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February 20, 2010

How Green Was My Tap Water

New York Fashion Week tries on green
"The green effort was not without its critics. Dahlia Algunaim, visiting Fashion Week from her home in California, said she was puzzled by most of the tap water stations that were located several blocks from the shows and posed a painful walk for someone like her, clad in tall boots."

Posted by Vanderleun at February 20, 2010 10:49 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

Just buy and carry a 'canteen' already. When it goes low head to a water-fountain for a refill.

Posted by: Mikey NTH at February 20, 2010 12:17 PM

"..the New York City Department of Environmental Protection partnered with Aveda, maker of skin and hair products, to help reduce consumption of bottled water by setting up tap water stations..."

They call those drinking fountains in most cities I'm aware of; "bubblers" in Milwaukee.

Posted by: kenC at February 21, 2010 8:48 AM


When I was a kid, in Dearborn Michigan, I knew where the public parks were, I knew where the drinking fountains were. And going for a bike ride to the hobby store in downtown, I would set my route to travel through the neighborhoods and touch at the parks for water. I suppose I could have carried a canteen, but that seemed a bit much when I knew where to contact for water. And it was good water. Came from Lake Huron through a very big aqueduct.

Posted by: Mikey NTH at February 21, 2010 2:04 PM

My mother thinks I'm a criminal for using plastic water bottles, even though I refill them from the tap.

And even though her overexuberent dog will knock over any beverage I'm consuming, making the water bottles a better bet.

Posted by: Little Miss Attila / Joy McCann at February 22, 2010 12:54 AM

I still don't get why plastic water bottles are now "bad."

The sheer absurdity of people, women and metrosexuals in particular, first being suckered into that phony belief that you need lots and lots of water everyday (hence the ubiquitous water bottle in the she- or he-purse), and now being led around by the nose into discarding the containers of what they have come to view as a lifeline.

Posted by: Don Rodrigo at February 22, 2010 10:27 AM

"Just buy and carry a 'canteen' already."

Too militaristic?

Although maybe if the lady with "tall boots" could be told what sustainable organic canteen Che used, the immanent heat death of her universe might be averted.

Posted by: monkeyfan at February 23, 2010 3:05 AM

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