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Short Takes and Head Fakes

After taking a quick meeting with The Diversity’s Lottery Winner in New York City

Raconteur Report: Don’t (Get Caught) Do(ing) Bad Things Look up the Usual SJW Suspect organizations in your area. If someone were to print up flyers offering things like the latest iPhones at ridiculous prices, way-below-market cheap cars, and bullshit high-paying jobs, with handy tear-off strips with the business numbers of those folks, it’d be baaaaaad. And keep them from their usual nonsense. So don’t do that. Also don’t print out really offensive racist pro-pale color materials, and then list the organization’s number as the one for the NAACP or ACLU. It might create unwelcome confusion. Hint: promises of free food, drink, free swag, and music belong there like cheese on pizza. Directing them to park in tow-away zones is a slam dunk as well. If they show, having someone handy to call TPTB to begin towing is pure comedy gold. Whether you go all-in on fake cover-up signs until your pigeons are in place is entirely up to you.

How was the immigration of Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov supposed to benefit native-born Americans? Mr. Saipov’s immigration did not work out as hoped and will likely punch a multi-billion dollar hole in the U.S. economy. There will be direct losses from deaths and injuries in the attack itself, costs of treating, prosecuting, and imprisoning Mr. Saipov, costs of providing welfare to his wife and two children (Mr., Saipov won’t be earning a lot in prison), etc. There will be indirect losses due to extra security measures that cities will put in place to try to prevent a repeat jihad.

Accidents are war by other means. North Korea nuclear tunnel COLLAPSES ‘killing at least 200 people’ amid fears of a massive radioactive leak

Pamela Geller, Heroine One of those who attempted to kill her in Texas was just sentenced for his bid to kill her. Pamela Geller has lived knowing there are people that want to kill her as an example, live in front of the world, for well over a decade. Yet she soldiers on.

MOTUS A.D.: Y’all Should Get You Some Friends Girlfriend, “y’all should get you some friends.” Let me be your first: that hairdo really isn’t working for you girlfriend. Ditto the flannel sack dress, I don’t care how much it cost.

There’s an Awakening Against Sexual Assault, So Why Is No One Talking About Bill Clinton?

Docs: CPUSA Immediately Spun Conspiracy Theories to Deflect Fact That Communist Killed Kennedy – Breitbart

Jesse Jackson: ‘Players Should Escalate Their Nonviolent Protests’ – Breitbart

Built to last: Built in the year 1509,…

Nothing Burger With Wheeze – American Greatness The whole focus of the investigation is likely to shift to the real “colluders with Russia,” the Clintons and their enablers. This is not a result, I surmise, that Robert Mueller will relish. But if he does not recuse himself (and there are good reasons that he should), I suspect that evidence of the real collusion—to deprive the United States of its lawfully elected president—will point in only one direction. It will be irresistible. And it won’t be directed against Donald Trump.

They don’t call it “The Dark Continent” for nothing. Plague is spreading because relatives are digging up their Black Death dead and DANCING with the corpses as part of ancient Madagascan ritual called Famadihana

Raconteur Report: Just For Informational Purposes, Of Course... Knowledge is Power. Truth is Light. Explosives are both.

Liberty’s Torch: “Everybody,” Who? The defenders of the media figures embroiled in these matters aren’t quite ready to say “everybody does it” in a normal tone of voice. The obvious rejoinder – “Do you do it?” – is one they’d rather not face. All the same, you can hear it in the undercurrents beneath their deflections. You can also hear the unvoiced implication: “And it’ll keep on happening.”

A Foundation of Nonsense | The Z Blog The old axiom, fences make good neighbors, was replaced with “diversity is our strength.” Every time a swarthy fellow blows up in the public square, we inch a bit closer to the realization that diversity is a nightmare.

Race and the White Elephant War of 1884 – The Public Domain Review

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  • Bunny November 2, 2017, 9:09 AM

    Re: white elephants.
    “Although the Americans who lined up to see Barnum’s and Forepaugh’s animals thought they were paying to see exotic attractions, truthfully they were witnessing their own ideas about whiteness played out in a public forum, replete with all the paradoxes and prejudices that accompany theories about the ‘real secret’ of race.”
    My, my, how he goes on. Maybe people WERE just paying to see exotic attractions. Some people are obsessed.

  • GoneWithTheWind November 2, 2017, 9:41 AM

    “How was the immigration of Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov supposed to benefit native-born Americans?”

    It wasn’t. There is a cabal of loosely connected groups and people who are essentially selling U.S. citizenship. Some are doing it for profit. Some are doing it for political gain as these immigrants, legal and illegal vote Democrat. Some are doing it for racist reasons as their preferred immigrants look like them. Some are doing it for pseudo-humanitarian reasons to bring in poor people that American taxpayers will support with our generous welfare system. And also there is a more hidden and nefarious faction who are trying to weaken and even destroy America and to them unlimited immigration, open borders and globalization is an invasion and takeover of the country. This is a left wing anti-American conspiracy to dilute America and neuter it in the world. It is succeeding.

  • Casey Klahn November 2, 2017, 11:34 AM

    “Whomst…” ?

