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February 28, 2010

Stairway to Heaven: The Missing Beatles Cover

"To be a rock and not to roll..."

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Coat Tails As Short as a High Colonic and Just as Pleasant

Obama Visit Lost Reid 10% More Voters

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Great News: MSNBC: “The Place for Curling!”

Some of the more obscure Olympic events were actually playing better on MSNBC than it’s actual programming. On Wednesday, curling, yes curling, bled over into Keith Olbermann’s hour. When he finally go on the air, viewers fled. -- JedEckert.com, Chaos at MSNBC

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Science Made Stupid Headline of the Year (So Far)

Hourglass Figures Affect Men's Brains Like a Drug

(You know, the question of which group is dumber, scientists or journalists, is getting to be a real toss-up.)

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The Undead and the Women Who Love Them

"Democrats are like sparkly vampires in that a lot of women like them but they just confuse and irritate most men." -- IMAO [HT: Morgan]

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Newsweek: Wrong Then. Wronger Now.

Why the internet will fail (from 1995) @ Three Word Chant!

Came across this article from Newsweek in 1995. It lists all the reasons the internet will fail. My two favorite parts:
The truth in no online database will replace your daily newspaper, no CD-ROM can take the place of a competent teacher and no computer network will change the way government works.

Nicholas Negroponte, director of the MIT Media Lab, predicts that we'll soon buy books and newspapers straight over the Intenet. Uh, sure.

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PNS: Post Normal Science

Note: the following was written on October 31 and updated November 3, before the 'Climategate' CRU email scandal broke, and it is all the more pertinent in the light of those disclosures.

Science is no longer what we thought it was.
It is now a tool in the hands of socialists, and the smart money is flowing into the pockets of ‘scientists’ who will serve their agenda. Follow the money. Whilst traditional physics and chemistry departments are closing in British universities, and there is a shortage of science teachers, there is an abundance of cash being poured into departments that will serve socialist ends, and no shortage of acolytes desirous to use this as a route to power. Once there was modern science, which was hard work; now we have postmodern science, where the quest for real, absolute truth is outdated, and "science" is a wax nose that can be twisted in any direction to underpin the latest lying narrative in the pursuit of power. Except they didn't call it "postmodern"€™ science because then we might smell a rat. They called it PNS (post-normal science) and hoped we wouldn't notice. -- Climate Change and the Death of Science @ Buy the Truth

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February 27, 2010

Anals of Unfortunate Phraseology

The Atlantic has just gotten a new design predicated on the concept, "The more crap we can cram on the home page the better." Unfortunately (or perhaps satisfactorily) it presents Andrew Sullivan's latest "achievement" thusly:


Speaking just for myself, this is one sort of status update I don't need.

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The Pudding Guy


It pays to keep your eyes open and brain engaged in the grocery store:
In 1999, UC-Davis civil engineer David Phillips was grocery shopping when he noticed something peculiar. Healthy Choice Foods was offering frequent-flyer miles to customers who bought its products. But a 25-cent pudding would bring 100 miles — the reward was worth more than the product itself.

Recognizing a good thing, Phillips bought 12,150 servings of pudding for $3,140, claiming he was stocking up for Y2K. Then he enlisted the Salvation Army to help him peel off the UPC codes, in exchange for donating the pudding.

He mailed his submission to Healthy Choice, and to their credit they awarded him 1.25 million frequent-flyer miles, enough for 31 round trips to Europe, 42 to Hawaii, 21 to Australia, or 50 anywhere in the United States.

There’s no downside. Phillips also got Aadvantage Gold status for life with American Airlines, which brings a special reservations number, priority boarding, upgrades, and bonus miles. And he got an $815 tax writeoff for donating the pudding. -- Futility Closet

More @ snopes.com: Pudding Air Travel Redemption

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Doom. Floating Chilling DOOM!

Giant iceberg 'could change weather patterns
AN iceberg the size of Luxembourg knocked loose from the Antarctic continent earlier this month could disrupt the ocean currents driving weather patterns around the globe, researchers said.

These "researchers" are really starting to crack me up.

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February 26, 2010

Headline of the Year So Far

Hottest January ever say climate experts

"The Experts said it. We believe it. That settles it."

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Zipper Threats


Wondermark strikes again. Go HERE for the full strip. HT: Christoper Taylor @ Word Around the Net

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President Obama has summoned the elder gods of the North,
to bring a blizzard which is currently pounding the eastern seaboard. Earlier this week he met with his Secretary of Paranormal Activity to determine an appropriate ritual. He and Secretary Mabius decided on a ritual to summon the elder winter gods of the North to help keep politicians talking yesterday.... White House spokespeople confirm that no animals were harmed in the ritual itself. The skin of a polar bear, which died of natural causes, was worn by the President in the White House Rose Garden. There he made a deal with the elder gods, and in exchange for snow he gave them tax exempt status as a state recognized religious institution. Schools and businesses throughout the Northeastern United States are closed today due to the President’s incantation. -- Weekly World News

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February 25, 2010

Unsung Heroes of Black History: Panthro


“And despite the fact that Panthro,
a black man of exceptional scientific expertise that far exceeds that of even the famed George Washington Carver, built the Thundertank with simple junk parts, the rest of the Thundereans made Panthro be the DRIVER OF THE FUCKING THUNDERTANK! They made him a fucking chauffeur! What kind of shit is that? Where else in history do you see this kind of hypocrisy? Did you ever see Lee Iacocca drive Chrysler car plant workers around? Does Wolfgang Puck ever bus tables? Did either one of those contemptible George Bushes ever offer to even so much as light a White House page’s cigarette? How many times must black men be the “Hokes” to countless Miss Daisies?” -- KA-CHING!

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Going Down?


Via the astonishing DullTool -- Dimbulb

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Checking In on the "No Child's Fat Behind" Program

FLOTUS in signature 15 pounds worth of bangles

The article goes on and on
jabbering about all the usual memes: Lady M growing up in South Chicago and spending 20 hours a day exercising healthily until such time as she shifted all of her focus to academics (which are really important too), how all the kids in America are fat, including her own, and why we have to spend $10 billion in order to get them to eat less. I don’t understand that last part, but that’s probably because I didn’t got to Princeton. Or Harvard. -- Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog: Teach Your Children Well

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The Summing Up



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Yet Another Liberal Who Loses It by Just Thinking About Sarah Palin

By the ambiguously named Donna George Storey:

If you'd asked me yesterday if I ever thought about doing it with Sarah Palin, I would have sworn I didn't have the slightest interest. She's not my type. But after what happened last night, I'm not sure how I'd answer. Because last night Sarah took me to some places I never dreamed I'd go. By the end, my sheets were so wet with sweat and sex juices, I had to throw them in the wash before I went to work -- and as a married mother of three girls, you can well imagine it's been a long time since I've had sex that wild. -- Clean Sheets Erotica Magazine

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Modern Love

by Sharing Time

“All of our agents are helping other customers. Please stay on the line and we will be with you shortly,” said the automated lady voice as music played in the background.

“I love you,” I said to her.

“All of our agents are helping other customers. Please stay on the line and we will be with you shortly,” she repeated.

“Did you hear me? I said, I love you.” I started crying.

“All of our agents are helping other customers. Please stay on the line and we will be with you shortly.”

“It’s like talking to a fucking brick wall with you! I’m pouring my feelings out here and all you can say is, ‘please stay on the line’? Do you not remember the years we’ve spent together! The good times and the bad! Remember when I introduced you to my parents over speakerphone? I never felt closer to you that night,” I told her.

“All of our agents are helping other customers. Please stay on the line and we will be with you shortly.”

“Baby, I need you. Say something else.”

The music stopped. I heard a clicking noise.

“Hello, this is Monica. How can I help you?”

“You can’t! It’s not the same with you!” I whispercried.

I hung up.

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It was only a matter of time....

