard - Cobb

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March 20, 2010

Metrosexuals Need Not Apply

America is not for sissies, and was never meant to be. She was designed for the brave, the bold, the resourceful,and the independent. Designed for the New Man of the Enlightenment, rather than for the weary and government-oppressed and controlledof the rest of the world. People who wanted a chance, not to be ruled and "governed" and "helped" by their betters. -- Two Americas - Maggie's Farm

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Why Indians Beat Pakistanis

Mr. Saleem thinks he understands why Indians do better than Pakistanis.
"We have the same genetic sequence and the same genetic marker (M124); the same DNA molecule; the same DNA sequence; our culture, our traditions and our cuisine are all the same; we watch the same movies and sing the same songs; so what is it that Indians have and we don't?" Mr. Saleem's answer: "Indians elect their leaders; they don't focus on religion; neither do they spend time and money devising ways to kill their own and everyone else over religion." -- DEBORCHGRAVE: Success on the subcontinent - Washington Times

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This will be the biggest expansion of the IRS since World War II

Mark Steyn: Dark dawn of deemocracy
Meanwhile, Obamacare will result in the creation of at least 16,500 new jobs. Doctors? Nurses? Ha! Dream on, suckers. That's 16,500 new IRS agents, who'll be needed to check whether you – yes, you, Mr. and Mrs. Hopendope of 27 Hopeychangey Gardens – are in compliance with the 15 tax increases and dozens of new federal mandates the Deemocrats are about to "deem" into existence. This will be the biggest expansion of the IRS since World War II – and that's change you can believe in. This is what "health" "care" "reform" boils down to: Fewer doctors, longer wait times, but more bureaucrats. And, when you walk into the Health Care Enforcement Division of the IRS, the staffing levels will make Madelyne Hernandez's group-sex scene look like an Equity-minimum one-man play off-off-off-Broadway.

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Jesse James MUST Be Institutionalized STAT!

Let's review.
  • 1) Jesse James is (for now at least) married to Sandra Bullock.
  • 2) Said Jesse James cheated on Bullock with THIS?


Photos of Michelle McGee, which were taken almost a year ago. We're told the Nazi-themed layout -- complete with a swastika armband and backdrop -- was the photographer's idea, but that Michelle was very enthusiastic. In child custody documents filed in January, Michelle's ex-husband says she "makes the Nazi salute," and has a swastika tattooed on her stomach (not seen in these pics). In one photo the letter "w" is on Michelle's left leg, and the letter "p" on her right. We're told Michelle tells people it stands for "white power." -- Jesse James 'Mistress' -- Furor Over Nazi Pose | TMZ.com

  • 3) Rumors that Bullock is running ads to locate the direct descendants of Little Robert Ford are probably untrue.

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Like Hydra for Dicks: One C0smos Publishes Tool for Curing of Sex Addiction

Warning: One glimpse and you'll never want sex again. One Cʘsmos: Preaching to the Perverted


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Health Care Savings Now


Over the next decade, we'll start seeing a whole new consumer-friendly ecosystem evolve to meet the demands of this changing market. We're starting to see it already. Here are a few examples: Six Companies Pushing for Transparency in Health Care Pricing - GOOD Blog - GOOD

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“Electronic defects” apparently discriminate against the elderly

The Los Angeles Times recently did a story detailing all of the NHTSA reports of Toyota "sudden acceleration"€ fatalities,
and, though the Times did not mention it, the ages of the drivers involved were striking. In the 24 cases where driver age was reported or readily inferred, the drivers included those of the ages 60, 61, 63, 66, 68, 71, 72, 72, 77, 79, 83, 85, 89 -- and I'm leaving out the son whose age wasn't identified, but whose 94-year-old father died as a passenger -- Theodore H. Frank: I am not afraid of my Toyota Prius | Washington Examiner

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March 19, 2010


The other day, as I was driving to work,
I passed a roadside memorial I hasn't seem before. For some reason I pulled over to glance at it. The name sounded familiar, though I didn't recognize the photo tacked to the scarred tree. But then I realized -- if I replaced the lazy afternoon sunlight with 3am mist and strobing LED lights, if I swapped the soft sounds of the breeze and quiet birds for the grumbling mutter of diesels and Hurst tools, if I put fifteen people on the roadway and one wrapped between the car and the tree -- then I knew the place well, because it was my call, and my patient, and we knew even as we struggled to tube her and cut her free that she would never live. -- from the infrequent but compelling Drug-Induced Hallucinations

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Sugar Fix

Although the administration is threatening to treat soda and other soft-drinks as "the new tobacco", in the words of the New York Times, and it has "announced a plan to ban candy and sweetened beverages from schools ... [in relation to a] campaign against childhood obesity will be led by the first lady", health care reform itself is a gigantic sugar fix. It provides one more trillion dollar jolt to keep unsustainable political zombies going for just a little longer. How long dying agencies or unimpeded immigration or bad pension management can keep going is anybody's guess. How much money do you have? -- Belmont Club » The Dead Hand

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You Must Remember This....