    That is the funniest tweet evah!

    whomst gave this guy the right to an opinion? That’s what I wanna know.

  • Jewel Atkins November 2, 2017, 2:14 PM

    It is okay to be white.

  • Vanderleun November 2, 2017, 3:01 PM

    Twitter was not slow to pick up on the “Whomst” either, Casey.

  • Donald Sensing November 2, 2017, 3:58 PM

    “How was the immigration of Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov supposed to benefit native-born Americans?”

    The namem “diversity lottery” answers the question. “Diversity,” of course, means “not Caucasian.” The whole point is to relatively decrease the number of Euro-descended people in the US. In Leftist mindset, America is the main cause (if not the only cause) of the misery of the rest of the world. The world has been literally suffering from a United States that is too rich, too militarily powerful and too capitalist for the health of the world. And not “diverse” enough (meaning, really, “too white”). That was exactly the world view of Obama and all his top operatives. For the United States to be displaced from its “perch” is not merely laudatory, in their view it is positively desirable.

    “North Korea nuclear tunnel COLLAPSES ‘killing at least 200 people’ … .”
    What do you call a disaster like this?
    A good start!

  • Casey Klahn November 2, 2017, 4:48 PM

    Twitter is totally killing it, tonight. Better than the Ed Sullivan show; laughing my assoff.

    Thanks for bringing this one out, Gerard. I think that “jess” person should become the poster child for the Left for the next year. She’s awesome.

  • ghostsniper November 2, 2017, 5:50 PM

    “….decrease the number of Euro-descended people in the US.”

    There ya go.
    Who are the most independent people in the world? (caucasian)
    What is the most independent country in the world? (US)

    In 1865 all the plantations in the country were overrun by the US gov’t and DC became the new plantation for all the slaves that had been freed. 150 years later it is clear that caucasians do not wear *collars* willingly therefore they must be replaced by people that do wear *collars* willingly. The plantation cares not about race except as a tool to use as one race against another, or as the case may be, all races against one race. The elitists believe their station in life is well established and all others exist solely for their benefit and use. Caucasians at their core resist this notion and will be slowly eliminated. You are watching this now in real time which is dismally slow but by looking backwards and adding it all up it becomes clear what has been going on.

  • Snakepit Kansas November 2, 2017, 6:11 PM

    I agree completely. I think the existing democrat element wants to bring in as many people as possible that will likey vote Democrat. Some of the folks they want to bring in will cut their throats too. Funny thing is that a few months back on a warm sunny day, a bunch of kids in the neighborhood got a pickup game of something going. Kind of looked like football in the street but they were carrying a basketball and I couldn’t figure out the rules. Regardless, I noticed a black kid, my two half white/Asian kids, a Mexican kid, a couple whites and a then a few Muslim kids joined in. In time they will develop their own prejudices, or not, but that day they all appeared to be color blind, just having fun.

  • ghostsniper November 2, 2017, 8:22 PM

    @Snake, Is racism a hard wired survival instinct actuated by maturity?
    We start off naive and grow into wisdom through logic and experience.

  • Suburbanbanshee November 2, 2017, 9:12 PM

    Ghostsniper, you have been drinking the liberal Kool-Aid. There isn’t any “Caucasian” group that hasn’t been enslaved, either by other Caucasians or by folks of darker or yellower skin tone than they. Slavery only ended in medieval Europe because Christianity made slavery look bad, and an improved economy made it look unnecessary.

    And then, let’s talk about the Muslim slave raids all over Europe, or their extensive use of Slavs as slaves. St. Vincent de Paul was on his way to seminary when he suddenly got enslaved. A lot of very nice Irish people in the village of Baltimore got enslaved. Thousands, perhaps millions of Caucasian people got enslaved by the Barbary Pirates over a period of more than a thousand years. They didn’t find Caucasians unsuitable as slaves, or they would have stopped raiding. Duh.

    The reason you are not a slave is not because you are genetically awesome. It’s because a lot of people worked very hard, for a very long time.

  • ghostsniper November 3, 2017, 4:41 AM

    “There isn’t any “Caucasian” group that hasn’t been enslaved…”

    I didn’t say there was.

  • Snakepit Kansas November 3, 2017, 5:31 AM

    He said you were genetically awesome. Wow. That would make my day.

  • ghostsniper November 3, 2017, 1:40 PM

    Snake pointed something out that slipped right by me, so I give thanks when I can.
    Thanks for the compliment Suburbanbanshee!
    But I can’t take all the credit as I am merely the end result of a lot of people that came before me.

  • Gordon November 3, 2017, 6:20 PM

    The vikings pretty much made their living raiding villages and towns, capturing people and then selling them to the Arabs. They had boats they could sail on the open ocean or upriver into the heart of Europe. Then they got Christianized, and suddenly they couldn’t do the slavery thing, anymore, although it was still okay to raid and plunder.

  • Joan of Argghh! November 4, 2017, 7:39 AM

    To be honest, I thought this Twitter headline was about the rehabilitation of Marx:
    “Plague spread by families digging up corpses of relatives to dance with them”