Photo Emerges Of Murderous Killer Whale At Tea Party Rally


"With a scrotum the size of a bean-bag chair, Tilikum is clearly the biggest teabagger of all." -- via The Nose On Your Face

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February 24, 2010

A Dog. A Girl. Add a Saddle and It's a Bollywood Western


Size does not matter. Just ask George.
Guinness World Records has just declared him the Tallest Living Dog and the Tallest Dog Ever.... The 245-pound, 4-year-old guy is 43 inches from paw to shoulder, and seven feet and three inches from head tail, according to Guinness stats. -- Dogster


Size does not matter. Just ask Jyoti.
A teenager from India who stands at a tiny 1ft 11in (58cm) tall is the smallest girl in the world. Jyoti Amge, 14, is shorter than the average two-year-old child and only weighs 11lb (5kg). -- Mail Online

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Selecting a Reader

by Ted Kooser

First, I would have her be beautiful,
and walking carefully up on my poetry
at the loneliest moment of an afternoon,
her hair still damp at the neck
from washing it. She should be wearing
a raincoat, an old one, dirty
from not having money enough for the cleaners.
She will take out her glasses, and there
in the bookstore, she will thumb
over my poems, then put the book back
up on its shelf. She will say to herself,
"For that kind of money, I can get
my raincoat cleaned." And she will.

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"They fuck you and fuck you and fuck you, and just when you think it's over, that's when the real fucking begins!"



Paging Al Gore:
The same storm that brought a gentle snowfall across Texas on Tuesday will reach the Northeast in the form of an atmospheric monster with damaging winds, blinding snow, torrential rain, huge waves and flooding. In the hardest-hit areas, it will seem more like a "snowacane," as a mere blizzard may not adequately describe conditions of this soon-to-be powerful nor'easter. -- AccuWeather.com - Weather Blogs - Weather News

Elsewhere: An Amber Alert Has Been Issued for Former Vice President and AGW Pope Al Gore -- HillBuzz

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If Drudge Would Just Read This Page He Could Be Cutting Edge Once Again

Today on the Drudge Report:

Five (5) days ago right here: Slobbering Suckupathon at the Pentagon Continues

C'mon, Matt. Pay attention!

UPDATE: C'mon, Self. Pay attention! I forgot that I too, as so often happens, got it from somewhere else. In this case the distinguished CDR Salamander: Missile Defense Agency goes Hopey-Changey

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"The “Do It My Way” potion. It was pure tyranny in liquid form."

After the trade unions, it was a whole menagerie of embittered special-rights advocacy groups.
The evil potion was consumed not out of need, but out of addiction. By the gallon it was consumed; by the bucket; by the barrel, by the truckload. The more we used, the more we wanted. The nation’s young people used it with a whole bunch of other funny mind-altering substances. The embittered, “liberated” women, the civil rights advocates, all with a mix of some causes noble and worthy, others not-so-much. They all said the same thing: “Do it our way, because right or wrong, we are together and we are using the evil sticky black stuff.” They used the evil sticky black stuff to defeat their enemies, and to make their enemies sorry they ever became enemies. They used the evil sticky black stuff to end careers. They called it the “vanishing.” It was a novelty at first, and then it became a habit. Someone would say something, or do something, and it wasn’t pleasing to someone else who had a stash of the evil sticky black stuff. So the spell would be cast and the offender would vanish. The stuff got him. People got used to it in a great big hurry because they didn’t want to be vanished. Before it was over, men were afraid to put up swimsuit calendars over their desks at work. Oh, they pretended it was because they were decent men. That was always the claim. But the real fear was that someone would use the evil sticky black stuff to end their careers and vanish them. And they still had to worry about retirement, and sending their kids to college. It wasn’t “worth it,” they said. -- Morgan @ House of Eratosthenes

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"All paparazzi work and all celebrity coverage up to today is hereby justified in these four photos."

Hillary Duff Teaches All Girls How To Handle Getting Engaged Boston. NSFW.

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February 23, 2010

People They Hate Almost As Much As Whitey

At the Washington Post's daily sitcom, The Root, comes Black Folks We'd Like To Remove From Black History. O.J. Simpson makes the list along with Idi Amin. Right up there with them? Michael Steele and Clarence Thomas. Equal opportunity haters, those Rooters. In a way it's fitting they're named after a book that was a hoax.

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The best pilot's blog in the sphere is back with Flight Level 390: Snow Clouds
There is not much in aviation that gets your attention like a 184 mph (160 kts) take-off on a snow covered runway with a crosswind. As soon as the nose wheels break contact, the runway centerline lights disappear in the maelstrom of millions of candlepower and fast moving snowflakes. Eyeballs go to the instruments; pull the nose toward 18 degrees and watch the radar altimeter for a rapidly increasing distance from the ground. The vertical speed indicator lags behind the aircraft, but finally catches up and goes to the top of the case. Stress levels begin to decrease as altitude increases. In this business, altitude equals Life.

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Can-Carrying and Canned NYT Climategate Reporter Revkin Blames Blogs

Revkin writhes:
I'm not saying there's direct cause and effect, but it's almost as if the tidal wave of dire pronouncements about the imminent unraveling of the earth's climate and ecosystems several years ago hit a shore and rebounded in a way that now threatens to inundate the source. More likely, we're seeing the explosive evolution of the blogosphere as a disruptive force, linked up the chain to talk radio and pundits and creating an echo chamber in which noise can swamp information. -- Back to Basics on Climate and Energy - Dot Earth Blog - NYTimes.com

Note to Revkin: It's not the crime, it's the coverup.

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Post-Modern Pirate


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February 22, 2010

Creative eupemisms for "Obama is a liar"

“Not true” / “He’s beginning to not be believable to me.” / “Very insincere”: neo-neocon explains the new phenomenon to you.

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Obama's Plan In Two Words

Balloon mortgage.

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"what Michelle Obama will be wearing at the next White House dinner."


A FLOTUS must have: "A model displays a Fall/Winter design by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada during the Pasarela Cibeles fashion week in Madrid." -- Daily scoreboard « Don Surber

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February 21, 2010

Susan Sarandon: Happy Transsexual Projectile Vomiting Target

No, not that transsexual. Another one.

Transsexual cabaret performer vomits on Susan Sarandon
A transsexual cabaret performer named Rose Wood engaged in projectile vomiting on stage and hit Sarandon with it. Standing nearby were Scarlett Johansson and Liev Schreiber. According to Wood it was not intended as an affront to the actress and she didn’t take it that way. “Apparently [Sarandon] got a big kick out of it. She squealed with surprise and loved it when several handsome gentlemen wiped it off of her. She had a ball! I saw her assistant downstairs afterward, and he was moved by it! She was in great spirits.”

Hey, a transsexual vomit offering? What's not to like?

HT and illo: iOwnTheWorld

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"Contemporary mainline churches have confused the Blue social model with the Kingdom of God."

"To mistake an ideology or a social model for the transcendent and always surprising (and irritating!) Kingdom of God is, technically speaking, the sin of idolatry. It is to worship the work of our own hands. What makes it worse is that to some degree in the mainline churches we have replaced faith in the scripturally based and historically rooted doctrines and values of the Christian heritage with faith in progressive social thought." -- Sunday Jeremiad: Petty Prophets of the Blue Beast - Walter Russell Mead @ The American Interest

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College Courses of the Very Near Future

Truth and Wikipedia:
We all accept that what people believe is true. Therefore, those who control what people believe are in a unique position to control truth. With the explosive growth of Wikipedia as the reference tool, it is imperative that students learn how to create and edit entries on this popular engine of belief. Students begin by editing the pages of their favorite movies. By the end of the course, students will be facile at changing historical events to what should have happened. -- William M. Briggs, Statistician サ Sussex University: Where You Earn A New Kind of Bachelor'S Degree

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To be renamed "Dancing with the Sluts"

Will Pam Anderson be on 'Dancing with the Stars'?
Could it be that one of the most relevant and popular pop culture icons of our time is about to collide head-on with one of the most relevant (sort of) and popular pop culture icons (if you're a guy) of our time? Former 'Baywatch' babe and tabloid beauty Pamela Anderson is rumored to be one of the roster of stars on the next 'Dancing with the Stars.'

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All Your Webasites Are Belong to Us!


This gem is from the indispensible A Goy and his Blog

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Visions of Obama


The Queen of Farts ォ HillBuzz

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"Tiger Woods called the press conference to announce that he's changing his name to Cheetah." -- HT to Mike Anderson in the comments on All Purpose Apology for Tiger Woods @ AMERICAN DIGEST

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February 20, 2010



Via Cup of Jo

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The Blogger's Complaint. Circa 1330, AD


"What a strange, demented feeling it gives me when I realise I have spent whole days before this inkstone, with nothing better to do, jotting down at random whatever nonsensical thoughts that have entered my head." -- Yoshida Kenkō, Tsurezuregusa

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Greece: "Cradle of Civilization" and the Coffin Too

Greece --
a country that belongs to its bureaucracy, created by elected governments who now can't face that bureaucracy down. ... Greece is nothing special: a vast, unionized public bureaucracy, which is, under quaint Greek arrangements, paid 14 months a year (12 calendar months plus two of guaranteed annual bonus). The civil servants are going berserk because the Socialist government of George Papandreou is trying to cut them back to 13 months of payment. (And can't afford that.) We have the spectacle of customs officials on strike, and tax collectors threatening to follow; of their trades union umbrella group declaring that the government's austerity measures are "an act of war."

