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January 4, 2010

Socialism is a Social Disease

The most onerous expression of idolatry in the modern era

was the communist conceit that the scientific ordering of society can eliminate uncertainty. Scientific socialism was supposed to eliminate economic crises and war; instead, it brought about 100 million deaths and reduced once-prosperous countries to penury. Seventy years after its founding, the entire value of the industrial plant of the Soviet Union and its satellites was less than its scrap value, taking into account the costs of environmental cleanup. The life expectancy of Russian men has fallen to only 55 years, and the most frequent cause of death is alcoholism. Russia and its former satellites have such low fertility that their populations will fall by between one-third and one-half by mid-century. Europe's nanny-state version of social democracy is a low-grade version of the same infection. -- Spengler

Posted by Vanderleun at January 4, 2010 6:26 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

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I agree with Spengler as far as he goes. However, these discussions always ignore the simple attractions of envy and the desire to pull down the well-connected, the talented, the wealthy and the well-bred. A huge part of the attraction of socialism is sticking it to those who are 'better' than the mob.

As an example, consider the glee with which Labour Party activists in the U.K. pushed through the fox hunting ban in 2004. It had little to do with animal rights or concern for foxes, and everything to do with sticking it to the 'toffs.'

One former Labour Party M.P. said this:

“Now that hunting has been banned, we ought at last to own up to it: the struggle over that Bill was not just about animal welfare and personal freedom, it was class war.”
Peter Bradley,
Former Labour MP for The Wrekin,
Sunday Telegraph – 21st November 2004

Nobody can understand Cultural Marxism or Socialism without allowing for the powerful motivation of hate and envy.

There will soon by an election in England. When Labour wants to rally the troops, it doesn't bother trying to discuss David Cameron's policies or goals (I admit Cameron isn't much as ministerial material), they simply bring up the fact that he's an Old Etonian. That's all it takes.

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