This battle would go on, even if passed.
And every day we, not them, gain more and more influence and power. Democrats will be paying for this for longer than they can imagine. And we will be here to make sure Republicans hold their feet to the fire. The American people are going to win this fight, just as they have won every battle in which they were directly engaged since our founding. Time is on our side, not theirs. We want to beat it this weekend, so do not even think of standing down. But come what may, we will win in the end. We the people always do. And we are the people, now. The Democrats are the party of big government and ultimately socialist schemes. And the price they are going to pay for that is unmatched in our political history. -- Riehl World View: Votes Still Not There: Why We Will Win

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March 18, 2010

Number 10

The United States was founded on a firm principle. It's probably not the one that just leaped to your mind. Yes, freedom was important to the Founders; they labored mightily to produce a design for government that would be non-toxic toward freedom and safe for human consumption. But that wasn't the principle on which the federal government was constructed. It was this one:
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.-- Poretto @ Eternity Road

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Boob. Belt. -- It's What's for Breakfast!


And for those of you who were worried about our fashion icon relinquishing her boob belt: well, see for yourself. Boob. Belt. It’s baa-ack. And Lucite like you’ve never seen it before! -- Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog: Veni, Vidi, Verdi

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One does not wish to click but somehow one must...

Man With Immense Pink Genitalia Sculpture Gently Rebuffed at Museum

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March 17, 2010

Ann Coulter's 1-Page Health Plan would "in effect, transform medical insurance into ... a form of insurance!"

President Obama says we need national health care because Natoma Canfield of Ohio had to drop her insurance when she couldn't afford the $6,700 premiums, and now she's got cancer.
Much as I admire Obama's use of terminally ill human beings as political props, let me point out here that perhaps Natoma could have afforded insurance had she not been required by Ohio's state insurance mandates to purchase a plan that covers infertility treatments and unlimited ob/gyn visits, among other things. It sounds like Natoma could have used a plan that covered only the basics – you know, things like cancer. -- My health-care plan

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When you are a Conservative like me, you are trying not to be a Progressive primarily because you don't think human beings and human society should be tinkered with too much. You are against social engineering, but simultaneously you are fairly welcoming of change and progress. The fundamental premise of modern liberty is non-racial and non-sectarian. My favorite aphorism of this meritocratic notion is that you never know from where nobility will arise. -- Cobb

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Healing the Wounds and Wounding the Heels of History

Under the reign of the left, the roots of the cosmic tree are situated below, begaialed and mayared in the muddle of matter.
Having literally transplanted the tree of life into sterile soil, they accomplished a feat of clay, deluminating the light in one fallen swoop, subverting That which makes man Man, and embracing the fantasy that they could build a new and improved reality "from the bottom up," absurdly beginning with matter. They could force their vision on a recalcitrant mankind in the same way one can mold matter or Nancy Pelosi can whip her craven band of chestless men into submission. -- One Cʘsmos:

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The Failed State of England

Even the vaunted English National Healthcare System is broken and killing, both by design and my neglect, possibly hundreds of thousands of people a year.
In 2008, 6,000 women gave birth in corridors, lifts and taxis, when lack of beds and doctors forced them away at the last minutes before birth. A new report, just out, but apparently in the hands of the elites for over half a year, shows that some 50,000 or more a year are dieing from direct neglect in the hospital systems, and this is even without the Satanic Pathway in effect. What is the Pathway? Why the Pathway to Dignified Death, where they take sick or sickly elderly and not so elderly, pump them full of morphine and allow them to starve and dehydrate to death. The evil of such as system and the fact that the English tolerate it and have not risen past indignation and strongly worded notes, shows one how befitting of total collapse English society is. -- Mat Rodina

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The Experience of the Dark


When the sun set in the Old World, people were in the dark.
They perforce “went to bed with the chickens”, in a phrase still used in rural communities. Most could afford no candle or oil lamp; for a few there might be at best a faint glow from the expertly banked embers of a hearth fire. Practically nobody in our modern world is in the dark they way that everybody then was in the dark. I mean really in the dark—no circuit breaker, no flashlight, no matches, no blue cell-phone glow, no vaguely lucid penumbra of distant city’s lights. The electrification of rural America was still in progress in my youngest days, spent on an Ozark farm where the only nocturnal illumination came from kerosene lamps. And that was in the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt! There was electricity in the little town six miles away, and among my earliest memories was the awe of first seeing a Christmas tree decorated with lights. The social revolution that came with electricity is enshrined in one of the obiter dicta of the last century’s most famous revolutionary, Vladimir Lenin: “Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country.” -- Gladly Lerne, Gladly Teche: The Dark

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How Not to Conceptualize a Fantasy Novel