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How Green Was My Tap Water

New York Fashion Week tries on green
"The green effort was not without its critics. Dahlia Algunaim, visiting Fashion Week from her home in California, said she was puzzled by most of the tap water stations that were located several blocks from the shows and posed a painful walk for someone like her, clad in tall boots."

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The Very First Story Ever Told, Lisl Weil, Atheneum, 1976, NY


Via stopping off place

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February 19, 2010

Best warning sign eve


Thanks to Make.

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Slobbering Suckupathon at the Pentagon Continues

As pointed out by CDR Salamander: Missile Defense Agency goes Hopey-Changey

Old Missile Defense Agency logo:


New Missile Defense Agency logo:


Any questions?

Update: Ruatha notes: "Looking further I notice that resembles a stylized universal "NO" symbol- the circle with a line through it thing that we imported from Europe. As in 'No missile defense'."

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"More people believe that Bush knew about 9/11 than believe that Porkulus created jobs."

-- JasonMattera who's talking about this: "Just 6% of Americans Believe Obama’s $787 Billion Stimulus Created Jobs" -- Gateway Pundit

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Dinner for One

HT: The ever-popular Curmudgeonly & Skeptical presents Boned Jello

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Sharp Ink


"Roman Polanski's new movie "Ghost Writer" is due out this week. it is supposedly an indictment of bush, blair and the iraq war. i can't think of a way to more perfectly illustrate the moral inversion of hollywood." -- Ghost Pervert - Attack Cartoons

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February 18, 2010

MiniMe Media Muddled Over Stack Spin

"Keith Olbermann is reportedly holed up in a bubble bath
going over the lengthy screed by the suicide airman. Andrew Joseph Stack's concerns sounded a lot like a "Teabagger," so Olbermann is scouring the man's online posting for  any mention whatsoever of our scary black president. So far he hasn't found any references to Obama. He is, however, rereading the note with an even finer toothed comb looking for "code words." Our sources said he's found some fishy phrases, and he is currently going over them with Chris Matthews and Markos Moulitsas, who are both in the tub with him.  He's confident he'll have the evidence he needs to bellow a bombastic report about tax concerns being racist. If he can't find the smoking gun, he will simply tell creepy stories about his daddy and pin them on the Tea Party movement." -- iOwnTheWorld.com has the story and the graphic.

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Everything About This Screams "Seattle!"


From Unhappy Hipsters:
She’d been begging her parents to swap out the gravel for a real lawn, with chairs and everything. She hadn’t counted on their literalism.

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Big Schoolmarm is Watching You

Lawsuit: PA School District Using School-Issued Laptop Webcams to Spy on Students : America's Right
The complaint, filed by minor high school student Blake Robbins and his parents, alleges that the school district has been spying on the activities of students and students’ families through the “indiscriminant use of and ability to remotely activate the webcams incorporated into each laptop issued to students,” all without the knowledge or consent of any of the students or parents involved.

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Environmental Fantasies

For decades these pathetic do-gooders
have sought to escape responsibility for the condequences of their fantasies. The world is littered with the corpses and awash in the tears of the people who they have "helped". Fantasy environmentalism is only one of a series of strategies they have fallen back on as they reassert their worship of centralized power (i.e., socialist/communist/Marxist ideology) and attempt to chain all of humanity to its domination. -- Dr. Sanity

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It was only a matter of time....

Calling it "basically no more than five rectangular strips of paper," Fed chairman Ben Bernanke illustrates how much "$200" is actually worth.

U.S. Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion

WASHINGTON—The U.S. economy ceased to function this week after unexpected existential remarks by Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke shocked Americans into realizing that money is, in fact, just a meaningless and intangible social construct.

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Common Sense Gem Found On Twitter


"Yahtzee." Via iOwnTheWorld.com where "Comrade Whoopie" comments:
Compromise has been the enemy of conservatism. We’re constantly called upon to compromise away our core principles to keep the peace. While the Left never compromises. At best they accept less than they want and then use that as a stepping stone to get more later.

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February 17, 2010

Safe Villainization

"Anytime a Christian walks on Law and Order, you know he's the murderer ... watch who turns out to be the villain - how often he's the patriot [or] the Christian." - screenwriter Andrew Klavan -- Via Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

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Climategate du Jour: 'Mistaeks was made'

IPCC gate Du Jour – Antarctic Sea Ice Increase Underestimated by 50% « Watts Up With That?

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"We have legitimate reasons to fear, and therefore legitimate reasons to fight."

"They who seek power over others,
whatever their reasons, are less patient with resistance than ever before in history. They've come a long way since the Wilson Administration, and fancy that they can see the ultimate goal -- elimination of all opposition to their total control of all human activity -- just beyond their reach. They've made alliance with the Main Stream Media, have conquered America's educational institutions, and have made inroads against all vestigial notions of localism. When required to give their reasons for their desires, they retreat into windy generalities and vague assertions of the "public interest." They seldom stay to defend their assertions, preferring to use their superior press access and public-relations assets to exclude dissenting voices. The notion that men possess rights against coercive interference in their properly private affairs is anathema to them. Their underlying principle is that they're entitled to rule. Nothing more; nothing less." -- Eternity Road

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Death from Above: A Politically Correct Method of Assassination

Why doesn't America use skilled humans like the supposed Israeli hit team?
For two reasons: somehow, for causes social scientists have yet to explain, using people to kill people creates a public revulsion but blowing them up from a robot circling tens of thousands of feet above is politically acceptable. The second reason for not sending men after men is that the public has a similar revulsion to taking prisoners of whom you demand questions. The prisoners themselves may sue you for failing to Mirandize them. Three Navy SEALS are facing court martial for striking a member of al-Qaeda and cutting his lip. Blowing him to smithreens from above would have been less controversial and so things are done that way. The Alameda County Progressive Examiner say President Obama has ordered more drone hits since taking office than President Bush did in three years. -- Belmont Club サ Different strokes

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To blog, or not to blog - that is the question:

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The daily affront to the intelligence of a nine-year-old,
Or to take up pen against a bottomless sea of horseshit,
And by refuting lay the whackhammer on this crap once and for good.

-- Hambone - Washington Rebel

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And All That Jazz

Sippican Cottage: So What
I listen for the cornshucks of the brushes on the snare. He hits it, but I don't care about that. In between -- the faint circular sketching he does without thinking -- that's what I'm after. He's lathering the dry face of the song so I can shave it with the sharp edge of the brass. The bass rumbles like thunder in the distance.

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"The AGW takedown has had many contributors, but baby it's over. The swastika has been blown off the Reichstag." -- -- Cobb: Energy

It's an ill wind... Now IPCC hurricane data is questioned • The Register
More trouble looms for the IPCC. The body may need to revise statements made in its Fourth Assessment Report on hurricanes and global warming. A statistical analysis of the raw data shows that the claims that global hurricane activity has increased cannot be supported.

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Hippie Critic @ iOwntheworld is Finally Ahead of the Curve!

I'm Gonna Cash In On The Next Craze!


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The Last Self-Help Book


<p>You can download the free ebook by clicking on the picture lol<br />

You can download the free ebook by clicking on the cover

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Well, You Gotta Cut Somewhere


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February 16, 2010


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On Moral Vanity

"I was born and educated into the class
that produces “gentry liberals”, but I’ve come to loathe them. They're so very, very convinced of their moral superiority, they are. The pious anti-torture crusaders, the "economic-justice"€ cod-Marxists, the no-growth environmentalists, the gun banners, and all their kin in the tribe of wealthy white left-liberals. Armored by their certitudes and their sheepskins and their class privileges, they sail serenely above the deadly consequences of their meddling. Not for them any need to worry about second-order effects or process costs or who actually pays the cost for their delusions, oh, no. They are the anointed, and lofty intentions are their sovereign excuse however much damage they do." -- Armed and Dangerous » Blog Archive » Who bears the costs of moral vanity?

