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February 13, 2010

Applying the Gnosis

Government is not essentially evil;
but given the fallen nature of man, you have to assume that if you give great power it will be used, and given enough power it will attract evil men. It is not a coincidence that the wicked brother often survives to become king -- one of the reasons for not having kings. Government is not villainy. It is, in the words of Franklin, "like fire a dangerous servant and a fearful master"; but he invented the Franklin Stove to make more efficient use of fire, and would no more have given up government than he would fire. That ancients always believed that good government was the gift of the gods, and the Framers understood that good government requires hard work and resistance to the temptation to try to accomplish too much. The knowledge of the world does not lead to perfection and attempts to establish perfection through knowledge -- through acquiring the gnosis and applying it -- have always been the door to disaster and worse.

Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free. You cannot have both freedom and equality imposed by law. You can have charity or you can have entitlements, but the more you have of the latter the less you will have of the former -- and the less you will have of freedom. This isn't really controversial; it's inherent in the terms. You are free to equalize yourself with the poor, but there is neither freedom nor charity in forcing that equalization, and we all know it. Moreover, equalization is done by a ruling class forcing others to share; little of their equalizations affects those who enact them. Not in their fundamentals." -- Jerry Pournelle

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Your Say

I have always felt that the Bible was more a miolcuarus story leading us to make higher conclusions on fact about ourselves that is more sepctacular then most can imagine. Experiences I had as a young adult growing up in Eastern Oregon lead me to believe in a higher interpretation of the Bible and I have been frustrated by literal interpretations for as long as I can remember. As an adult with more years of thought and experience I have often formed the same opinions that are present in Dan Brown's newest book and what Dr Murphy is discussing here about the Bible. I have refrained from sharing these thoughts with great numbers of people but those I tend to surround myself with closely generally seem to agree with these ideas when it is discussed. The first thing to make me think the way I do was actually the Bible itself. It so frequently talks about man being created in God's image. I have never forgotten that and have difficultly understanding why church sermons don't dwell on this more often other then man has an obsession with personal power over others.The great illusion that is most commonly perpetuated by religions rooted in the Christian views certainly make many powerful and wealthy men even more powerful and wealthy as they build their flocks.I don't know enough about other religious texts in general to say that they point in the same direction as the Bible but certainly in the end what most people would say is more miolcuarus and less believable to me is the opposite. Humans don't tend to believe in things they cannot see or touch. In my personal experiences in life the only way to make sense of what most people call miracles is to believe the higher science that is implied but not pointed to directly. Things don't just happen they happen for a reason and the very reason itself is awe inspiring because it means more then the simple more frequently accepted beliefs of how seemingly unexplained things occur. Unfortunately although a wider acception of these beliefs would enable even greater accomplishment in mankind creating a new era for us all; put in the wrong hands like those who are too power hungry and mearly wish to control the masses it could cause immeasurable turmoil. Until the scales are balanced with enough of those who understand the greater power within all of us but are just and honorary individuals who would not abuse such power against those who would abuse it I only hope this knowledge and the ability to use it stays quietly hidden from the masses. Otherwise who knows what sort of wars could come between man. Frotunately it is not only the knowledge of it but the ability to use it which holds us in check. Just like with any great ability it must be practiced and honed to be useful.

Posted by: Melissa at July 13, 2012 4:29 AM

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