First I took a stab at designing a straight alt-hist novel.
(Elevator pitch: "I'm going to cross the streams of The IPCRESS File and Heart of Darkness in a universe where the first world war ended in 1919 with allied tanks sitting in the wreckage of Berlin, and the decaying British empire went on to invent fascism in the 1940s. It's 1962, and two OSS agents are injected into British-dominated Europe to trace the underground railroad that is funneling abducted/brainwashed American scientists east. Our two spooks, "Wild" Bill Burroughs and his swivel-eyed Californian sidekick Philip K., follow the trail — by way of a sleazy S&M nightclub in Hamburg presided over by ageing queen Adolf and his boyfriend Rudi Hess — to Ceylon, where in the guts of a hollowed-out mountain they confront the jackbooted, monocle-wearing Air Commodore Arthur Clarke and his program to build an atom-bomb powered space dreadnought.) My agent shot it down as "too weird". With 20/20 hindsight, I think she may have had a point. -- Charles Stross in Post mortem - Charlie's Diary

HT: His agent shot it down @ Quotulatiousness

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Wind Powered Global Warming (or Cooling))


There's new Wind resistance afoot:
"A new MIT analysis may serve to temper enthusiasm about wind power, at least at very large scales. Ron Prinn, TEPCO Professor of Atmospheric Science, and principal research scientist Chien Wang of the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, used a climate model to analyze the effects of millions of wind turbines that would need to be installed across vast stretches of land and ocean to generate wind power on a global scale. Such a massive deployment could indeed impact the climate, they found, though not necessarily with the desired outcome. In a paper published online Feb. 22 in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Wang and Prinn suggest that using wind turbines to meet 10 percent of global energy demand in 2100 could cause temperatures to rise by one degree Celsius in the regions on land where the wind farms are installed, including a smaller increase in areas beyond those regions. Their analysis indicates the opposite result for wind turbines installed in water: a drop in temperatures by one degree Celsius over those regions. The researchers also suggest that the intermittency of wind power could require significant and costly backup options, such as natural gas-fired power plants."

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Experimental Economics

Today's lesson ("What happens when progressives are in charge of the economy.") is brought to you by the demented inhabitants of westsound modern.

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March 16, 2010



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Autospamming for Everyman


In the category of dumb and evil ideas, SEOBlackhat wants Google to bring autospamming to the whole world: This Gmail Feature Would Be Amazing "It will be so incredibly useful that I’m shocked no one has done it before." [It will be so incredibly on the setting can be, "If no reply in 60 seconds, send again to my 5,000 person reader list."]

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Shopped but Still Superb


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Pop Pop-Culture Quiz

What radio and/or TV show is this distinctive soundbite from? (I'd post the HT link but then you could cheat.)

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Climate Strange

Yes, "Climate Strange." That's my new metaphor for the unrelenting attempts by alarmists to keep bailing out their holed boat: Gore Attaches Global Warming as Cause to Last Weekend's Storm in Northeast

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Bottomless Beastliness


Just when you think, "Hey, this tattoo thing can't get uglier." It does! Abstract Tattoos - today and tomorrow


All by one Amanda Wachob, who isn't doing you any favors when you opt for a non-abstract tattoo in her "distinctive hand."


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All you need is a doughnut and a dream

Donna Simpson, who already tips the scales at 600 pounds, is looking to double her weight in a bid to become the world's fattest woman. The 42-year-old says that she is set on reaching the 1,000 pound mark over the next two years. -- Weekly World News

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March 15, 2010

Her Satanic Majesty Requests....


Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog: Is This an Easter Miracle?

I'm just wondering; is it just because I spend my life reflecting things that I immediately thought: WTH is that reflection in the apple? Is it Leo Tolstoy? KSM? Karl Marx?  Muhammad? ( I sure hope not, I understand we'€™re not supposed to reproduce his image, period.) Are those horns spouting from the top of his head? Where did they get this evil apple, from the Tea Partiers? Raj said it really did look like the Shroud of Turin to him, but what would he know-- he's a Buddhist.

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Headline of the Day

Another Day, Another Lady Gaga Porn Video @ worldweary Little Miss Attila.

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Enough Already

"Conservatives, independents, moderates, Republicans, Democrats, Tea Partiers, Libertarians-- all of us now belong to one party: The 'Had Enough Party.'" -- Had Enough Therapy?: The "Had Enough Party"

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"Logging on gives you a page full of little hand grenades: impossible-to-understand, context-free sentences that take five minutes of research to unravel and which then turn out to be stupid, irrelevant, or pertaining to the television series Battlestar Galactica." -- Puppy! - Joel on Software [HT: Devoto]

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Bringing in the Sheaves

Stuff White People Like #132 Picking their own Fruit
When white people harvest a crop it's known as "berry picking" or "pick your own,"€  Under these conditions, white people are expected to work leisurely with no real expectations and then they pay for the privilege to do so. In other words, berry picking is the agricultural equivalent to a private liberal arts college. It's no surprise white people like it, because much like a liberal arts degree it feels like you've done real work when you really haven't.