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Amy Bishop: Cold Cases in Cold Blood

"It begins to appear that Ms. Bishop
was hardly the cool and cerebral scientist and suburban mother of four who suddenly snapped in the face of work pressure. It is difficult to escape the notion that she is not only a recent mass murderer but also a long-time serial killer, and that her victims include the categories of both domestic and workplace. This would make her one of the most versatile killers around—as well as one of the strangest—who benefited greatly in the past from police corruption and/or incompetence.... It is difficult to escape the notion that she is not only a recent mass murderer but also a long-time serial killer..." -- neo-neocon Amy Bishop: cold cases

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Climategate? We don't got to show you no steenkin' climategate!

The paper of non-record:
"Today the New York Times came out with its weekly special section devoted to Science.  There was a story in there about some schoolchildren and a giant prehistoric frog, a review of some recent developments in Cretan archaelogy, a fascinating story about animals that imitate other animals and plants, and a very short piece about warm sea water melting glaciers in Greenland. -- Walter Russell Mead's @ The American Interest

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February 15, 2010

Note that once they get below 100 they stop listing...

List of films that most frequently use the word "fuck"

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Climategate Sideshows

Illustration by Libergraphica

Speaking only for myself, one of the best sideshows going as "Climate Science" combusts and implodes will be watching Charles Johnson @ Little Green Footballs shovel his bullshit 24/7 against the incoming tide. Over there I note the disastrous Traffic declines continue unabated, and discussion participation well below 10% and falling. But the sputtering blather and spew continues at record levels for Charles. What a show! For that I’m taking out the lawn chair, microwaving the popcorn, and cracking a cold one. Hat tip: Sorry, Husky Blogger @ Blogmocracy

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A Nation of Stooges


Cobb :
Nobody knows where Osama Bin Laden is. Or so goes the popular opinion. Neither the NSA nor Google has the balls, algorithms or data centers to go and find him, his family, his friends, his Yelped restaurants, or any of his clickstreams. He is immune to our reality networks, or so it seems. But you and I? We're not just knee deep, we're totally deep. We have an economy of bouncer videos and 140 character speeches of pathetic jihad. I don't even want to go to #TCOT to find one example. And we can't even stop it. We can't even get a 'Hate It' button on Facebook. Not only has Friendster died, Hatester died too. All of our digital expression, save this, the blog, the one where you have to think and type rather than just click and connect, well they're all directed.

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Best Whittle Afterburner Yet

That's right. Best ever. Watch it all and see why: PJTV - Afterburner with Bill Whittle - KSM, Not Guilty: Why Obama’s 9/11 Show Trials Assault The Rule Of Law

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It seems like only last December, the Times' "public editor" Hoyt was saying...

"I think The Times has handled Climategate appropriately — a story, not a three-alarm story.

I think that any notion that The Times was trying to avoid publishing the e-mail messages is a manufactured issue. On Freeman’s advice, the paper linked to them — on a skeptic’s Web site as it happens — and they were a click away for anyone who wanted to examine them.

The biggest question is what the messages amount to — an embarrassing revelation that scientists can be petty and defensive and even cheat around the edges, or a major scandal that undercuts the scientific premise for global warming. The former is a story. The latter is a huge story. And the answer is tied up in complex science that is difficult even for experts to understand, and in politics in which passionate sides have been taken, sometimes regardless of the facts. -- The Public Editor - Stolen E-Mail, Stoking the Climate Debate

Oh, wait.... it was only last December. Might want to send the fire engines someday soon, Clark.

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Bow Down Before It, Ye Mortals!


Now, in order to convert bad science (or good science misconstrued) into a religion,
two things are necessary. First, instead of pointing toward the Absolute, it must be the Absolute. And then the science of the day must be imagined to be the last word, the ultimate phase, or last chapter of its development. We laugh at people who did this in the past. Why don't we laugh at people who do it today?

Oh wait. We do. Charles Johnson.

The irony is that the same people who, say, criticize the Church for opposing Galileo are the new secular churchmen who are threatened by opposition to their sacred ideology. Thus, if you question the dogma of global warming, you are in league with satan, i.e. Big Oil, who is paying you to say those evil things. Or, if you point out the undeniable holes in radical Darwinism, you are secretly in league with medieval Creationists. No need to actually engage the arguments. Just break out the kindling and matches. -- One Cʘsmos: The New Science of Quantum Booty!

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February 14, 2010

The Moods of Love

For Valentine's Day music, neoneocon says this can't be beat. She's right.

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February 13, 2010

Keep in Mind

"Civilizations fall because people bitch and complain when the electricity is off for fifteen minutes, and never give a thought to the fact that it has been on for their entire lives." -- Bill Whittle

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Extreme Weather Reports: These Just In


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See Here Saturday: "Flat-flip Flies Straight. Tilted-Flip Curves. Experiment"


Fredrick Morrison, the man who invented the iconic Frisbee flying disc, has died at age 90. Morrison's disc, which he originally called the "Pluto Platter," was later renamed the Frisbee by Wham-O, the company that bought the rights to his invention in 1957. -- Dinosaurs and Robots

Bill Whittle on Civilization. If you haven't read it, you should: "I had tossed myself a mile into the air and landed safe in this Web of Trust." -- THE WEB OF TRUST

It is not we who silence the press.
It is the press that silences us. It is not a case of the Commonwealth settling how much the editors shall say; it is a case of the editors settling how much the Commonwealth shall know. If we attack the press, we shall be rebelling, not repressing. -- G.K. Chesterton @ The Anchoress

If it makes us safer, let's scrap it: Closing Velocity: Video: So Long, Airborne Laser...

You can say what you want about the South, but you never hear of anyone retiring and moving North: A Tennessee State trooper pulled over a pickup on I-65. The trooper asked, "Got any ID?" The driver replied, "Bout whut?" -- Doug Ross

Darth Vader on the Toilet Hey, when you gotta go....

Democrat Party discipline: why do moderates roll over? neoneocon thinks:
In the absence of strong principles it must hardly seem worth it, and so they go along to get along and hope for the best.

Me? I think the administration just gives them The Full Chicago: “We know where you live and where your children go to school….”

Just when you think high fashion cannot possibly get worse... Walter Van Beirendonck F/W 2010

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Applying the Gnosis

Government is not essentially evil;
but given the fallen nature of man, you have to assume that if you give great power it will be used, and given enough power it will attract evil men. It is not a coincidence that the wicked brother often survives to become king -- one of the reasons for not having kings. Government is not villainy. It is, in the words of Franklin, "like fire a dangerous servant and a fearful master"; but he invented the Franklin Stove to make more efficient use of fire, and would no more have given up government than he would fire. That ancients always believed that good government was the gift of the gods, and the Framers understood that good government requires hard work and resistance to the temptation to try to accomplish too much. The knowledge of the world does not lead to perfection and attempts to establish perfection through knowledge -- through acquiring the gnosis and applying it -- have always been the door to disaster and worse.

Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free. You cannot have both freedom and equality imposed by law. You can have charity or you can have entitlements, but the more you have of the latter the less you will have of the former -- and the less you will have of freedom. This isn't really controversial; it's inherent in the terms. You are free to equalize yourself with the poor, but there is neither freedom nor charity in forcing that equalization, and we all know it. Moreover, equalization is done by a ruling class forcing others to share; little of their equalizations affects those who enact them. Not in their fundamentals." -- Jerry Pournelle

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February 12, 2010

See Here -- Friday [Updated]


New Advisor in White HouseObama and Tiger discuss a 12 step program for Screwing Addiction

I'm loving the phrase that pays -- 'PC-Whipped':
"It is therefore a very curious feature of the modern multiculturalist West that the police and armed forces are the most PC-whipped, "diversity"-panicked of our institutions." -- Playing the System - John Derbyshire

How to Wield a Knife: Some people hold a boning knife like a conductor's baton during a particularly slow part of Pachelbel's Canon. This is wrong.

I vote for a one-way trip:
U2's recent 360 world tour featured three 390-ton stages, 200 crew members, and on one occasion the band even added a satellite link-up to the International Space Station. The 18-month tour ended up producing 65,000 tons of CO2, or enough to fly the members of U2 to Mars and back. -- Fast Company

Bringing the long green to Big Blue:
"Democratic policy is increasingly limited to one goal: feeding the blue beast. The great public-service providing institutions of our society — schools, universities, the health system, and above all government at municipal, state and federal levels — are built blue and think blue." -- Feeding the Blue Beast

Dept. of Good Questions: "Why would NOAA reduce the amount of weather stations in cooler locations since 1990?" -- Damn That Man-Made Global Warming!

