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February 12, 2010

See Here -- Friday [Updated]


New Advisor in White HouseObama and Tiger discuss a 12 step program for Screwing Addiction

I'm loving the phrase that pays -- 'PC-Whipped':
"It is therefore a very curious feature of the modern multiculturalist West that the police and armed forces are the most PC-whipped, "diversity"-panicked of our institutions." -- Playing the System - John Derbyshire

How to Wield a Knife: Some people hold a boning knife like a conductor's baton during a particularly slow part of Pachelbel's Canon. This is wrong.

I vote for a one-way trip:
U2's recent 360 world tour featured three 390-ton stages, 200 crew members, and on one occasion the band even added a satellite link-up to the International Space Station. The 18-month tour ended up producing 65,000 tons of CO2, or enough to fly the members of U2 to Mars and back. -- Fast Company

Bringing the long green to Big Blue:
"Democratic policy is increasingly limited to one goal: feeding the blue beast. The great public-service providing institutions of our society — schools, universities, the health system, and above all government at municipal, state and federal levels — are built blue and think blue." -- Feeding the Blue Beast

Dept. of Good Questions: "Why would NOAA reduce the amount of weather stations in cooler locations since 1990?" -- Damn That Man-Made Global Warming!

Dipso last night:It's getting to be last straw, rifle in the bell tower time around here.

Lileks last night: You know where this is leading, don’t you? That’s right: the clocktower, with a rifle.

Baby, it's cold outside: Florida's Wildlife Freezing to Death Manatees, sea turtles and fish in the Sunshine State are dying in record numbers because of the unusually long cold snap.

Ah, Love!: A Journey Round My Skull's Soap Opera Digest catalogues some famous affairs and marriages:
They married. They fecklessly squandered every penny they got their hands on. He had multiple affairs. She had multiple affairs. He drank some more. She never scolded him for his drinking, nor for his profligacy with money; they knew one another’s weaknesses all too well. Constitutionally incapable of leading a bourgeois existence even though both longed for it, they lived like wild gypsy souls rolling and tumbling from one end to the other of a wild gypsy land, inhabiting a succession of cottages, houses, apartments and garrets from Swansea to Hampshire. He wrote and published and went on tour. He drank to the extent that life was becoming one prolonged debauch.

Had Enough Therapy?: Secrets for a Long, Happy Marriage "Even if you are not yet married, it's never too early to prepare. The good habits that you develop before your marriage will feel more natural once you do get married. Do not imagine that you are going to undergo a character transformation once you put on the ring. Life is not like that."

You need this like a hole in the head: Brain surgery boosts spirituality: Scientific American "Lose a tumour, gain self-transcendence." Deal!


Interview with a NIgerian email scammer by Scam Detectives At the bottom are the “foot soldiers”, kids who spend all of their time online to find email addresses and send out the first emails to get people interested.

And that's 30 for me this Friday. I'm off to the Banya!

Posted by Vanderleun at February 12, 2010 2:12 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

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Love the first picture: a summit between the poker and the porker.


Posted by: jwm at February 12, 2010 10:16 AM

For Something Wonderful:


You can't do better than Peter Gunn.

Posted by: Mikey NTH at February 12, 2010 5:15 PM

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