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March 13, 2010

Blonde Goes Back to Work After Many Years

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Science Made Stupid


The thing with trust must be exquisitely frustrating for the chicken-little “scientists.” Yes, the trust is there — until they seize it, then it is not. The minute they start in with their “who ya gonna believe, me, a REAL SCIENTIST, or your lyin’ eyes?”…everyone with an I.Q. north of an overripe cantaloupe, for some inexplicable reason, stops listening. -- House of Eratosthenes

Climategate: Three of the Four Temperature Datasets Now Irrevocably Tainted
The warmist response to Climategate -- the discovery of the thoroughly corrupt practices of the Climate Research Unit (CRU)-- was that the tainted CRU dataset was just one of four independent data sets. You know. So really there's no big deal. Thanks to a FOIA request, the document production of which I am presently plowing through == and before that, thanks to the great work of Steve McIntyre, and particularly in their recent, comprehensive work, Joseph D’Aleo and Anthony Watts == we know that NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) passed no one's test for credibility. Not even NASA's.

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Obama by Proxy

Sarah Palin is Obama by proxy.

Palin'€™s admirers often marvel at how the charges leveled against her are far more applicable to the current President. People who voted for an undistinguished junior senator from Illinois with few accomplishments are quick to assault Palin's "€œlack of experience." The same folks who instruct us that Barack Obama is a physical paragon, and Michelle Obama is the most beautiful woman in the world -- a goddess who causes fashion models to slink from her path in shame -- belittle Palin for her good looks. Defenders of the most fabulously corrupt administration in modern history mumble about the murky details of obscure "scandals" manufactured by Alaskan bloggers. They turn away from the sad spectacle of a manifestly incompetent President to sneer that a woman who alters the course of legislative battles with blog posts is some kind of an idiot. -- Doc Zero @ The Greenroom

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March 12, 2010

The Siege of Acre Through the Eyes of a Foot Soldier


€œWelcome to Acre, a cursed city this winter of 1291 waiting for the savage Mamluks to take it down.
Me? I don't hate the Muselman. All's fair in love and war, and God is God wherever you find him. Hell, some believe He is a She! Don't misunderstand, our Christian knights are incredible fighters, but we don't have enough of them. And there's no open field for the Templar Charge. Where the hell is the Pope or the Kings of Europe when we need 'em? We'€™ve heard rumors for years about an alliance with the Horde. Can you imagine that! Franks and Mongols fighting side by side! The last I heard, the Pope demanded the Mongols convert and the Khan demanded the Pope and the Kings of Europe submit to him. Hell will freeze over before any of that happens. They say King Henry on Cyprus will send some fighters, but where are they? Well -- here we are; step inside, watch your step, it's time to get slam, deep drunk. If you sense death around the corner, well that's Acre, the city where dreams go to die. Remember, you’re in the Kingdom of Jerusalem -- what'€™s left of it. -- Environmental Graffiti

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Arguments "For"


From AfterMath

HT Exurban League

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March 11, 2010

Tom Hanks: YAAHI (Yet Another Asinine Hollywood Ignoramus)

Victor Hanson asks "Is Tom Hanks Unhinged?"

Despite Hanks'€™ efforts at moral equivalence in making the U.S. and Japan kindred in their hatreds, America was attacked first, and its democratic system was both antithetical to the Japan of 1941, and capable of continual moral evolution in a way impossible under Gen. Tojo and his cadre. It is quite shameful to reduce that fundamental difference into a "they...us" 50/50 polarity. Indeed, the most disturbing phrase of all was Hank's suggestion that the Japanese wished to "kill"€ us, while we in turn wanted to "annihilate" them. Had they developed the bomb or other such weapons of mass destruction (and they had all sorts of plans of creating WMDs), and won the war, I can guarantee Hanks that he would probably would not be here today, and that his Los Angeles would look nothing like a prosperous and modern Tokyo.

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Failure to Do Homework Will Be Dealt with Appropriately

Remington Shotguns - Federal Business Opportunities: Opportunities
The U.S. Department of Education (ED) intends to purchase twenty-seven (27) REMINGTON BRAND MODEL 870 POLICE 12/14P MOD GRWC XS4 KXCS SF. RAMAC #24587 GAUGE: 12 BARREL: 14″ – PARKERIZED CHOKE: MODIFIED SIGHTS: GHOST RING REAR WILSON COMBAT; FRONT – XS CONTOUR BEAD SIGHT STOCK: KNOXX REDUCE RECOIL ADJUSTABLE STOCK FORE-END: SPEEDFEED SPORT-SOLID – 14″ LOP are designated as the only shotguns authorized for ED based on compatibility with ED existing shotgun inventory, certified armor and combat training and protocol, maintenance, and parts. The required date of delivery is March 22, 2010. -- The Powers That Be

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Working in the Green Slime

Green jobs have become the ginseng of progressive politics:
a sort of broad-spectrum snake oil that cures whatever happens to ail you. They are the antidote to economic malaise, an underskilled labor force, the inherent unwillingness of the public to suffer any significant economic and personal dislocation in order to save the environment. They enhance nationalistic vigor. (If we don't act now, the Chinese will steal all of our green jobs!) They stave off aging of stale political platforms. And I'm pretty sure they're good for bunions, too. -- Megan McArdle - The Atlantic [Thanks be Quotulatiousness]

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Green Envy

One Cʘsmos: Lovely Lies and the Forces of Spiritual & Material Poverty
Conversely, one of the greatest forces of poverty -- and the most potent force which the left pulls out of its arse 'n all -- is envy. Which is why the left has no interest in the forces that create wealth, only the forces that redistribute it under the auspices of envy.