Dipso last night:It's getting to be last straw, rifle in the bell tower time around here.

Lileks last night: You know where this is leading, don’t you? That’s right: the clocktower, with a rifle.

Baby, it's cold outside: Florida's Wildlife Freezing to Death Manatees, sea turtles and fish in the Sunshine State are dying in record numbers because of the unusually long cold snap.

Ah, Love!: A Journey Round My Skull's Soap Opera Digest catalogues some famous affairs and marriages:
They married. They fecklessly squandered every penny they got their hands on. He had multiple affairs. She had multiple affairs. He drank some more. She never scolded him for his drinking, nor for his profligacy with money; they knew one another’s weaknesses all too well. Constitutionally incapable of leading a bourgeois existence even though both longed for it, they lived like wild gypsy souls rolling and tumbling from one end to the other of a wild gypsy land, inhabiting a succession of cottages, houses, apartments and garrets from Swansea to Hampshire. He wrote and published and went on tour. He drank to the extent that life was becoming one prolonged debauch.

Had Enough Therapy?: Secrets for a Long, Happy Marriage "Even if you are not yet married, it's never too early to prepare. The good habits that you develop before your marriage will feel more natural once you do get married. Do not imagine that you are going to undergo a character transformation once you put on the ring. Life is not like that."

You need this like a hole in the head: Brain surgery boosts spirituality: Scientific American "Lose a tumour, gain self-transcendence." Deal!


Interview with a NIgerian email scammer by Scam Detectives At the bottom are the “foot soldiers”, kids who spend all of their time online to find email addresses and send out the first emails to get people interested.

And that's 30 for me this Friday. I'm off to the Banya!

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February 11, 2010

See Here [Updated]


Neoneocon on Palin Hate as "a toxic brew of class warfare, misogyny, envy, and elitism." Palin: Out with the "In" Crowd

iowahawk: Black History Month: Big Willie, Tomiko, and the Brotherhood

Poretto's cheat sheet on the state of AGW: "A thesis that can't predict is no thesis at all."

The Smallest Minority quotes this exchange with Thomas Sowell:
Peter Robinson: If you had a sentence or two to say to the Cabinet assembled around President Obama, and this cabinet holds glittering degrees from one impressive institution after another, if you could beseech them to conduct themselves in one particular way between now and the time they leave office, what would you say?
Thomas Sowell: Actually, I would say only one word: Goodbye. Because I know there's no point talking to them.

Maverick Philosopher: Dear Aristotle, Is politics the master science of the good, or is ethics? Which is subordinated to which? You can't have it both ways, and I would resolve the tension by giving the palm to ethics and to the happiness of the individual. And I would do so invoking your authority!

It's The Internet of ghosts according to Snarkmarket So often online, we interact in ways that are intimate enough to feel significant, but so disconnected they're essentially mysterious.


The Only Immortal Animal on Earth Have you ever wondered what would happen if our life cycles were reversed, that is if we were born old and died young? Well, there's one animal that comes close and has achieved immortality in the process, just to top it off. Meet Turritopsis nutricula, a small saltwater animal or hydrozoan related to jellyfish and corals.

Biden, continuing in his role as Obama's safeword against impeachment: Joe Biden update: Iraq one of Obama's 'great achievements'

Word Around the Net is creeped out: "Emma Watson legality clocks were creepy enough, but the Twilight Moms and the lunacy around this movie and its male star is just nasty."

One Cʘsmos: The Sleep of Reason Produces One-Eyed Monsters There will always be temporocentric mediocrities who are "trapped into seeing in the science of the day its ultimate phase of development."

Remember when? "Global warmists used to love talking about the weather." -- Hot Enough for You? - WSJ.com

Mapping the "Local Cavity:" New 3-D Map of Interstellar Gas Around the Sun

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Catchphrase of the Decade: "How's that hope and change working out?"


Iran Revolution day protests: Islamic Republic now a nuclear state

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain: Most will say that this show's Obama's Iran policy to be a failure. I say that it's working out just the way he wants it.

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Remember when the Left hated tapping phone calls from abroad?

Well, it's different when the calls are domestic, right? Feds push for tracking cell phones
In that case, the Obama administration has argued that warrantless tracking is permitted because Americans enjoy no "reasonable expectation of privacy" in their--or at least their cell phones'--whereabouts. U.S. Department of Justice lawyers say that "a customer's Fourth Amendment rights are not violated when the phone company reveals to the government its own records" that show where a mobile device placed and received calls.

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February 10, 2010

Atlantic Co-Blogger Slams the Noxious Sullivan

Deems him an equal-opportunity hater:
I don't think Andrew is anti-Semitic is because his hatreds are prolific. Yes, it is true that, on the Daily Dish, Israel is the Sarah Palin of nations, but his hatreds extend beyond Israel and the former Alaska governor. I have found that when Andrew directs his righteous anger at a target, it's best to step out of the way, because there's no arguing nuance with him. Of course, Andrew lately doesn't seem to understand that history (see: The Pianist) has shown that hostile accusations about Jews, when made recklessly, have nasty consequences....
Andrew Sullivan doesn't know that much about the Middle East. I know that sounds odd, given that he is a former editor of The New Republic, but there you have it. One of the many reasons I don't engage his blog more frequently on matters relating to the Middle East is that he's not very knowledgeable about the intricacies of the American-led peace process, or of internal Israeli politics, or internal Palestinian politics. -- Leon Wieseltier, Andrew Sullivan and Anti-Semitism - Jeffrey Goldberg

Say good night, Andrew.

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"You may now kiss the bride."

Well, what couple doesn't have its problems? Arab ambassador discovers bride is bearded and cross-eyed behind veil After the marriage contract was signed, the ambassador attempted to kiss his bride-to-be. It was only then that he discovered her facial hair and eyes.
Advertisement seen on the linked page:

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2 Living Arguments Against the Theory That Women Should Vote

Eve [Vagina Monologues] Ensler & Joy [Vagina Dialogues] Behar. Put them both together and they can still be out thought by a slime mold:
ENSLER: Well, I just think the idea that she doesn’t believe in global warming is bizarre.
BEHAR: Every scientist at every note believes in it but Sarah Palin doesn’t believe in it.
ENSLER: And I think we just kind of have to walk around the world at this point and look at what is happening to nature and earthquakes and tsunamis.

Morgan has the video and this insight:
It reflects poorly on womanhood in general when “ladies” like this are not lonely. On some level, women like this wish to be. You realize that, right? They certainly don’t want to be around just anybody; they really want to identify the “right” people, and restrict their company to just those. You have to be into their jokes about female body parts, you have to believe in global warming, you have to have voted for Obama, always look for the union label I suppose. What else? -- House of Eratosthenes

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Can Obama Boogie?

According to his wife while speaking to Larry King... sort of: "You know, he doesn't get down easily. He gets very focused and very serious when he's facing a challenge. But, you know, the thing about Barack is that he stays humble and keeps things in perspective." -- Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog

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The Abiding New Age Dementia That is San Francisco


There will always be a San Francisco says James Fallows of this photo taken, "This afternoon, Marina/Cow Hollow area." Really? Only so long as these yogistas believe earthquakes are only for the little people in Haiti. [HT: Curmudgeonly & Skeptical presents Boned Jello that asks always, "Daddy, what's a Liberal?"]

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Is Al Qaeda Practicing on Ethiopian Airplanes

The Jawa Report: Ethiopian Airlines Was Blown Up By al Qaeda
DEBKA reports that the plane was in fact taken down by an al Qaeda operation. And, again, this is an Ethiopian airliner. Flying out of the Middle East. Also two hallmarks of a plausible case that this was an act of terror.

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Miss Me Yet Meme Breaking Out of the Bush Enclave


The Humble Libertarian: Bush Billboard: "Miss Me Yet?" Photoshopped [HT: Malkin]

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The High Cliff From Which We Shall Fall


U.S. Debt Is Simply Out of Control
"I continue to be stupefied by the number of people who actually defend the notion that the United States has its debt under control. This graph doesn’t denote any sort of control whatsoever — unless you believe “control” and “incomprehensibly stupid and irresponsible” are somehow related in meaning." -- Seeking Alpha

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Tehran's Tiananmen Square?