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March 10, 2010

Is Matt Drudge Pissed @ Congress?

What? Never! He's just running Pelosi's pores because it tells us so much about her character to look into the dead eyes of Mother Mackerel:


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Vice President Joe Biden is Barack Obama's BFF!


Do you know who our President is? His name is Barack Obama, and he is our first African-American president. He is clean and articulate and lives in a big white house in Washington DC. Inside his house he works in a busy office that is shaped like an oval! An oval is a shape that is round like a circle, except it is squished.

The job of president is very important, so Barack Obama has many people who help him. Some of these people are good, but some are not very good and try to be sneaky behind his back. This is why he always depends on his very best friend Joe Biden.

Joe is a loyal friend and keeps the bad helpers from getting Barack Obama into trouble. This is why Barack Obama lets Joe be the Vice President. Vice President is the second most important job. If something bad happens to Barack Obama, he wants Joe to become the President because he trusts him.

Joe is from Delaware, which is the very first state. Also, he likes trains! Do you like trains?

-- Much, much, much, much more @ iowahawk: One Afternoon in Washington

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Vajazzling: You don't want to know.

"After my Brazilian bikini wax, Alicia affixed the flair right above my vagina.
It came in temporary tattoo form, which Alicia placed on me after first rinsing the area with rubbing alcohol. (This didn't hurt although Alicia told me some women found it painful.) She used a tongue depressor to push down on the crystals (that hurt) and then I was all set. Completely Bare guarantees that the flair will stay on for five days, so I was instructed to return if any fell off during that time frame. I was also told not to scrub the area while I was in the shower or with a towel afterward, as that would make the crystals come off." -- I Vajazzled And I Liked It

Next step down the spiral staircase of our decline? Clitter!

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Smooth Move

A Florida woman has been arrested after crashing into a truck as she shaved her bikini line while she was driving. Megan Mariah Barnes, 37, was on the way to a date with her boyfriend in southern Florida when the collision took place. Barnes allegedly gave her ex-husband the wheel as she shaved her private parts because she wanted to be "ready for the visit". -- 9News

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March 9, 2010

The FLOTUS Look for Spring: A Phoebe Philo & Condi Rice Collaboration


MOTUS has the first dish piping hot as usual @ Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog: The Phoebe Effect. Just in time for the White House Easter Egg Hunt, which this year will be very "advanced:" Finally! An Environmentally Friendly White House Easter Egg Roll : The Powers That Be
A White House announcement Monday said the eggs at this year’s April 5 roll will be made from paperboard that contains no wood fibers from endangered forests, is recyclable and features vegetable-oil based inks and a water-based coating.
Wonderful. Is there no end to the dazzling perfection of this couple?


"Because that's what Easter is all about isn't it? Bunnies and fake eggs with the presidential logo printed on them. And how appropriate for this sham of a president- even his huevos are phony." -- JWM

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Buddha Found Dead in Road

SANTA MONICA, CA - Police are investigating the murder of Gautama Buddha, also known as the "enlightened one,"
who was found beaten and strangled outside a meditation center on Ocean Park Boulevard. "We're thinking this was a crime of opportunity," said Detective Phil Gomez. "Maybe even a hate crime. Someone met the Buddha on Ocean Park, maybe didn't like his long ear lobes, or thought his beads were faggy or disliked pudgy people, whatever." Fourteen members of Divine Awakening Temple and Pilates are being detained for questioning. -- Interesting News Items:

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March 8, 2010

Some Other Race

Fully one-quarter of the space on this year's form is taken up with questions of race and ethnicity,
which are clearly illegitimate and none of the government's business. So until we succeed in building the needed wall of separation between race and state, I have a proposal. Question 9 on the census form asks "What is Person 1's race?" ....We should answer Question 9 by checking the last option — "Some other race" — and writing in "American."

Sending a Message with the Census - Mark Krikorian

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Almost a Tie: Two Women No Longer World's Oldest Persons

Two Oldest Women In World Die On Same Day
The oldest person in the United States, Mary Josephine Ray, died last Sunday at 114 years of age. A few hours later, Daisey Bailey, the second oldest American at 113 years of age, passed on. L. Stephen Coles, a director of the Gerontology Research Group, stated that it was very rare for two supercentenarians to die on the same day.