High Noon in Iran:
Gen. Mohammad-Ali Aziz Jaafari, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, and backed by Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — has been urging a mass crackdown against the opposition. According to sources in Tehran, Jaafari has presented a plan code-named “Tanzih” (Eradication), which envisages the arrest of some 3,000 opposition activists, including former president Mohammad Khatami and former prime minister Mir-Hussein Mussavi. The plan would also authorize the Revolutionary Guard and the paramilitary Basij (Mobilization) street fighters to crush any mass demonstration by force, even if that means producing a bloodbath.

General Jaafari is said to favor a “Chinese-style” crackdown to silence the growing pro-democracy movement. During the past six weeks he has been shipping units into Tehran and its environs and positioning Basij fighters, often in civilian clothes, at sensitive points. By Thursday he will have over 100,000 men in the capital. -- The Coming Iran Showdown - Amir Taheri

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February 9, 2010

Bad Darwinists. No Primordial Soup for You!

In a series of laughable experiments through the 1960s and '70s,
Darwinian biologists mixed various recipes for this hypothetical soup, then zapped them with energy this way and that, without any success whatever. Frankenstein's monster simply would not stir from their puddle. This soup nonsense is still presented in biology textbooks, as if it were true. But in an important paper in the journal BioEssays this week, William Martin et al., of the Institute of Botany III in Düsseldorf, spilled the last drop of it onto the trash heap of history. They summarize effectively why it not only did not work, but could not work, under laboratory or any other conditions. -- David Warren
For 80 years it has been accepted
that early life began in a 'primordial soup' of organic molecules before evolving out of the oceans millions of years later. Today the 'soup' theory has been over turned in a pioneering paper in BioEssays which claims it was the Earth's chemical energy, from hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor, which kick-started early life. -- New research rejects 'primordial soup' as the origin of life | ScienceBlog.com
And good luck to it.
I wish this hypothesis well, if only because it has long seemed to me, from observing the way nature works, that the seeds of biological life will be found in the earth's interior, rather than on its surface. God would more likely work that way: out of a womb, as it were. -- David Warren

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Watch the Obama Handjobs. They Tell a Story.

"He inspired in most men the warm, sweet urge to smack him in the mouth." -- John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee
Gibbs takes a short break from giving handjobs to WH press corpse @jaketapper "Gibbs Mocks Sarah Palin from White House Podium." - Twitter
One would think that those working in such an exalted place of power, command, and control would be above such petty slights. One would be wrong. These are all very low-class people from the core to the periphery.

Update: Derek @ Ace of Spades HQ takes you in for the close-up of Gibbs' hand:


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Red Like Thee

Gretchen Wilson: Yeehaw!

Tomorrow I will make the dangerous trek

north on Dubuque Street to Exit 242, merge into the river of semi-trailers on Interstate 80, and head west into the great red unknown between here and Boulder. It is the same route Von Drehle followed before he went missing: I-80 to Nebraska, then south on highway 77 through Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Ironically the Post had sent Von Drehle on his own mysterious mission - to learn why the natives were suddenly agitating against Post subscription offers. He went missing on January 11, emailing his final story draft with a cryptic personal note: "the horror... the horror." -- iowahawk: Heart of Redness
Redneck girls

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Sullivan's Other, Darker Problem

"I was not aware

that [Goldfarb and Krauthammer] comprise a “wing” of American Jewry, or that American Jewry has “wings.” What sets them apart from their more enlightened brethren is the unacceptability of their politics to Sullivan. That is his criterion for dividing the American Jewish community into good Jews and bad Jews–a practice with a sordid history." -- Something Much Darker -- The New Republic

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Maxims for the 21st Century

"Phallophilia is just masked gynephobia." -- Gagdad Bob

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February 8, 2010

Are You Now or Have You Ever Been a "Denialist?"

Climategate witchhunt fingers scientist

Paul Dennis, Head of Stable Isotope and Noble Gas Geochemistry Laboratories at UEA, has produced studies in support of Global Warming, but this didn't stop him falling under the Inquisitors's suspicion. Police told The Guardian that Dennis had been questioned. Like witches in the old days, Dennis had apparently shown signs of aberrant or 'denialist' behaviour. He reportedly refused to sign a petition in support of disgraced CRU director Phil Jones, and had communicated with Lucifer Canadian statistician Steve McIntyre, who over the years has uncovered malpractice amongst the High Priests of Paleoclimatology. One of the Priesthood, NASA's Gavin Schmidt and Real Climate blog, tipped the wink to UK Police.

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My "Miss Me Yet?" Memework is Bearing Fruit

This is, by all reports, an actual billboard on I-35 in Wyoming, Minnesota Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) - Daniel Foster - The Corner on National Review Online [HT: RS]

Earlier in this space multiple times over the last year....


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Maybe they should just get a room and go fuck themselves...


The fear and farce of climate-change science - The Globe and Mail

Fear: “There were death threats,” Phil Jones said. “People said I should go and kill myself. They said they knew where I lived. I did think about it, yes. About suicide.”
Farce: The comic figure is Rajendra Pachauri, the 69-year-old chairman of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. His fight to save his career over a faulty IPCC report about melting glaciers did not prevent him from publishing a novel – his first – that drips with sex and romance.

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The Power of Palin

Write 3 words on your palm for question hour, and suddenly the entire drool-cup left and the crack-pipe media is giving itself a handjob for a long weekend.


Bump & Update: Palin Campaigns For Rick Perry– Writes “Hi Mom” On Her Hand! -- Gateway Pundit Game, set, match to Palin.

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This Just In

Book a Flight
The $150 million 4 flights a day John Murtha Johnstown Airport is to be renamed "The John Murtha Memorial Airport."

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February 7, 2010

"At the home of a prominent warmist"


"Somewhere behind this wall of snow outside the White House windows is Barack Obama, working on his plan to stop the planet from getting so warm." -- Andrew Bolt Blog

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Rodger the Real King of France Schools Newsbuster's Tim Graham


Dear Meathead sayeth King Rodger:
"I readily stipulate that the legitimate questioning of Obama's birth now serves as a distraction. Okay? Even though we birthers own 100% of the facts, agitpropped mistakes notwithstanding. But f**k you Graham! For equating us with racists. You've been hanging around Liberals too long. My advice: move to a farm in the Midwest and work out of the kitchen for a year. 'Till you get grounded. I hope we're still friends." -- Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

[I readily stipulate that I snagged the quote partially so I could snag the illustration too.]

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Odd Fellows


One Cʘsmos is Speed-Blogging at the Edge of the Subjective Horizon: We Are All Christians Now
Darwin did not believe that his ability to know truth was limited by natural selection, any more than Freud thought that his ability to understand unconscious motivation was was limited by his own unconscious motivation. So we end up with Darwin and his spiritually and metaphysically retarded heirs, who devote (an interesting word) their lives to the purpose of proving that the world is purposeless, freely insisting that free will is an illusion, and absurdly affirming that only their opinion has the unique privilege of transcending their own paradigm and therefore being true.

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What It Was, (And Should Be) Was Football


"Tag isn't allowed,
so one of the kids brings a football, and they play that. And football isn't banned, because no one thought of it yet. And the absurdity of allowing mobs of pre-teens to chase one another if one is holding a ball, but not if their hands are empty, seems to be lost on the school administration. At least for now. And I, for one, am glad of it.

"I'm not as worried about my son being injured playing football as I am in contemplating the little straitjacket world he's being fitted for. Those children decided on the rules, supplied their equipment --a ball-- and played their game without any adult supervision; and I saw a lot less kvetching among them than at any organized sporting event they participate in. I'm leery of them being told that someone will always tell them exactly what to do, and simultaneously unerringly protect them from not only from harm, but hurt feelings. One aspect of that tandem of supervision is repugnant, and the other unlikely. -- Sippican Cottage

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Dis of the Day


I was seriously rejected from a social situation once because I mocked global warming. You watch: there will be no apologies, no retractions, no gracious self-deprecation. Here's an alternative: I Thought of Killing Myself, Says Climate Scandal Professor Phil Jones." == Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, Gore Storm - Washington Rebel

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Headline of the Day

Althouse: Sarah Palin was a blithering idiot until she became a devious genius.