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Fuck Schmuck Chuck's Guck

Dead Man Squawking: NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd says “There’s no worse crime in journalism these days than simply deciding something’s a story because Drudge links to it.” -- Mediaite

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Iraq Now

What eventually happens in Iraq is impossible to know;
it increasingly depends on the Iraqis, themselves. We will see what unfolds in the months and years ahead. It will take at least that long before a final judgment can be rendered. But what we do know is that America has given Iraq a chance to succeed, to live in freedom, to be free of a sadistic ruler. And doing that was, in fact, a noble act by our nation. -- Commentary Peter Wehner

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Hide the Decline!

As the global warming movement falters, Al Gore's dying Climate Project is folded into The Alliance for Climate Protection @ GORE LIED "The unified organization will now encompass: official branches in 8 countries; more than 200 staff working in 30 offices across the United States." (Boys and Girls of the Gorelocks, fax those resumes now! )

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Death's Bloom


From 1913 to 1971 five thousand one hundred and twenty one mentally ill patients were cremated on the grounds of the Oregon State Hospital.
Their remains were sealed in copper canisters. The canisters were stored in the hospital’s basement until the 1970s when they were moved to a memorial vault underground. The vault was subjected to periodic floods. In 2000 they were removed from their institutional crypt, placed on plain pine shelves in a storeroom, and were left virtually forgotten until David Masiel heard of their existence and photographed them....

If all this seems grim, take a look at the canisters again. Their swirl and surge of color reminds me of nothing less than the spectacular images taken through NASA’s Spitzer telescope: the visual identity of the canisters miraculously mirrors that of the universe itself. And yet each rivulet and blossom of color are as distinctive and as personal as the human remains held within. It’s as if the mysterious something that leaves the body at the moment of death, often called the soul, is trying to escape. What's left is evidence of extraordinary beauty. -- Adam Harrison Levy Observatory: Design Observer

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Desperate Reptile Urges His Last 3 Readers to Turn Off Ad-Blocking

"If you want readers, don't throw them away in the first place."

Alas Poor Charles, his site doth increase it's suckage daily. How do we know? Because after years of purging his readership, Johnson's having to beg his last few readers to turn off ad-blocking to boost his stats:
"Here’s a very interesting piece at Ars Technica, on a subject that has a direct effect on LGF: Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love." -- Why Ad Blocking Hurts the Sites You Love - Charles Johnson

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March 7, 2010

Resolved -- "Water is Wet." National Debate Ensues

Exhibit A: Click to enlarge for closer study

3. Sarah Palin says water is wet, drawing from her experience helping out with Todd’s fishing business, and is promptly ridiculed all over the place for being an unsophisticated fish-gut covered crazy Eskimo whore.

4. Barack Obama delivers an inspiring speech, says water has never been wet, and manages to work in one of the “Let Me Be Clear,” two of the “Make No Mistake,” one of the “For Far Too Long We Have,” six “Uh”s and He manages to mention Himself an astonishing thirty-six times.

5. All kinds of Sunday morning pundits declare this latest one has got to be Obama’s BEST SPEECH EVAR! --- Join in the fierce debate @ House of Eratosthenes

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What to Get a Woman Who Has Everything (Or an Inept Boyfriend)


This mouse is called the "G-Spot."

I am not even effin with you. Where to find the mysterious spot of pleasure’s center? With which woman will it be found? Can it be found? These are all questions. Is this spot to be found within devices? Perhaps a mouse? And if so, what would happen if that spot were found? -- G-Spot Mouse by Andy Kurovets » Yanko Design [Item Rescued from the endless scroll of KA-CHING!]

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"Friedman's column about Green innovation...."

"When reading these columns,
you must keep in mind that Friedman owns a Green franchise. In his latest book Friedman hopped on the environmental cause, so now, while continuing to collect royalties, he also flies around the world giving very well paid lectures on the Green Revolution. At a time when we all need to restore the old, discarded work ethic, the notion that a couple of innovators, ensconced in corporate laboratories, are going to have eureka moments that will produce new technologies that will provide for the world's energy needs while cleaning up the environment is simply fatuous cant. -- Had Enough Therapy?: Is It Time for Liberals to Throw Obama under the Bus?

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"Gay Catholic Ex-Stripper Awaits Birth of Twins Carried by Husband's Sister"

'Tom Marino's husband's sister is carrying his babies....' Michael Mustosays, "I'm just sticking with the press release on this one because I couldn't possibly improve on it: " And he's right. [HT: Martin ]

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March 6, 2010

Marx and Engels Today


One can only imagine how Marx and Engels would rip into the pompous, self-deceptive ideas and theories with which our elites surround and comfort themselves today. 
The Asian Industrial Revolution, that enormous upheaval destroying the past social organizations and customs from China through India and Pakistan today, in reality is an affair of grinding poverty, immense human suffering and displacement, exploitation as naked and hideous as anything the London poor faced in the days of Charles Dickens, and vast contrasts between the lives of the working poor and the new rich.  Yet in the view of what Marx might well call the "Davoisie"€™, the new international bourgeoisie of our times, all that ugliness and suffering disappears.  It's expected somehow that those struggling masses will go on "peacefully" suffering and working without disturbing the peaceful stability of the comfortable and the rich. -- Literary Saturday: The Communist Manifesto - Walter Russell Mead

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Good news / Bad news: 100,000 Haitians May (or May Not) Be Undead

Alert George Romeros! "The next day Préval was quoted as saying 270,000 dead in a communiqué issued in Port-au-Prince, which his government withdrew a few hours later, citing a typo. A short time later, also on Feb.10, a second communiqué was issued changing the figure to 170,000." -- In Haiti, death toll remains a mystery (But that's no reason to stop helping!)