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February 6, 2010

Regarding His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales

"Cheerless Charlie Chuckles
is a well of pissulence that never runs dry. He truly is a twatmeistering cunt-bugle of the very first water. When he isn’t building Potemkin villages or talking to organic vegetables or wishing he was an unattractive woman’s tampon he is being over six feet (I never knew they stacked shit that high in Windsor) of national embarrassment in a double-breasted jacket..." -- The Prince of Darkness – Counting Cats in Zanzibar

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The Rotting Souls of the Liberal Elite


High Liberalism is now a psychological manifestation,
by which the very rich, immune to both the realities of tough living and the hurt of high taxes, finds solace, self-worth, penance even, by sympathy for big government entitlement for the less fortunate whom they connive hourly to avoid. Prep schools are jammed with the children of those who damn charter schools and vouchers; environmentalism's most articulate advocates of small is better live in ways undreamed by the masses they wish to rein in. The greatest advocates of public expenditure, whether a Rangel, Geithner, or Daschle, are quite busy ensuring that they themselves will not have to pay for it all. -- Works and Days サ Civilization's Lies

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"Ultimate Plane De-Icing"

Timelapse footage of crews removing US Airways Flight 1549 from the Hudson River

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February 5, 2010

Global Dirting! Oh No. Here They Go Again.


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No sooner do we start to see the well-whipped backside of "Global Warming," then the bozos try on a little "Global Dirt Crisis!"
Fertile soil is being lost faster than it can be replenished and will eventually lead to the “topsoil bank” becoming empty, an Australian conference heard. Chronic soil mismanagement and over farming causing erosion, climate change and increasing populations were to blame for the dramatic global decline in suitable farming soil, scientists said. -- Britain facing food crisis as world's soil 'vanishes in 60 years' - Telegraph

"Scientists said" is becoming the numero uno phrase that gripes my ass. Would somebody just gather up these blathering scientists and bury them?

Update: In a discussion in the comments, rainycityjazz makes this observation:
Soil does wear away, blow away, get depleted and washed away. Soil also deposits and builds up and is enriched and improved and created anew. In fact we know quite well how to make and retain soil, and have ample materials to do just that where needed.

Soil loss is not a magic catastrophe liberals can manipulate to guarantee them dictatorial control over everything and everyone else. It is simply a large but manageable scientific problem. Israel turned supposedly impossible land into an agricultural paradise. Eastern Washington State has been transfigured from high plateau desert to abundant food factory using not much more than alfalfa and irrigation canals.

Sorry about that, future Algores of the loam. We can, and will, fix our soil problems without you forcing re-education camps, draconian population reduction schemes or massive income and power redistribution on the rest of us. Nice try, though.

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Employees AND Customers Must Wash Glands Before Returning

Restaurant promotes sex in its bathrooms
"We've always had little trysts in our bathrooms," says chef/co-owner Donna Dooher, pointing to lingering weekday lunches as a popular time. "We're taking it to the next level on Valentine's weekend." The restaurant's four bathrooms light up outside when occupied. Staff have learned to watch the light flicker twice when two customers enter the same bathroom, usually a few minutes apart.
Ask aptly named Donna Dooher for the Blue Plate Special with Happy Ending.

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Every parent's nightmare:

"Sound hurts your skin when your child's gone missing. Heightened senses cause every whisper to grate, the slightest aroma becomes nauseating, appetite is a remnant of some past life and the simple act of breathing becomes an ache of hard work. Sleep cannot happen, missing an hour on watch would be an unforgivable sin. You feel like the animal you truly are when your child turns up gone, reduced to little more than compulsive pacing or unnatural stillness and nothing, not a single blessed thing, exists except for his face and your need to hold it between your hands...." -- Cat's Cradle ォ Jaded Haven

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"Please don't wake me, no don't shake me..."


When I wake up early in the morning,
Lift my head, I'm still yawning
When I'm in the middle of a dream
Stay in bed, float up stream

Please don't wake me,
No don't shake me
Leave me where I am
I'm only sleeping

-- The Beatles

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February 4, 2010

The Right Lawyers for the Right Job

Holder Seeks Help with Special Qualifications: "

The U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division is seeking up to 10 experienced attorneys for the position of Trial Attorney.... The Civil Rights Division encourages qualified applicants with targeted disabilities to apply. Targeted disabilities are deafness, blindness, missing extremities, partial or complete paralysis, convulsive disorder, mental retardation, mental illness, severe distortion of limbs and/or spine." -- U. S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISION, VOTING SECTION TRIAL ATTORNEY, GS-14/15
I wonder if absence of the sense of justice qualifies too.

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Watermelon for Dessert Costs Extra

NBC Cafeteria sign
NBC Cafeteria: Worst Person In The World!
All the sign needs is Bill Clinton, asking for someone to fetch him some coffee. At least the sign is light-colored and not written in "negro dialect"€.

The condescending racism of liberal institutions just never stops. I mean isn't it insult enough that they got the shortest month?

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Best Picture: Nonexistent Congressional District 9

"Shouldn’t that read cremated or shaved?"

Nonexistent Congressional District 9 is a dark comedy
about an incompetent liberal progressive government that claims to have funneled $6.4 billion in stimulus money to 440 congressional districts, which creates or saves 30,000 jobs. Hi-jinks ensue when it is discovered that the districts don't exist. It's a great movie although the concept is difficult to believe, America would never elect such idiots -- Imaksim [HT: iowntheworld ]

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On Dumbth

In recent years we have made something of a fetish

out of nuance. Especially when it came to defending political candidates who could not think clearly or could not make up their minds or who tried to straddle too many competing opinions at once. John Kerry and Barack Obama were widely proclaimed to be geniuses because they engaged in cognitive disfluency and low concept. -- Had Enough Therapy?: Cognitive Fluency

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DADT: "Their opinion will become your obligation."

Neptunus Lex on the tip of the camel in Don't Ask Don't tell:
The national culture has subtly changed, and now the love that once dared not speak its name is all too happy and in fact compelled to trumpet itself from the parapets, desiring not merely tolerance but also approbation. Because of the peoples’ need to know, or something. So tomorrow, or next week, or next month the law will change, the military will dutifully tack to the winds political, a half a dozen servicemen will announce that they prefer it this way rather than that, and their comrades will mostly say, "Yeah, I always kind of thought so," yawn and move on.
Which is where it will get interesting, because the bureaucracy is nothing if not persistent. Rules will be written to ensure that gays and lesbians in committed partnerships have precisely the same access to housing, medical care, insurance coverage, tax preferences and all of those cohabitational benefits traditionally assigned to those whose procreative potential serves to raise the next nation of tax payers. Which, you know, was rather the point of all those benefits, the next generation typically being troublesome beasts and tyrants until they’ve learned their manners, not to mention an enormous drain on the family fisc.
Military law is federal law, and can be cited in non-military federal courts as precedent. The military’s rules and regulations will be cited by an enthusiastic cohort of civil rights lawyers intent on reforming Alabama, Mississippi and anyone possessing antiquated, traditional or religious notions of the cornerstone importance of the nuclear, two-parent family until once again they are ground under the heel of a benevolent national government. Their opinion will become your obligation. The movie script writes itself.
Which was, I suspect, the point all along. -- DADT « Neptunus Lex

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Vanderbilt chaplain agrees that homosexuals should be killed

"A defining question for the school." Donald Sensing at Sense of Events has the video and the round-up.
"Let me be clear of my own position here. Asked a straightforward question, Mr. Binhazim gave an equally straightforward answer: This is what Islam says and I am bound by the tenets of Islam to accept it. I personally do not think he should be disciplined or fired for answering the question, even as bluntly as he did. But there is not the slightest doubt in my Vanderbilt-alumnus mind that a Christian chaplain would indeed be disciplined by the university. So what Vanderbilt will do now is something of a defining question for the school. It prides itself on being tolerant and inclusive. Well, let's see just how tolerant and for what it shall be.

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Not Feeling the Love

Last year at this time:


This year at this time:
One sign that Washington, D.C., had been home to Obama Mania was the number of independent retailers selling all sorts of Obama merchandise. Every street corner, it seemed, had Obama wares (or Obama wear) for sale. Now, however, most of the winter caps for sale are not emblazoned with the Obama logo. T-shirts depicting our president as a dunking Michael Jordan, a victorious Muhammad Ali, or saber-baring Luke Skywalker (yes, these shirts all existed) are nowhere to be found.

This time last year, the Obama Store was teeming with customers. Ideally situated in the basement of Washington’s Union Station, the store was filled with consumers eager to buy anything with Obama’s likeness while others took pictures of the life-size cut-outs of the president and first lady. Now, the Obama Store is boarded up. -- USNews

Illustration via A Small Reminder - Cobb

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February 3, 2010


Pat Boone's Post-American Bandstand: You Talk Too Much (Featuring Zo and The Zolettes)

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Translation: "Obama to Democrats: Just Kill Yourselves for Me, OK?"