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Things that make you want to set your hair on fire and run from the room screaming, "I GOT THE FEAR!"


Heavy metal turns 40 tomorrow, on the anniversary of the release of Black Sabbath.
Without it, you and I would not be gathered here today. There would be no Big Four, Peaceville Three, !T.O.O.H.!, or "One." There would be no Wacken, Venom, Voivod, or Vader. No Bathory, Beherit, Behemoth, or Belial (Aus, Aus, Bra, Chl, Col, Cze, Fin, Gbr, Sgp, Slv, USA, USA). No Decibel, Terrorizer, or, um, Revolver. No metal maniacs. No Fenriz. No Abbath. No Wino. No Doro. No Danzig. No blastbeats. No mosh. No fun. We would wear lighter-colored clothes. The world would be a darker place. -- INVISIBLE ORANGES - THE METAL MP3 BLOG

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Boob Belt Fever: The Movie


Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog has been hard at work in the editing suite!
In honor of tomorrow’s Academy Awards, I’m presenting you, the loyal Friends of MOTUS, with an exclusive viewing of a clip from my feature length film, MORE BOOB BELT! submitted at this year’s Sundance Festival

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March 5, 2010

The Obama Method

"When Obama ends up being reasonable, it seems it's only after he has offended and dismayed the largest number of people possible. That seems to be the extent of his bipartisanship." -- neo-neocon: Obama and Holder reversal: will it be a military trial for KSM after all?

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March 4, 2010

Island Saved from Global Warming by Earthquake!

Who says there's no good news?
"Santa Maria Island off the coast near Concepcion, Chile’s second-largest city, may have been raised 2 meters (6 feet) as a result of the latest quake." -- Chilean Quake Likely Shifted Earth’s Axis, NASA Scientist Says - BusinessWeek

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Obama Prepares for the Final Push on Healthcare


Posted at KA-CHING!

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More Mush from the Wimps at Wired "Science"

Fears of Undersea Methane Leaks Already Coming True | Wired Science

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"What was the deal with that landing?"


I had not made a bad landing in months, and was starting to think maybe I really am the landing King in the Electric Jet. Bad weather, high winds, heavy aircraft, no problem... I have been touching down smoothly. You know, I might be able to advise factory test pilots how to land this thing. -- Flight Level 390: Advising Test Pilots

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Spring Sneaks Up on Seattle

The Dipso Chronicles: The Half-Hidden Halcyon is Getting Bold
Everything changes based on how the light shows itself. All at once through the windshield after a left to the east in the morning, or a little at a time behind the fog over the bridge. At times the rig seems only to know the lowbeams and intermittent wipers, but from your seat in the cockpit you can see the gathered pools of light on the windows of office buildings across the water.

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Kids Pretending to be "Journalists"

The same wide-eyed gee-whiz culture
shaped much of the reporting on the run-up to the Iraq War.  Maybe the word we are looking for when trying to describe what's wrong with the mainstream press isn't "liberal" -- €” maybe the term is something like "credulous" or "naive."  The gradual substitution of "professional journalists" for the old hard boiled hacks may have given us a generation of journalists who are used to trusting reputable authority.  They honestly think that people with good credentials and good manners don't lie....
The meltdown that worries me most in this whole dismal story isn’t the meltdown of the Himalayan glaciers. It’s the evident meltdown of basic journalistic standards among a whole generation of reporters and editors that keeps me up late at night; I don’t just worry about what they missed on this story, or on the Iraq story–I wonder what else they are missing every day. -- Treason Is A Matter Of Dates - Walter Russell Mead's Blog

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Location Location Location Location Location

Five Reasons Sarah Palin's [Reality TV Show deal] Will Be the Most Brilliant Tactical Move in 21st Century Politics @ HillBuzz

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March 3, 2010

High Concept


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An Open Letter To San Francisco's Municipal Transit

Fuck you.

Let me start over.

Fuck you.....

-- Read the rest @ Rocket Shoes

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Oh Come Let Us Adore Him

Far from despising the poor beleaguered man,
who is being abandoned by more and more of his supporters every day, and now risks being turned on by the previously adoring mainstream media, the way they turned on Tiger Woods, I am beginning to adore Obama. I can't think of any American since Ronald Reagan who has done so much to advance the cause of conservatism. -- David Warren

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There'll always be an island off the coast of France


Man will attempt to sail in a giant pumpkin to the Isle of Man

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California Dreaming

To drive through downtown Santa Barbara
is to count the amazing variety of Volvo, Mercedes, Lexus, and BMW SUV's and wonder where the gasoline comes from, as off shore drilling declines. You get the picture -- our top echelons have become quite prissy. The redwood deck is beloved, not the falling coast redwood tree; Kitchen granite counters are de rigueur, not the blasting at the top of the granite mountain; the Prius is a badge of honor, not the chemical plant that makes its batteries; we now like stainless steel frigs, but hate steel's coke, and iron ore, and electricity lines; arugula is tasty, not the canal that brings water 400 miles to irrigate it; I support teacher unions and -studies courses in the public schools, but not with my Ivy-League bound children. -- Works and Days

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March 2, 2010

"George, tell me again about the burning Washington to the ground...."

To understand why the Rangel scandals are so dangerous for Democrats,
you need to understand something about midterm landslides: They’re usually composed of three parts. First, the other party’s activists are highly motivated. Second, your own activists are highly unmotivated. Third, independents want to burn Washington to the ground. -- The Photo That Could Doom the Democrats @ The Daily Beast

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Word Up

Make every working man cut three checks to Washington every April out of their own bank accounts and you'll see a vast, seismic shift back towards limited government and fiscal conservatism. Directly paying income tax, social security and medicare/medicaid straight up would be a stunning eye opener to most working citizens. -- Jaded Haven

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What the World Needs Now Is a Quart of Starbucks

La Trenta: The one coffee to have when you're having only one coffee!

Because, well, two pints just weren't enough! Starbucks Gossip:
Starbucks believes the Venti size isn't quite big enough for some customers The 32-ounce Trenta has gotten buzz on Twitter and Facebook, and a Starbucks Gossip reader says a friend just got back from Phoenix, where they were demoing a Trenta iced cup.

I think they should just lobby Obama to legalize liquid crack cocaine. He'd be into it. I know he'd be into it.

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Xbox Killed the Rock and Roll Star

Do you think there’s a danger of rock ‘n’ roll becoming extinct?

Yeah, sure. Definitely.

What would there be to take its place?

Video games. A lot of things we don’t like to think about.

From An interview from 1982 with Lester Bangs, the greatest rock writer of all time -- Found @ The Hypnotized Never Lie

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Codes and Gun Cameras: Culls from Monday's Ka-Ching


Have you figured out the code by now? Whenever a photo is run of a male celebrity walking somewhere with an unidentified “friend”, that’s the paper’s way of outing the man. [Hillbuzz]


The Camera NOT to take along in your carry-on: DORYU 2-16 Pistol Camera

Available, among others, @ KA-CHING!

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Wars By Other Means

What if World War 3 has started
and nobody knows it? If conflict in the 21st century takes the form of intelligence operations and targeted assassinations is it really war any more? Maybe it's illegal to attack a government but if you do it slowly, quietly enough, then no red lines are crossed; no Security Council resolutions are enacted. The Daily Telegraph quotes former British Labor Environment Minister as saying his party has been infiltrated by a secret cell of Islamists who are slowly but surely taking parts of it over. -- Belmont Club サ The Rumor of War

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March 1, 2010

This Just In!


Filed by ace cubette reporter Daphne as The Burger King Segue ォ Jaded Haven

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Comment of the Day

You can say what you want about "Cash for Clunkers", but at least it got a lot of "Obama/Biden" bumper stickers of the roads. -- Cheezburgrrr

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Sunday Pick @ Ka-Ching


Lance Armstrong overcame testicular cancer to win the Tour De France for seven consecutive years. Another Leibovitz triumph, this photo illustrates exactly what the Tour De France champion’s muscles are doing when he is at work. Housed at the Oswald Gallery in Austin. Date: 1999. Photographer: Annie Leibovitz. -- KA-CHING!

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CBS Working on Plan to Further Reduce Coric's Low Ratings

CBS executives, mindful that Katie Couric’s contract expires in a little over a year, have talked to Anderson Cooper of CNN about an anchor job, according to two TV veterans informed of the meeting. -- News Units at ABC and CBS Try to Navigate Uncertain Times

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Uncorrected Evidence 39

Moldberg on why the Institute of Physics Submission to the UK Parliment starts to nail down the lid on the GlobalWarming/Climatology coffin.

For the first time, a major scientific authority of unchallenged official legitimacy has called this spade a spade. Climatology, as now generally practiced, at least in the picture revealed by the emails, is not science, but a corruption thereof. Not science, but pseudoscience. Not a few scapegoats, but an entire profession.

Fracture dynamics 101: cracks spread. Real science, being the best possible information by definition, is stable. Pseudoscience, not so much. The IOP is a tank any physicist can march behind. Physics is a tank any scientist can march behind. Science is a tank anyone can march behind. Anyone can follow legitimate, official authorities. Those who have been silent will speak; those who have been speaking will fall silent. When the Defence Minister criticizes the Minister for State Security, comrades, it's always a big deal. -- Unqualified Reservations

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