Obama to Democrats: Don’t ‘Play It Safe’
If Congress delivered results, Mr. Obama said, “I’m confident that politics in 2010 will take care of themselves.”

Indeed they will, kid. Indeed they will.

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Company to punch holes in very large envelopes

Giant Pandas to Be FedExed to China

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TREES will not uproot themselves and embark on blood-soaked killing sprees by 2035, global warming experts have admitted.

The International Panel on Climate Change confirmed the evidence had not been peer-reviewed and will now amend the section of its 2007 report devoted to 'killer trees'.
A spokesman said: "It appears the claim was not based on new data or field research but on that bit with the angry, talking trees in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.
"We're reviewing our procedures to determine how it made it into the final draft, though someone should probably have noticed the vivid description of the attack on Saruman's underground orc factory. "There is a supplementary source, and yes it is that bit with the angry, talking trees in The Wizard of Oz. -- The Daily Mash

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Katie Couric: Over-hyped, Over-paid, and Over


CBSNEWS anchorwoman and 60 MINUTES contributor Katie Couric faces a dramatic pay cut at the network, insiders tell the DRUDGE REPORT. Couric, the highest paid TV news personality in history, commands over $14 million a year, plus bumps for non-EVENING NEWS appearances. "She makes enough to pay 200 news reporters $75,000 a year!" demands a veteran producer. "It's complete insanity. We report with great enthusiasm how much bankers are making, how it is out of step with reality during a recession. Well, look at Katie!"

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"This president is a real slow learner."

Mayor of Las Vegas to Obama:
“He didn’t learn his lesson the first time, but when he hurt our economy by his ill conceived rhetoric, we didn’t think it would happen again, but now that it has I want to assure you, when he comes I’ll do everything I can to give him the boot back to Washington and to visit his failures back there. I gotta tell you this, everybody says I shouldn’t say it, but I gotta tell you the way it is. This president is a real slow learner.” -- Gateway Pundit

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Signs and Portents


"Summed up in one word." On Interstate 29 in Missouri.

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What Is to Be Done

It won't be enough for conservatives

to say they are not Obama, and not ready to become a socialist Belgium. They need far more -- a systematic agenda that outlines exactly how Americans are to become fiscally solvent, what and how much should be cut, a vow to end the congressional culture of corruption and become Spartan in our congressional habits, a confident energy policy that encourages nuclear, natural gas, and oil drilling to tide us over to new sources of energies, and a new resolve to enforce our borders, and end the naïve posturing of treating our war against Islamic jihadism as some sort of interesting legal debate that bounces around the philosophy department lounge. -- Victor Hanson

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February 2, 2010

Breeding a Slave Race


Here are the two most shattering facts about North Korea.
First, when viewed by satellite photography at night, it is an area of unrelieved darkness. Barely a scintilla of light is visible even in the capital city. Second, a North Korean is on average six inches shorter than a South Korean. You may care to imagine how much surplus value has been wrung out of such a slave, and for how long, in order to feed and sustain the militarized crime family that completely owns both the country and its people. -- Kim Jong-il's regime is even weirder and more despicable than you thought. - By Christopher Hitchens - Slate Magazine

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Block That Metaphor!

Commenting on conditions in the sewer under the basement where Keith Olbermann's "ratings" currently float MSNBC president Phil Griffin said he doesn't think it's a trend. Instead he described Olbermann thusly: "Keith has been our tentpole."

Really? That would be news indeed to this hapless woman:

A 30-something office worker of Caribbean descent, KarmaBites1 said she struck up an e-mail friendship with Olbermann, whom she admired, and agreed to fly to New York to meet him last May. She says he came to her hotel room and opened a bottle of Merlot which he "spilled all over." Then, when "sexual activity began [in] less than an hour," Olbermann had difficulty. "I pretended he knew what he was doing," the embittered blogger writes. "I adored the guy. I didn't want him to think he was a dud in bed," so she faked experiencing ecstasy. ( Mediabistro )
Some tent. Some pole. But hey, Karma Bites.

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Tebow's Super Bowl ad isn't intolerant; its critics are

Pam Tebow and her son feel good enough about that choice to want to tell people about it.
Only, NOW says they shouldn't be allowed to. Apparently NOW feels this commercial is an inappropriate message for America to see for 30 seconds, but women in bikinis selling beer is the right one. I would like to meet the genius at NOW who made that decision. On second thought, no, I wouldn't....Tebow's ad, by the way, never mentions abortion; like the player himself, it's apparently soft-spoken. It simply has the theme "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life." This is what NOW has labeled "extraordinarily offensive and demeaning." But if there is any demeaning here, it's coming from NOW, via the suggestion that these aren't real questions, and that we as a Super Bowl audience are too stupid or too disinterested to handle them on game day. -- Sally Jenkins - washingtonpost.com

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Outgassing: Daughter blames mother for global warming

Dear Dr. Donohue —

My daughter complains that I flatulate more often than most individuals. Furthermore, she claims that the gas an individual passes contributes to global warming. I don't know if I am physically able to keep my gas to myself to go green. Is my daughter really right? -- STLtoday.com

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Made by Hand

"A man quietly cross-cutting walnut planks

for the floor of his house cannot expect much from a world like this. In his crowded shop in the corner of his yard he is Brunelleschi and Frank Lloyd Wright at a table saw. He is a dusted Juan de Herrera with a line of credit at the lumberyard. Joseph Strauss over some angle iron, wielding the oxy-acetylene.
"But out in the streets among his people he is a stranger now, on the outside of tight, suspicious circles of activists and organizers. He is a drop of oil in a watered-down assembly. A maker of things in a place that has given up making for simply moving. Out there in the streets he is a misplaced and disenfranchised thing, not so much despondent as disappointed." -- The Dipso Chronicles: Disenmanchised

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"Is that a pistol in your panties or..."


This item was included in the "goody bags" handed out to all and sundry at the Grammys. It was perfect. Never before was a product handed out that said, so clearly, to the pop music industry, "Go fuck yourselves." Proving, once again, that there's really no bottom to the current culture is "Club Vibe. Pleasure remixed."
Club Vibe is the perfect dance partner at any nightclub or concert. This wearable bullet with a velvety finish vibrates and pulses with the ambient sounds in a room -- even to your lover's voice -- giving you an extra thrill with every pulse. The discreet controller clips to your waistband so you can get off wherever you get down. And the fun doesn't end there. Club Vibe also works with your iPod iPhone or any mp3 player. It also has a manual mode allowing you to choose from seven vibrating patterns. Club Vibe brings a whole new level of pleasure to your listening, dancing and concert experience. No matter how you listen to your music, Club Vibe will rock your world. -- OhMiBod Music Powered Vibrator

I don't even want to think about the gay male model.

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Bad News for Barry

The Department Of Defense briefed the President this morning They told President Obama that 2 Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq.

To everyone's surprise, all the color drained from Obama's face. Then he collapsed onto his desk, head in his hands, visibly shaken, almost in tears.

Finally, he composed himself and, noticing the look on everyone else’s face he quietly asked, "Just exactly how many is a Brazilian?"
[HT: Commenter Dennis]

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Many Footprints Leading In

The heart and soul of Newfoundland politics is in for repair – and it's not in his home province or even in Canada, for that matter.

Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams is scheduled for heart surgery in the United States, a move that throws into question his province's and his nation's health-care system. A source confirmed to The Globe and Mail late Monday that Mr. Williams has left St. John's for an undisclosed destination in the U.S. to have heart surgery later in the week. -- Williams travels to U.S. for heart surgery - The Globe and Mail

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Ask, Tell

"The Great and Powerful Oz
commands that homosexuals report front and center. You have lived in the shadows for too long and now must proudly show off your sexuality in military splendor. Why? Because we are not interested in your service, we are interested in your identity. By we, we mean the royal we. The Great and Powerful Oz has spoken. Disgusting." -- - - Cobb

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February 1, 2010

Wait for It

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News stories you don't want to finish

"The man who called 911 about the incident admitted attaching the sex toy to the saw and then using the high-powered, homemade device on his partner, according to the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office. The saw cut through the plastic toy an...." -- Here's the link ➸ NBC New York You're on your own. [HT: The dependably demented Curmudgeonly & Skeptical presents Boned Jello ]

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I, For One, Welcome Our New Overlords From…Tampa??


He just can't stop bending over: U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force. Via NoisyRoom with a headline swiped from Morgan.

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